quick start guide
1. Product features
Larger Capacity
The Samsung Side by side
Refrigerator has plenty of
space for all your groceries,
beverages,frozen foods and
leftovers. It’s the perfect size
for any occasion - holiday
celebration, family reunion or
Super Bowl party.
LED Tower Lighting
This space-saving LED fixture
illuminates every corner of the
fridge, so things are easier
to find. Also LED emits less
heat than conventional bulb
lighting, affecting less damage
to the temperature management.
Clearview In-door ice
Located directly on the freezer
door, the icemaker is easier
to use and doesn’t take up
valuable shelf space. The
seethrough glass also lets you
check on the amount of ice
available at a glance
Surround Multi Air
Cooling air flows out through
multiple outlets in every
shelf level. This provides
even cooling throughout
the refrigerator, and quickly
returns back to temperature
when the door has been
opened. So it maintains an
ideal temperature to keep
your food fresh longer.
Twin Cooling System
The refrigerator and the
freezer have two evaporators.
Given this independent
system, the freezer and
the refrigerator are cooled
individually as required
and are, therefore, more
efficient. Food odor from the
refrigerator does not affect
food in the freezer due to
separate air flow circulation.
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2. Safety Information
Before using your new Samsung Side-By-Side Refrigerator, please read this manual thoroughly to ensure that you
know how to safely and efficiently operate the features and functions that your new appliance offers.
Because the following instruction covers various models, the characteristics of your Refrigerator may differ slightly
from the Refrigerator described in this manual. If you have any question, contact us at 1-800-SAMSUNG or find help
and information online at www.samsung.com.
Hazards or unsafe practices that may result in severe personal injury or death.
Hazards or unsafe practices that may result in minor personal injury or property damage.
To reduce the risk of fire, explosion, electric shock, or personal injury when using your refrigerator,
follow these basic safety precautions:
Do NOT attempt.
Do NOT disassemble.
Do NOT touch.
Follow directions carefully.
Unplug the power plug from the wall socket.
Make sure the machine is grounded to prevent electric shock.
Call the service center for help.
These warning signs are here to prevent injury to you and others.
Please follow them explicitly.
Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.
When installing, servicing or cleaning behind the
refrigerator, be sure to pull the unit straight out
and push back in straight after finishing.
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Severe warning signs
• Do not plug several appliances into the same power socket.
arge appliances draw a lot of power. Powering more than one appliance or machine from a single power source
could cause overheating and cause a fire.
• Make sure that the power plug is not kinked or damaged by the back of the Refrigerator.
- A damaged power plug may overheat and cause a fire.
• Do not spray water directly into or on the outside of the Refrigerator/Freezer drawer.
- Water could get into the interior machine parts and cause electric shock.
• Do not use aerosols near the Refrigerator.
erosols used near the Refrigerator may cause an explosion or fire.
• Do not put undue stress on the power cord or place heavy articles on it.
- Placing heavy articles on the power cord create the risk of explosion or fire.
• Do not insert the power plug with wet hands.
- It may cause electric shock.
• Do not put a container filled with water on the Refrigerator.
- If it spills, it may cause fire or electric shock.
• Do not install the Refrigerator in a damp place or place where it may come in contact with water.
- Wet and/or deteriorated insulation of the internal electrical parts may cause electric shock or fire.
• Do not store volatile or flammable substances in the Refrigerator.
- Storing benzene, thinner, alcohol, ether, LP gas and other such products may cause explosions.
• Do not disassemble or repair the Refrigerator by yourself.
- You may run the risk of fire, appliance malfunctions and/or personal injury. Call your nearest service center for help
from a qualified service technician.
• If you wish to dispose of the Refrigerator, remove the doors and seals before throwing it away.
- The doors(and their seals) can entrap a child if they climb into the Refrigerator. Make sure that the doors are off, and
ensure that no one is suffocated by being locked inside.
• The Refrigerator must be safely grounded
- Always make sure that you have grounded the Refrigerator before attempting to investigate or repair any part of the
appliance. Power leakages can cause severe electric shock.
• Never use gas pipes, telephone lines or other potential lightning attractors as an electrical ground.
- Improper use of the grounding plug can result in a risk of electric shock. If it is necessary to use an extension cord to
power the Refrigerator, use only a 3-wire extension cord that has a 3-blade ground plug and a 3-slot receptacle that
will accept the plug on the appliance. The marked rating of the extention cord should be AC 115V~120V, 10A, or
more. Additionally, if a grounding adapter is used, make sure the receptacle box is also fully grounded.
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Caution signs
• Use good judgment when filling the Refrigerator with food and drinks.
- In an overfull Refrigerator, heavy, fragile, bulky or breakable items may fall out and cause personal injury and/or
damage to surrounding objects.
• Do not put bottles or glass containers in the Freezer drawer.
hen the contents freeze and then expand, the glass may break and cause personal injury or leave dangerous
glass shards in the Freezer.
• If the electrical wall socket is loose, do not insert the power plug.
- There is a risk of electric shock or fire. Have the plug looked at by a licensed electrician.
• A damaged power cord must be replaced by the manufacturer, a certified service agent or qualified service
• Do not store articles on the top of the appliance.
- When you open or close the door, the articles may fall and cause personal injury and /or damage to surrounding
• Do not store pharmaceutical products, scientific materials and temperature-sensitive products in the refrigerator.
- Products that require exact temperature controls should not be stored in the Refrigerator.
• Do not allow children to climb, stand or hang on shelves and handles of the Refrigerator. They could damage the
Refrigerator and seriously injure themselves. Do not sit on the freezer door. The door may break. Do not allow
children to climb into the freezer basket.
• If you notice a chemical or burning plastic smell or see smoke, unplug the Refrigerator immediately and contact your
Samsung Electronics Service Center.
• After your Refrigerator is in operation, do not touch the cold surfaces in the Freezer compartment. Particularly when
hands are damp or wet, skin may adhere to these extremely cold surfaces.
- Skin may stick to the surface and you may get frostbite.
• Never put fingers or other objects into the water dispenser hole or ice chute.
- It may cause personal injury and/or material damage.
• Do not use a wet or damp cloth when cleaning the plug.
• Remove any dust or foreign matter from the power plug pins.
- A dirty power plug can increase the risk of fire.
• Do not place the refrigerator directly in sunlight.
• The appliance must be positioned for easy access to power source.
• If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, a certified service agent or qualified service
• Service warranty and Modification
- Any changes or modifications performed by a 3rd party on this finished appliance is not covered under Samsung
warranty service, nor can Samsung be responsible for safety issues that result from 3rd party modifications.
• Children can get trapped inside Refrigerators. Before you throw away your old Refrigerator or Freezer, make sure that you;
- Take off the doors.
- Leave all shelves in places so that children may not easily climb inside and shut the door while they are inside.
• This appliance is not intended for use by small children or infirm persons without capable, adult supervision. Small
children should be supervised when using the appliance.
• Do not block air holes
- If the air holes are blocked, especially with a plastic bag, refrigerator can be over cooled. If this cooling period lasts
long, the water filter may break and cause water leakage.
• Because these following operating instructions cover various models, your refrigerator may differ from those
described in this manual.
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3. Operating the SAMSUNG side-by-side refrigerator
Using the control panel
( 1 ) Energy Saver
Touch this button for better energy efficiency. The Energy Saver icon lights up when you Touch this button.
The Energy Saver function is automatically set to “ON” when power is supplied to the refrigerator.
If condensation or water drops appear on the doors, turn the Energy Saver mode off.
( 2 ) Freezer (hold 3 sec for
Power Freeze)
Touch this button to set the Freezer to your desired temperature. You can set the temperature between 8°F and -8°F.
Touch and hold this button for 3 seconds, to speed up the time needed to freeze products in the Freezer.
It can be helpful if you need to quickly freeze easily spoiled items or if the temperature in the Freezer has warmed dramatically
(For example, if the door was left open).
( 3 ) Alarm / hold 3 sec for
Filter Reset
This button serves two purposes:
1) To turn the door open alarm on and off. If the door alarm is set to On, an alarm beeps if any refrigerator door is left open for
more than three minutes. The beeping stops when you close the door. The door alarm function is pre-set to On in the factory.
You can turn it off by touching and then releasing this button. You can turn it back on in the same fashion.
The icon lights up when the function is on.
2) After you replace the water filter, Touch and hold this button 3 sec to reset the water filter life indicator.
( 4 ) Lighting/ hold 3 sec for
Touching this button turns on the Dispenser LED lamp (under the display) in continuous mode so that it stays on continuously.
The button also lights up. If you want the Dispenser lamp to come on only when some one uses the dispenser,
press the Lighting button to turn the continuous mode off. Touch and hold this button for 3 seconds to switch the temperature
units between °C and °F
( 5 ) Fridge (hold 3 sec for
Power Cool)
Touch this button to set the fridge to your desired temperature. You can set the temperature between 34°F and 46°F.
Touch and hold the this button for 3 seconds, to speed up the time needed to cool products in the Refrigerator. It can be helpful
if you need to quickly cool easily spoiled items or if the temperature in the fridge has warmed dramatically (For example, if the
door was left open).
( 6 ) Ice Off (hold 3 sec for
child lock)
If you don’t want to make more ice, Touch this button. Touching this button 3 second locks the display panel and dispenser
buttons so the buttons can not be used. The Child Lock icon lights up to indicate you’ve activated the Child Lock function.
( 7 ) Ice Type
Touch this button to select your desired ice type. Cubed and crushed ice modes will be alternatively Ice Type changed whenever
you press the button. This mode can not be used with the Water mode simultaneously.
( 8 ) Water
Touch this button to dispense water. This mode can not be used with the Ice Type mode simultaneously.
Water mode will be off if you Touch the Ice Type button.
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Cooling Off Mode
Cooling Off mode (also called Shop mode), is designed for use by retailers when they are displaying refrigerators on the shop
floor. In Cooling Off mode, the refrigerator’s fan motor and lights work normally, but the compressors do not run, and
the refrigerator and freezer do not get cold.
To start Cooling Off mode, Touch and hold the Energy Saver button and the Power Freeze button for 3 seconds during normal
The refrigerator chime sounds and the temperature display flashes OF OF.
To cancel Cooling Off mode, Touch and hold the Energy Saver and the Power Freeze buttons again for 3 seconds.
( 9 ) Ice Off
When you touch the Ice Off button, this icon will Light up and the Ice Maker stops making ice.
We recommend you stop ice making if the following occur:
- There is enough ice in the ice bucket.
- You want to save water and energy.
- Water is not being supplied to the refrigerator.
If the ice maker function is ON, and the water line is not connected, there will be a water valve noise from back of the unit, Press
the Ice Off (Hold 3sec for child lock) button within 3sec until the Ice Off Indicator illuminates.
If you do not Touch any button, the freezer and fridge temperature indicator turn off in a few seconds.
If you Touch any button, the display lights up again.
( 10 ) Filter
Water filter usage
This icon will light up to red when you need to change the filter.
After you use about 300 gallons of water, the filter indicator light up.(about 6 month).
After install the new water filter, reset the filter indicator by Touching Alarm/Hold 3 sec for Filter Reset button.
• If water is not dispensing or dispensing slowly, you need to replace the water filter because the water filter is clogged.
• Some areas have large amounts of lime in their water, which causes the water filter to clog more quickly.
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4. Troubleshooting
The refrigerator does not
work at all or it does not chill
• Check that the power plug is properly connected.
• Is the temperature control on the display panel set to the correct temperature?
Try setting it to a lower temperature.
• Is the refrigerator in direct sunlight or located too near a heat source?
•Is the back of the refrigerator too close to the wall and therefore keeping air from circulating?
The food in the fridge is frozen.
• Is the temperature control on the display panel set to the correct temperature?
Try setting it to a warmer temperature.
• Is the temperature in the room very low?
You hear unusual noises or
• Check that the refrigerator is level and stable.
• Is the back of the refrigerator too close to the wall and therefore keeping air from circulating?
• Was anything dropped behind or under the refrigerator?
• A “ticking” sound is heard from inside the refrigerator. This is normal and occurs because
various accessories are contracting or expanding in relation to the temperature of the
refrigerator interior.
The front corners of the
appliance are hot and
condensation is occurring.
• Some heat is normal as anti-condensators are installed in the front corners of the refrigerator
to prevent condensation.
• Is the refrigerator door ajar? Condensation can occur when you leave the door open for a
long time.
Ice is not dispensing.
• Did you wait for 12 hours after installation of the water supply line before making ice?
• Is the water line connected and the shut-off valve open?
• Did you manually stop the ice making function?
Make sure Ice Type is set to Cubed or Crushed.
• Is there any ice blocked within the ice maker bucket?
• Is the freezer temperature too warm? Try setting the freezer temperature lower.
You can hear water bubbling in
the refrigerator.
• This is normal. The bubbling comes from the refrigerant coolant liquid circulating through the
There is a bad smell in the
• Has a food item spoiled?
• Make sure that strong smelling food (for example, fish) is wrapped so that it is airtight.
• Clean out your freezer periodically and throw away any spoiled or suspect food.
Frost forms on the walls of the
• Is the air vent blocked? Remove any obstructions so air can circulate freely.
• Allow sufficient space between the foods stored for efficient air circulation.
• Is the freezer door closed properly?
Water dispenser is not
• Is the water line connected and the shut-off valve open?
• Has the water supply line tubing been crushed or kinked?
Make sure the tubing is free and clear of any obstruction.
• Is the water tank frozen because the refrigerator temperature is too low?
Try selecting a warmer setting on the main display panel.
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