ADVANCING workflows and boosting productivity.

ADVANCING workflows and boosting productivity.
workflows and
boosting productivity.
Office Colour and Black & White range
you can
Colour helps the reader locate
Develop your business
Documents are at the heart of business communication,
connecting people with information and each other.
They inform, influence and inspire. Now thanks to
Canon’s groundbreaking imageRUNNER ADVANCE
range, document communication takes a bold step
forward, enhancing the way everyone interacts.
Documents communicate ideas,
formalise contracts, inspire a workforce
and offer customers a first glimpse of
what makes an organisation stand out.
It’s imperative therefore that they can be
shared and published quickly and efficiently
throughout an organisation. With this in
mind, Canon consulted extensively with
customers to develop our most advanced
range of multifunctional devices to date.
The imageRUNNER ADVANCE range
incorporates numerous, integrated office
solutions designed to complement every
stage of the document lifecycle: from creation
to management, output to archival, whilst
supporting your security and environmental
goals. The modern, sleek and compact
styling sets each device apart from its
contemporaries. And beneath the surface
lies a depth of innovative thinking that
redefines the role of a multifunctional device.
This extensive range incorporates devices
designed to address every productivity and
budgetary requirement, featuring high quality
colour solutions as well as efficient black and
white devices. A modular design ensures
each device can be efficiently tailored to
meet your specific requirements to enhance
your business communications and
streamline your workflows.
Some features mentioned on this page may not be supported by all imageRUNNER ADVANCE Models, please check the full specifications for more information.
4 hours
Progress the
On average people spend
per week looking for information.
(AIIM Europe 2009)
Colour Devices
The imageRUNNER ADVANCE range simplifies office tasks
and streamlines business processes to deliver rapid rewards
for your business. A suite of modular colour and black and
white multifunctional devices provides diversity of choice
whilst a common framework makes integration into your
business a seamless affair.
An integrated document solution
To enable your people to be more
productive, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE
range seamlessly integrates with the way
you work, automating your paper intensive
workflows and providing the perfect platform
for document communications.
Compact and productive colour document
solutions give you the best of both worlds.
High quality colour when you need it –
and black and white when you don’t.
For demanding offices and departments
requiring high productivity colour document
solutions with speeds up to 65 ppm.
Mono Devices
Black and white document solutions for
demanding offices and large workgroups
requiring high productivity and efficiency.
Network users benefit from timely electronic
document distribution with seamless
integration into systems like Microsoft®
SharePoint™, Adobe®, uniFLOW and iW360.
High quality colour and black and white
printing is made easy thanks to impressive
finishing capabilities.
Intuitive 5.7’’ user interface
8.4” tiltable colour
touch-screen user interface
8.4” colour touch-screen user interface
Optional duplex scanning up to 44 ipm
Basic colour i-Send (Standard on i models,
optional on L models)
Up to 2,000 sheet paper capacity
Flexible media handling up to 220 gsm
Fast deployment
The consistent thinking behind the design
and development of the imageRUNNER
ADVANCE range makes installation,
integration and administration of even
large-scale deployments, relatively simple
to handle. Devices share a common look,
architecture, printer driver and intuitive user
interface, keeping training requirements
to a minimum.
8.4” colour touch-screen user interface
For graphic intensive environments
A new embedded controller ensures fast
document processing. But for more demanding
applications such as a design agency or
production environment, there is a specialist
controller that delivers optimum performance
and outstanding colour reproduction.
Next generation of highly versatile
entry-level office colour document solutions
offering seamless workflow integration and
high quality in an extremely small footprint
PCL 5c/6 (Standard on i models, optional on
L models)
Optional high speed duplex scanning up
to 200 ipm
Basic colour i-Send & automatic duplex
as standard
Optional Genuine Adobe® PostScript 3
(for i models only)
Up to 7,700 sheet Max. paper capacity
Small footprint
52 to 256gsm media weight support
Class-leading energy efficiency
Advanced finishing (booklet & staple
finishing, C & Z folding, inserting, hole
Automatic duplex as standard
Compact inner staple finishing
Optional Genuine Adobe® PostScript
asic colour i-Send & automatic duplex
as standard
Up to 5,000 sheet Max. paper capacity
52 to 256gsm media weight support
ange of finishing options (Compact inner
or external finishing, inserting)
CL 5c/6 (Standard on i models, optional
on non i models)
SRA3 media support
Superb print quality up 1200dpi
CL 5e/6 (Standard on i models, optional
on non i models)
Optional high speed duplex scanning
up to 100 ipm
enuine Adobe® PostScript
(Standard on C5045i/C5051i)
ptional high speed duplex scanning
up to 200 ipm
asic colour i-Send & automatic duplex
as standard
Up to 6,900 sheet Max. paper capacity
52 to 300gsm media weight support
Advanced finishing (booklet & staple
finishing, C & Z folding, inserting,
hole punching)
PCL 5c/6 & Genuine Adobe® PostScript
Some features mentioned on this page may not be supported by all imageRUNNER ADVANCE Models, please check the full specifications for more information.
Never before has a suite of document solutions enabled
you to do so much with so little effort. Instantly share
information with colleagues and customers. Quickly create
insightful board presentations. Or transform your marketing
effectiveness with professional brochures and mailshots
created in minutes in your office.
Customisable and easy to use
Powerful performance
Cutting-edge creativity
A 5.7’’ VGA or 8.4’’ or 10.4’’ SVGA
high-definition colour screen is the focal
point of every device. Large, familiar icons
ensure document processing is intuitive
and users can easily adjust the number
of buttons on screen for added simplicity.
When deadlines are looming or workloads
intensive, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE
range is in a class of its own. Native support
for PCL and Genuine Adobe® Postscript 3*
ensure productive processing, even when
multi-tasking. Single pass duplex scanning
means scan speeds actually exceed engine
speeds. And whether you’re printing in
colour, black and white or a combination
of both, every device maintains optimum
speed for maximum productivity.
The possibilities to create professional
looking documents to impress your
customers are endless. The imageRUNNER
ADVANCE range handles a variety of paper
weights and sizes and provides extensive
finishing capabilities, such as booklet
making, document insertion, Z and C folded
documents. Canon’s powerful iW360
software can also be incorporated, allowing
you to effortlessly combine information
from various sources and formats, with
“What you see is what you get “ preview
before creating professional-looking
documents or secured PDF files.
Create personal workflows
Each device allows you to easily setup
personal workflows that can make
common, complex, or time-consuming
tasks accessible at just the touch of a button.
These workflows dramatically improve
productivity and can also be made available
to teams or departments, allowing any user
to perform them without training.
Quality printing
The imageRUNNER ADVANCE range inherits
many innovations from Canon systems used
in professional printing companies. A new
toner, drum and choice of controllers help
ensure the crispest black and white and
most vibrant colour prints imaginable.
Effective scanning, routing
and collaboration
With the touch of a button, it’s easy to
securely digitise paper documents, store
and send them to a multitude of destinations
such as email, fax, ftp, Microsoft® SharePoint™
and iW360 Document Server. Future
retrieval is aided by the searchable PDF
facility that allows for specific words within
a document to be located. To aid
information sharing and collaboration,
searchable documents can be stored in
team-based document cabinets within
iW360 Document Server.
Document transformation
For example, your company’s invoice
approval process could be automated,
with the relevant parties reviewing, creating
sticky notes, and adding attachments where
appropriate. The Adobe® PDF/A-1b file
format enables users to save documents
directly for long-term archival.
The imageRUNNER ADVANCE range
embraces the latest file formats such as
Office Open XML*, allowing the content
within scanned documents to be easily
accessed and used by other applications
and business systems.
Inherent Adobe® Reader Extensions capability
means that powerful Adobe® Reader
functionality can be enjoyed – without the
need to purchase any software licenses.
This means documents can be shared and
reviewed electronically instead of using
slower paper-based workflows.
Advance Space
An on-board and ready-to-use document
repository called ‘Advance Space’* enables
users to manage simple shared libraries
of documents like HR forms and product
brochures, making it easier to repeatprint documents.
Office Open XML (Available on the C5000 and C7000 series only)
convert into
Office 2007 –
Reuse text, images
etc and combine
with existing
Adobe® Reader Extensions
A 5.7’’ VGA or 8.4’’ or 10.4’’
SVGA high definition colour
screen is the focal point
of every device.
convert into a
reader extensions
rights added PDF
Some features mentioned on this page may not be supported by all imageRUNNER ADVANCE Models, please check the full specifications for more information.
The forefront
of security.
Document Scan Lock Kit*
Analysis of embedded
user information
The threats to document and data security have never been
higher. Customer data needs protecting and network devices
can be vulnerable to threats. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE
series, combined with a suite of powerful software, offers
a portfolio of measures designed to protect documents
throughout their lifecycle – from the moment they’re
scanned to when they’re shared, archived and printed.
Device security
To prevent documents getting into the wrong
hands, combine the imageRUNNER ADVANCE
with Security and Cost-Control Pack or uniFLOW;
these software options are designed to bring the
full value of multi functional devices (MFD) to
your organisation whilst providing premium
document security and cost control.
Users identify themselves, for example by
using your company’s login procedure or
utilising a card system. Once authenticated,
users gain access to all their personal settings
and can print out documents that have been
held securely on the device’s hard drive.
Adding information
on MFP
Prohibition of job (copy/
send/fax/box) execution or
job execution by password
entry/user authentication
Data security
The modular structure of uniFLOW and the
tight integration with the imageRUNNER
ADVANCE platform allows the system to be
built depending on your organisation’s exact
requirements. By controlling both the print
and scanning processes of the MFD, uniFLOW
allows the IT manager to administer one
system with one set of user accounts and one
database. The user has a seamless interaction
with the MFD; being able to access all features
without learning a new interface or having to
re-authenticate every time they want to use
a new function. This makes the system
exceptionally user-friendly and increases
your organisation’s security and productivity.
Secure file
Device hard disks are especially easy
to remove for temporary offsite storage,
heightening data security and allowing
secure protection against fire risks. The
device can also be configured with dual
hard disks enabling data encryption
(adhering to Common Criteria EAL 3) and
disk drive mirroring*. This means that in the
unlikely event that a drive fails, the device
will continue to operate using the alternative
drive, with no data loss or damage. Highly
detailed logs are also held within the device
and can be exported as CSV files.
Integration with Adobe® Rights Management
Policy examples:
PDF with
LiveCycle® Rights
Server ES
Some features mentioned on this page may not be supported by all imageRUNNER ADVANCE Models, please check the full specifications for more information.
•Viewing restrictions
•Print restrictions
•Change restrictions
•Copy restrictions
•Validity control
Document security
Secure watermarks can be
embedded into confidential
documents, becoming
prominent when someone
attempts to make a copy.
When scanning and sending
a PDF, it can be secured so that
only users with the relevant
password can access it.
Scan documents using
your existing Adobe® Rights
Management workflow to protect
critical information, improve
regulatory compliance and
streamline business processes.
Documents in various
file formats
* Not available on the C2000 series
labelled protecting
the environment
as a top concern
(InfoTrends Report 2009)
In today’s challenging climate it’s important to be able to
take decisions that make sense now and in the future. The
progressive thinking behind the imageRUNNER ADVANCE range
embodies this philosophy. Here is a range that unites a sensible
financial outlay, efficient running costs, superior levels of control
and a new benchmark in environmental responsibility.
Low consumption
and emissions
Each device incorporates the world’s
first high-grade fire retardant bio plastic,
made from plant-derived organic resources.
Carbon dioxide emissions are also reduced,
through the use of green materials and an
environmentally conscious product design
and manufacture system. Where possible,
recycled plastics have also been utilised.
Reduced energy consumption
and noise
imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices offer one
of the lowest Typical Energy Consumption
(TEC*) ratings in their class. New toner
technology makes it possible to fix toner
to its substrate at lower temperatures,
reducing energy costs. A sleep mode cuts
consumption to as low as 1.5W and noise
levels are also reduced for a better working
environment. Each device also conforms
to the latest international environmental
standards such as Energy Star and RoHS.
Cut your costs
Maximum uptime
The imageRUNNER ADVANCE range helps
you seize the initiative to reduce both energy
consumption and costs. High quality
document creation means that brochures
and mail pieces can be produced without
outsourcing to a local print shop, enabling
big savings.
Expect exceptional reliability, ensuring
communication remains fast and efficient
day after day. An innovative design feature
means that in the unlikely event of a
paper misfeed, recovery is always performed
from the right hand side of the device –
quick and simple.
Duplex printing cuts paper consumption
and, on a cost per print basis, could almost
halve your print costs. Powerful software
such as Canon’s uniFLOW contributes too.
Documents can be automatically routed
to the network device with the lowest
cost-per-page, enabling significant savings
over time. Plus, secure access means
documents can be “held” until users are
ready to collect them at the device –
preventing wastage caused by forgotten
prints discarded in output trays.
Space-saving design
Efficient management
with iWMC
Network management can be handled
with Canon’s iW Management Console.
This powerful, scalable software solution
provides extensive capabilities to speed
up problem resolution, streamline device
control and automate common tasks,
reducing the burden on your IT resources.
Further help comes courtesy of Canon’s
eMaintenance software, enabling
automated remote diagnostics and
consumables ordering.
Each sleek device is incredibly compact for
such a powerful performer. In offices where
space is at a premium, an internal finisher
on the C2000 and C5000 series, residing
within the device’s main body, helps to
deliver one of the smallest footprints
in its class.
Some features mentioned on this page may not be supported by all imageRUNNER ADVANCE Models, please check the full specifications for more information.
* Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC) rating represents the typical electricity consumed by a product during 1 week, measured in kilowatt-hours(kWh). The test methodology is defined by Energy Star
( All Energy Star certified models, along with their TEC ratings, are listed in Energy Star’s product database (
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