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BradCommunications™ SST™ remote scanner uses the
same great features of the SST DeviceNet PC interfaces,
preserving your PC application investment while
extending DeviceNet control over Ethernet.
Remote DeviceNet™ Scanner
High performance DeviceNet
protocol executed via up to 16
SST™ Remote DeviceNet™ Scanners
User interface DLL/API is
completely backward compatible
with existing applications and local
DeviceNet interface cards
Diagnostic LEDs
UCMM (Unconnected Message
Manager) capable; Group 1, 2, and
3 dynamic explicit connections
Provides simultaneous execution of
Group 2 Client (Master) and Server
(Slave) operation
Supports all DeviceNet standard
baud rates: 125, 250, and 500
Supports Poll, Strobe, Change of
State (COS) and Cyclic I/O
Provides Client (Master) explicit
messaging to slave devices
DeviceNet control over Ethernet
Product Description
Traditionally when running a PC control application, one PC installed with one
network interface card was required for each DeviceNet™ network. Now with the
introduction of the SST Remote DeviceNet Scanner, a PC for each network is no
longer required.
The SST Remote DeviceNet Scanner controls I/O devices connected to a
DeviceNet network without the need of a local PC. DIN rail mountable, up to 16 SST
Remote DeviceNet Scanners can be connected to one Ethernet switch which is
then connected back to a PC residing on an Ethernet network. The PC allows users
to remotely access diagnostic information on the SST Remote DeviceNet Scanner
and the DeviceNet network.
Benefits include:
y Backward compatible DLL preserves existing investment
y DIN rail mount allows distribution to machine level
y Frees up PC slots by placing scanner cards remotely
y Manage your DeviceNet application across an Ethernet LAN
y Capable of updating DeviceNet IO faster than a PCI version
Remote DeviceNet Scanner
OS and Drivers Supported
Hardware Specifications
Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP
Diagnostic tools
Dimensions (LxW)
Example C source code and
Windows 32-bit DLLs for custom
driver development
Bi-color LEDs showing card status
box power, DeviceNet power, health,
communication, Ethernet ack, link, baud
23.335 cm x 15.9995 cm
(9.187 in x 6.299 in)
Operating Temperature
0º C (32º F) up to +50º C (122º F)
Storage Temperature
-40º C (-40º F) up to +85 ºC (185º F)
5% to 95% non-condensing
Network Specifications
Software Tools
Diagnostic and test tools are available
that enable fast integration of industrial
communication into your application.
External Power
DeviceNet master – Group 2 Client, Group 2 only Client
DeviceNet slave – Group 2 Server
Isolated CAN physical layer on each channel
DeviceNet: shielded twisted pair, compatible with target
Ethernet: Cat 5e shielded
DeviceNet: compliant micro connector
Ethernet: RJ45
DeviceNet: 11-24 VDC, 50 mA typical
Box power: 10 – 30VDC, 330mA typical
500 V
Data Rate
125K, 250K and 500K baud for DeviceNet
10/100 Mbit for Ethernet
RoHS Compliant
Ordering Information
Part Number
Product Description
SST Remote DeviceNet Scanner
Connecting to DeviceNet directly through PC
Connecting to DeviceNet over Ethernet using the SST Remote DeviceNet Scanner
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United Kingdom: +44 1495 356300
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