Silencio 550
Model Number: RC-550
Near silent operation and prepared to take on powerful
hardware, the Cooler Master Silencio is able to keep high-end
setups running cool and quiet. Sound proofing on both side
panels assist in vastly reducing noise levels. A sleek mirror
finish front panel and clean lines present a minimalistic
design aesthetic that speaks to its silent interior. The benefits
of elegance and silence, combined with the functionality of
built in Super Speed USB 3.0, a multifunction SD card reader,
and 3.5" X-dock HDD hotswap all make the Silencio a giant
among its kind.
Part Number
Part number
EAN code
UPC code
Available Color
Full Black
Steel body, Plastic front bezel
Dimension (W / H / D)
(W) 210 x (H) 451.5 x (D) 505.0 mm / 8.3 x 17.8 x 19.9 inch
Net Weight
9.2kgs (20.3lb)
Motherboard Type
Micro - ATX / ATX
5.25” Drive Bay
3 (without the use of exposed 3.5" drive bay)
3.5” Drive Bay
7 Hidden
3.5" X-Dock
1 Exposed (converted from one 5.25" bay)
2.5" HDD
2 Hidden (converted from one 3.5” bay)
I/O Panel
USB 3.0 x 1, USB 2.0 x 1, Mic x1, Audio x 1, SD card reader x 1
Expansion Slot
Cooling System:
Front(Intake): 120mm x 1, 800rpm silent fan pre-install
(Support 120mm fan x 2 or 140mm fan x 1 optional)
Rear (Exhaust): 120mm x 1, 800rpm silent fan pre-install
Maximum Compatibility
CPU cooler height: 6.10-inch (154mm)
VGA card length: 11.10-inch (281mm) (With HDD cage)
15.80-inch (400mm) (Remove HDD cage w/120*25 fan)
16.80-inch (427mm) (Remove HDD cage w/o fan)
Power Supply
Standard ATX PS2 (optional)
Silencio 550
Product Features
Includes two 800rpm silent fans (Supports up to three 120mm fans)
I/O panel provides easy access for users
High quality foot stand
Side ventilation holes for better cooling performance
Dust Filter provided for easy access to wash
Stylish and Simple design
Product Highlights
External SATA X-dock
Removable HDD cage
Ventilation Design
7 expansion slots
USB 3.0
High Speed SD card reader
CPU retaining hole for
Improved cable
easy customizability
(USB 2.0 backwards
Rear retaining hole for
Side panel and front door
Supports Long VGA such
Mirror Finish
water cooling kit
with sound proofing
as AMD HD 6990 and
Front Panel
NVIDIA GTX 590 (without
HDD cage)
Silencio 550
More Highlights
Airflow Diagram
Front fan x 2
Rear fan x 1
Supports up to 3 cooling fans (with 120mm fans x 3)
Logistic Information
Carton size: 510 x 275 x 580 mm
Pallet size: 1120 x 1040 x 120 mm
Cuft: 2.87
Container - 20 Feets
- 40 Feets
Container - 40 Feets HQ
w pallet
270 pcs
594 pcs
704 pcs
w/o pallet
342 pcs
726 pcs
821 pcs
27 pcs
32 pcs
ctn/pallet (pcs)
27 pcs
More Information
451.5 mm / 17.78 inch
Maximum dimensions for GPU and CPU cooler
210 mm / 8.27 inch
281 mm / 11.06 inch
400 mm / 15.75 inch
Front View
Side View
Rear View
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