Raven 500QR Digital Video Recorder
featuring Easy-Connect Feature and Cloud backup
Raven 500QR Digital Video Recorder is the latest addition to Maxx Digital’s
surveillance range. It features the highly desirable scan-to-setup QR code
networking system which allows you to quickly view your CCTV from your
smartphone or PC without needing to spend hours working out how to
configuring your network and IP settings like some older recorders. It also
features cloud storage back up facility to easily copy your recordings onto
Dropbox for viewing at a later date. The Raven 500QR includes HDMI, VGA, and
BNC outputs to easily connect to a pc monitor, television or CCTV monitor.
◊ Standalone digital video recorder with the latest
H.264 recording compression technology
◊ 960H definition, best analogue viewing and recording quality for better video clarity
◊ Built-in motion detection option to trigger recording
only when there is activity on-screen
◊ Upload recorded footage to the cloud for back-up
◊ Easy-connect 3-step QR code network setup means
no more difficult network configuration
◊ Free app allows remote monitoring on your smartphone and tablets
◊ Full HD 1080p display output for connection to HDTV
◊ Worldwide control wherever you are in the world via the internet
◊ Live view, playback, and event alarm without missing any important information
◊ Simultaneous playback and smart search on all channels
◊ Available with 4 or 8 video channels
*QR code scan set-up and remote playback available for iOS and Android only
Something for Everyone
Raven 500QR Digital Video Recorder
featuring Easy-Connect Feature and Cloud backup
Box Contents: Standalone DVR, Power Adapter, Remote Control, Software CD, User Manual, USB Mouse, Mobile Setup Quick Guide
Something for Everyone