VM1480 | Black&Decker VM1480 VACUUM CLEANER instruction manual

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(Original instructions)
Intended use
Your BLACK+DECKER VM1480 vacuum cleaner has been
designed for dry vacuum cleaning purposes. This appliance is
intended for consumer indoor use only.
This appliance is not to be used in:
u Staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working
u Farm Houses;
u By clients in hotels, motels and other residential type
u Bed and breakfast type environments or any other nonhousehold type environments.
Safety instructions
Warning! Read all safety warnings and all
instructions. Failure to follow the warnings and
instructions listed below may result in electric
shock, fire and/or serious injury.
u Read all of this manual carefully before using the appliance.
u The intended use is described in this manual. The use of
any accessory or attachment or the performance of any
operation with this appliance other than those recommended in this instruction manual may present a risk of
personal injury.
u Retain this manual for future reference.
Using your appliance
u Make sure that the appliance is switched off before con-
necting to or disconnecting from the power supply.
u Always take care when using the appliance.
u Do not use the appliance outdoors.
u Never pull the power supply cord to disconnect the plug
from the socket. Keep the power supply cord away from
heat, oil and sharp edges.
u If the power supply cord is damaged during use, disconnect the appliance from the power supply immediately.
Do not touch the power supply cord before disconnecting
from the power supply.
u Disconnect the appliance from the power supply when not
in use, before fitting or removing parts and before cleaning.
u Do not immerse the appliance in water.
After use
u Switch off and remove the plug from the socket before
leaving the appliance unattended and before changing,
cleaning or inspecting any parts of the appliance.
u When not in use, the appliance should be stored in a dry
u Children should not have access to stored appliances.
Inspection and repairs
u Before use, check the appliance for damaged or defective
parts. Check for breakage of parts, damage to switches
and any other conditions that may affect its operation.
u Do not use the appliance if any part is damaged or defective.
u Have any damaged or defective parts repaired or replaced
by an authorized repair agent.
u Before use, check the power supply cord for signs of damage, ageing and wear.
u Do not use the appliance if the power supply cord or
mains plug is damaged or defective.
u If the power supply cord or mains plug is damaged or
defective it must be repaired by the manufacturer or its
service agent or a similarly qualified person in order to
avoid a hazard. Do not cut the power supply cord and do
not attempt to repair it yourself.
u Never attempt to remove or replace any parts other than
those specified in this manual.
Additional safety instructions for vacuum cleaners
u Before use, always make sure that the filter or dust compartment is correctly seated.
Do not use the appliance to pick up any materials that
Do not use the appliance to pick up any materials that are
could catch fire.
burning or smoking (matches, cigarettes, hot ash, etc.).
Do not block the vents of the appliance.
u Avoid inhaling dust when emptying the appliance or the
dust bag.
Always keep the brush, crevice tool and other accessories
away from the body whilst the unit is in operation.
Always empty the product outside.
u Use extra care when cleaning stairs, use caution when
vacuuming at the top of stairs, near children, etc.
When vacuuming stairs, start at the bottom & work up.
u Do not use to pick up anything burning or smoking
(matches, cigarettes, hot ashes, etc.
Do not block the vents at the back of the unit.
u Avoid inhaling dust when emptying the dust compartment.
u Always keep the brush, crevice tool and other accessories
away from the body while the unit is in operation.
Always empty the appliance outside.
u Always be aware of the position of the power cable and
hose so as to avoid a tripping hazard during use.
Do not use on animals.
u Keep the motor exhaust away from eyes and faces.
u Keep children and animals at a safe distance when using
this appliance.
Always work from bottom up when using the appliance on
stairs, and keep the appliance at least a stair below your
working position.
(Original instructions)
Do not use the appliance without the suction head or
another suitable accessory mounted to the tube.
u Keep your hair, clothing and gloves away from moving
u Do not use damaged accessories.
u Use only BLACK+DECKER accessories.
u Do not use the appliance on animals.
u Disconnect the product from the electrical supply before
emptying, cleaning or carrying out any maintenance on
the appliance.
Safety of others
u This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for
their safety.
u Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not
play with the appliance.
Electrical safety
This appliance is double insulated; therefore
no earth wire is required. Always check that the
power supply corresponds to the voltage on the
rating plate.
Power plugs must match the outlet. Never modify the plug in
any way. Unmodified plugs and matching outlets will reduce
risk of electric shock.
u If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer or an authorised BLACK+DECKER Service
Centre in order to avoid a hazard.
This Appliance includes some or all of the following features.
1. Extension tube (X2)
3. Cable rewind button
4. On/Off button
5. Power regulator
6. Airflow adjuster
7. Dust compartment release button
8. Carrying handle
10. Hose connector
11. Floor head
12. Function change pedal
13. Dusting brush attachment
14. Upholstery attachment
15. Crevice attachment (with flip-down brush)
16. Air intake duct
17. Dust compartment
18. Dust compartment door release button
19. HEPA filter release button
20. HEPA filter assembly
21. Pre filter
22. Exhaust filter
23. Exhaust cover
24. Exhaust cover release button
Connecting the hose (fig. A)
u Insert the hose connector (10) into the air intake duct (16)
of the appliance.
Twist firmly until it clicks into place.
Disconnecting the hose (fig. A)
u Press and hold the hose release buttons.
u Pull the hose connector (10) out of the air intake duct (16)
of the appliance.
Fitting the extension tubes (fig. B)
u Firmly push handle adaptor (2) in to the extension tube
Adding second extension tube (fig. C)
u Firmly push second extension into the first extension tube.
Fitting accessories (fig. D)
Your vacuum cleaner comes equipped with three attachments
intended for different applications. Each individual attachment
can either be fitted onto the extension tube (1) or directly onto
the handle of the suction hose (2), as required.
Floor head (11)
You will probably work most frequently with the floor head.
This is suitable for cleaning wide areas. The floor head is
fitted with a practical 360° joint. This ensures that you can
reach easily into any corner.
u Clean carpets and wall-to-wall carpets without using the
brush feature. Press the function change pedal with the
carpet symbol on the function change pedal (12) and the
brush is raised (Fig. H).
Smooth floors such as PVC, parquet or tiles are best
cleaned and cared for using the brush. To do so press the
function change pedal with the symbol for smooth floors
on the function change pedal (12) and the brush will come
out (Fig. H).
(Original instructions)
Dusting attachment (13)
You can use this attachment to clean the dust from books or
sensitive objects such as picture frames.
Upholstery attachment (14)
You can use this attachment to clean the dust upholstered
furniture, mattresses, cushions, curtains etc.
Crevice attachment (15)
The crevice tool (15) allows for vacuuming in narrow and
hard-to-reach places.
Switching on and off (fig. E)
u To switch the appliance on, press the on/off switch (4).
u To switch the appliance off, press the on/off switch (4).
Power regulator (fig. F)
u You can adjust the power to the unit by turning the power
regulator (5).
u When operating the appliance, make sure that the hose is
not trapped, twisted or blocked.
u Before using the device first roll out a sufficient length of
electric flex cable and plug into the mains socket. The
yellow mark on the electric flex cable is the maximum
length that must not be exceeded.
Note: In a few cases there may be a “whistling” sound at the
start. This is not a fault and the sound goes away after a time.
WARNING! Do not suck up toner, plaster, cement, stone
dust or drill dust. The sucking up of these materials blocks
the filter
Regulating the suction power (fig. G)
The manual air inlet valve (6) allows you to vary the amount of
suction depending on the task at hand. The wider the valve is
opened, the less the suction power and vice-versa.
u Minimal suction power for curtains and sensitive materials.
u Medium suction power for upholstery cushions, mattresses, carpet floors.
u Maximum suction power for tiled, wooden and robust floor
Cord rewind (Fig. I)
u Press and hold the cord rewind button (3).
Fitting and removing the dust Compartment (fig. J,
K, L)
u Switch off the vacuum cleaner and disconnect the plug
from the mains. NEVER pull on the cable to disconnect.
Release the dust compartment by pressing forward the
Lift the dust compartment out of the main body of the unit
Press the dust compartment release button (18) to open
Empty the contents of the dust compartment (17) into a
release button (7) as shown in figure J.
as shown in figure K.
the door on the dust compartment (17).
suitable receptacle as shown in figure L.
Cleaning the motor filter (fig. M, N)
u Switch off the vacuum cleaner and disconnect the plug
from the mains. NEVER pull on the cable to disconnect.
Lift the HEPA filter unit release button (19) and lift out the
Using the tab provided, lift out the HEPA filter assembly
HEPA filter unit as shown in figure M.
(20) and free the pre filter (21) as shown in figure N. Tap
the pre filter over a suitable receptacle, to free it from
accumulated dust, or wash it in running water and allow to
dry naturally before re-assembling.
Note: Only ever clean the pre filter with clean water do not
use soap or detergent. Dry the filter naturally. Do not dry it by
heat otherwise it will distort.
Cleaning the exhaust air filter (fig. O)
The exhaust air filter cleans the air a final time before it leaves
the vacuum cleaner. You can clean the exhaust air filter as
u Switch off the vacuum cleaner and disconnect the plug
from the mains. NEVER pull on the cable to disconnect.
u Open the exhaust trap (23) by pushing down on the
exhaust trap release button (24) with your finger.
u The exhaust filter (22) is visible when the trap has been
u Rinse the filter under cold running water and allow to dry
Note: Only ever clean the exhaust filter with clean water do
not use soap or detergent. Dry the exhaust filter naturally. Do
not dry it by heat otherwise it will distort.
Storing the appliance
Warning! When storing the appliance, switch the appliance off
and unplug it.
u Store the appliance in a dry location.
Your BLACK+DECKER corded appliance has been designed
to operate over a long period of time with a minimum of maintenance. Continuous satisfactory operation depends upon
proper tool care and regular cleaning.
Warning! Before performing any maintenance on corded
u Switch off and unplug the appliance.
(Original instructions)
Regularly clean the ventilation slots in your appliance
using a soft brush or dry cloth.
u Regularly clean the motor housing using a damp cloth. Do
not use any abrasive or solvent-based cleaner.
Mains plug replacement (U.K. & Ireland only)
If a new mains plug needs to be fitted:
u Safely dispose of the old plug.
u Connect the brown lead to the live terminal in the new
u Connect the blue lead to the neutral terminal.
Warning! Follow the fitting instructions supplied with good
quality plugs. Recommended fuse: 10A.
Protecting the environment
Separate collection. Products and batteries marked
with this symbol must not be disposed of with normal
household waste.
Should you find one day that your BLACK+DECKER product
needs replacement, or if it is of no further use to you, do not
dispose of it with household waste. Make this product available for separate collection.
Black & Decker is confident of the quality of its products and
offers consumers a 24 month guarantee from the date
of purchase. This guarantee is in addition to and in no way
prejudices your statutory rights. The guarantee is valid within
the territories of the Member States of the European Union
and the European Free Trade Area.
To claim on the guarantee, the claim must be in accordance
with Black&Decker Terms and Conditions and you will need to
submit proof of purchase to the seller or an authorised repair
agent. Terms and conditions of the Black&Decker 2 year guarantee and the location of your nearest authorised repair agent
can be obtained on the Internet at www.2helpU.com, or
by contacting your local Black & Decker office at the address
indicated in this manual.
Please visit our website www.blackanddecker.co.uk to register
your new Black & Decker product and receive updates on new
products and special offers.
Products and batteries contain materials that can be recovered or recycled reducing the demand for raw materials.
Please recycle electrical products and batteries according to
local provisions. Further information is available at
Technical data
220 - 240 50-60Hz
800 - 1000
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