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Centellis OCP
Hyperscale Cloud Computing Technology for
Communications Service Providers
Preliminary Data Sheet
The Centellis OCP platform
provides high performance
switching, computing and storage
while optimizing CapEx and OpEx
ƒƒ Offers critical software and
environmental support for
telecommunications applications
with Artesyn’s Centellis VP
Artesyn’s Open Compute Project (OCP) Platform offers low CapEx and OpEx and delivers high
density, excellent serviceability, extreme scalability, effective manageability and world-class
performance in switching, storage and computing. The Centellis® OCP platform supports
Artesyn’s Centellis® Virtualization Platform (VP) software while utilizing off-the-shelf hardware and
delivering hyperscale-class computing functionality in a cost-effective manner.
ƒƒ Centellis VP provides an application
virtualization software framework
based on industry standard SDN &
NFV software stacks
ƒƒ Centellis Virtualization Platform software framework
enables use of off-the-shelf Virtual Network Functions
(VNFs) for true Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
ƒƒ Industry standard OCP technology
for Communications Service
ƒƒ Enables service providers to run multiple virtualized
applications such as firewall, DPI, security, or session
border controller on a single hardware platform saving
both capital expense and operating expense by
eliminating the need for multiple application-specific
hardware platforms
ƒƒ Maximum performance switching,
CPU, storage and rack power
4 dual CPU sleds (nodes) in 2OU
of height (up to 68 dual CPU sleds
per rack with redundant Top of
Top of Rack (ToR) switching with
32 40G ports in 1OU of height
JBOD tray (shelf) with 28 HDD
bays in 2OU of height (up to
112TB per tray)
42OU rack, based on OCP Open
Rack 1.0, offers dual power
shelves with 36OU available for
switch, compute and storage
ƒƒ CPU tray (shelf) with four dual-processor server sleds
(nodes) in 2OU allows quick and easy scalability, with
Centellis VP supporting seamless upgrade to next
generation processor technology with no application
ƒƒ Efficient rack-based power helps minimize OpEx
ƒƒ FCC and UL regulatory compliance ensures the
OCP-inspired equipment can be co-located in existing
ƒƒ Highly serviceable with tool-less, front-aisle access
ensures efficient maintenance
ƒƒ Powerful Broadcom Trident II-based switching with
copper or fiber interconnect enables the rack to be
configured for the application
ƒƒ Backed by Artesyn’s years of experience serving the
telecommunications and embedded markets
Centellis® OCP Preliminary Data Sheet
Centellis® Virtualization Platform
Artesyn’s Centellis® Virtualization Platform is an optimized
application virtualization framework architected for next generation
networks based on OpenFlow for Software Defined Networking
(SDN) and OpenStack for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).
The platform enables service providers to run multiple virtualized
applications such as firewall, DPI, security, or session border
controller on a single hardware platform saving both capital
expense and operating expense by eliminating the need for
multiple application-specific hardware platforms. Load-balanced
switching provides additional efficiencies to virtual application
ƒƒ Software framework based on industry-standard OpenFlow and
OpenStack software stacks ensures interoperability and a
multi-vendor ecosystem of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)
ƒƒ Dynamic application/VNF scaling as network traffic changes
minimizes need for over-provisioning
ƒƒ Implementation of the Intel® Accelerated DPDK ensures
performance is optimized for the hardware and virtualized
ƒƒ Implementation on industry standard OCP hardware architecture
ensures a multi-vendor payload ecosystem combined with the
scalability and maintainability of a rack scale architecture
FlowPilot™ Load Balancing
FlowPilot load balancing software adds packet forwarding
techniques beyond standard built-in switching and routing protocol
support. FlowPilot software allows managing the switching
hardware to achieve lowest latency, full wire speed packet, and
flow context aware packet distribution to and from all servers in the
ƒƒ Real-time balancing of traffic to multiple servers for processing
ƒƒ Maintains flow context and packet sequence
ƒƒ Fully transparent for external network elements
ƒƒ Separate traffic into application groups
Centellis® OCP Preliminary Data Sheet
High Density CPU Tray (Shelf)
ToR Switch
ƒƒ 4 sleds (nodes) in 2OU, each with dual CPUs, memory, disk, I/O
ƒƒ Up to 2.56 Tbps switching capability (spine and leaf)
ƒƒ Intel® Xeon® E5 2600 V3 family, up to 135W TDP/16 core
2 processors per sled, up to 32 cores per sled
Intel® C610 chipset
ƒƒ 16 memory sockets per sled (DDR4, 2133)
Up to 256GB RDIMM / 512GB LRDIMM
ƒƒ 32x 40GbE QSFP+ ports
Up to 26 ports configurable as 4x 10G, providing up to 104x
10G ports with 6x 40G remaining for uplink
1GbE management port included
ƒƒ ONIE enabled
ƒƒ Supports Cumulus Linux or alternate switch OS
ƒƒ Supports Chef, Puppet, CFEngine (IT automation tools)
ƒƒ 2x PCIe 3.0 (x8, LP MD-2), for network and other I/O
ƒƒ 1x RJ-45 console port
ƒƒ 1x PCIe 3.0 (x8, OCP mezzanine), for network and other I/O
ƒƒ Broadcom Trident II switch
ƒƒ Network connectivity
ƒƒ 8GB MicroSD storage
Supports multiple PCIe NIC card options for data traffic
Dual or Quad 1Gb ports (copper)
Single or Dual 10GB ports (copper or fiber)
Single 40GB fiber
ƒƒ Storage
2x 2.5” hot-plug SATA bays per sled
Optional SAS/RAID controller for separate JBOD tray
ƒƒ Front I/O
1x USB port per sled
1x OCP debug header per sled
1x RJ-45 Ethernet management port per sled
ƒƒ Up to 17 trays supported in rack (with redundant ToR)
Up to 68 dual CPU sleds
ƒƒ OS support includes RedHat Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora
ƒƒ 2OU high: 89 H x 536 W x 880 D (mm)
ƒƒ 6x hot-swappable fans
ƒƒ 5 °C to +35 °C operating temperature
ƒƒ 45 kg (99 lb)
ƒƒ 1OU high: 44 H x 435 W x 483 D (mm)
ƒƒ Weight: 9.93 kg (21.8 lbs)
ƒƒ 0 °C to +45 °C operating temperature
ƒƒ 1+1 hot-swappable AC PSU
ƒƒ 2+1 hot-swappable fans
ƒƒ Front-to-back cooling
ƒƒ 200W (typical under load)
Centellis® OCP Preliminary Data Sheet
JBOD Storage Tray (Shelf)
Rack & Power
ƒƒ 28 hot swappable drive bays in 2OU of height
ƒƒ 42OU total available rack space
ƒƒ Supports 2.5” or 3.5” SAS/SATA hard disk with tool-less
installation of drive into bay
2200 H x 610 W x 1067 D (mm)
ƒƒ Includes dual power trays, total 25 kW useable
Up to 4TB SAS drives, 112TB total
3OU each, total 6OU (leaves 36OU in rack for payload/
Each power tray has 6x 2500W PSUs (5+1 redundancy)
12.5 kW useable
Triple bus bar power architecture
ƒƒ Designed for simple maintenance with pull-out mechanics
ƒƒ Requires controller card in CPU sled
ƒƒ 2OU high: 93 H x 536 W x 800 D (mm)
ƒƒ 3x hot-swappable fans
ƒƒ -5 °C to +35 °C operating temperature
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Centellis OCP Preliminary DS 07Jul2017
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