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IC-­‐2820H Dual Band FM Transceiver
Wideband Receiver with Simultaneous Receive Capability
The IC-­‐2820H receives 118-­‐549.995 and 810-­‐ 999.990MHz* with dualwatch receiver capability that allows you to receive two bands simultaneously (including within a single band)*. Almost all VHF& UHF communicaPons are available to you!
* See specificaPons for receive range coverage.
Diversity receive capability
If you have two antennas, diversity receive* capability is useful for mobile operaPon where the received signal strength changes conPnuously. Within a single band, the radio compares signal strength from each antenna and chooses the beUer signal to maintain good sound and receive quality.
* Available on 127, 136, 146, 375, 440, 500MHz bands in FM, FM-­‐N, DV mode only.
50W output power on both VHF and UHF bands
A MOSFET power amplifier provides a powerful 50W on both the 2m and 70cm bands, making this compact rig's signal travel for miles! Output power is selectable in 3 steps.
User-­‐friendly operaEon
The large 93 × 28 mm (321/32 × 13/32 in) full dot matrix display presents an easy-­‐to-­‐read graphical interface, viewable over a wide angle. Push the "FuncPon" buUon to call up the assigned funcPons menu on the display. In addiPon, tuning knobs and buUons for each band are arranged side-­‐by-­‐side, providing intuiPve operaPon. Separate controller from main unit
SUMMIT INDUSTRIAL CORP 〒901-2223 Oyama 5-3-9 Ginowan City, Okinawa, Japan
Fax: 098-897-3732 / 098-897-31
The controller is separated from the main unit for flexible installaPon. The controller has magnets on the rear panel, allowing you to aUach the controller to the main unit or other metal objects. This makes clean and neat installaPon easy! A 3.4m separaPon cable, OPC-­‐1663, and a short cable (10cm), OPC-­‐1712, are included.
522 memory channels
The IC-­‐2820H has a total of 522 memory channels, 500 regular channels, 2 call channels and 20 scan edge channels. Each memory channel stores tone frequency, skip informaPon and so on. The Dynamic Memory Scan (DMS) system divides these memories into 26 groups, A to Z, and provides easy channel selecPon. Of course, bank scanning is also possible.
Band scope funcEon
The band scope funcPon lets you watch condiPons near the receiving frequency and visually assists in finding other staPons.
Other features
±2.5ppm high frequency stability with TCXO unit
Green to amber variable display background color
104 × 2 DTCS/50 CTCSS tone squelch operaPon
Max. 45 channel/sec. high speed scan capability in programmed scanning mode
9600bps packet terminal, mini DIN (6-­‐pin) connector
Long or short squelch delay
AutomaPc aUenuator
FM narrow capability
Sub-­‐band auto mute funcPon
16 DTMF memory channels (24 digits)
DTMF pager and code squelch funcPon
Auto power off
Auto repeater funcPon (USA version only)
DTMF remote control funcPon (USA version only)
Weather channel with weather alert funcPon (USA and EXP versions only)
D-­‐STAR DV mode + GPS receiver
The opPonal UT-­‐123 provides D-­‐STAR DV mode operaPon plus GPS receiver capability. Your locaPon informaPon can be sent simultaneously with the digital voice transmission.
LocaEon informaEon exchange
The IC-­‐2820H sends your locaPon informaPon either when the mic PTT switch is pushed, or at a preset interval (5 seconds -­‐ 30 minutes). When available from a calling staPon, the IC-­‐2820H displays the distance and direcPon to the staPon.
GPS alarm
The GPS alarm alerts you by beeping when a preprogrammed point is within 500m or 1km range from your locaPon or anyone of preprogrammed points is within a preset square range.
GPS locaEon tracking
When connected to a PC* via the opPonal RS-­‐232C cable, OPC-­‐1529R, your own or the received locaPon informaPon can be ploUed by map sonware* on a PC.
SUMMIT INDUSTRIAL CORP 〒901-2223 Oyama 5-3-9 Ginowan City, Okinawa, Japan
Fax: 098-897-3732 / 098-897-31
* Serial port and map sonware (NMEA 0183) are required.
One touch reply funcEon
The one-­‐touch reply funcPon makes it easy to respond to a calling staPon instantly. In addiPon, up to 20 received callsigns are automaPcally stored as received call records.
Built-­‐in voice recorder and auto reply funcEon
The built-­‐in voice recorder* records an incoming call for up to 30-­‐seconds (approx.), (or 15 sec. × 2 tracks, 10 sec. × 3 tracks). The 10 sec. transmit memory allows you to record your callsign or other message, and also automaPcally answers when you receive a message.
* Available in DV mode only
Low-­‐speed data communicaEon
When connected to a PC* via the opPonal data cable, OPC-­‐1529R, the data communicaPon is available simultaneously with a digital voice transmission.
* Serial port and serial communicaPon sonware are required.
DX communicaEon over the D-­‐STAR system
D-­‐STAR repeaters for 144 and 440MHz are now available, allowing cross-­‐band (144/440/1200 MHz) operaPon and long distance communicaPon via the Internet over the D-­‐STAR system.
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