Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd. 2017

agyar Suzuki Corporation was founded, by majority shareholder Suzuki Motor Corporation in 1991, 26 year ago. The Hungarian subsidiary has been an important
player in the European automobile industry, and consequently in the economic life
of Hungary. As one of the country’s leading industrial enterprises, it has contributed to a
great extent to the output of the Hungarian economy.
In 2016, the company completed a three-year factory modernization program. Through
the developments and technical modernisation, realized as part of the near HUF 2.8 billion private investment, the operation of the shops has become more efficient, safer and
more environmentally friendly.
In 2016, the company increased its share of the Hungarian passenger car market to 11.67
percent, and production volume also went up to 211,820 units. Suzuki currently has 74
dealerships in Hungary, and the network covers the entire country. Magyar Suzuki exports
vehicles to more than 100 countries. By now, models manufactured at the Esztergom plant,
can be seen on the roads in the remotest places of the globe like the Dominican Republic,
Guatemala or even Vanuatu in the Southwest Pacific.
In the business year closed by March 2016, Magyar Suzuki realised EUR 1.976 billion of revenues from sales, exceeding last year’s figure by 28 percent. Over the past 25 years Suzuki
invested EUR 1.7 billion in its Hungarian assets. Taking employees, suppliers and dealers
into account, the company has created jobs for more than 10 thousand people.
Magyar Suzuki started the year 2017 as market leader in Hungary, and in April the 3 millionth car rolled off the production line.
The company’s staff of more than 3 thousand employees plays a prominent role in achieving these
impressive results continuously contributing to the brand’s Hungarian and European success.
Main Company Data
Production & Sales
Registered capital
(as of 31 December 2016)
EUR 212.8
Number of employees
(as of 31 December 2016)
Total net revenues from sales (2016)
EUR 2,283.6
Net revenues from domestic sales
EUR 166.2
Vehicles produced in Esztergom
Vehicles sold (2016)
of which produced in Esztergom
of which produced in Esztergom
Net revenues from export sales (2016)
EUR 2,117.4
Procurement-based investments (2016)
EUR 34.9 million
Other (SX4/Fiat Sedici, Splash)
Ownership Structure
Suzuki Motor Corporation
ITOCHU Corporation
Hungarian shareholders
Vehicles sold on the domestic
market (2016)
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SALES (cars sold (pc) per year)
300 000
of which produced in Esztergom
250 000
200 000
150 000
Domestic Sales
100 000
Export Sales
50 000
Total Sales
1991 Magyar Suzuki Rt. is established with a starting capital of HUF 5.5 billion. The
founders are Suzuki Motor Corporation, the Hungarian Government, Itochu, and
the World Bank.
Mass production of the five-door Swift model begins.
Mass production of the four-door Swift Sedan model begins in Hungary as well.
Export operations begin.
The Esztergom factory produces the 100,000th Suzuki car manufactured in Hungary.
Mass production of the Wagon R+ model begins.
Mass production of the Ignis model begins.
Manufacturing of the diesel Wagon R+ and Ignis models begin.
Production of the Ignis Super 1600 launches in the Esztergom factory.
New Swift unveiled as the flagship model of the Suzuki Way of Life! philosophy.
The first SX4 family leisure car (LAV) rolls off the assembly line.
Magyar Suzuki Corporation’s 1 millionth car is produced in the Esztergom factory.
The first Splash model rolls off the production line.
Magyar Suzuki and the Ferenc Puskás Football Academy jointly establish the
Puskás-Suzuki Cup.
Magyar Suzuki produces its 1,500,000th car.
The new Swift rolls off the production line in the Esztergom factory - this is the
third Hungarian-manufactured generation of Suzuki’s highly acclaimed global
strategic model.
The Swift model receives the Hungarian Quality Product Award and an award for
Esztergom produces its 2 millionth car, a third-generation Swift model.
Swift Sport, the high-performance model of the Swift series, is renewed.
The autumn sees the launch of the mass production of the SX4 S-Cross, Suzuki’s
C-category crossover model.
The SX4 S-Cross model receives the Hungarian Quality Product Award and an
award for excellence.
The Swift model is once again renewed, and mass production of the new
“facelifted” model launches.
In July, the 2,500,000th car rolls off the production line in Esztergom.
The new Vitara rolls off the assembly line.
In October, Vitara secures the first place in the SUV category, as does Swift in the
compact car category on domestic sales rankings.
The Vitara model receives the Hungarian Quality Product Award and an award for
The 25th anniversary of the Hungarian factory.
The beginning of the year sees the launch of the sales of the first Esztergom-manu-
factured turbo engine model, the Vitara S.
The new model Baleno and the revamped SX4 S-Cross hit the market.
Magyar Suzuki Corporation’s three-year factory modernization project is successfully completed.
Production of Vitara Limited starts at the beginning of the year.
The renewed Suzuki Ignis and Suzuki Swift models from Japan are introduced
in Hungary.
In April, the Esztergom factory produces its 3 millionth Suzuki car.
The Puskás-Suzuki Cup celebrates its 10-year anniversary.
agyar Suzuki Corporation has been present at the forefront of the Hungarian automotive industry for 26 years—the quality and reliability of the more than 3 million cars
manufactured in Esztergom during all these years, secures the company’s place among
the giants of the Hungarian automotive industry. Beyond the application of Japanese technologies, the implementation of advanced manufacturing processes and outstanding efficiency,
success is also due to the loyalty and diligence of the Hungarian employees and the outstanding professional skills and capacities of the engineers.
Suzuki Group’s main operational and organizational values are the same around the globe - the
highest quality tailored to the customer’ needs, a business atmosphere focusing on constant
innovation, the importance of teamwork, and the continuous development of the individual
We need a fresh approach, innovative thinking and dynamic teamwork for our renewed automobile family. Magyar Suzuki has thus constantly been seeking to hire early-stage, young
graduate engineers and IT professionals who want to take part in reinventing Suzuki’s European
and global model range.
To be able to reach out to a new generation of highly skilled professionals, the company works
closely with establishments of higher education and with secondary and vocational schools,
so that future engineers will have a chance to observe the automotive industry processes first
hand during an intensive six-month internship.
Magyar Suzuki knows well that in order to be a truly successful company, it needs to put the
task of manufacturing of its cars into the hands of motivated, dedicated and well-trained professionals, since “the focus is on expertise”.
ame as in 2016, Magyar Suzuki Corporation started the year 2017 in the pole position of
the Hungarian passenger car market. The company aims to maintain the brand’s leading
position on the Hungarian market in the future.
The company’s most popular model, Vitara, has contributed to these achievements significantly.
The all-new model range also contributes greatly to the success — the newest members of the
family are the redesigned and youthful Ignis shipping directly from Japan and the fifth generation Swift equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.
Available from early 2017, the Vitara Limited represents yet another milestone in the life of Magyar Suzuki — a special version of the company’s flagship model, full of extras, will give further
impetus to the success of the Suzuki’s compact SUV range.
The 2017 release of the newest generation of Ignis and Swift has been highly anticipated by
many. Both models are manufactured in the Sagara factory in Japan. These two models contribute to the implementation of the Group’s global strategic plan “NEXT SUZUKI 100”, which
aims to introduce a new model to the market every year. With these new models Suzuki offers
a wide range of modern technology developments, such as turbo gasoline engines combined
with hybrid drives, driver assistance systems, lane departure warning or a pedestrian detection
system, to name but a few.
Magyar Suzuki Corporation’s unfaltering rise is also indicated by the continuous opening of
newer dealerships around the country. With the Soltvadkert, Székesfehérvár and Miskolc
locations followed by dealerships opened in 2017 in Bicske and Szentes, Suzuki’s nationwide
sales network now comprises seventy-four showrooms altogether.
In line with the group’s new “We are Suzuki”, strategy the cars – imported or manufactured in
Esztergom – are displayed in expos and other events side-by-side with the brand’s other major
success products — motorcycles and boat engines. The Suzuki brand plays a special role in
the life of the country, making the company motto especially true for us: “Every Field is Home
hanks to the applied modern technologies, the selection of safety systems as well as
the vehicles’ innovative and exciting designs, corporate fleet customers react positively
to Suzuki models. In the past five years, Suzuki more than doubled its growth in fleet
sales, and became a significant player in the domestic fleet market, with a substantial portfolio.
Due to the moderate fuel consumption, low maintenance needs and cost-effective operation,
new Suzuki is always a wise choice. With its outstanding price-value ratio, the innovative
technologies applied and the favourable financing options, Suzuki is also a smart option as
a company car. Further advantages of Suzuki are that the Vitara and SX4 S-Cross models,
quite popular on the fleet market, are both manufactured in Hungary, and the brand has an
extensive service network covering the whole country — making both the purchase of new
cars and the ordering of replacement parts quick and easy to do.
By offering a variegated model selection, Suzuki is able to serve a wide range of businesses.
Besides various hunting clubs, the staff of the Őrség National Park also use the famous Jimny
SUV because this model is a reliable partner, even on most forbidding terrains.
The Hungarian National Police Headquarters has recently chosen to purchase Swifts, so this
model is now included in the fleet of official service cars. The police have also put 250 police-liveried and lightbar-equipped Vitaras in service.
Its size, versatility, and huge luggage compartment make the SX4 S-Cross model suitable for
a variety of purposes. The model is extremely popular with car rentals such as Hertz Hungary,
and the National Food Chain Safety Office of Hungary also has a fleet of hundreds of them.
The small car segment is still extremely important in terms of fleet sales. Last year, the company sold more than a thousand Swifts on the Hungarian fleet market. Thanks to its innovative technical and safety solutions, excellent steering and customizable, stylish appearance,
the new fourth generation Suzuki Swift is going to be an ideal solution for new customers.
The rural development tenders of 2013 through 2015 involved the sales in excess of half a
thousand 4WD S-Cross and Vitara units. These tenders established a close cooperation between Magyar Suzuki Corporation and Nationwide Civil Self-Defense Organizations.
uzuki’s boat engine manufacturing business came a long way during the last half century.
With the first Suzuki boat engine made in 1965 the Marine branch celebrated its 50th
birthday in 2015. The brand has been leading with its innovative solutions, and the fourstroke Suzuki boat engines produced today are unique on the market. The company’s engineers
are boat enthusiasts themselves, striving to bring the advanced technology-based, fuel-efficient boat engines to perfection. As result of their work the owners of Suzuki’s boat engines
can spend even more quality time on the waters in safety.
Thanks to the company’s efforts in development and uniquely innovative solutions, the Suzuki
boat engines secure a permanent place for the brand at the forefront of the industry. The
brand’s models provide an excellent combination of environmental awareness, efficiency, reliability and performance.
From the lightweight, mobile DF2.5 to the DF350A, the world’s most powerful high-tech V6
engine, Suzuki’s boat engine portfolio satisfies all needs, and conforms to all styles.
The Suzuki Marine branch sold its three millionth boat engine in 2014. In addition to its successful retail sales, the brand boasts outstanding global performance in outboard engine tenders
and fleet purchasing. Suzuki’s strong position among the world’s boat engine manufacturers is
also indicated by the fact that the company has recently won its eighth award for innovation
which means it has gained a significant recognition amongst its peers.
Suzuki Marine is present with the same professional approach in Hungary through its local dealers, who stand readily at the disposal of all clients sharing a love for lake and river sailing.
n 2016, Suzuki finished second in the Hungarian market of
new bikes. The triumph is due mainly to the brand’s new
models, to the favourable financing options, as well as the
many successful “We are Suzuki” events. Suzuki unveiled sensational novelties during the most important events of the international scene like the INTERMOT International Motorcycle,
Scooter and E-Bike Fair in Cologne, and the EICMA International Motorcycle Show in Milan. In 2017, the company expanded
its motorbike model range with 12 new bikes.
New Models
GSX-R1000 & GSX-R1000R
The NEW GSX-R1000 and the NEW GSX-R1000R models redefine
the concept of maximum performance. The redesigned model is
faster and more powerful than its predecessor: the basic version
has a power of 202HP for its 202 kilograms of weight. For the ultimate driving experience, the exhaust, the suspension and the
transmission gearing have all been revised, the complete engine
now has a more modern and fiercer appearance, and new technology solutions have been borrowed from MotoGP and applied to
the bike. The main differences between the base GSX-R1000 and
the GSX-R1000R racing version are the bidirectional quick-shift
system, the launch control system and a more solid suspension.
V-Strom 650 & V-Strom 650XT
The V-Strom 650 and the V-Strom 650XT are advanced models
of the medium displacement sport-touring-enduro category. The
well-known 645ccm V-twin engine delivers outstanding power
and torque. By applying new features known from the V-Strom
1000 model, such as the design, the traction control, the Low
RPM Assist and the Suzuki Easy Start System, the 650 became an
equal member of the V-Strom family. The base trim of the V-Strom
650XT includes wire wheels, hand guards and the lower fairing.
V-Strom 1000 & V-Strom 1000XT
The V-Strom 1000 and V-Strom 1000XT models of the sport-touring-enduro category have been enhanced with several new technology solutions to ensure a comfortable ride even under the varying
conditions of long-distance trips. The design has undergone a major
transformation. The hand guards and the lower fairing, available as
part of the basic trim, as well as the 49mm longer windscreen of adjustable height and tilt all serve to provide excellent driving comfort.
Both safety and comfort have been improved with the addition of
such new functions as Suzuki’s proprietary cornering ABS solution,
the MotionTrackBrake System. The solution allows the operation of
the ABS even when the bike is tilted, and in order to stabilize the vehicle, it automatically increases the pressure on the rear brake when
the front brake pressure reaches a certain level. Further new functions include the Low RPM Assist and the Suzuki Easy Start System.
The newly introduced wire wheel V-Strom 1000XT features a conic
handle bar as part of the basic trim, and offers enhanced damping in
the low-speed range.
This A2 category model combines a confident, sporty appearance
and an active performance with comfortable ergonomics, and is
at home both in the dense city traffic and the long, winding roads
home. The model provides the highest performance in the low
and medium engine speed range. It delivers a torque of 23.4Nm
at 6,500rpm, and a peak performance of 25HP at 8,000rpm. V-Strom 250
The new V-Strom 250 is driven by the redesigned version of Suzuki’s
248ccm two-cylinder inline engine, which focuses heavily on the
torque delivered in the low and middle engine speed range, providing this touring-enduro model with a torque of 23.4Nm at
6,500rpm. This high performance two-cylinder engine delivers its
peak performance of 25HP at 8,000rpm. With one full tank of fuel,
this bike has a range of up to 500km.
The GSX-S750 is the second model of the GSX-S series following
the GSX-S1000. The GSX-S750 also features the common characteristics of the series, such as the racing frame design, the three-position traction control (TCS), and the radial front calliper. It features
the Low RPM Assist and the Suzuki Easy Start System, as well as ABS
as part of the basic trim. It delivers a power of 114HP.
GSX-R125 és GSX-S125
Thanks to their high-performance 125ccm engines and their smallestin-class weight of 133kg, the new GSX-S125 and GSX-R125 models
have the best power-to-weight ratio and acceleration rate in the
Burgman 400
The new front end’s integrated LED position lights give the model
an even more characteristic look, and the upward arcing windscreen design provides optimum protection against the weather. 20mm
wider, the seat of a stepped design provides greater comfort for
both the driver and the passenger, whereas the design of the handrail and of the rear section provides a slimmer, sharper appearance.
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