BDM100 | Black&Decker BDM100 SONIC DISTANCE MEASURE instruction manual
New Zealand
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Intended use
Your Black & Decker distance and space measurer has been
designed for measuring distances, surface areas and volumes.
This tool is intended for indoor use only.
This tool is intended for consumer use only.
Safety instructions
Warning! When using battery-powered tools, basic
safety precautions, including the following, should always
be followed to reduce the risk of fire, leaking batteries,
personal injury and material damage.
Read all of this manual carefully before operating the tool.
Retain this manual for future reference.
Keep work area clean
Cluttered areas and benches can cause accidents.
Consider work area environment
Do not expose the tool to rain. Do not use the tool in damp or
wet conditions. Keep the work area well lit. Do not use the
tool where there is a risk of causing fire or explosion, e.g. in
the presence of flammable liquids and gases.
Keep children away
Do not allow children, visitors or animals to come near the
work area or to touch the tool.
Do not overreach
Keep proper footing and balance at all times.
Stay alert
Watch what you are doing. Use common sense.
Do not operate the tool when you are tired.
Use appropriate tool
The intended use is described in this instruction manual.
Warning! The use of any accessory or attachment or
performance of any operation with this tool other than those
recommended in this instruction manual may present a risk of
personal injury.
Check for damaged parts
Before use, carefully check the tool for damage. Ensure that
the tool will operate properly and perform its intended function.
Do not use the tool if any part is damaged or defective.
Store idle tools
When not in use, tools and batteries should be stored in a dry,
locked up or high place, out of reach of children.
This tool complies with relevant safety requirements.
Repairs should only be carried out by qualified persons using
original spare parts; otherwise this may result in considerable
danger to the user.
Additional safety instructions for non-rechargeable
◆ Never attempt to open for any reason.
Do not store in locations where the temperature may
exceed 40 °C.
When disposing of batteries, follow the instructions given
in the section “Protecting the environment”.
Do not incinerate the batteries.
Under extreme conditions, battery leakage may occur.
When you notice liquid on the batteries, proceed as
- Carefully wipe the liquid off using a cloth. Avoid skin
Additional safety instructions for lasers
Read all of this manual carefully.
This product is not to be used by children under 16.
Warning! Laser radiation.
Do not look into the laser beam.
Refer to the laser product characteristics.
This laser complies with class 1 according to EN 608251:1 2001+A11. Do not replace a laser diode with a
different type. If damaged, have the laser repaired by an
authorised repair agent.
Do not use the laser for any purpose other than
identifying surfaces for measurement
An exposure of the eye to the beam of a class 1 laser is
considered safe for a maximum of 0.25 seconds.
Eyelid reflexes will normally provide adequate protection.
Never look into the laser beam directly and intentionally.
Do not use optical tools to view the laser beam.
Do not set up the tool at a position where the laser beam
can cross any person at head height.
Do not let children come near the laser.
Warning! This tool is intended for indoor use only.
Do not use the tool for outdoor applications.
On/off switch
Laser aperture
Sonic aperture
LCD screen
Read button
Key pad
Battery cover
Fig. A
8. Set key
9. Measurement system key
10. Memory recall key
11. Multiply key
12. Add key
13. Subtract key
14. Store key
15. Sum key
Fitting the battery (fig. B)
◆ Remove the battery cover (7) from the tool.
◆ Connect the battery to the connector. The larger battery
terminal connects to the smaller connector terminal.
◆ Refit the cover and let it click into place.
Setting the tool (fig. A, C & E)
The tool can show the results measured from either the front
(18) or the back (19).
◆ To switch from one measurement method to the other,
press key (8).
Setting the measuring head (fig. E)
◆ Turn the measuring head. Do not set the head at
intermediate angels, as this will lead to inaccurate results.
Selecting the measurement system (fig. A & D)
The appliance can show the results both in the metrical (16)
and the imperial system (17).
◆ To switch from one measurement system to the other,
press key (9).
Memory function (fig. A & D)
The use of the memory function (20) is indicated on the display.
◆ Press key (14) to store the value on the display in the
memory. The value remains stored as long as the
appliance is switched on.
◆ Press key (14) again to clear the memory.
Switching on and off (fig. B)
◆ To switch the tool on, slide the on/off switch (1) to
postion I.
◆ To switch the tool off, slide the on/off switch to position 0.
Measuring (fig. A)
◆ Hold the tool at the required position with the measuring
head aimed at the opposite surface.
◆ Press key (5). The result appears on the display (4).
- During a measurement the laser dot helps identifying the
opposite surface.
- After 15 seconds of inactivity the LCD screen will go
blank. The last measurement data will not be retrieved
unless it has been stored in the memory.
Measuring distances (fig. A)
◆ Measure the first distance
◆ Press key (12).
◆ Measure the following distance.
◆ Repeat the previous instruction as many times as required
for the remaining distances.
◆ Press key (15). The result appears on the display (4).
Measuring areas (fig. A)
◆ Measure the length.
◆ Press key (11).
◆ Measure the width.
◆ Press key (15). The result appears on the display (4) in
square units.
Measuring volumes (fig. A)
◆ Measure the length.
◆ Press key (11).
◆ Measure the width.
◆ Press key (11).
◆ Measure the height.
◆ Press key (15). The result appears on the display (4) in
cubic units.
Hints for optimum use
◆ Use the tool only in an open space, without obstacles in
the measuring path.
◆ During a measurement avoid moving the tool until the
distance is displayed.
◆ To ensure a correct reading, repeat the measurement until
you get at least 2 of the same readings within 3 attempts.
◆ For successful measuring results, consider the following
- The measured object surface must be flat and hard.
- Distance measuring through glass is not possible.
- When the distance is out of the work range, the tool
will beep and register an error.
Low battery indicator (fig. D)
The LCD screen will display a low battery symbol (21) when
the battery is nearly empty.
◆ Replace the battery on time.
Cleaning and maintenance
EC declaration of conformity
Your Black & Decker tool has been designed to operate over a
long period of time with a minimum of maintenance.
Regulary clean the housing using a damp cloth. Do not use any
abrasive or solvent-based cleaner.
Black & Decker declares that these products conform to:
89/336/EEC, EN 60825, EN 61000
Kevin Hewitt
Director of Consumer Engineering
Spennymoor, County Durham DL16 6JG,
United Kingdom
When not in use, tools and batteries should be stored in a dry,
locked up or high place, out of reach of children.
Protecting the environment
Should you find one day that your tool needs
replacement, or if it is of no further use to you, think
of the protection of the environment. Black & Decker
repair agents will accept old Black & Decker tools
and ensure that they are disposed of in an
environmentally safe way.
If you want to dispose of the tool yourself, the
battery must be removed as described above and
disposed of in accordance with local regulations.
Place the battery in a suitable packaging to ensure that
the terminals cannot be short-circuited. Take the batteries
to a local recycling station.
Technical data
Working distance
Accuracy (at 3 m)
no. of digits
Environmental temperature
Wave length
Laser class
Laser power
V 9
m 0.61 - 12
+/- 0.5%
+/- 1
5 - 40
Black & Decker is confident of the quality of its products and
offers an outstanding guarantee. This guarantee statement is
in addition to and in no way prejudices your statutory rights.
The guarantee is valid within the territories of the Member
States of the European Union and the European Free Trade Area.
If a Black & Decker product becomes defective due to faulty
materials, workmanship or lack of conformity, within 24 months
from the date of purchase, Black & Decker guarantees to
replace defective parts, repair products subjected to fair wear
and tear or replace such products to ensure minimum
inconvenience to the customer unless:
◆ The product has been used for trade, professional or hire
◆ The product has been subjected to misuse or neglect;
◆ The product has sustained damage through foreign
objects, substances or accidents;
◆ Repairs have been attempted by persons other than
authorised repair agents or Black & Decker service staff.
To claim on the guarantee, you will need to submit proof of
purchase to the seller or an authorised repair agent. You can
check the location of your nearest authorised repair agent by
contacting your local Black & Decker office at the address
indicated in this manual. Alternatively, a list of authorised
Black & Decker repair agents and full details of our after-sales
service and contacts are available on the Internet at:
Please visit our website to
register your new Black & Decker product and to be kept up to
date on new products and special offers. Further information
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