EMAX32 | Black&Decker EMAX32 ROTARY MOWER Type 2 instruction manual

New Zealand
(Original instructions)
Intended use
Your Black & Decker mower has been designed for mowing
grass. This tool is intended for consumer use only.
Warning! Read all of the 'Safety, Maintenance,
Service' manual carefully before operating
this appliance.
Read all of this manual carefully before operating
the appliance.
This appliance includes some or all of the following features.
1. Switch box
2. On/off switch
3. Upper handle
4. Lower handle
5. Cable storage holders
7. Grass collection box
8. Grass flap
9. Carry handles
Warning! Before assembly, make sure that the appliance is
switched off and unplugged.
Assembling the grass collection box (fig. A & B)
The grass box requires assembly before use and comes in 3
u Clip the handle (10) into the lid (11) of the grass box (fig.
A). The handle will only fit one way round.
u Align the lid (11) onto the base of grass collection box.
Ensure that the 10 guides (12) are aligned (fig. B)
Note: Take extra care when aligning the 2 clips at the rear of
the grass collection box.
u Push down on the lid to secure all clips. Begin at the back
and ensure that all clips are securely located.
Fitting the switchbox (fig. C)
Align the plastic pins (13) on the switchbox (1) with the
holes on the handle (14) making sure that the switchbox is
on the top edge of the handle.
u Slide the plastic pins (13) on the switchbox (1) all the way
through the holes in the handle.
u Slide the plastic cover (15) into the thin runners in the
switchbox (1).
u Secure the plastic cover (15) with the 2 screws provided.
Fitting the lower handle (fig. D)
Insert the ends of the lower handles (4) into the corresponding holes in the mower.
u Press the handle down as far as it will go.
u Secure the handle using the screws (16).
Assembling the upper handle (fig. E)
Fit the upper handle (3) to the lower handle (4) using the
knobs (17), washers (18) and screws (19) as shown.
Note: The upper handle can be fixed in 2 different height
Securing the motor cable (fig. F)
The motor cable has to be fixed using the cable restraints.
u Clip the cable to the upper and lower handle using the
restraint clips (20) as shown.
Fitting the grass collection box (fig. L)
Lift the flap (8) and place the grass collection box (7) over
the lugs (21).
Cable restraint (fig. H)
Loop the cable through the cable restraint to prevent the
extension cable from becoming detached during use.
Replacing the blade (fig. K)
Warning! Ensure the blade has completely stopped and
disconnect the appliance from the mains.
Warning! Only use the specified replacement blade.
Warning! Use heavy-duty gloves to grip the blade.
To remove the blade:
u Turn the appliance onto its side.
u Using heavy-duty gloves, grip the blade.
u Use a 13mm spanner to loosen and remove the blade bolt
(22) by turning the spanner anti-clockwise (ac).
u Remove the blade (23) and blade bolt (22).
To replace the blade:
u Offer the blade up to bolt shaft and locate the blade bolt
(22) into the bolt shaft.
Note: When fitting a blade, the text on the blade must be
facing the user.
u Tighten the blade bolt (22) as firmly as possible by hand.
u Using heavy-duty gloves, grip the blade.
u Use a 13mm spanner to securely tighten the blade bolt
(22) by turning the spanner clockwise (c).
Warning! Let the appliance work at its own pace. Do not
Adjusting the height of cut (fig. I)
Warning! Ensure the blade has completely stopped and
disconnect the appliance from the mains.
The height of cut is adjusted by altering the height of all the
wheels, there are 3 positions to choose from.
u Remove the grass collection box (7).
u Turn the lawnmower upside down.
u Take hold of a wheel (24) and push/pull the axle from its
current location.
(Original instructions)
Move the wheel (24) up/down into the next available location.
Note: Adjust one wheel at a time. Adjust one height position
at a time.
Switching on and off (fig. G)
Switching on
u Push in and hold the lock-off button (25).
u Pull the on/off switch (2) towards the handle.
u Release the lock-off button.
Switching off
u Release the on/off switch (2).
Warning: Never attempt to lock a switch in the on position.
Mowing (fig. N1 & N2)
We recommend to use your mower as outlined in this section
in order to achieve optimum results and to reduce the risk of
cutting the mains cable.
u Place the bulk of the mains cable on the lawn, close to the
starting point (position 1 in fig. N1).
u Switch the appliance on as described above.
u Proceed as shown in fig. N1
u Move from position 1 to position 2.
u Turn right and proceed towards position 3.
u Turn left and move towards position 4.
u Repeat the above procedure as required.
Warning: Do not work towards the cable as shown in fig. N2.
EdgeMax (fig. J1 & J2)
EdgeMax allows you to cut grass right up to the edge of a wall
or fence (fig J1).
EdgeMax allows you to accurately cut grass right up to the
edge of your lawn (fig J2).
u With the lawnmower parallel with the edge of your lawn.
u Push the lawnmower along the edge of the lawn. Ensure
that the EdgeMax (6) is slightly over the edge of your lawn
Emptying the grass collection box
Release the on/off switch (2).
Remove the grass collection box (7).
u Empty the contents from the the box.
Carrying the mower
Warning! Ensure the blade has completely stopped and
disconnect the appliance from the mains.
u The mower can be carried using the convenient carry
handles (9).
Hints for optimum use
If the grass is longer than approximately 10 cm, make two
cuts to obtain a better finish. First mow at maximum height
of cut, then use a low or medium height of cut.
u In order to achieve optimum results, only mow dry grass.
If your appliance seems not to operate properly, follow the
instructions below. If this does not solve the problem, please
contact your local Black & Decker repair agent.
Warning! Before proceeding, remove the plug from the
Machine fails to
Possible Cause
Possible solution
Power turned off
Turn power on
Fuse faulty/blown
Replace fuse
Grass too long
Increase the height of
cut and move machine
to shorter grass to start
Thermal cut out
Allow motor to cool and
increase height of cut
Machine functions
Thermal cut out
Allow motor to cool and
increase height of cut
Height of cut too low
Increase height of cut
Cutting blade blunt
Replace the blade
Underside of machine
Check underneath the
machine and clear out
Machine leaves
ragged finish or
motor labours
as necessary (always
wear heavy duty
Blade fitted upside
Refit blade correctly
Cable storage (fig. M) (EMax32S only)
Warning! The cable holders (5) provide a safe and convenient
way to store the cable (26) when not in use..
u Wrap the cable around the cable holders (5) in a figure of
eight pattern.
(Original instructions)
Technical data
EMax32-XE / EMax32s-XE
Type 2
Power Input
No-Load Speed
Height adjustment
20 - 60
Blade length
Hand/arm weighted vibration value according to EN60335:
= < 2.5 m/s2 , uncertainty (K) = 1.5 m/s2.
Australia & New Zealand
Stanley Black & Decker
82 Taryn Drive, Epping, VIC 3076 Australia
Tel.1800 444 224 (Aust) or Tel. 0800 339 258 (NZ)
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