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Printed in India
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The models and equipment versions illustrated and described in this brochure and some of the services listed are not available in all countries.
Some of the cars illustrated are equipped with optional features for which an extra charge is made. Details concerning the delivery specifications,
appearance, performance, dimensions and weights, fuel consumption and running costs of the vehicle were correct to the best of our knowledge
at the time of going to press. Deviations from the colours and shapes shown in the illustrations may occur. No liability is accepted for errors and
printing errors. The right to introduce modifications is reserved. Not to be reproduced, including in part, without the written approval of AUDI AG.
Audi Q3
Audi India
Division of Volkswagen
Group Sales India Private Limited
Mumbai - India
Valid from September, 2017
Audi Vorsprung durch Technik
Audi Q3
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01 The Audi Q3 Experience
20 LED lights
MMI – Multi Media Interface
21 TDI
23 S tronic
25 quattro
33 Interior
39 Exterior
Seats/seat covers
Seating comfort
Exterior equipment
Interior equipment
Technical data
Audi Genuine Accessories
Sport and Design
Comfort and protection
Technical Data
Audi Genuine Accessories
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The Audi Q3 Experience
The new Audi Q3. Even more distinctive.
Here today, there tomorrow. You live on the move, you live in the now. After all, age is irreversible.
That's why you want a car that can keep up with the frenetic pace of your lifestyle. Or shall we say:
one that is so well prepared for you that all you have to do is get in. The Audi Q3 is this car.
Powerful and agile. Compact and yet spacious inside. Efficient and expressive.
Start young. Live Big. The new Audi Q3.
The Audi Q3 Experience
With the same recognisable silhouette, the new Audi Q3 maintains its coupè-like appearance. With the
addition of subtle design features like the 3D grille, chrome-plated tailpipe, LED headlights and
panoramic sunroof, it's a car that's now even more eye-catching.
Inside, innovations like Audi drive select and electric lumbar support mean that the new Audi Q3 is not
only beautiful to look at, it's also comfortable to drive.
The Audi Q3 Experience
Living dynamics. The athletic silhouette with the dynamic flat rear window signalises
urban sportiness. The exciting interplay of light and shade modulates its sides.
And the panoramic glass roof opens up the generous interior to the sky.
Enjoy the view.
07 | 08
The Audi Q3 Experience
En route to
driving enjoyment.
Get in, drive away, put new plans into practice. Always on the move.
In the Audi Q3, TDI engines will be driving you forward. All of them
efficient and dynamic. From 110 kW to 135 kW and at a top speed of up to 219 km/h.
The energy recuperation will actively save you fuel and reduce CO₂ emissions.
During every trip. Go on.
11 12
The Audi Q3 Experience
En route to
feeling comfortable.
Space for you. Space to develop. Expressive and individual: the interior of the Audi Q3.
The characteristic leather-covered steering wheel in the 4-spoke design is pleasant to
grip, as is the leather gear lever knob.
The Audi Q3 Experience
The high-resolution colour MMI display is fitted in the centre of the dashboard where it is visible.
You also have a Bluetooth interface and an Audi music interface to connect your iPod or MP3 player.
N i g h t
o ff .
The Audi Q3 Experience
The seat upholstery underlines the high quality of the interior. Feel at home – there is plenty of
legroom for the driver and the front passenger as well as in the back. And your luggage travels
comfortably too: the generous loading space can be enlarged even further by folding the rear seat
or the front-passenger seat down.
The Audi Q3 Experience
The ride is over. Or is it? Even when you have already reached your destination
in the Audi Q3 you will want to choose a new one within minutes. Remain demanding.
Remain en route. In the Audi Q3.
LED lights
LED lights
Look good. See better.
The Audi Q3 is available with standard LED headlights. This innovative technology means
that a continous beam of bright light is emitted, lighting the road ahead with a colour
close to daylight and providing an unprecedented clarity of vision.
What's more, the sleek and subtle design of Audi LED headlights make them the perfect
addition to the new Audi Q3. And with dynamic LED indicators at the rear, the striking
look is complete.
Exhaust-gas turbocharger
with optimised adjustable turbine geometry
TDI: Start an evolution.
And keep repeating it.
1,800 bar high-pressure injection system
Engine with reduced friction
Compensating shaft module
Pressure-regulated oil pump
2.0L TDI engine
A diesel on the podium: the Audi R18 TDI
One in every two Audi cars sold today is a diesel.
What sounds perfectly normal now was the cause
for huge excitement 20 years ago, when Audi
revolutionised the market with the first 2.5 TDI
engine. Since then, developments such as
common-rail technology have made TDI even
more efficient. Injectors ensure the fuel is finely
and precisely distributed. Consequently, since
the first TDI, the engines have become more
economical, whilst specific output has increased.
So it was only logical that a diesel car should then
enter the world of motorsport. And successfully too: in
2006, Audi was the first carmaker to win the
Le Mans 24 Hours with a diesel-powered racecar,
the Audi R10 TDI – and then went on to repeat this
victory several times over, most recently in 2011.
1.4L TFSI engine
The combination of turbocharging and direct injection
also ensures superior driving dynamics and efficiency
for the 2.0 litre diesel unit. In the Audi Q3, a new
generation of the four-cylinder engine is used, based
on the most produced diesel engine in the world.
It offers further optimized acoustics, greater
refinement and more spontaneous power delivery.
The engine is available with two output ratings:
110 kW and 135 kW.
• High torque of 340 Nm (for 110 kW) and 380 Nm
(for 135 kW) over a wide speed range
• Majestic, effortless pulling power even from
• Modern common rail technology and injection
pressure of up to 1,800 bar provide for a high level
of refinement and precise fuel metering
• 110 kW unit combined with precision 7-speed S tronic
dual-clutch transmission and front-wheel drive
• New in the Audi Q3: highly efficient 4-cylinder inline
petrol engine combining turbocharging with direct
petrol injection - TFSI
• 110kW unit combined with precision 6-speed S tronic
dual clutch trasmission and front wheel drive.
S tronic
What is the benefit of two clutches?
A double saving: time and energy.
The 7-speed dual-clutch transmission S tronic
enables rapid gear shifting with hardly any
perceptible break in propulsive power and is
efficient at the same time.
Long ago, in 1985, Walter Röhrl tested this
technology in the Sport quattro S1 – and was
suitably impressed. Audi drivers share their
enthusiasm to this day, because the modern
S tronic changes gear in a flash. To do this, two
multi-plate clutches serve the different gears.
One clutch transfers the torque via a drive shaft
to the gearwheels of the odd-numbered gears.
The second clutch serves the even-numbered
gears via a hollow shaft. Both parts of the
transmission are permanently active, but only one
of them is actually connected to the engine via a
closed clutch. For example, when the driver
accelerates in third gear, the second part of the
transmission is already engaged in fourth gear.
The gear change happens very quickly through
the change of clutches – the first clutch opens
while the second one closes. The gear change only
lasts a few hundredths of a second and is
completed with virtually no interruption in the
power flow. It runs so smoothly and comfortably
that the driver barely notices it. It doesn't matter
whether the driver chooses the fully automatic
modes with the program D (Drive) or S (Sport) or
changes gear manually with the selector lever or
the optional shift paddles on the steering wheel –
the gear change feels precise and extremely
sporty. Even with all of this dynamic technology,
the S tronic still remains efficient. Due to its high
level of efficiency, both fuel consumption and
emissions can be reduced. While the TDI engine
come with 7 speed S tronic transmission, the TFSI
comes with 6 speed S tronic transmission.
With quattro, we have created one of
the best all-wheel drive systems in the world.
Of course, that was not good enough for us.
quattro is a permanent all-wheel drive system.
If the wheels on one axle of the vehicle lose grip
on the road and threaten to spin, the wheelselective torque distribution transfers the power
through the transfer gear box and the Haldex
clutch to the axle or individual wheel with
a better grip. The benefit is better traction
and thus improved acceleration as well as
more safety, thanks to more balanced lateral
guide forces.
The quattro drivetrain
MMI – Multi Media Interface
Technology is advancing at an ever faster pace and choosing
the right technology for your car is an important decision.
MMI Navigation Plus*
With HDD-based MMI Navigation, you'll have access
to 3D map view and 3D point-of-interest display.
It means you'll be guided to your destination with
greater ease. And, because destinations can be
entered with speech recognition, your attention
remains firmly on the road.
Colour Driver's Information System (DIS)*
A high-resolution 17.78 cm colour display, located in
the instrument cluster, provides key information
from the driver assistance systems.
Audi parking system advanced
with rear reversing camera*
Aids parking by acoustically and visually
indicating distances to obstacles with
guiding lines. Measured by sensors and a
rear reversing camera.
Daytime running lights
Seeing and being seen
is a safety issue.
The standard LED headlights emit beams of
bright light with a colour close to daylight and
an unprecedented clarity of vision.
The LED headlights also come with LED dynamic
indicators in the rear. These indicators have LEDs
which light up at intervals of one tenth of a second.
This enables other drivers to exactly determine
which direction the car is turning, even from far
away. Talk about safety.
Dipped beam
It is the equipment that turns an Audi into your Audi.
Seats/seat covers Seating comfort Inlays Infotainment Interior equipment
Seats/seating comfort
Front seats, electrically adjustable
electric seat height and front/back adjustment, seat and backrest angle adjustment
Folding rear seat backrest
can be split and folded 40:60 or fully
Leather/Leatherette, Pistachio beige
Centre armrest, front
can be adjusted lengthways, adjustable angle, with
fold-open storage compartment and one 12 V socket
in the rear centre console
4-way lumbar support
electric, for driver and front-passenger seats, with
horizontal and vertical adjustment
Head restraints
for all 5 seats, height manually adjustable
Rear centre armrest with cup holders.
Leather/Leatherette, black
Seats/seat covers Seating comfort Inlays Infotainment Interior equipment
Walnut balsamic, brown1
Driver information system
Inlays in Aluminium Tangent Bronze/Silver2
with a white 8.89cm TFT monochrome display located
directly in the driver's field of vision. Displays the
following information: radio frequency and/or name
of station or title as well as further contents of the
infotainment system such as navigation*, phone menu
(if fitted) or radio-controlled clock display of onboard
computer with long and short-term memory, outside
temperature display, digital speedometer and
door/tailgate open warning indicator. The integrated
efficiency program provides assistance in the form of
consumption data overviews, a display of additional
loads, gearshift display and fuel-saving tips for
adopting a more economical driving style
Telephone and communication
Bluetooth interface
Bluetooth-compatible mobile phones can be
connected to the vehicle via the interface. Hands-free
calls in the vehicle possible via microphone. Including
Bluetooth audio streaming (depending on mobile
phone compatibility)
Radio and TV systems
Audi sound system*
10 speakers including centre speaker in the dashboard and
subwoofer in the spare wheel, total output 180 watts,
6-channel amplifier
MMI radio
with single-CD player and SDHC memory card reader
(both MP3, WMA and AAC-compatible) and AUX-IN
connection. Offset 15.24cm TFT colour display, MMI
operating concept, dynamic station list (for VHF),
50-station memory, VHF, MW and LW reception.
Speed-sensitive volume adjustment (GALA) and phase
diversity, TP memo function whilst driving and car
menu, 8 passive loudspeakers in the front and rear,
total output 80 watts
MMI Navigation Plus*
HDD-based MMI Satellite Navigation Plus includes the
following: navigation data saved on hard disk drive,
high-resolution 17.78cm colour display screen with
high-quality map view, map with topographical shading
and many points-of-interest and city models shown in 3D.
A choice of 3 alternative routes can be selected where possible.
 Includes a rotary button with integrated joystick
function for searching in the map
 Route information is displayed on a split screen
 Detailed intersection map and lane
 Dynamic route guidance
 Navigation address can be input using the voice
control system
 Route arrow instructions displayed in colour in the
Driver's Information System
Also includes a hard disk drive jukebox function which can
be used to store up to 20 GB of music (MP3, WMA, AAC and
MPEG4 compatible) and a DVD drive for playing music and
video DVDs (when the car is stationary).
The MMI Navigation Plus can be operated via the MMI
controls, multi-function steering wheel or voice control
1 Available on 2.0 TDI (110kW) and 1.4 TDI (110kW).
2 Available on 2.0 TDIq (135kW).
* Optional
Climate control
Deluxe automatic air conditioning
with sunlight-dependent control, separate pre-selectable control for driver and front passenger. Electronically
regulates the air temperature, air flow rate and air distribution. Automatic recirculation mode by means of air
quality sensor, combined filter, separate defroster button for rapid defrosting of the windscreen and side
windows, key recognition, includes a light/rain/humidity sensor, climate control of the rear by means of air
vents in the rear centre console, includes ventilated glove compartment
Steering wheels/gear levers/controls
Seats/seat covers Seating comfort Inlays Infotainment Interior equipment
Luggage securing and storage systems
Further interior equipment
Leather-covered multifunction steering wheel
in 4-spoke design; with paddle shifters*
leather-covered steering wheel in 4-spoke design;
with multifunction buttons for operating the Audi radio,
voice control system and fitting for mobile phone
Floor mats, front
in velour, coordinated with the carpet colour
Audi drive select
changes vehicle characteristics by, e.g. adapting
power steering assistance, accelerator and gearshift
characteristics. Available modes: comfort,
auto and dynamic
Window controls
electric for front and rear, with safety system to limit
maximum closing force, convenience opening/closing
via central locking, one-touch opening/closing function
Floor mats, rear
in velour, coordinated with the carpet colour
Storage compartments
in the front side trims, includes bottle holder (1.5 l)
as well as storage compartment in the front centre
console and in the rear door trims
Glove compartment
on the front-passenger side, illuminated
Centre console
raised, with storage compartment which can also be
used as drinks holders when cover is open
12 V socket
in the front centre console
Assistance systems
Audi Parking System Plus
Acoustic and visual front and rear parking system assists
with parking and maneuvering. Shown in the MMI display;
measurement by sensors concealed in the bumpers,
activated by selecting reverse automatically as soon as the
distance to a recognized object is less than approx. 90 cm.
Cruise control
at speeds of 30 km/h and above, the system keeps
the set speed constant, provided that engine power
and engine braking effect permit it; operated via
separate steering column stalk, set speed displayed in
driver information system
LED rear lights with dynamic turn indicators
in an innovative lighting design; brake lights, tail
lights and indicators in energy-saving and long-lasting
LED technology for faster activation and thus earlier
recognition by the driver behind; 2 rear fog lights;
3 high-mounted brake light in the rear window,
reversing lights in white.
Hill-descent control
speed control by means of brake intervention and
engine drag torque, whilst constantly maintaining the
speed depending on the surface. The driver just has to
steer, but does not have to accelerate or brake
Drinks holders
in the front centre console
LED Headlights
LED headlights provide lower energy consumption and enhanced contrast with colour similar to daylight for
increased safety and good recognition. Includes all weather light function to reduce the risk of drivers being
dazzled when visibility is poor
Parking aid plus with rear view camera*
acoustic and visual parking system for the front and
rear with display of symbols on the screen to indicate
distance from an obstacle; measurement is by
ultrasonic sensors concealed in the bumpers
Lights/mirrors Wheels/tyres Paints Exterior equipment
Roof systems
Exterior mirrors electrically adjustable, heated,
electrically folding and auto dimming on driver's side
with integrated LED indicators
LED interior lighting package
anti-glare lighting for the passenger compartment
in energy-saving and long-lasting LED technology.
Comprising of an ambient reflected light in the roof
module and entrance lighting as well as illuminated
make-up mirror, storage compartment in the centre
console and drinks holders. Lighting for door pockets,
footwells and inside door handles, reflected lighting
for centre console and door inner panels to help
occupants find their way around, active door reflectors
Light/rain sensor
for controlling the automatic driving light, the coming
home/leaving home function and the automatic windscreen
wiper function, includes windscreen with grey coloured strip
(along the top edge), includes windscreen with acoustic
glazing (for improved windscreen insulation and a reduction
of outside noise)
Interior mirror
with automatic anti-glare action
Make-up mirror
in driver and passenger's sun visor
Anti-theft wheel bolts
can only be loosened using adapter provided
Panoramic glass roof
in 2 sections, electrical activation to raise and open the front glass section, tinted glass insert; including an
electrically operated sun blind for the front and rear passengers, convenient closing from the outside via the
central locking system or radio-operated remote control; ensures a comfortable interior that is flooded with
light, improved interior climate by means of efficient ventilation
Space-saving, spare wheel
permissible top speed 80 km/h
Vehicle tool kit
in the luggage compartment
in the luggage compartment
Cast aluminum wheels in 5-arm turbines, contrast gray, partly polished
size 7 J x 45.72cms, with tyre 235/50 R 18 (45.72 cm)
Lights/mirrors Wheels/tyres Paints Exterior equipment
| Solid Colours
| Metallic Colours
Cortina White
Floret Silver
Utopia Blue
| Pearl Effect
Mythos Black
Misano Red
Lights/mirrors Wheels/tyres Paints Exterior equipment
Closing systems
Central locking system
with radio-operated remote control incorporated into
the vehicle key, variable code and autolock function;
with one touch of the button the system opens and
locks doors, tailgate and tank flap
Further exterior equipment
Dynamic suspension
McPherson spring strut type axle at front with lower
wishbones, aluminium subframe, with 4-link rear axle
with separate spring/damper arrangement, subframe
Integrated head restraint system
in the event of a rear-end collision the design of the seat
restrains the upper torso and supports the head; this
increases safety and reduces the danger of whiplash
one-piece, no joints, stable and aerodynamic in
anodised aluminium
Electromechanical parking brake
includes parking brake function when stationary
Steering column
manually adjustable for height and reach
Roof edge spoiler
Auto release function
drive-off assistance function by means of automatic
release when driving away and emergency braking
function whilst driving by means of action on all
4 wheels
First-aid kit with warning triangle
High-gloss package
roof frame and window slot trim in anodised aluminium,
exterior B and C-pillar trim in high-gloss black
Roof rails
Electronic immobiliser
incorporated in the engine control unit, automatic
activation by vehicle key
Heat-insulating glass
green-tinted, windscreen made of laminated glass
Rear window
heated, with timer switch; additional heating of the
lower end position of the rear window wiper
Windscreen cleaning system
4-speed adjustable intermittent wipe, flick-wipe
function, automatic wash-wipe, with reversing wiper
system and park setting to increase the service life of
the wiper blades; when reverse gear is selected the
rear window wiper is activated for the duration of the
reversing manoeuvre (if front wipers are switched on)
Sun visors
can be folded and swivelled, on the driver and front
passenger sides with covered make-up mirror
Exhaust tailpipes
single-branch design with 2 tailpipes on the left.
With chromed trim
Child-proof locks
mechanical for the rear doors and electric for the rear
window controls
Instrument cluster
with adjustable lighting, electronic speedometer with
odometer and trip odometer, rev counter, digital clock,
coolant temperature display and fuel gauge
Seat belts
3-point inertia-reel seat belts for all seats (with belt force
limiters, belt tensioners and belt height adjustment for
the front seats only)
Seat belt reminder
for all seats; an acoustic and visual warning signal
reminds occupants in the front to fasten their seat
belts, a visual warning signal indicates when seat belts
have been undone in the rear
Full-size airbags
for driver and front passenger, side airbags
incorporated into the front seat backrests; the head
airbag system protects the front and outer-seat rear
occupants in the event of a side impact; unfolds like
a protective cushion over the side windows
Side-on collision protection
consisting of bending-resistant door impact beams
and reinforced body side structure, particularly in the
B-pillars and sills
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
with electronic brake force distribution EBD and
hydraulic brake assist
Traction control (ASR)
reduces spinning of the drive wheels by reducing the
engine output and delivers more traction and stability
on the road surface
Electronic Differential Lock (EDL)
on surfaces with varying levels of grip, this start-off
assistant automatically brakes the drive wheels on the
surface that is too slippery, thereby ensuring smooth,
powerful progress
Electronic Stabilisation Control (ESC)
networks ABS, ASR and EDL with its own sensors and
compares the driving data with reference data; provides
better stability by targeted braking of individual wheels
and intervention in the engine management system,
passive rollover, brake disc wiping function
Wheel-selective torque distribution
incorporated into ESP; modifies driving force by means
of targeted braking actions depending on the driving
situation, when cornering the torque distribution
ensures smoother and more precise handling with no
understeering; improved traction and dynamic
performance when cornering
Electromechanical power steering
maintenance-free rack & pinion steering with speeddependent servo assistance; precise steering feel at
high speeds, excellent assistance when parking; active
countersteering providing steering assistance to the
driver for enhanced vehicle stability
S tronic
the dual-clutch transmission facilitates rapid gear
shifting without a perceptible interruption in power
flow; can be operated via the optional shift paddles
behind the steering wheel, the gear lever knob or in
automatic mode
permanent all-wheel drive with dynamic torque
distribution, electronically controlled Haldex clutch
and Electronic Differential Lock (EDL) via braking
intervention on all driven wheels (available on
2.0 TDIq (135kW).
1608* 1608*
Dimensions Technical data
Audi Q3 35 TDI quattro
(135 kW)
Audi Q3 30 TDI
(110 kW)
Audi Q3 30 TFSI
(110 kW)
Engine type
4-cylinder in-line diesel engine
with common rail injection system
and exhaust-gas turbocharging
4-cylinder in-line diesel engine
with common rail injection system
and exhaust-gas turbocharging
4-cylinder in-line petrol engine with
direct fuel injection, turbocharging
and Audi valvelift system
Displacement in cc (valves per cylinder)
1968 (4)
1968 (4)
1395 (4)
Max. output¹ in kW at rpm
Max. torque in Nm at rpm
Type of drive
quattro permanent all-wheel drive
Front-wheel drive
Front-wheel drive
7-speed S tronic
7-speed S tronic
6-speed S tronic
Cast aluminium wheels
7J x 18 (45.72cm)
Cast aluminium wheels
7J x 18 (45.72cm)
Cast aluminium wheels
7J x 18 (45.72cm)
235/50 R18
235/50 R18
235/50 R18
Kerb weight in kg
Gross vehicle weight in kg
Audi Q3
1000 1000
1426*** 1426***
1474*** 1474***
Fuel tank capacity, approx. in l
A vechicle's fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions do not just
depend on how efficiently the vehicle uses the fuel, but are
also influenced by driving behaviour and other non-technical
factors. CO₂ is the greenhouse gas primarily responsible for
global warming.
The values stated were calculated using specified measuring
procedures as per Bharat Stage IV by ARAI.
Important note
Inspections are due as shown by the service display.
101 *
¹ The figure given was calculated using the specified measuring
procedure (current version of Directive 80/1269/EEC).
Power transmission/wheels
Explanatory notes
101 * 101 *
Top speed in km/h
Acceleration 0–100 km/h in s
Fuel grade
Fuel consumption in km/l
Emission standard
101 *
Dimensions in millimetres.
Dimensions were measured with vehicle at unladen weight.
Luggage compartment volume in l: 460/1,365 (measured by the VDA method using 200 x 100 x 50 mm blocks;
second value: is with the rear seat folded down and the vehicle loaded up to roof height). Turning circle approx. 11.8 m.
* Without roof aerial the vehicle height is reduced by 18 mm ** Maximum headroom
*** Elbow room width **** Shoulder room width
The information contained herein is accurate as of the date of publication. Illustrations may show equipment which is optional and not part of standard specifications.
Models, combinations and configurations, colours and equipment illustrated may differ from products supplied in the Indian market. Audi may alter or change designs,
specifications, and combinations and configurations. Please contact an authorised Audi dealer for more exact information.
Some of the images & features shown are relevant to markets overseas and are shown for illustrative purpose only. These images may not be similar to right hand driven vehicles sold in India.
Availability of specific models & variants are subject to release in India.
Audi Genuine Accessories
Audi Genuine Accessories.
As individual as you are.
Mobility is a way of life – one that you can individually design with your Audi Q3. Whatever the destination, the products
from Audi Genuine Accessories offer you countless possibilities for reaching your goal. You benefit from made-to-measure
solutions that impress on account of their design and functionality. After all, creativity during the development phase
and high production standards alongside the large number of testing procedures are all just as important to Audi Genuine
Accessories as they are for each and every Audi vehicle. Discover what tailor-made solutions Audi Genuine Accessories has
in store for you.
The calm amidst the storm.
Audi design is unique. Alongside an impressive appearance, products from Audi Genuine Accessories must
also meet our rigorous standards when it comes to functionality and achieving a high level of quality. This is
why our roof boxes go through extensive crash testing at the development stage, ensuring that they are
ready to face numerous demanding situations.
The result is clear to see and is best reflected by the practicality of
the product – not least because the roof boxes must demonstrate
this characteristic in several different testing procedures, such as
weather tests in extreme climate zones. Whether it is rainy and
stormy, the sun is beating down, or the temperature has plunged
– the roof boxes must prove that they can withstand the many
influences of the climate and that they can endure this durability
test over a long period of time. Whatever you are planning, the new
luggage boxes from Audi Genuine Accessories ensure that you can
always transport your luggage reliably and conveniently.
Audi Q3
Here today, somewhere else tomorrow. You live mobile and you
think mobile – that is why you want a car that can keep up with you
and your needs. Or even better: a car that is so well adapted to you
that all you have to do is climb in. The Audi Q3 is that car. Powerful and
multifaceted. Compact yet full of hidden space. Efficient and expressive.
As you would expect, you can make your Audi Q3 even more versatile
using the many options on offer from Audi Genuine Accessories to lend
your mobility a greater sense of individuality. Discover these options
on the following pages and emphasise the universal character of your
Audi Q3.
Sport and design
Sophisticated design,
revealed from all angles.
Amplify the automotive sportiness of your Audi Q3 with the exterior product ranges from
Audi Genuine Accessories. Inside of light darkened, with transparent cover. Can be retrofitted
to any halogen rear lights. Long service life and up to 50% lower energy consumption than
halogen lights. You can even create a sporty ambience in the vehicle interior with the pedal
caps in stainless steel. Whatever range of equipment you choose, you will invariably enhance
the athletic appearance of your Audi Q3 with the exterior product ranges from Audi.
LED rear lights
Accentuates the individual appearance of your Audi sporty yet subtle design. The transparent LED rear light
corner comes into it’s own with the chromed interior.
Sport and design.
LED for entry area
For a bright entrance. Depending on the variant, either the
quattro logo or the Audi rings are projected onto the ground by
means of an LED light when the vehicle door is opened. Available
in a two-part set for the driver and front-passenger side or for the
rear vehicle doors.
Requirement: the interior and exterior lighting package that is
available as an option ex-works.
02 Valve caps
The four metal valve caps with embossed Audi logo provide
enhanced protection for the valve against dust, dirt and
moisture. Available for rubber, metal and aluminium valves.
Anti-theft wheel bolts
Can only be loosened with the special adapter provided,
making it difficult to steal the wheels.
* Please note the information relating to wheels on page 40.
Offroad style package
Emphasises the athleticism of the Audi Q3. Fascinating accents lend your
vehicle an even more robust and sporty appearance. The complete package
includes front and rear bumpers, door cover strips, wheel arch extension
and running boards.
Front bumper
Painted in Stone Grey, metallic. Used in combination with the stainless-steel
underbody protection and the radiator grille with vertical chrome struts,
the front bumper protects the front and the front underside of the vehicle.
Rear bumper
Painted in Stone Grey, metallic. Alongside the stainless-steel underbody
protection, the rear bumper protects the underside at the rear of the vehicle.
Door cover strips
Painted in Stone Grey, metallic. Reduce damage, for example from
stone chipping.
04 Wheel arch extensions
Painted in Stone Grey, metallic. Emphasise the striking design of the vehicle
and protect the body contour.
Running boards
Made from stainless steel. The running boards make it easier to load
equipment into the ski and luggage box on the roof. Rubber pads
protect against the risk of slipping. Load capacity of 200 kg each.
quattro film set
The ‘quattro’ logo as a film set for the rear section of the vehicle on
both sides. Available in either Brilliant Black or Ice Silver, metallic
depending on the exterior vehicle colour.
Pedal caps in stainless steel
Dazzling and practical at the same time. The pedal caps are made from
brushed stainless steel. The rubber coating on the surfaces ensures
enhanced grip. Available for automatic and manual gearboxes.
Free space and
storage space.
Stay spontaneous and flexible with the transport solutions from Audi Genuine Accessories. Whether you have
extra luggage or sports equipment, you need not worry about your storage space. The wide selection of products
from Audi Genuine Accessories ranges from luggage boxes to a camping tent developed to be the ideal fit for
your Audi Q3. These options give you plenty of room for your plans and provide you with the freedom to take
advantage of every opportunity.
Luggage boxes
A new design from Audi featuring improved aerodynamics thanks to a
flatter, sportier visual concept. Platinum Grey roof box with Brilliant Black
side blades and chrome Audi rings for a high-quality, rivet-free look.
Boxes are lockable and can be opened from both sides for comfortable
loading and unloading. With internal handle for closing the box. Simple
quick-action securing system including torque limitation. Positioned
towards the front of the vehicle, making it easier to access the luggage
compartment. Available in three sizes: 300 l (page 61), 360 l (right-hand
image) and 405 l (page 61). Can only be used in conjunction with the
carrier unit. Further important information that will help you to choose
the correct roof box can be found on page 80.
Luggage box (405 l)*
Bags for roof boxes
Robust yet flexible. These bags are equipped with a watertight floor
featuring a watertight border extending 5 cm upwards. Ideal for making
full use of the Audi roof boxes, as it is possible to use the individual
bags in various combinations. Available in three sizes: S (43 l), M (76 l)
and L (82 l).
Carrier unit for various roof rack modules, such as the bicycle rack, kayak rack
or the ski and luggage box. The profile is made from anodised aluminium tubing.
The carrier unit is easy to fit and is lockable. Maximum permissible gross weight
of the carrier unit, roof rack modules and load: 75 kg. A practical storage bag is
sold separately.
Luggage box (300 l)*
Carrier unit for roof rail
Roof carrier bag
For storage or transport of carrier units and smaller roof
rack modules. Made from durable material, with multiple
loops and a side pocket for suitable tools or small parts.
Available in two sizes.
Camping tent
Inflatable tent featuring an innovative and high-quality design with double-walled air struts – includes bag, pump, tent pegs, repair kit and two separate awnings.
Sleeps up to three people. Quick and intuitive to pitch. Simply roll out the tent and inflate. Extremely stable, even when faced with wind and in different weather
conditions. A weatherproof connection between the vehicle and tent is established through a tailor-made vehicle attachment. Can also be used without a vehicle.
More information can be found on page 80.
*Please note the information regarding the maximum permissible trailer load and the gross vehicle weight rating of your vehicle in the vehicle wallet.
Connected to
the best entertainment.
Make your Audi Q3 even more exciting with the communication solutions from Audi Genuine Accessories.
For entertainment during your journey, use the adapter for the Audi music interface.
01 Adapter cables for the Audi music interface
Enables various Apple iPod and iPhone models as well as other media players
to be connected. Operated via the MMI system if this function is supported by the
media player.
Audi SD card (not pictured)
For storing your music: ultra-compact and universal SDHC memory card (8 GB), class 6.
Comes with a protective case.
Audi USB memory key
The exclusive storage device that emulates the look of an authentic Audi vehicle key.
Memory capacity: 8 GB. The special 90° position for laptops makes the device particularly
convenient to use. Suitable for all vehicles equipped with a USB connection or the
Audi music interface. Can also be used as a USB stick outside the vehicle.
No one is too small
for an Audi.
Whether big or little – delight for Audi grows constantly. To ensure the safety and driving
comfort of even the smallest Audi passengers, Audi Genuine Accessories offers practical,
high-quality products, guaranteeing you and your smallest family members a safe and
relaxed journey in your Audi Q3.
Audi child seat
Can be used in the forward or rear-facing position. With adjustable seat
shell, integrated seat belt and adjustable head rest. Can only be used in
conjunction with the ISOFIX base. Suitable for children weighing between
9 and 18 kg (approx. 1 to 4 years of age).
Audi baby mirror
Easy to secure to the head rest of the rear seat thanks to the Velcro fastener, keeping the
baby in the rear-facing baby seat in view. Viewing angle can be adjusted as required.
Not suitable for integrated head rests.
Audi baby seat
Easy to fit using the ISOFIX base (recommended). Can also be secured
using the three-point belt. The integrated seat belt ensures that the
child is more secure; the attached hood also acts as a means of sun
protection. With adjustable head rest. Suitable for small children
weighing up to 13 kg (approx. 0 to 12 months).
ISOFIX base for the Audi baby seat
and Audi child seat
A more secure fit for the Audi baby seat and the Audi child seat.
Can be installed and removed quickly. The adjustable support stand provides
enhanced stability. Provides an optimum level of protection for the child.
Note: The ISOFIX base is optional for the baby seat, but is mandatory
for the child seat.
Offers a high level of comfort thanks to the intelligent seat belt guide.
The height and width of the backrest are adjustable. Adjustments to
set the seat size can be made with ease using a viewing panel. Suitable for
children weighing between 15 and 36 kg (approx. 4 to 12 years of age).
Audi backrest protector (not pictured)
A practical solution to prevent the backrest of your vehicle seat from getting dirty. Easy to wash.
Also prevents children damaging the seat if they kick it while travelling in the back, also offers
additional storage space in the form of four small pockets. Tailored to match the design of
the child seats, the child seat underlay and the interior of the vehicle. Not suitable for
integrated head rests.
Audi child seat youngster plus
Child seat colour variants
All child seats are available in the colour combinations of Misano Red/Black
and Titanium Grey/Black. The materials used are kind to the skin, breathable,
light-resistant, removable and washable and are certified in accordance with the
Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Replacement covers are available from your Audi partner.
Child seat underlay (not pictured)
Tailored to the design of the child seats and the interior of the vehicle.
Car seats are protected against dirt and potential imprints made by the child seats. Includes two practical storage pockets. Fully compatible
with all Audi child seats, even where the ISOFIX base is used.
Every impression counts.
Maintain the dazzling appearance of your Audi Q3 – inside and out. Using the products from Audi Genuine Accessories,
you can keep everything in its place at all times and enhance the comfort of your Audi Q3. This range includes products
such as the coat hanger, luggage compartment net and storage bags. A whole series of care products is available from
Audi Genuine Accessories, both for the interior as well as the exterior, allowing you to shine effortlessly in any situation
with your Audi Q3.
Coat hanger
For coats, jackets and other items of clothing.
Attached to the front head rests.
Comfort and protection.
Mud flaps (not pictured)
Made from high-quality plastic. Prevent damage to paintwork and stop dirt
build-up in the area around the sills and rear apron of the vehicle.
Available as a two-part set for the front and/or rear of the vehicle.
Made-to-measure luggage compartment protection. Robust and washable.
The all-round edging prevents liquids from leaking onto the luggage
compartment floor.
Care products
Tailored to the high-quality materials used to construct your Audi.
Suitable for numerous applications, either in the vehicle interior or
for outer care, depending on the product.
Ideal fit, in Anthracite, bearing the Audi logo. Made from a
breathable and antistatic material. The piping accentuates
the shape of the vehicle. Protection from dust and dirt.
Only for indoor use.
Rubber floor mats
Made-to-measure. Enhanced protection against heavy soiling. Secured to the
vehicle using the fixing points on the floor. With ‘Q3’ logo.
Luggage compartment net
Protects luggage against slipping. For fixing luggage into position
via the lashing points on the luggage compartment floor.
Luggage compartment tray
For all those items of luggage that often leave marks when they are transported.
The plastic inlay features high edges as well as being robust and practical to clean.
Wide grooves prevent loads from slipping.
03 Vehicle cover
Luggage compartment shell
Premium textile floor mats
Tailored to the size of the floor in the Audi Q3. Made from durable, tightly woven velour.
Secured to the vehicle by the additional coating on the back and the points provided
for this purpose on the floor. With ‘Q3’ logo.
Comfort and protection
Rear protective cover
Protects large surfaces against dirt at the rear. The versatile zip-fastening system
allows a dog to enter and exit the vehicle via the rear doors. Simple and fast to attach.
Durable surfaces, water-tight and washable.
Safety harness for dogs
Luggage compartment box (foldable)
Made from black polyester and offering a storage capacity of up to 32 litres.
Easily assembled using Velcro tabs, providing a functional and practical solution.
When laid flat, the box also acts as an additional protective underlay for the
luggage compartment. Washable and easy to clean.
Meets statutory regulations. Made from highly resistant materials including
tear-resistant nylon and stainless-steel parts. Special padding helps to avoid
pressure marks. With reflective strips in the chest area. Can also be used as a
harness for use outside the vehicle.
Protective film for paintwork (not pictured)
Transparent, barely visible, high-performance protective film with an extra clear
coat of paint. Reduces the effects of stone chipping, scratches and scrapes.
Applied to the front of Audi vehicles.
Loading sill protective sheet (not pictured)
The made-to-measure protective sheet for the loading sill, made from transparent film,
enhances the level of protection for the bumper against damage when loading and
unloading the luggage compartment.
Protective film for the rear sill panel (not pictured)
Practical and effective solution for protecting the entry area of the rear doors
at the wheel housing arch. Transparent film made from scratch-resistant,
robust plastic.
More space for your business tools. The high-quality business bag offers you a storage
volume of approx. 14 litres – enough space for a laptop of up to 38.1cm as well
as the various other things you need for the office. Can be securely fastened to the
rear seat bench or the front passenger seat using the three-point seat belt. Can also
be used outside the vehicle as an attractive briefcase.
Rubbish bin
A practical product for disposing of rubbish accumulated when travelling, with a
waterproof interior compartment and a capacity of approx. 5 litres. Can be fitted
to the backrests of the front seats. Easy to clean. Standard refuse bags can also
be used and secured easily inside the rubbish bin.
Business bag
Storage bag (not pictured)
A handy, multi-purpose bag offering a versatile storage space and organisation
system for the vehicle. Secured to the backrest. Can be folded away in just a few
steps and used outside the vehicle.
Comfort and protection
Sun protection system
Offers virtually full sun protection. Made to measure, and easy to fit and stow away. Available as a two or three-part set. Sets can be combined.
05 Wind deflectors
Enhanced interior climate and pleasant circulating fresh air. The door
wind deflectors for your Audi allow the vehicle interior to be ventilated,
thereby contributing to increased driving comfort – even in snow or rain.
By opening the window to just above the bottom edge of the deflectors,
uncomfortable heat build-up from direct sunlight becomes a thing
of the past. Made from high-quality, cast acrylic glass. Available as a
two-part set for the front or rear of the vehicle.
Espresso mobile
LED gooseneck reading lamp
An extremely bright light exactly where you need it, thanks to the
flexible silicone rubber neck. High level of stability in any position.
Connection via the cigarette lighter.
With a pressure of 16 bar, the espresso mobile delivers true espresso
enjoyment, complete with authentic crema. The set includes 18 illy ESE pods,
two break-proof espresso cups, a micro-fibre napkin and an elegant case.
Connection via the cigarette lighter in the vehicle interior.
Rear seat box
A sturdy storage solution for various small items. The high-quality rear seat box
with a volume of approx. 12 litres makes journeys even more comfortable. It can
be secured to the rear seat bench in just a few steps using the standard three-point belt.
Includes a mesh pocket with internal drawstrings to secure the contents.
Rear seat bag (not pictured)
An organised storage space for the rear seat bench. With its various interior mesh
pockets, additional storage compartment and total volume of approx. 27 litres,
the rear seat bag in high-quality Audi design provides plenty of space for the
various items required on a long journey. Easily secured using the three-point belt.
Includes a non-slip surface on the underside of the bag.
Seat back pocket
Additional storage capacity in a high-quality Audi design with various
practical sections – for an even tidier interior. The pocket has a volume
of approx. 11 litres and can be secured to the backrests of the front seats.
The handles also enable it to be used outside the vehicle.
Want to know more about the Q3? With pleasure.
Technical information
Technical information
Experience the world of the Audi Q3 at Enjoy your journey of discovery.
Luggage boxes
300 l
360 l
External dimensions (L x W x H)
1,902 x 630 x 376 mm
1,756 x 826 x 376 mm
2,050 x 800 x 380 mm
Max. permissible load
60 kg
75 kg
75 kg
Wheel information
Please note the following information relating to wheels: Aluminium wheels with a high-gloss turned finish, or polished or partly polished
aluminium wheels must not be used in the event of wintry road conditions. Due to the manufacturing process, the rim surfaces do not possess
sufficient anti-corrosion protection and are at risk of long-term damage due to road salt or similar materials.
405 l
Camping tent
Surface area
9.5 m²
Tent height
2.18 m
Wind resistance
Up to 70 km/h
Water column
4,000 mm
13.2 kg
Package dimensions
70 x 55 x 30 cm
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