Renata shrinks size of Li-ion polymer
Susan Nordyk - February 20, 2014
The Renata Batteries division of the Swatch Group has added three new models to its ICP series of
rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery packs to give design engineers more form factors and
capacity ratings from which to choose for their portable medical, industrial, and consumer electronic
devices. Renata’s 3.7-V portfolio includes smaller, lowerprofile flexible foil cells, as well as batteries with higher
power capacity.
With dimensions of just 19.5×10.2×3.7 mm, the 1.7gram ICP341018PA battery pack provides 35 mAh
typical for applications where space and weight are at a
premium. The ICP303450PA battery pack features an
ultrathin form factor, with dimensions of 52.0×34.5×3.5
mm and a capacity of 500 mAh typical for applications
requiring a low mounted profile. Finally, the
ICP606168PRT battery pack delivers 2700 mAh in a
package that is 71.0×62.0×6.7 mm.
All ICP series lithium-ion polymer battery packs are rated for a nominal voltage of 3.7 V and a life of
more than 500 cycles (at 80% minimum capacity). An internal safety circuit prevents overcharging
or deep discharge conditions.
Datasheets were not available for the ICP341018PA and ICP303450PA at the time of this
ICP606168PRT datasheet
ICP series product page
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