Slatwall Panel Installation Instructions
Discount Shelving recommends a professional installation of slatwall panels, by a
licensed and insured Professional General Commercial Contractor.
If you install panels yourself here are some
guidelines to follow:
It is important to consult with your town or regional
building codes in your area so that you obtain the
proper permits or conducts. Please remember
each slatwall panel is between 80-115 lbs. per
panel. Proper installation of slatwall panels is
critical for the safety of your employees and
Panels should be installed with 2 1/2" to 3" long
drywall screws into the wall studs. You can find
these at a local hardware store. Next determine
the type of wall stud material you are installing the
slatwall panels to. They are either:
Wooden Studs – you will need coarse thread
drywall black or galvanized screws shown here.
wood studs
Metal or Aluminum Studs – Use self-tapping self
drilling fine thread drywall screws shown here, this
will grab the studs tighter.
metal studs
Masonry Walls – If you are planning to install the
slatwall panels into masonry walls, we suggest you
frame the wall with wood studs or skin the wall with
3/4” plywood first. After this is complete, the
slatwall panels can be attached to the wood studs
or plywood wall.
Leveling each slatwall panel with a level is
important. This will ensure proper butting up of
each panel This will make all shelving and
accessories will be level.
Discount Shelving Slatwall Recommendation Cutting Panels
All slatwall panels can be easily cut with a fine tooth plywood blade on a portable circular
saw. Cut straight cuts from the back of the unfinished side of the slatwall panel. If you cut
on the finished side of the slatwall panel you will damage the finish. For challenging cuts
(curves, angles, electrical receptacles etc.), use a jig saw with a medium blade.
Installation Suggestions for Slatwall Panels once they are prepared to
mount onto the wall
Remember always drill the screws through the slatwall panel grooves not into the the
solid surface. Locate the studs on the wall before you start installing; this is very
important. You should use a minimum of 16-20 screws per slatwall panel and screwed
into every 4th or 5th groove vertically and into every stud horizontally. If you want a
permanent installation you should use all purpose panel adhesive and apply to the back
of each slatwall panel spread evenly. Slatwall panels that have metal inserts you must
use a 2 1/2" to 3" pan head screws. You must first pre-drill a hole through the groove of
the metal insert before screwing into the wall. Hint: When using an electric drill please
use a long shaft bit to avoid damaging the surface.
We hope this slatwall panel instruction sheet will make your installation easy and simple,
and that your business prospers from its usage. If there are any other questions, please
don’t hesitate to call our Showroom 1-888-957-4353 or email us at It is conveniently open Monday thru Friday 9 am
to 5:30 pm to service you with any assistance installing your slatwall panels. We at
Discount Shelving and Displays hope to continue being your store fixture and display
supplier for years to come.
Best of Wishes and Good Luck!!!!!
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