Company Profile - Airports International

Company Profile - Airports International
Company Profile
Intelligent Security Solutions
CEM Systems is a leading provider of access control
and fully integrated security management systems
Our Vision
“To remain at the cutting edge of access control technology
through the design and development of high quality security
solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.”
About Tyco
About CEM
CEM Systems is part of Tyco Security
CEM Systems is a leading provider of access control and integrated security
management systems.
Tyco Security Products, a business
unit of Tyco International, is a
unified group of world-leading access
control, video and intrusion brands.
Operating in more than 40 offices
with over 2000 employees, Tyco
Security Products security solutions
are designed to be compatible with
the technology of tomorrow.
With over 25 years experience in the security and IT industry, CEM uniquely
manufactures both the system hardware and software. CEM’s intelligent
security solutions offer customers the flexibility of a customised solution.
CEM’s success is attributed to many factors, but of key importance is the
long-term partnerships formed with customers over many years. This in turn
is supported by adding value to customers through continuous software
and hardware development to incorporate the very latest in leading edge
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CEM solutions are accessible to a range of industries and different sized sites,
and have been successfully installed throughout the world at airports, ports,
petrochemical plants, universities, banks, telecoms, corporate premises and
many more…
From a small building to a large multi-site facility with tens of thousands
of users, CEM has an intelligent security solution to meet your needs.
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Innovation & Expertise
CEM’s greatest asset is its people.
With an innovative company
culture and skilled professionals
with many years experience in
the IT and security industry, CEM
constantly challenges how things
are done in the industry. This
ensures that CEM is consistently
evaluating new possibilities and
embracing new leading edge
technology in the design and
development of new products.
Central to CEM’s success is our
commitment to support customers
with a fast, tailored, professional
and satisfied experience. A culture
of support excellence ensures that
CEM customers are provided with the
highest levels of pre-sales support,
project management and training
services, as well as technical support
for ongoing post installations
enquiries. Strong customer
relationships have also enabled
CEM to incorporate customer driven
feedback into the development of
intelligent security solutions.
intelligent solution is like solving
a puzzle that’s unique to each
customer. CEM has the intelligence
and flexibility to customise
the security system for you.
Future proof Solution
CEM solutions are built with the
flexibility to grow and evolve with
the customer and their business.
With virtually unlimited expansion
and integration capabilities,
CEM solutions are designed with
the understanding that a small
installation may evolved and grow to
become large and complex over time.
To offer customers one fully
integrated security management
solution, CEM has partnered
with leading third party security
suppliers. Going beyond access
control, CEM has a dedicated
team that seamlessly integrates
the AC2000 security system with
external systems such as video,
fire and intrusion products.
CEM Approved Reseller Network
Customised Solution
As CEM is one of the few
manufacturers that design and
produce their own hardware and
system software, customisations to
the AC2000 system can be quickly
implemented to suit customer
requirements. CEM believes
that creating a secure, robust,
CEM has a network of resellers
that install and service CEM access
control systems throughout the
world. Approved resellers undergo
certification training to become
accredited with a proven competency
in the CEM AC2000 product range
and are the best of breed in their
respective geographic markets.
Why choose CEM?
• Industry leading, proven
• Innovative, quality
• Feature rich AC2000
security management
• Flexible and fully
• Full integrations with
third party systems
• Highly responsive pre
and post sales customer
CEM Intelligent Security
CEM has an intelligent security management solution for sites of all sizes.
The powerful and proven CEM AC2000 range offers reliable security management
solutions for small through to large, multi-site applications.
The core CEM AC2000 access control
system provides businesses with a
reliable, innovative and sophisticated
access control system. AC2000 is a fully
integrated security management system
with the capability of integrating with
third party security systems such as
video, intrusion, fire, intercoms, perimeter
detection etc. AC2000 not only utilises
CEM’s advanced range of hardware
AC2000 SE (Standard Edition)
Powerful and fully integrated security management system
for medium to large scale sites
AC2000 SE is a powerful and fully integrated access control, alarm
processing and photo badging system. With CEM manufacturing
both the system hardware and software, AC2000 SE can be further
customised to meet requirements...making it one of the most
comprehensive security management systems available.
Ideal for medium to large scale solutions, AC2000 SE can act as the central security
management system (SMS), offering powerful security integration with third party
systems. Known throughout the industry as a proven product that meets the highest of
security requirements, CEM’s AC2000 SE has been successfully installed in some of the
largest sites around the world.
AC2000 Lite
Integrated security management for small to medium sites
Ideal for small to medium sites, AC2000 Lite offers a cost
effective, integrated access control, alarm processing and
photo badging security management system for up to 128
doors. Encompassing the core software features of the AC2000
SE system, AC2000 Lite sets the benchmark in the industry as
one of the most accomplished security management solutions
available for small to mid-range markets.
AC2000 AE (Airport Edition)
Integrated airport specific security management system
AC2000 AE is the industry’s only airport specific access control
system. Offering a powerful and fully integrated security
management solution, AC2000 AE is much more than access
control. Incorporating a host of aviation specific features
including Check-In Desk Enabling, Passenger Segregation and
Air-bridge monitoring, AC2000 AE is not just an access control
system made to fit the airport environment.
AC2000 AE is a business solution designed to help airports generate additional revenue
and operate more efficiently. Developed through working in partnership with airports
for over 25 years AC2000 AE is the leading choice for airport security around the world.
products including intelligent IP card
readers, fully integrated fingerprint readers
and Ethernet-ready controllers, but also
offers compatibility with read heads from
third party manufacturers.
Key Benefits »
-Highly stable and resilient
-Seamless system integration
-Distributed intelligence to reader level,
ensuring zero downtime
-Virtually unlimited expansion
-Fully customisable solution
-Advanced reporting for analysis
-Fully Integrated Biometrics
-Enhances site operations
-Standard System Link
-Language Support
Key Benefits »
-Cost effective security management
-Supports up to 128 doors & up to 10,000
-Comprehensive software applications
in one CD, including access control,
graphical alarm management, ID badging,
Visitors, Time & Attendance, CCTV
Integration and much more
Key Benefits »
-Industry’s only airport-specific access
control system
-Continually developed to reflect aviation
-Assists airport operations and generates
revenue Eg. Airbridge Monitoring, CheckIn Desk enabling, link to airport invoicing
Advanced Hardware
CEM consistently leads the industry in development of advanced hardware solutions
Ethernet based IP readers
CEM’s leading range of IP card readers feature an internal database for 24/7 card
validation, which critically ensures zero system downtime.
CEM readers are the most advanced in the industry, featuring a Keypad for PIN security,
an LCD display for reader messages and an internal database for offline operation at the
secure door.
Portable Readers
CEM portable readers offer the flexibility and adaptability to set up controlled access
points instantly without having to physically commission a fixed access controlled
door. CEM portable readers are light weight hand-held card reading devices that are
ideal for roaming security measures.
With a large TFT touch screen for easy navigation, the portable reader enables on site
security to perform ID card validation at remote sites or temporary entrances which
have no power and can be used as a mobile device for random checks within predefined zones.
Fully Integrated fingerprint solution
CEM offers a range of card readers with the added benefit of biometric verification.
The fully integrated biometric and access control reader is used to control access to
restricted areas where an additional layer of security is required. Using the AC2000
software and the CEM S610f fingerprint reader, an integrated biometric solution is
provided without the need for customers to purchase a separate biometric network.
Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+)
access control
Power over Ethernet technology allows IP devices at the door to receive power as
well as data over existing LAN cabling. This creates project cost savings by removing
the necessity to provide mains power supply for each access controlled door. The
innovative CEM PoE+ solution allows up to 2 Amps of power to be delivered to the door
(Midspan dependent) and features a unique intelligent onboard battery backup, making
the CEM PoE+ solution a truly unique and robust approach.
See the CEM readers LIVE in action
CEM Solutions help secure…
Intelligent Security at CEM secured sites
CEM currently secures sites in over 40 countries around the world. CEM supports
customers in a wide range of sectors including Petrochemical, Aviation, Healthcare,
Education and Financial.
CEM’s AC2000 SE is perfect for petrochemical sites where security is paramount.
CEM AC2000 access control system offers refineries 24 hour security through
the use of intelligent card readers and a stable security infrastructure. AC2000
restricts entry to refineries as well as monitoring the movement of authorised
visitors, employees and contractors. AC2000 also offers portable access control
in unpredictable environments where mains power supply is not always available.
Current Petrochemical customers include:
- TOTAL Lindsey Oil Refinery, UK
- Gasco Ruwais, UAE
- Jurong Island, Singapore
- Neste Oil, Netherlands
With high security a requirement for major financial institutions, many have chosen
CEM to protect staff and customers and to secure areas where security is of the
utmost importance. Current Financial customers include:
- Barclays Bank, UK
- KPMG, UK & India
- Ulster Bank, UK
- Ministry of Finance, Nigeria
- Abu Dhabi Investment Council, UAE
CEM’s innovative PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus) access control solution offers healthcare clients an easy
to install solution which minimises disruption to the facility and reduces commissioning costs. CEM’s
biometric reader options can also be used to secure critical areas such as pharmacies or intensive care
units. Current Healthcare customers include:
- Stobhill & Victoria Hospitals, UK
- Brooke Army Medical Center, USA
- King Khalid University Hospital, Saudi Arabia
- Baylor Medical Center at Uptown, USA
- Midlothian Hospital, UK
CEM solutions are installed in educational facilities around the world securing
students, teachers, equipment and premises. The AC2000 system controls and
monitors various buildings so that only those authorised are permitted access to
education buildings, rooms and other restricted access across campuses. Current
- Liverpool John Moore University, UK
- Latymer School, UK
- King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
- Primary schools around the world
CEM offers the industry’s only airport specific access control system – AC2000 AE
(Airport Edition). AC2000 AE features airport specific applications such as Passenger
Segregation, Airbridge Monitoring, Check-in Desk Enabling and Airport Link. Over 80%
- Indira Gandhi International Airport, Terminal 3, Delhi
- HeathrowAirport,Terminal5,London
- All BAA controlled airports, throughout the UK
- BudapestAirport,Hungary
- Gatwick Airport, London
- Keflavik International Airport, Iceland
- ChangshaHuanghyaAirport,Beijing
- HongKongInternationalAirport
- Dubai International Airport, Terminal 3, C3 UAE
Other Sectors
CEM’s solutions are suitable for any large or small site where security is of paramount importance. Our
- Marina Bay Sands Casino, Singapore
- ShawStudio’sMovieSystem,HongKong
- Port of Cork, Ireland
- Farmers Trading Company, New Zealand
- Aviva Stadium, Ireland
- Cadbury (Kraft Food), India
- XiamenWestinHotel,China
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or for a complete list of reference sites please contact CEM directly.
CEM/B/100 Rev E
Tel: +44 (0)28 9045 6767
Email: [email protected]
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