rAVe Europe Vol. 4, No. 44 Guilty LCD Makers

rAVe Europe Vol. 4, No. 44 Guilty LCD Makers, Holographs on TV
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Newsletter sponsored by Projecta, Vogel's Pro and DARIM
For Europe's Pro AV integrators in a Networked World
Vol. 4, No. 44 - November 9th - 15th 2008
Tell Your AV Colleagues: SpeakerCraft’s First On-Ground Loudspeaker
MediaLink Controllers for European Junction Boxes
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Industry News
Displays & Mounts
Call for Project Entries: InAVation Awards ’09
Calling All Exhibit Managers at ISE…
Projection & Screens
Digital Signage
Panasonic Adds to Top of Range
3M’s Short-throw Projection System
Control & Integrator Solutions
Extron DVI Fiber Optic Extends to 500m
D-Tools Names 2008 Design Winners
Presentation Products
Sonance Designs Outdoor Rock Speakers
Euro High End Speaker Brand "For Sale"
Clasus Brings White Boards with A-migo
First 802.11n HD Video Extension/Distribution
Residential Systems & Digital Home
JVC's 17-inch LCD for Surveillance
Samsung OLED Max'd Out at 40"
Guilty! Price-Fixing Scandal in LCDs
CNN and the First Live "Holographic" TV Interview
by Bob Snyder
Alcons LR7 Micro Pro-ribbon Line-array
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rAVe Europe Vol. 4, No. 44 Guilty LCD Makers, Holographs on TV
Industry News
Call for Project Entries: InAVation Awards ’09
The project entry deadline for the 3rd annual EMEA+ InAVation Awards is coming up on
Nov. 23rd. The project categories will focus on some of the key sectors driving the use
and integration of AV technologies.
Command & Control
Digital Signage
Government /Public Sector
Integrated home up to 275,000
Integrated home over 275,000
Rental & Staging
This No Fee Awards entry is open to AV systems designers, integrators and rental & staging companies who have
completed Commercial or Residential projects in EMEA within 2008.
The winners will be announced at the awards gala dinner held on the eve of ISE – more than 600 of the international AV
industries elite are expected to join in on February 2nd 2009, The Hotel Okura, Amsterdam. rAVe Europe is one of the
media sponsors that support the EMEA+ InAVation Awards, so we’ll see you there!
Go EMEA+ InAVation Awards R
Calling All Exhibit Managers at ISE…
If you are charge of your stand and your trade show performance at ISE 09 in Amsterdam,
then you probably know how difficult it is to benchmark show performance. The management
always wants a show report… they want to know what you spent…what you accomplished and
how you fared against your competitors.
In conjunction with rAVe Europe, we’ve gathered a group of experts that have executed trade
show benchmarking for top tier companies (including AT&T, Motorola, Duracell, IBM, AlcatelLucent, Sun and others). We would like to tell you how they propose to bring their unique
Show Performance Audit Report Key (SPARK™) at an affordable cost to ISE exhibitors.
When it’s all over, why wouldn't you want to know how well your exhibit participation performed at ISE 09? Email SPARK™
for a copy of their ISE 2009 Benchmarking Roadmap.
file:///D|/Lavori/Bob Varie/rAVe/rAVe Europe Vol. 4, No. 44
Guilty LCD Makers, Holographs on TV.eml.html (2 di 8)19/11/2008 16.29.43
rAVe Europe Vol. 4, No. 44 Guilty LCD Makers, Holographs on TV
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Projection & Screens
Panasonic Adds to Top of Range
Panasonic launches PT-D12000 and PT-DZ12000, a pair of hi res projectors for the top of
the range.
Panasonic’s brightest projector in the range at 12,000 lumens, with WUXGA 1920x1200
resolution, these projectors serve both rental and permanent installations, particularly for
venues where high ambient light creates a problem.
The PT-DZ12000 offers a wide screen image-viewing alternative for business apps where
widescreen laptops are the norm. Full-HD res enables the projection of highly detailed
It features a four 300-watt AC lamp optical system reducing maintenance intervals and allowing the projector to work after
any one lamp needs replacing. Part of Panasonic’s ongoing environment program, the four original-technology high efficient
UHM AC lamps and the new lamp drive ballast system allow 7.5 lumen/watt and consume only 1600w (about half the
power consumption of some models from competitors).
A new liquid cooling system cools each chip individually to reduce noise, and a special auto-cleaning robot and double-filter
structure provides 2000 hours of use without filter maintenance.
The projector’s geometric control software enables curved and cylindrical surfaces to be projected on seamlessly. This can
also be controlled simply through remote control, perfect for live environments where immediate set up is vital.
Go Panasonic High End
3M’s Short-throw Projection System
At BETT 2009, 3M will announce its new modular projection system, the SCP716 (has all
the attributes as SCP712 modular system plus enhanced features). Features include 2400
lumens brightness, long lamp life of 5000 hours, and DLP BrilliantColour technology
One of the first high-brightness‚ DLP‚ super close projectors to enter the market‚ the
SCP717 features DLP Brilliant Color‚ DVI-D connectivity‚ an RJ-45 ethernet connection
and an integrated wind tunnel design to minimize heat and fan noise.
The extreme off-axis short throw greatly reduces light in the presenter’s eyes. The integrated connectivity makes it a
tabletop media hub too.
Go 3M Short-Throw or see it at BETT 2009
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Displays & Mounts
JVC’s 17-inch LCD for Surveillance
file:///D|/Lavori/Bob Varie/rAVe/rAVe Europe Vol. 4, No. 44
Guilty LCD Makers, Holographs on TV.eml.html (3 di 8)19/11/2008 16.29.43
rAVe Europe Vol. 4, No. 44 Guilty LCD Makers, Holographs on TV
JVC Professional Europe announces a 17-inch LCD TFT,
the LM-H171 monitor designed specifically for "round
the clock" surveillance and monitoring markets.
You can adjust the non-glare viewing panel with the
touch of a button. For the preferred viewing of a
security operator, the four selectable picture display
modes are standard, dark, enhanced, vivid and
dynamic. The screen also has a very fast response time
of 5ms and comes with a contrast ratio of 1000:1.
The monitor accepts video, VGA, DVI input signals, and
with the selectable scan size mode option the LM-H171
optimizes the camera signal input for monitor viewing.
An energy saving feature is included: when no signal is detected, a power save mode reduces the brightness of the LCD
Available now, the LM-H171 is made from fire retardant material including a metal rear cabinet and connector protection
structure, with built-in power supply and optional rack mount adaptor for monitor wall viewing.
Go Security-minded JVC LM-H171
Samsung OLED Max’d Out at 40"
Samsung SDI showed an 8.9mm thick, 40” OLED panel with HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1,
color gamut of 107% NTSC and luminance of 200cd/m2 (peak luminance of 600cd/m2).
At FPD International 2008, Samusung staff told Nikkei Electronics that the 40-inch TFT panel is the largest size that can be
made on our pilot line, and it cannot be mass-produced right away.
Guilty! Price-Fixing Scandal in LCDs
LG Display, Sharp and Chunghwa Picture Tubes plead guilty to fixing prices in LCD displays. The US Justice Department's
antitrust division imposed a $400 million fine on LG-- the second highest criminal fine ever for their division. Sharp must
pay $120 million and Chunghwa $65 million in fines.
The chief antitrust enforcer publicly says LG, Sharp and Chunghwa were part of price-fixing conspiracies that were
international in scope and "affected millions of American consumers who use computers, cell phones and numerous other
household electronics every day."
There was no mention of Samsung (yet they had received subpoenas) which led some observers to mention that under US
antitrust law, the first firm to give antitrust regulators evidence of a criminal conspiracy can receive amnesty.
Go LCD Price-Fixing Scandal
Control & Integrator Solutions
Extron DVI Fiber Optic Extender Runs up to 500m
file:///D|/Lavori/Bob Varie/rAVe/rAVe Europe Vol. 4, No. 44
Guilty LCD Makers, Holographs on TV.eml.html (4 di 8)19/11/2008 16.29.43
rAVe Europe Vol. 4, No. 44 Guilty LCD Makers, Holographs on TV
Extron ships DVI 104 Fiber Optic Extender, a transmitter and receiver set that extends
single link DVI signals over four multimode fiber optic cables at lengths up to 500
It extends DVI signals significantly beyond the specified 5m limitation for standard DVI
cables, says the company. The DVI 104 uses all digital, zero compression technology
designed for pixel-for-pixel transmission of computer-video images up to 1920x1200 res, including HDTV 1080p/60.
The DVI 104 transmitter and receiver come in compact DVI cable-type clamshell enclosures and connect to the fiber optic
cables via industry standard LC-type connectors. The cables can be run through conduits and other tight spaces without
the DVI 104 transmitter and receiver attached. Pre-terminated multimode fiber optic cables are available from Extron in
various lengths from 10 meters to 300 meters.
Go Extron DVI 104
D-Tools Names 2008 Design Winners
D-Tools’ annual contest recognizes excellence in System Integration projects that use DTools System Integrator software
The 2008 Design Award Winners:
Best Overall System: Mauricio Barrientos of Media Connections, Inc. Mauricio’s
work included some very innovative uses of SI5’s drawing capabilities, including side
views on elevation drawings that helped document the system more clearly for both the
client and the installers. The drawings themselves were extensively detailed and visually
conveyed the sophistication of the extensive AV, networking, and security systems being
integrated for the client. This project exemplified the best overall design, most extensive use of SI software, most detailed
and extensive schematics, extensive plan views and overall very impressive work.
Most Unique System: Joe Tame of Sensata Group. Joe designed a complete low-voltage residential system that
included distributed audio, home automation, home theater, and utilized the layer properties in Visio to communicate clear
documentation for the entire project, as well as extremely detailed schematic drawings for each system component.
Best Residential System: Daniel Tumata of T & T Automation. Superior overall use of the software, detailed drawings
including extremely detailed schematics, effective use of packages, and detailed call-outs of relay and pin configurations.
Second place Residential design: Dean Gillings of Flaming Box for utilizing Visio to augment some D-Tools features, and a
clever use of off-page references on the drawings.
Best Commercial System: Mark Haffeman of Audio Video Planners. Detailed line diagrams and schematics, elevations
that also showed high voltage connections, and detailed documentation, making for a complete digital signage application.
D-Tools will showcase the winners at their annual training event, DTU, November 12 – 14 in Atlanta, GA.
Go D-Tools Names Winners
Presentation Products
Clasus Brings White Boards with A-migo
A whiteboard maker from Portugal, Clasus grows more active throughout Europe. Their range (wall or floor stand)
interactive whiteboards are intuitive and easy to use.
The Clasus software that drives their whiteboards is called “A-migo”, and it allows emailing of notes, remote sharing, and
even conference calls.
Go Clasus Has A-migo
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rAVe Europe Vol. 4, No. 44 Guilty LCD Makers, Holographs on TV
Alcons LR7 Micro Pro-ribbon Line-array
Alcons new LR7 micro line-array weighs 8 kg and measures just 1.5 CD high and 3 CDs
wide. With Alcons’ patented pro-ribbon technology, the LR7 is a passive 2-way linesource loudspeaker system. It is a true line-array system, and can be used as vertical
array, either in stacked or flown configuration, for both portable and permanent
The frequency response of 74Hz (-3dB) to beyond 20kHz enables a full-range
deployment without the immediate necessity of additional bass systems .But in apps
where extended bass response is required, the LR7 can be combined with a pressurebass or deep-sub system.
Loaded with the RBN401 pro-ribbon driver on a “Morpher” lens (up to 94% frontal radiation!), the system features a 90° or
120° dispersion of choice, due to the ribbon’s Isophasic wavefront. Its transient response and high peak power handling
(800w/200mS) provides intelligibility and throw and also offers max “gain-before-feedback” up to directly under the array.
The micro-compact size (combined with weight-saving, all-Neodymium drivers) makes the system easy to handle.
The LR7 is part of the The Ribbon Network inventory; Alcons’ global dry-hire network and comes with a 6 years limited
Go Alcon LR7
Digital Signage
First 802.11n HD Video Extension/Distribution System
Avocent announces MPX1550 wireless extender as” the Digital Signage Industry’s First
IEEE802.11n Based HD Video Extension and Distribution System”.
Avocent combines its MPX1500 wireless video distribution technology with the latest in
WiFi, IEEE 802.11n MIMO-based radios. This raises the bar for wireless HD video
distribution systems in terms of visual acuity, transmission distance, and noise immunity.
"As the number of public displays continues to mushroom, the ability to deploy these
displays in a rapid yet cost-effective manner has become a key differentiator for signage
network providers,” says Mitch Friend, senior VP and GM, Avocent. “It has also become
clear to us that content requirements differ among various deployments such as retail,
institutional and way-finding signage applications. Characteristics such as visual acuity,
resolution of motion and still images tend to vary. To handle the most demanding applications, we’ve added the MPX1550
system to our product offerings. By adding the 802.11n support to our product line, customers are now able to choose the
extender that is best suited for their application."
The Emerge MPX1550 extenders offer both wired (over IP) and wireless operation, including distribution of both HD and SD
video signals from a single transmitter to a cluster of receivers. The MPX1550 system is optimized for both full motion
video and still images. Protected content can be distributed through signage networks with Emerge MPX1550 because of its
HDCP support.
Go Avocent Professional A/V Products
Residential Systems & Digital Home
Sonance Designs Outdoor Rock Speakers
Sonance developed three new models for the company’s Landscape Series. Two of these
UV-resistant speakers, the RK83 and RK63, are outdoor “rock-like” speakers designed to
blend into the environment. The RK63 Rock speaker is a 6.5” 2-way, roughly 10 x 11 x
14 inches and is rated for 100w maximum power handling; the 8” 2-way RK83 Rock
speaker measures roughly 14 x 15 x 18 inches and is rated for 150W maximum.
The third new product, the SoundHenge Redux is actually an enclosure that looks like a boulder, and is used exclusively
with the Sonance Mariner outdoor speakers. The enclosure is available in Granite or Brown finishes and measures 18 x 14 x
13 inches. These can be used with any Sonance Mariner 50 or Mariner 60 range of weather-resistant loudspeakers, in a
file:///D|/Lavori/Bob Varie/rAVe/rAVe Europe Vol. 4, No. 44
Guilty LCD Makers, Holographs on TV.eml.html (6 di 8)19/11/2008 16.29.43
rAVe Europe Vol. 4, No. 44 Guilty LCD Makers, Holographs on TV
stereo-pair, or single stereo speaker configuration.
Go Sonance Rocks the Garden
Euro High End Speaker Brand for Sale
Time to retire and a hi fi entrepreneur wants to sell his trademarks, patents, parts and
production from an older but recognizable brand of loudspeakers. There’s the possibility to
learn the manufacturing process in their facilities for 6 months, to have an introduction to
existing importers, and to have the entrepreneur continue distribution in his own country.
The speakers are special in their design and performance, as acknowledged by international
hi fi press. In addition they also be willing to sell their stereo headphone business, also an
internationally registered trade mark. Same deal: trademarks, all tools, know-how, and
This is a reasonably small and niche business offer. Interested parties can email us and we’ll
make an introduction.
CNN and the First Live “Holographic” TV Interview
by Bob Snyder
It was Obama-time. While Barack Obama made history, so did CNN. During its coverage of
the 2008 US election, CNN jumped bravely tech-feet first into the first remote
“holographic” live interview. And it worked!
For the first time on TV, a CNN anchor (Wolf Blitzer in New York) spoke face-to-holo with a
remote correspondent (Jessica Yellin, beamed in live, Star-Trek fashion, from Chicago).
While her projection in 3D arrived in the CNN studio and joined a broadcast, Jessica herself
actually stood at least 1147 km away in a green rig where video experts at Vizrt created
the holographic image.
Video treatment technologies made possible by combining a Vizrt partner’s (SportVU) video-processing technology with
real-time tracking and rendering software allowed CNN to transmit a full 3D image of a person over those kilometers.
Go How Did They Do It?
Well, that's it for this edition of rAVe Europe! Thank you for spending time with us as we follow the industry happenings.
Do you have a special topic you would like to address industry-wide? We’re open for Guest Editorial comments on the
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file:///D|/Lavori/Bob Varie/rAVe/rAVe Europe Vol. 4, No. 44
Guilty LCD Makers, Holographs on TV.eml.html (7 di 8)19/11/2008 16.29.43
rAVe Europe Vol. 4, No. 44 Guilty LCD Makers, Holographs on TV
A little about Gary Kayye, CTS, Chief Visionary, Kayye Consulting, Inc, and founder of rAVe Publications:
Gary Kayye, CTS is chief visionary at Kayye Consulting, a Chapel Hill, NC, USA-based firm specializing in marketing
consulting and training development services to the ProAV and HomeAV markets. Recognized as InfoComm’s Educator of
the Year in 2004 and NSCA’s Instructor of the Year in 2007. Gary is a columnist with Sound & Communications Magazine
and founder of rAVe Publications, publisher of the premier HomeAV industry's eNewsletter (rAVe HomeAV Edition –
published in conjunction with CEDIA), rAVe ProAV Edition, rAVe Rental [and Staging] and the newly launched Reviews By
rAVe. Prior to forming Kayye Consulting, he spent 11 years at Extron and AMX as VP of Sales and Marketing and has
previously served on the InfoComm Board of Governors, as the chairman of the Projection Shoot-Out and chairman of the
AV industry’s Professional Education and Training Committee.
Gary is currently serving on NSCA’s Industry Advisory Board (IAB). In addition, he donates four weeks of his time a year
as an active educational leader in the ProAV and HomeAV markets through free seminars and workshops at shows like
NSCA, InfoComm, CES and CEDIA. He is a lively and fun speaker and every time he speaks, he mixes a visionary look into
the future with a keen eye on how to get there. His clients have included Sony, InFocus, Crestron, Hewlett Packard,
Steelcase, NEC, Da-Lite, Epson, Clarity, Apple, Scientific Atlanta, Cisco, JBL, Crown and Harman.
Finally, Gary’s passion is a non-profit he co-founded called the Swim for Smiles Foundation (www.swimforsmiles.org).
Swim for Smiles raises money for the North Carolina Children’s Hospital through fun, active athletic events involving kids
and swimming.
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