Monitor Arms
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The KV Monitor Arm Collection
Support to keep you moving forward
Monitor arms are integral components in the ergonomic,
squeezed-for-space modern workplace. Not only do they
support flat screen displays, they also take monitors
off the desktop to free up valuable workspace, while
providing user adjustability and optimal viewing distance.
So when you’re looking to source a flat screen support
that is exceptionally designed, manufactured and backed
with quality, integrity and service, you need look no
further than Knape & Vogt.
The mainstay Concerto modular system is at the core of
our product offering, plus two out-of-the box solutions—
Tempo and Xtend —meet and surpass industry standards
for sleek design, capacity, reach and height
adjustment. Together they transcend the everyday to
ensure our customers the ultimate in aesthetics
and performance at the ultimate competitive price.
A leading single source supplier of highly engineered
ergonomic components for the workplace, our reputation
is built on an expert combining of aesthetics with
industry-leading performance. Our complete line of
monitor supports features a range of high quality
products at competitive pricing – all engineered
for today’s work environment.
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Knape & Vogt Monitor Arms:
Aesthetics and Performance at a Competitive Price
Ultra-adaptable system
Beauty out of the box
Economy best-in-class
Intuitive modular design that’s
infinitely configurable
Supports leading range of
monitor weights and sizes
Leading reach and height ranges
One to eight monitors
Single or dual monitor
Single or dual monitor
20 lb. capacity per screen
Single Light Duty: 5–20 lb. capacity
Single: 2–14 lb. capacity
Single Heavy Duty: 10–30 lb. capacity
Dual: 2–14 lb. capacity
Dual: 15–40 lb. combined
Sleek, refined look
Elegant styling; smooth operation
Strength meets simplicity
Ideal for growing businesses or in
multiple monitor arrangements such
as call or command centers
Perfect for hospital imaging
departments or large design studios
Best choice for budget- conscious
Mid-range price
Competitive price
Economy price
Customer Service: 1.800.253.1561
Concerto. Mainstay of modern desking
Concerto is the go-to, mid-priced flat panel display support
for today’s workspace. As a modular system, it is our hardest
working monitor support, ultra-adaptable in a wide selection
of applications.
pole mount without extensions to single or dual fixed arm
configurations on height adjustable arm segments, to support
for one single screen to as many as eight screens in a multiple
monitor arrangement.
As business needs expand, Concerto is almost infinitely
configurable to meet additional requirements for any
installation. It offers unmatched scalability, from a basic
With 24.5" of depth- and 13" of height-adjustability, Concerto
is easier to use and more flexible than most of its competitors.
Its sleek, refined styling will complement any modern office
working space.
Standard Features
Modular, flexible with options that include single pole-mounted without arms to single or dual fixed-arm configurations
on height adjustable arm segments
Supports monitors up to 20 lbs.
Configurable to support 1-8 monitors
Clamp or grommet (included) adjustable to fit most work surfaces
Options available for panel, wall, socket or slat wall mounting
Simple Allen wrench (included) adjustment
Cable management
Available in silver, black, white or polished/white finish
Made in the USA - BAA Compliant. Meets GSA bid requirement.
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W = White
P = Polished
S = Silver B = Black
Customer Service: 1.800.253.1561
Tempo. Beauty right out of the box
With its clean styling and aesthetics, superior stability and
silky-smooth operation, the next-generation Tempo family
of monitor arms is truly in a class of its own.
duty, heavy duty and dual screen models offering unmatched
performance and reliability to meet the demands of today’s
modern office.
In environments where larger, heavier monitors are required
such as hospital imaging departments or design studios,
Tempo is the answer. In fact, Tempo provides support for an
industry-leading range of monitor weights and sizes, with light
Tempo’s 14-1/2" of height adjustability and more than
26-3/4" of depth adjustment also set standards for excellence.
A rugged build with over-the-top elegant styling makes Tempo
the highly sought-after monitor support solution.
Standard Features
Single-screen Light Duty (Tempo 7750) supports 1 display 5–20 lbs.
Single-screen Heavy Duty (Tempo 7755) supports 1 display 10–30 lbs.
Dual-screen (Tempo 7760) supports 2 displays, maximum width of 24" (ea.) and a combined weight of 15 lbs.– 40 lbs.
Adjustable counterbalance cylinder provides 14-1/2" of height adjustment with fingertip control
Double extension arms provide reach up to 26-3/4" (single) and 30-3/4" (dual)
Rotates for portrait or landscape viewing with 180° side-to-side rotation and -90° to +45° tilt
Die cast aluminum construction for stability; contains high percentage of recycled material and is fully recyclable
Includes all tools and hardware for quick, easy (tool-free) installation
Clamp and grommet mount included to accommodate any mounting configuration
Available in silver/gray, black/black, or white/gray finishes
Rotation limiter prevents th earm from impacting onto partition walls
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Xtend. Incomparable value, best reach and height
Xtend offers in-demand style, function and performance at an
economical price. Its best-in-class 26" depth adjustability and
13" of usable height adjustment increase options for monitor
arm placement and access.
A no-pole design allows Xtend to store fully in a 4-3/8"
space, providing more desk space in smaller work
environments. With clamp and grommet mounting options and
counterbalanced spring technology that supports
2 lbs. – 14 lbs., this monitor arm brings excellent versatility,
flexibility and ergonomic comfort to the office.
Standard Features
26" of reach with 13" of usable height adjustment
Single-screen supports monitors 2 lbs.– 14 lbs.
Dual-screen supports 2 monitors with a combined weight of 15 lbs.– 40 lbs.
Simple Allen wrench adjustment to counterbalance weight of the monitor
Tool-free clamp installation
Enclosed cable management
Made in USA - BAA compliant. Meets GSA bid requirement.
Available in silver, black, or white finish
Customer Service: 1.800.253.1561
Let us work with you
Knape & Vogt works with some of the largest office
furniture manufacturers in North America, bringing to
the table our knowledge and expertise on a variety of
ergonomic applications. Our product development team
and design engineers work closely with OEMs and
resellers to create products that succeed and lead in the
marketplace – designs that combine industry leading
performance with aesthetics to deliver the highest value
products at very competitive prices. Our line of monitor
arms are suitable for any work environment, including
offices, airports, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, schools
and wherever computer
screens are used.
Whether you’re just beginning to brainstorm a new design,
or you’re challenged by a project already underway, our
engineering experts are ready to help create more space
in the ever-shrinking workplace and re-engineer your
ergonomic success.
Contact us and let us know how Knape & Vogt can
support you.
2700 Oak Industrial Dr. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505-6026 USA
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Fax: 877.636.3290
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