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Congratulations on purchasing your Nature Power Power Bank Elite. You can now charge all you digital devices easier than ever and also power your AC appliances too! For safe and optimum performance, the unit must be used in accordance to the guidelines in this manual. Carefully read all instructions and cautionary markings on the unit and follow all instructions and guidelines in this manual. Please pay special attention to the WARNING statements. Please keep this manual for future reference. The Power Bank Elite contains a Lithium Battery which requires it to be fully charged upon purchasing. Please immediately charge the unit for 10 hours with the AC charge included to optimize performance and lifespan of the Power Bank Elite. It is recommended to charge the unit after each use and once every 90 days. Disclaimer: While every precaution has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this guide, Nature Power assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. Nature Power reserves the right to make changes to the product, specifications and this manual without notice. Therefore, check the website for manual updates as necessary. www.naturepowerproducts.com Item Number:
• 50026 -­‐ Power Bank Elite 25 • 50014 -­‐ Power Bank Elite 15 Features and Accessories
Product Accessory • AC Charger with charging cable Features • Internal microprocessor control • Low static power consumption • Intelligent capacity indication by LEDs with the press of a button • Separate LED indicators to show USB and AC Output • Dual 2.1A and single 1A USB with high conversion efficiency. • Intelligent tri-­‐color indicator to represent AC Output (Green -­‐ normal, Amber – warning for battery capacity low, high internal temperature, Red -­‐ shutdown for overload, over-­‐temperature, battery is empty) • Thermally activated internal fan control Battery Charge Level Indicator • All LEDs on: 75-­‐100% capacity • 3 LEDs on: 50-­‐75% capacity • 2 LEDs on: 25-­‐50% capacity • 1 LED on: 5-­‐25% capacity • All LEDs out: less than 5% capacity 1
Read all instruction and warnings prior to using this product. Improper use of this product may result in product damage, excess heat, toxic fumes, fire or explosion, for which damages you (purchaser), and not manufacturer are responsible. • Use only with the supplied AC Charger to charge the Power Bank Elite. Use of non-­‐supplied AC charger will damage or overcharge the battery and may cause fire hazard. • Do not store unit in high temperature environment, including intense sunlight heat. Do not place unit near fire or other excessively hot environments. • Be cautious of excessive drops, bumps, abrasions or other impurities. If there is any damage to the battery such as dents, punctures, tears, deformities of corrosion, due to any cause, discontinue use and contact manufacturer or dispose of in an appropriate manner. • Do not disassemble or attempt to modify it or replace any part of this unit. • Do not expose unit to moisture, snow or submerge it in liquid. • Do not use unit in the vicinity of flammable fumes or gases (such as propane tanks or large engines). • Do not attempt to charge unit using any other method, or connection other than the supplied accessories. • Do not cover or obstruct any air vent openings and/or install in a zero-­‐clearance compartment. • Do not use in connection with life support systems or other medical equipment or devices. • Do not plug surge-­‐protected power bars into the unit’s 120 VAC outlets. The surge protected components on the surge-­‐protected power bar may not like the modified sine wave output generated by the inverter. • If this unit is intended by purchaser to be used by a minor, an adult should agree to provide detailed instructions and warnings to any minor prior to use. Failure to do so is sole responsibility of purchaser. Purchaser agrees to indemnify manufacturer for any unintended use of misuse by a minor. • All units have gone through a thorough quality assurance. If you find that your unit is excessively hot, is emitting odor, is deformed, abraded, cut or is experiencing or demonstrating an abnormal phenomenon, immediately stop use. • Never dispose of units in the garbage. Disposal of units in the garbage is unlawful under state and federal environmental laws and regulations. Always take used unit to your local battery recycling center. • Unit provides 120 VAC, treat AC output socket as you would regular wall AC sockets at home. • AC Output is with modified sine wave, some appliances like speed controllers found in some fans and some power tools’ or their AC charger may not like the modified sine wave generated by the inverter. Those appliances may not work or may be damaged if they are connected to the inverter. If you are unsure about powering any device with the inverter, contact the manufacturer of the device. This unit is meant for use only in conjunction with the appropriate mobile device. Manufacturer shall not in any way be liable to you or to any third party for any damages you or any third party may suffer as a result of use, intended or unintended, or misuse of this unit in conjunction with any device or accessory other than the appropriate mobile device for which this unit is designed. Manufacturer will not be responsible for any damages you or any third party may suffer as a result of misuse of this unit as outlined above. If you are responsible for unit use with an unintended mobile device and damages result from such use, you agree to indemnify manufacturer for any resulting injuries to any third part(ies). Regulations and laws pertaining to the recycling and disposal of lithium ion batteries vary from country to country as well as by state and local governments. Lithium Ion batteries are classified by the U.S. federal government as non-­‐hazardous waste. While there are no federal regulations for disposal of lithium batteries, individual states or localities can establish their own guidelines for battery disposal, and should be contacted for any disposal guidelines. 2
On/Off button • Quickly press the button to indicate the battery capacity. • Hold the ‘On/Off’ button once to switch USB ports On or hold it longer to switch both AC and USB outputs On. • Hold on the switch again to switch unit Off. To Switch USB Ports ON • Hold the ‘On/Off’ button once to switch USB Ports On until the Green USB indicator illuminates. • USB Ports will automatically switch off after 30 seconds when the device is fully charged or when nothing is connected to the USB ports. To Switch AC Output and USB Ports ON • Hold the ‘On/Off’ button until both USB and AC Output green indicators are illuminated. • This will now make the AC Output and USB ports active. Note: In this mode, the USB output is continuously On and the USB auto-­‐turn-­‐off feature is disabled. To Charge the Power Bank Elite • Connect the DC plug from the supplied AC Charger to the DC Input port located on the side of the unit. • It is recommended to charge this unit after each use and once every 90 days. • The Power Bank Elite can also be charge through the optional accessory, 18 Watt Folding Solar Panel (Sold Separately), for off grid power. Note: Use only with the supplied AC Charger to charge the Power Bank Elite. Use of non-­‐supplied AC charger will damage or overcharge the battery and may cause fire hazard. 3
To keep your Power Bank Elite operating to its fullest potential, make sure to do the following: • Re-­‐charge the unit after each use and once every three months when not in use. • Keep the unit dry and away from moisture and corrosive materials. • Do not wash the unit with harsh chemicals, soaps or detergents. • If the unit needs cleaning, Wipe with a lightly damp cloth only, making sure not to let moisture into the unit Specifications
AC Output
DC Output (USB)
DC Input
Battery Type
Battery Capacity
Regulatory Approval
Regulatory Standard
Power Bank Elite 25
120Vac/60 Hz, 90W
2.1A, 2.1A, 1.0A
12.6-­‐22.0Vdc, 2A max
Li-­‐ion Polymer
25200mA / 90.7Wh
UL 1741
CSA 22.2 No.107.1-­‐01
Power Bank Elite 15 120Vac/60Hz, 50W
2.1A, 2.1A, 1.0A
16.8-­‐22.0Vdc, 2A max
Li-­‐ion Polymer
15200mA / 54.7Wh
UL 1741
CSA 22.2 No.107.1-­‐01
Output & Compatibility DC Output 1.0A: 5V/1A for iPod, iPhone and mobile phones etc. DC Output 2.1A: 5V/2.1A for iPad, Samsung P1000, Moto MH900 and MID etc. AC Output: (Model MP50) 120V/60Hz for MacBook Air or AC load less than 50W (Model MP100) 120V/60Hz for MacBook Pro or AC load less than 90W Number of charges available on one charge of Nature Power Power Bank Elite Number of charges available or run time is an estimate. Actual number of charges may vary. Devices (Battery Capacity or Elite 25 Elite 15 Load) iPhone® (~ 5.2 Wh) ~ 8.3 charges ~ 5 charges iPad® (~ 43 Wh) ~ 1.6 charges 95% MacBook Air® 11” ((~ 35 Wh) ~ 1.9 charges ~ 1.1 charges MacBook Air® 13” (~ 50 Wh) ~ 1.4 charges ~ 82% MacBook Pro® 13” (~64 Wh) ~ 1.1 charges Not Applicable MacBook Pro® 15” (~ 78 Wh) ~ 90% Not Applicable MacBook Pro® 17” (~95 Wh) ~ 75% Not applicable Samsung GalaxyS III® (~ 7.8 Wh) ~ 6.4 charges ~ 3.8 charges Samsung Galaxy Tab® 10.1” ~ 2.5 charges ~ 1.5 charges (25Wh) BlackBerry Torch® (~ 4.7 Wh) ~ 8.7 charges ~ 5.3 charges BlackBerry Curve® (~3.7 Wh) ~ 10 charges ~ 6 charges Incandescent light (40W) 1.7 hours 1 hour 4
Transporting Lithium batteries on an aircraft Lithium batteries, when securely attached to the equipment and protected against short circuits, may be carried in cabin or checked baggage. For cabin and checked baggage Installed lithium batteries may be carried under the following conditions: Small lithium batteries of 100 watt-­‐hours (Wh) or less – e.g. for mobile phone, camera, laptop computer, MP3 etc. Maximum quantity – for reasonable personal use only • Medium lithium batteries of configuration between 100 and 160 watt-­‐hours (Wh) – e.g. for professional audiovisual equipment and some electronic medical equipment such as AEDs, CPAPs. Maximum quantity – for reasonable personal use only •
Large lithium batteries of 160 watt-­‐hours (Wh) and above must be sent as Cargo in accordance with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. Please ensure that you have the Watt-­‐hour (Wh) or Lithium content (g) information available of all installed and spare batteries that you are planning to bring either as cabin or check baggage for our staff when requested, this can be found in this manual. Limited Warranty
Proof of purchase required (Please keep receipts) One Year Limited Warranty This warranty is limited to no other than those described herein. Any implied warranty of merchant ability of fitness for a particular purpose on this unit is limited in duration to the duration of this warranty. The Power bank Elite is warranted, to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase without additional charge. Nature Power will not be responsible for any amount of damage in excess of the retail purchase price of the unit under any circumstances. Incidental and consequential damages are specifically excluded from coverage under this warranty. The Power Bank Elite is not intended for commercial use. This warranty does not apply to damage to units from misuse or incorrect installation/connections. The warranty does not cover any modules connected to the Power Bank Elite or accessories. This product is not water proof or weather resistant, damage due to the unit by weather related damage; i.e. overheating, snow, water will not be covered. For returns please contact your original point of purchase prior to contacting Nature Power. If satisfaction cannot be provided individual items should be returned postage paid to Nature Power. The Nature Power Power Bank Elite is manufactured and assembled in China. For inquiries or more information, visit
http://www.earthtechproducts.com/ or contact:
Customer Service: 1-­‐800-­‐588-­‐0590 Earthtech Products, Inc.
Email: Info@naturepowerproducts.com 10A
Website: www.naturepowerproducts.com Merrick,
Tel: 1-877-548-3387
Fax: 1-877-548-3387
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