MD655 Brochure_optimized

MD655 Brochure_optimized
11K0F3E @ 12,5KHz; 14K0F3E @ 20KHz
16K0F3E @ 25KH7
12,5KHz Data Only: 7K60FXD
12.,5KHz Data & Voice: 7K60F XW
-36dEm<1GHz; -30dBm>1GHz
+2.5KHz € 12.5KHz
+4.0KHz e 20KHz
+5.0KHz e 25KHz
40d8 @ 12.5KHz
43dB @ 20KH7
45dB (a 25KHz'
60dB e 12.5KHz; 70dB e 20/25KHz'
Frequency Range UHFE1: 400-470MHz; VHF: 136-174MHZ* RF Power Output
Channel Capacity 1024
Е = FM Modulation
Zone Capacity 64 (each with a maximum of 16 channels) 9
Channel spacing 12.5KHz / 20KHz / 25KHz'
- - 4F5K Digital Modulation
Operating Voltage 13.6 V +15%
Standby < 0.6A Conducted/Radiated Emission
Receive < 2.0A
Current Drain
TW <3A Modulation Limiting
25W <8A
Weight 10509
Dimensions 165 X 46 X 140mm FM Hum & Noise
Frequency Stability +0.5 ppm
Antenna Impedance 500 Adjacent Channel Power
+1 —-3dB
0.3 Y (12dB SINAD); Audio Distortion =3%
ние Analog 0.22 V (Typical) (12dB S5INADY); Digital
; gital Vocoder Type AMBE++ or SELP
“Ea 0.4 V (20dB SINAD) — 5 — ==
— Digital Protocol ETSI-TS102 361-1,-2,-3
Digital 0.3 V /BER5%
| TIA-603 65dB @ 12.5KHz / 75dB @ 20/25KHz ;
Selectivity Operating Temperature -30°C~ +60°C
ETSI 60dB @ 12.5KHz / 70dB @ 20/25KHz
E В Storage Temperature -40°C~ +85°C
| TIA-603 75dB @ 12.5/20/25KHz IEC 61000-4-2 (
ETSI 70dB e 12.5/20/25KHz ESD +8kV (Contact)
+15kV (Air)
Spurious TIA-603 75dB e 12.5/20/25KHz A —
Response American Military Standard MILSTD-810 C/D/E/F/5, —
Rejection ETSI 70dB @ 12.5/20/25KHz
Dustproof & Waterproof
TIA-603 90dB — Humidit
Blocking НН 10 C/D/2F/G Stan
ETSI 84dB Shock & Vibration D-810 C/D/E/F/G Standard
40dB @ 12.5KHz
Hum and Noise 43dB 6 20KHz |
45dB e 25KHz' vi t axominal-130dBm E
: Microphone (@20 ohm load) 1.5W ASE F ) Cold Start <1 minute
Rated Audio Power Output A
External (28 ohm load) \ №5 FF\(Time To First Fi) Hot Start | <10 seconds
Microphone (@20 ohm léa i | Accuracy <10 meters
Max Audio Power Output Р e 2
External (@8 ohm load) 0
Rated Audio Distortion <3% 25KHz will not be available on new equipment in the US. after 2011-01-01.
Audio Response +1—-3dB <> All specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous development,
Conducted Spurious Emission | <-57dBm
= -
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Hytera Communications Corporation Limited
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Tel: +86-755-2697 2999 Fax: +86-755-8613 7139 Post: 518057
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MD65X, X=0, 2,56 or 8, model number varies geographically, For details, please contact our regiona
Sales representatives,
Hytara retalns right to change the product design and specification. Should any printing mistake occur,
Hytera doesn't bear relevant responsibility. Little difference between real product and product indicated
bry printing materials will ecour by printing reason,
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Digital eee
Features Target Markets
Lightweight, Sleek and Stylish DMO True 2-Slot The compact MDX65X is specifically designed with safety and ease-of-operation in mind, providing safe and reliable
Only 165x46x140mm in size and weighs a mere 1.05kg (including In DMO mode, Hytera provides 2-slot communication which allows communications for numerous applications across industry.
smart microphone), for two talk channels on a single frequency.
Solt 1 used for voice call 1
Solt ? used for voice call 2
wn ma E 8.
Remote Control NE UE alt 2 used for voice call 2 E - Ty NN 5
All operations are done via the microphone and are easy to use
Voice Call 1
and control. (or data)
Selectable RF Power Output
Continuously adjustable from 1W to 25W.
Dual-slot Pseudo Trunk Public security
‚ . , With this feature, a free time slot can be allocated to a member
Superior Voice Quality
who needs to communicate urgently, effectively enhancing
Uses narrowband codec and digital error-correction frequency efficiency and allowing timely communication in
technologies for superior voice clarity in noisy environments or emergency situations.
Soit 1, Solt 2 are
assigned to voice
call 1 or voice call 2.
at the edge of the coverage area. Also includes AGC technology
for optimising voice input and output.
Advanced Signaling a) SR Br data)
PS22002 External Speaker PC47
Supports multiple advanced analogue signalling modes,
including HDC1 200, 2-Tone and 5-Tone for better integration
into existing analogue radio fleets.
Reliable Quality
Versatile Services MD65X is compliant with the stringent MIL-STD-810N Power Supply Programming Cable
In addition to conventional communication services, MD65X and IP54 standards, ensuring outstanding performance ak port
features rich data services and selectable functions such as: Text in harsh environments.
Message, Telemetry, Emergency, OATP and GPS.
GPS Antenna PC37
Programming Cable
(USB port)
OO ® The lightest DMR mobile radio a
Antenna "Dispatch Cable
> Pictures above are for reference only
and may vary from actual products.
e RF output power adjustable from 1W to 25W
FoR] A '” Me
® DMO True 2-Slot -
© Easy operation microphone with display
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