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Disassembling/Assembling the Cover Panel for Indoor Unit Installation
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In order to install the indoor unit, you must disassemble the cover panel first. Please proceed following
instructions to disassemble and assemble the cover panel. Hooks (on the cover panel) may get damaged
If you apply excessive force as you disassemble and assemble the cover panel. Please follow the following
▶▶ Removing the hooks on the side
※※ Caution (fragile)
˗˗ Gently press the both side of the cover panel
inwards ( ) and release the hooks on both
sides( ).
▶▶ Removing the hooks on the central part
※※ Caution (fragile)
˗˗ Use both hands
˗˗ Release each hook by pushing it up at an angle.
Removing the screws
Cover panel is assembled on the bottom part of the indoor unit (as shown in the illustration) and it is fastened
with screws. Remove the Cap screw first and unfasten the screws so that you can disassemble the cover panel.
Cap Screw
Cover Panel
<Remove the Cap screw>
<Unfasten the screw>
Removing the Cover panel (Before mounting the indoor unit)
The bottom panel fits the main body using the side, center, and bottom hooks as shown. Unlock the side hooks
first, and then unlock the center and bottom hooks.
Check the location of the hooks before removing the cover panel.
▶▶ Location of the hooks on the central part
Number and location of the hooks
Assembling the Cover panel (After mounting the indoor unit)
To assemble the Cover panel, proceed in reverse
order of disassembling. Use both hands for
assembling and be extra careful not to damage
the pipes and drain hose. Lock the side, center, and
bottom hooks in this sequence. Tighten the bottom
panel with the screws, and close the screw holes with
their cap.
<Lock the side hook>
<Fasten the screw>
Center hook
Bottom hook
Center hooks
<Lock the bottom hook>
Bottom hooks
※※ For specific Hook location and quantity, please
refer to cover panel with indicating arrows based
on physical goods.
<Assemble the Cap screw>
※※ Please read instructions on the back of this manual for “Smart install mode”. (Only for single system.)
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Smart Install mode(Option) ※ For the multi system, this function is not supported.
1. Check the installation status of the air conditioner.
1) Check the power supply, service valve (if it's open), power cable of the indoor and outdoor unit and
amount of additional refrigerant required for pipe extension.
2) Status of the indicator after supplying the power : Standby status
2. When the air conditioner is in standby status, use the remote controller to start the Smart Install mode.
1) Press the [Set/Cancel , Cancel or SET], [Mode], [Power] button simultaneously for 4 seconds.
3. Smart Install mode will end.
1) Smart Install mode will take approximately 7~13 minutes.
(Actual time may be different depending on the model.)
2) When Installation is successful : Smart Install mode will end with ringing sound and the air conditioner
will be in standby status. (Error message will not be displayed on the indoor unit indicator and the
remote controller and buttons on the indoor unit will work normally.)
3) When installation is not successful : Smart Install mode will end and error message will be displayed
on the indoor unit display.
•• Take necessary measures when error occurs.
˗˗ Refer to the service manual for necessary measures for each error that occurs.
•• Use the product after taking care of the error that occurs.
▶▶ Smart Install mode can be operated only with the supplied remote controller.
▶▶ During the Smart install mode procedure, remote controller cannot be operated.
Error indicator
LED Display
※※ Remote controller may be different (image/functions) depending on the model.
88 Display
LED Display
Indoor unit indicator
display and
all LED blinks
※※ Display may be different depending on the model.
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: Off /
Measures to take by an installer
Commnuication 1. Check the connection wire between
Error between
indoor and outdoor unit. (whether the
Indoor and
power cable and commnunication
outdoor unit
cable is crossed or not)
Error on indoor 1. Check the connection of the
temperature sensor connector
Error on indoor heat 1. Check the connection of the
1. Check the connection of the
Error on indoor
2.Remove foreign substance
fan motor
(Check for the cause that
restrains motor)
2) Smart Install mode in progress
•88 Display : Progress will be diplayed in 0~99.
•LED Display : Indicator on the indoor unit display will blink in sequence and then all indicators will
blink. (This will be repeated.)
Option error
1. Re-set options
1. Check if the service valve is
completely open.
Refrigerant flow 2.Check if there’s any blockage
blocking error
in the refrigerant pipe which
connects indoor and outdoor unit.
3.Check for refrigerant leak.
1. Check if sufficient amount of
Lack of
additional refrigerant was charged for
Above LED pattern is displayed
the pipe length that exceeds 7.5 m.
when there’s error is occurred on
(For Inverter
2. Check for refrigerant leak between
outdoor unit. Check the LED display
model only)
valve and pipe connection.
on outdoor unit for the details.
: Blinking /
: On
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