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Skye Seating
Product specifications: Skye K29DC, Chrome finish, Symphony 70401 Carbon.
Exquisite comfort.
There is every reason to unite beauty and function in a tool as essential as office seating.
Skye gives equal measure of eye appeal and superb support. The result is exquisite
comfort that enables you to perform at your best. Whatever the posture, Skye quietly
redefines comfort.
Patented synchro-tilt mechanism with 4-zone tension adjustment
Reduces fatigue and minimizes adjustments by providing naturally balanced tension as you recline
Permits you to recline and stop in any position while exerting only minimal effort
Seat tilt control reduces pressure under the thighs and promotes circulation to the legs
Web back’s self-adjusting membrane supports your body’s shape and movements while promoting ventilation
Upholstered seat gives proper support and adjusts for depth
Product specifications: Skye K29DP, Platinum finish, ArcCom Moonlit; Cetra® Systems with Footprint® storage.
Leather Pillow Back
Symphony 70401 Carbon
Leather Pillow Back
Symphony 70401 Carbon
Striking looks.
Web Back
Spectrum 20081 Charcoal
P2 cylinder/base option
Web Back
Spectrum 20020 Black
When it comes to comfort, appearance matters. Skye chairs combine European precision
with universal practicality for stunning good looks that hint at the comfort you’re about
to experience. Sleek web back, meticulous upholstery, and sculpted base give Skye an
appealing, memorable appearance.
Our designers deliberately conceived the chair’s frame as a functional design element
We integrated controls in a subtle, highly efficient way to avoid compromising the chair’s appearance
Attention to detail in design and construction make Skye an elegant statement of fit, finish, and appearance
NeoCon® recognized Skye with a Gold Award and Orgatec presented it with an Architecture and Office Prize for Innovation
Product specifications: Skye K29DC, Chrome finish, Maharam Wool Crepe 108 Moss; Aspire™ table, Honey on Maple.
Intuitive movement.
Movement is a natural component of work. Skye chairs provide comfortable, healthful support
in any posture. Each chair comes fully equipped for complete ergonomic, low stress support.
Straightforward controls—easy to reach and requiring only minimal grip strength—let you
make adjustments without a thought.
Skye comes with all adjustments standard, so you get everything necessary for comfort, productivity, and healthful sitting
Four zone tension adjustment accommodates different users’ weights and preferences
Skye’s controls are simple and intuitive, easy to reach and adjust
Synchro-tilt mechanism provides simple dynamic support that automatically responds to your movements
Pullout card at the base of the seat gives you concise operating instructions
For lower seat-height requirements, specify P2 pneumatic cylinder/base option
Angle Skye’s seat pan forward 4 degrees
by depressing a lever to put your body
in a healthful work-intensive posture.
Sit upright or slightly reclined in the Skye chair
and receive comfortable support for your entire
body in these common work postures. Lock
the seat back in any position with just the flip
of a lever.
Recline over a 40-degree range and experience
the support Skye’s synchro-tilt motion provides
even in deeply reclined postures.
Headrest Height 3 1/2" range
Headrest Depth 3" range
Headrest Tilt 35° range
Lumbar Height
6" range
Lumbar Depth
3/4" range
Armcap Width
3 positions
2.4" range, each side
Seat Tilt
2 positions
4° range
Armcap Pivot
23° inward range
23° outward range
Seat Depth
4 positions
1 3/4" range
Seat Height
5" range
Lift yourself slightly off the
seat and turn the reclining
tension adjustment knob to
any of four settings for the
one that feels comfortable
for your weight.
Adjust Skye’s optional headrest up and down
through a 3 1/2-inch range and forward and back
over a 3-inch range. In addition, you can tilt the
headrest up to 35 degrees.
Armrest Height
4" range
Back Lock
down to lock in any position
Reclining Tension
4 zone supports
Move Skye’s lumbar support up and down over
a 6-inch range on the vertical spine located behind
the chair’s back. Fine-tune the lumbar support depth
over a 3/4-inch range.
To view the fabrics and finishes available on Skye, ask your
Kimball Office representative to render it in e-magine, our planning,
specification and visualization software.
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Cover product specifications: Skye K29HP, Platinum finish, Symphony 70401 Carbon; Evoke® Casegoods, Autumn Cherry.
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