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Viewing the Connection Panel
Power Input
Whenever you connect an audio or video system to your set, ensure that all elements are switched off.
Refer to the documentation supplied with your equipment for detailed connection instructions and
associated safety precautions.
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Installing VESA compliant mounting devices
Mounting pad
Align the mounting interface pad with the holes in the stand bottom and secure it with the four screws that
come with the arm-type base, wall mount hanger or other bases.
Fold the stand pressing the button on the back of the stand.
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Installing the Wall Mount Kit
Note : This installation is to be used when attaching the wall mount to a concrete wall.
When attaching to other building materials, please contact your nearest dealer.
Please use provided components or parts to install the Wall Mount Kit.
Anchors : 3EA
Screws : 3EA
Installation Guide
How to assemble the Wall Mount Kit
Mark the location of hole on the wall using installation guide.
Make over 35mm- depth- hole on the marked location using
5.0-diameter drill.
Fix anchors on each hole on the wall.
Connect bracket to the wall with screws after fitting anchors
into the bracket holes.
Note : If the bracket is not firmly fixed to the wall, LCD TV can fall off.
You may use LCD TV right after fixing it to the wall since stand is
wrapped already turned over as shown in the picture below.
When using LCD TV in stand-based form, place the product on a
cushion or other soft materials. Then turn over stand following the
arrow direction below only after pressing button on the connected part
where LCD TV is attached to stand.
(Turn over stand in the opposite direction after pressing button when
using LCD TV in wall-mounted form as well.)
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Installing the Wall Mount Kit
Adjust LCD TV to the hook on the bracket and move in the direction of the arrow(Left) so that LCD TV can be
completely fixed to the bracket.
When bracket is assembled on the wall
How to hang LCD TV up on a hook
When installation is completed
Remove Installation Guide after completing setup of monitor on the wall.
Push the LCD TV up and shift to the right to detach it from bracket.
When moving or transferring to other areas, reverse No. 4 procedure so as to disconnect LCD TV with ease.
How to adjust an angle
(1) Angle adjustment section of
general stand-based LCD TV
(2) Angle abjustment section
while converting the form
(1->3, 3->1)
(3) Angle adjustment section of
wall-mounted LCD TV
Picture(1) shows the adjustment angle(0°~ 13°)when you use LCD TV in its general form(stand-based LCD TV).
Excessive tilting can turn LCD TV over which might cause damage to LCD TV.
Picture(2) shows the adjustment angle(13°~ 80°)when you convert stand-based LCD TV into wall-mounted one.
Picture(3) shows the adjustment angle(0°~ 10°)when you use wall-mounted LCD TV after fixing it to wall.
Note : Picture (2) shows the angle adjustment section while LCD TV is being converted from stand-based one to
wall-mounted one or vice versa.
- Click" sound indicates section change from 1 to 2 or 3 to 2(1->2, 3->2).
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