VP331 | Black&Decker VP331 DUSTBUSTER - 2 instruction manual

Electrical connection (UK user)
Before using your appliance, ensure the voltage on the charger
corresponds with your mains supply. Never use a light socket!
Do not replace the charger with a 13 amp plug or any other
type of charger. If in doubt, seek advice from your nearest
electricity board or Black & Decker service centre.
Safety points
• VersaPak sticks are for indoor use only.
• Keep motor draught away from eyes and face during use.
• Keep children and pets at a safe distance away when in use.
• Never use to pick up flammable or combustible liquids.
VersaPak stick
• The VersaPak rechargeable stick is completely safe when
handled in the correct manner and has been rigorously
tested to the highest standards.
• Care must be taken when handling the stick; it is not a toy
and adult supervision is necessary when children are
handling the product.
• Do not insert into the mouth.
• Do not immerse the VersaPak stick into water.
• Do not drop the VersaPak stick in areas where other metal
parts will contact it (e.g. screws, nails, etc).
Important: Care must be taken not to short circuit the
VersaPak stick by metallic objects entering the VersaPak stick
terminals. During short circuit the temperature of the VersaPak
stick will rise dramatically and may cause serious burns and
even fire.
Product features (Fig. A)
1. On/off slide switch
2. Release button
3. Dust bowl
4. Long wall mountable charging base (VP331)
4a. Short wall mountable charging base (VP321)
5. VersaPak release button
6. VersaPak battery stick(s)
7. Charger
Installation instructions (Fig. B & C)
Fix the charging base vertically to the wall using the
screws and plugs supplied, as illustrated,and within
reach of a power socket. Plug in and place the product
into position. The charging base can also be fixed, or
simply placed, in a convenient horizontal position.
Note: Avoid damaging the cable while fixing the base
to the wall by pushing the wire into the wire trap.
From new, the rechargeable cells of the product need a
minimum charge time of 16 hours to ensure full power. We
suggest you fully discharge the product when it is used for the
first time as this will help the cells recharge faster. The switch
must be in the off position; the product will not charge if it
is in any other position. Whilst charging, the charger will get
warm; this is perfectly normal and safe, and your product can
remain on charge indefinitely without damage or danger. It is
not possible to “overcharge” the battery cells with the
charger provided.
Whilst recharging and discharging the VersaPak stick(s) will
become warm, this is perfectly normal and does not effect the
unit in any way.
A VersaPak stick will charge in either the left or right hand ports
(or both together if a second stick has been purchased). The
charging time is not affected and would still be 16 hours.
VersaPak sticks will only recharge when both are fitted into the
unit. If only one stick is inserted it will not charge.
How to use (Figs. D & E)
To start, slide the on/off switch forward (i.e. 0 = off, I = on).
To stop, slide the switch back.
Burst of power
Where applicable, your product has two power settings;
‘I’ for normal power and ‘MAX’ for a burst of additional
power to do tougher jobs, activated by sliding the switch
forward as far as it will go.
Always return the product to its charging base immediately
after use so that it will be ready and fully charged for the
next job. The switch must be in the off position; the
product will not charge if it is in any other position. Ensure
that the product is fully engaged on the charging base.
Cleaning the product (Fig. F - J)
Warning! Never use the product without its filter
Note: The filter bag is re-usable; do not confuse it with a
disposable dust bag and do not throw it away when the
product is emptied. When the filter becomes worn or
damaged, you can obtain a replacement from your local
Black & Decker service centre.
• To clean the filter bag, first remove the dust bowl by
pressing the release button and then take out the
filter bag using the plastic grip. Shake or brush any
loose dust off the filter bag. Wash it regularly using
warm, soapy water and ensure it is completely dry
before replacement. The cleaner the filter bag, the
better the product will perform. It is very important
that the filter bag is correctly in position before use.
• To clean the dust bowl, remove the filter bag, empty
the bowl and wash if necessary.
Maximum dust collection will only be obtained with a
clean filter bag and an empty dust bowl. If dust begins to
fall back out of the product after it is switched off, this
indicates that the bowl is full and requires emptying.
Never immerse the product in water. It is only safe to
immerse the detached dust bowl section in water.
A damp cloth and soapy water should be used to clean
the exterior of the motor section. Always ensure the
product is completely dry before re-use or storing.
Economic usage
• Your product is very economical to charge. Whilst it is
charging it uses less than half the amount of electricity used
by a light bulb.
When fully charged, the average effective usage times are
10 minutes for the ON position and 8 minutes in the ‘boost
of power’ position. The average effective usage time for the
VP321 is 7 minutes.
It may take several chargings before these times can
be achieved.
If a second VersaPak stick has been purchased and is fitted
to the second port, the average effective usage time is
increased to 14 minutes (VP321 only).
Unit does not work?
If the product does not work, check the following:
• The charger was correctly plugged in for recharge.
• The lead is not damaged and is correctly attached to
the base.
• The VersaPak stick(s) is(are) firmly seated into the unit.
• The mains power is working.
If all are satisfactory and the product still does not work, refer to
the guarantee or service and repair section of this leaflet.
Accessories (Fig. K)
Accessories, such as the crevice tool, upholstery brush
and extra VersaPak sticks can be purchased from any
Black & Decker service centre, either to fit into the
base of your product, or to replace existing worn or
damaged accessories.
To extend the effective usage time of your Dustbuster,
you can purchase extra VersaPak sticks.
If your unit has a white cap fitted over the left port then
use a small flat bladed screwdriver to remove it. An
extra VersaPak stick can then be inserted which
doubles the usage time.
The VersaPak system
The VersaPak stick(s) you are using with your Dustbuster is(are)
totally compatible with all other VersaPak products produced
by Black & Decker.
Inserting and removing the VersaPak stick
(Fig. L)
• To remove the VersaPak stick, simply push the
release button (6) and pull it out.
To insert, simply push the VersaPak stick firmly into
place until an audible “click” is heard and the
VersaPak stick will not travel any further into the unit.
Do not worry, it is impossible to mis-assemble a
VersaPak stick into this unit and cause damage.
Rechargeable batteries and the environment
Black & Decker cordless products use nickel cadmium
(NiCad) batteries or battery packs which can be charged
many times to give long life and repeatedly full power.
This symbol indicates the NiCad batteries contained
within this unit must be disposed of properly and not
discarded in everyday household waste which may be
disposed of in an incinerator or landfill site.
NiCad batteries can be harmful to the environment and
can explode when exposed to fire. Do not incinerate.
Therefore, when your product or battery pack needs
replacing, think of the protection of our environment.
Black & Decker recommends the following:
• Discharge batteries completely by running the unit
until the energy is completely discharged and then
remove from the product.
• Take the VersaPak stick to a Black & Decker service
centre, your local dealer or your local recycling
station. If necessary, contact your local council for
disposal information. The collected batteries will be
disposed of properly and/or used for recycling
purposes whilst protecting the environment.
Note: You as a customer are responsible for proper
disposal or recycling of the battery pack.
Black & Decker after sales service
All Black & Decker products are scrupulously tested before
leaving the factory. However, in the case of your product
being defective, please take it to your nearest Black & Decker
service centre.
2 year guarantee
If a Black & Decker product becomes defective due to faulty
materials or workmanship during the guarantee period following
purchase, we guarantee to repair it free of charge, provided that:
• The product has not been misused.
• Repairs have not been attempted by persons other than
our own service staff or the staff or authorised repairers.
• Proof of purchase date is produced.
This guarantee is offered as an extra benefit and is additional to
consumers’ statutory rights.
EC Declaration of Conformity
We declare that units:
VP321, VP331
conform to 89/392/EEC, 89/336/EEC,
EN55014, EN55104, 73/23/EEC, EN60335
A weighted sound pressure 80dB (A)
A weighted sound power 93dB (A)
Hand/arm weighted vibration <2.5m/s2
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• Installation instructions
• Istruzioni per l’installazione
• Montageanweisungen
• Instructions d’installation
• Instrukties voor installatie
• Instrucciones de instalación
• Instruções de instalação • Oδηγίεσ εγκατάστασησ
• Montering • Asennusohjeet
• Monteringsanvisning • Monteringsanvisning
• Charging • Carica • Zum Aufladen
• Mise en charge • Heropladen • Recarga
• Carregar • ΦÞρτιση • Opladning
• Lataus • Lading • Laddning
• Min. 16 hrs charge time • Ricaricate per un minimo di 16 ore • Aufladezeit Min. 16 Std.
• 16 heures minimum • Minimaal 16 uur opladen • Tiempo mínimo de carga de 16 horas
• Tempo mínimo de carga 16 horas • Πριν απÞ την πρώτη χρήση: ελάχιστη φÞρτιση 16 ώρεσ
• Før produktet tages i brug første gang, skal det oplades i 16 timer • Lataa tuotetta 16
tuntia ennen ensimmäistä käyttöä • Før du tar produktet i bruk, skal dette lades i 16 timer
• Före första användning skall produkten laddas 16 timmar
• The switch must be in off position • Ponete l’interruttore sulla posizione “off”
• Der Schalter muß in “off” Position stehen • Assurez-vous que le spir est bien en position
arrêt • Kruimeldief schakelaar moet in de “uit” positie staan • El interruptor debe estar en
posición de “0” • O interruptor do mini aspirador deve permanecer na posição “off”
• O διακÞπτησ τησ σχούπασ Dustbuster πρέπει να είναι κλειστÞσ • Sørg for at strømafbryderen
er “off” stilling • Varmista, että virrankatkaisija on pois pääitä • Pass på at strømbryteren
er, slått av • Se till att strömbrytaren är avstängd
• How to use • Istruzioni per l’utilizzo
• Inbetriebnahme • Mode d’utilisation
• Gebruik: richtlijnen • Instrucciones de uso
• Utilização • Oδηγίεσ χρήσησ • Anvendelse
• Käyttö • Bruk • Användning
• Removing the dustbowl • Rimozione della vaschetta
raccoglipolvere • Entfernen des Staubfangsackes
• Enlever le nez de votre Spir • Verwijder de neus van de
kruimeldief • Vaciado del depósito • Remoção do depósito
• Bγάζοντασ τη σακούλα συλλογήσ σκÞνησ • Afmontering av
støvbeholder • Pölykasetin irrottaminen • Fjerning av
støveholder • Borttagande av dammbehållare
• Cleaning the filter and dust bowl • Pulizia
del filtro e della vaschetta raccoglipolvere
• Reinigen des Filters und Staubbehälters
• Nettoyage du filtre et du réservoir à
poussière • Het schoonmaken van het filter
en stofreservoir • Limpieza del filtro y del
depósito • Limpeza do filtro e do depósito do
lixo • Kαθαρίζοντασ το φίλτρο και το δοχείο
σκÞνησ • Rengøring af filter og støvbeholder
• Suodattimen ja pölynkerääjän puhdistus
• Rengjøring av filter og støvbeholder
• Rengöring av filtret och dammbehållaren
• To remove the battery pack for disposal
• Per togliere le batterie • Herausnehmen des
verbrauchten Akku-Packs • Pour enlever le pack
batteries de l’appareil • Om de batterijen te
verwijderen • Cuando tenga que tirar la batería
• Para deitar fora o conjunto de pilhas • Για να
αφαιρέσετε το πακέτο µπαταρίασ για διάθεση
• For at tage batteripakken ud af produktet • For å
ta ut batteripakken • För att ta ur batteripaketet
• Inserting and removing the Versapak Stick
• Inserimento e rimozione dello stick VersaPak
• Entnehmen/Einsetzen der VersaPak-Patrone
• Insérer et enlever la batterie VersaPak • Plaatsen
en verwijderen van de VersaPak batterijen • Cómo
poner y quitar las pilas VersaPak • Como colocar e
retirar as baterias VersaPak • Tοποθέτηση και
αφαίρεση τησ ράβÞου VersaPak • Isætning og
udtagning af VersaPak batteriet • Akun asennus ja
lrroitus • Isetting og uttaking av VersaPak batterier
• Isättning och uttagning av VersaPak batteriet
• Accessories • Accessori • Zubehör
• Accessoires • Hulpstukken
• Accesorios • Acessórios
• Iδιαίτερα εξαρτήµατα • Tilbehør
• Tarvikkeet • Tilbehør • Tillbehör
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