Ultra-short-throw projection
Easy installation, no shadow
or glare
Easy set-up and operation
Flexible features and intuitive
software enable easy
operation and effective
information sharing
Intelligent presenting system
Supporting a fully digital workflow
the EB-1400Wi Series combines the
benefits of ultra-short-throw
projectors, interactive whiteboards,
and paper flipcharts in a single
integrated system
A collaborative experience
Capture, create, consolidate and share
data to support effective collaboration
Low maintenance
Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Long lamp life up to 4000 hours*3
Maintenance intervals up to 5000 hours*4
No waiting, no warm-up
Quick Start and Instant Off
Fewer shadows
when in use thanks to
ultra-short-throw technology
Large projected image size
(Up to 100in)
Interactive presenting surface
with dual pens
Built-in interactive function
provides a digital flipchart
or facility to annotate content
without a connected PC
Open PDF files or import
content from a document
camera or scanner
Project wirelessly from a PC
using Easy MP network projection
or from a mobile device using
iProjection App for iOS/Android
Project data and video
simultaneously with split
screen function
Print, save or e-mail
created content*5
Share PC content with
up to four systems across
multiple locations
Easy operation with control
and connection pad
Auto calibration and
auto resolution detection
Quick Start and Instant Off
USB visualiser
Table mount
Easy operation control pad
Power On/Source Search/Capture Content
from an external source/Print or Save Content
(locally or to a network location) at the push
of a button.
Tailor made wall mount solution
Dual interactive pens
Add freedom and involvement to
business presenting with digital
interactive pens that ‘write’ on
the screen.
Main features
White and Colour Light Output (CLO)
Integrated business solutions
Flexible connection
makes sharing
information simple
Smart information sharing
Display content from a range of sources then
save as PDF to USB memory key or network
location, print or send via e-mail.
Epson EB-1400Wi Series
project up to:
–Fast response, picks up movement
even when hovering
–Annotate projected images with or without
a connected PC and save content either
locally or to the network*5
–Light, compact and easy to use
–Dual pens for simultaneous annotation
–No drivers required*6
multiple users
can annotate
Control pad
*1Futuresource Consulting Ltd.*2Microsoft Office Excel, Word and PowerPoint are registered trademarks
of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.*3Expected lamp life when projector
is operated in Eco mode.*4When used in the general office environment (the amount of floating dust:
0.04-0.2 mg/m3). Based on Epson’s in-house test results.*5Content can be saved as PDF or single page
png file. Files may be saved locally to a USB key or to a pre-defined network folder.*6Windows® and
Linux® only, driver required for Mac®.
For further information please contact your local Epson office or visit www.epson-europe.com
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Trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of Seiko Epson Corporation or their respective owners.
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Take central, one-touch control of
the EB-1400Wi Series system with this
versatile multi-function control pad.
–Position on a table or wall
–System or battery powered
–Connect printer/scanner and read
data from USB memory key
–Search available input sources
–Select whiteboard mode
–Capture, print or save content
print, save and share
Compatible printers
Add high quality printing with the
WorkForce Pro 4000 Series.
–Print, scan, and copy in a single device
–Great value with individual inks
–Compact footprint
–Easy integration into office
printer networks
Digital workflow
The Epson EB-1400Wi digital interactive
system makes the audience an integral
part of the presentation, inspires
discussion and enables ideas to be
added, saved and shared. The result is
a very smooth digital workflow.
–Project big, clear, colourful images
with no shadows or glare
–Annotate and enhance presentations with
dual interactive pens
–Create an electronic flip chart, then add,
copy and delete pages as content is
collectively reviewed
–Print documents immediately, either locally
or to a network resource
–Save created content locally to USB,
to a network location, or share via e-mail
–Take control of all aspects of
presenting and manage documents
with the control pad
Project big screen
images up to 100in
from close-up
Turn any flat surface interactive
Change the way you present
Print the meeting
memo instantly
from the projector
Deliver content wirelessly from a PC or Mobile Device for easy information sharing
–EasyMP Network projection enables users to wirelessly display PC content direct to the
projector while maintaining mouse control
–Connect and display content from iOS/Android mobile devices. The iProjection App
enables users to deliver mobile device content direct to the projector
With the Epson EB-1400Wi Series, information flows clearly and smoothly from screen to viewers,
who can then discuss and develop the subject using the interactive features. Results can then be
saved via USB, emailed or printed.
Send presentations/
minutes and more
directly via email
–Collaborate and annotate from remote locations
–Image annotation can be completed from up to four remote locations, using one pen
per location
Wireless content delivery
Capture content from external sources, share and consolidate using
interactive projection and Epson’s easy interactive tools, then save,
print or e-mail to distribute content effectively.
Forget complex multiple devices and training. These projectors are
simple to use from start-to-finish. Easy to install in any room, they
connect to a wide range of sources, including PCs, mobile devices,
wireless office networks and USB flash drives.
Share a single PC screen with up to four network connected projectors.
Annotations from any one of the four projectors will be displayed on the other
three thanks to the EasyMP Network projection software which shares both
content and interactivity.
–Interactive pen also provides mouse control
–Choose from a range of interactive tools
–Compatible with virtually any PC-based
software application
–Four mounting positions (wall, ceiling,
desktop and table projection)
Create a bright, 100in interactive projection
surface on a wall or desktop and create the
perfect collaborative environment.
The complete integrated solution
Easy to set up and use
Split screen
–Enhance staff meetings with interactivity based around applications including
Microsoft Office Excel, Word and Powerpoint*2
–Compare and discuss information from different sources at the same time
Save presentations/
minutes and
more directly to
USB memory
These ultra-short-throw projectors eliminate glare and shadows and
create perfect images. They make one-sided presenting a thing
of the past and maximise audience involvement with real-time
annotation and multi-location involvement.
–Interact with other locations whilst viewing common information
–Enhance involvement and understanding by connecting visually with colleagues
Transform your business with the all-in-one interactive meeting room system
from the world number one in projectors*1. The Epson EB-1400Wi Series
enhances collaboration and productivity by combining ultra-short-throw
projection, interactive whiteboard, paper flipchart and more in a single device.
iProjection app
enables wireless
projection from
both iOS and
Android mobile
Share information and involve audiences by projecting information from
a PC while holding a video conference on the same screen.
Video conferencing
Project images from two input sources simultaneously and ensure clarity
with a screen size up to 100in.
Easy wireless
connection saves
set-up time
Annotate directly
onto the projected
image with dual pens
The Epson EB-1400Wi Series provides an integrated, interactive digital meeting
room system that enables face-to-face, real time communication without the
need to travel between locations. Choose how, when and where you share
information and ensure the most efficient use of time and resources.
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