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MSA A. ALTAIR' 4 Multigas Detector
• Super-durable personal multigas detector
• MotionAlert" feature plus audible, visual and vibrating alarm
• Most rugged instrument available
• Large buttons for easy operation
• 16-hour battery run time when fully charged
• Tested to IP67
• Galaxy' System compatible
• Global approvals
• Economically priced
• MSA link' Software ready
• CluickChecr Test Station available for fast, easy bump testing Part Number�
Description MSA 10085981�
A LTAIR" 4 Multigas ecte ctor {LEL, 0 CO, H2S} MSA 10085989�
ALTAIR' 4 Multigas Dectector with Motion-Alert (LEL, 02, CO, H2S) MSA 10089103�
ALTAIR' 4 Multigas Dectector {LEL, 05, COI ALTAIR' 4 Multigas Dectector with Motion-Alert {L 1.,�
MSA 10089105�
CO) B. ALTAIR® Maintenance-Free Single-Gas Detector
• Triple-alarm system features two bright flashing LED's, a piercing audible
alarm and a vibrating alarm ensures that no alarm condition goes unnoticed
• 95 dB audible alarm (distinct sounds for High and Low alarms • Dual LED's positioned to he seen from all angles • Standard vibrating alarm and standard event logging • Hard polycarbonate case, encapsulated in a thick rubberized shell • Extremely resistant to drops and impacts • Rated to IP67 protection levels for dust/water ingress • Two years or 18 hours of alarm (1,fI80 minutes) Part Number�
Description MSA 10092522�
ALTAIR' Single Gas Carbon Monoxide (Cfl} MSA 10092521�
ALTAIR" Single Gas Hydrogen Sulfide (MI
MSA 1009252.3�
ALTAIR' Single Gas Oxygen Of
Accessories and Parts
MSA 710882�
ALTAIR"Single Gas Cylinder, 60 ppm CO
MSA 473180�
ALTAIR" Single Gas Cylinder, 300 ppm CO
MSA 467897�
ALTAIR' Single Gas Cylinder, 40 ppm KS, RP
MSA 711062�
ALTAIR' Single Gas Cylinder, 40 ppm KS. Econo-Cal
MSA 467895 �
ALTAIR' Single Gas Regulator, 0.25 1pm
MSA 10030325
ALTAIR" S in g ie Gas Tubing, 1E'
C. ALTAIR® Pro Single-Gas Detector
• Tough rubberized housing
• One-button operation
• Accurately measures the gas concentration or percent oxygen
• Displays information on a large, clear, backlit LCD
• Superior dust and water protection rated IP67
• Event-logging and data-logging
• Excellent impact resistance
• Adjustable alarm set points are offered for LOW, HIGH, TWA and STEL
• Alarms are indicated byflashing LED's, an audible alarm and an internal
vibrating alarm
• Replaceable battery and sensor
Part Number�
MSA 10874137�
ALTAIR' Pro 02
MSA 10074135�
MSA 10076723�
MSA 10076724�
ALTAIR" Pro CO Steel
MSA 10074136�
D. ALTAIR® QuickCheck' Station
• Fast, easy bump tests
• Maintenance free
• Checks instrument's visual, audible and vibrating alarms
• Easy-to-understand LED's show test in progress and passlfail status
• Compatible with most ALTAIR'.and ALTAIR'' Pro Detectors
Part Number�
MSA 10076704�
ALTAIR" [kilo kChecr Automatic 07, CO, KS. SO, NO
MSA 10076692�
ALTAIR" CluickChecr Manual II, CO, H2S, S02. NO
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