DVA325JP | Black&Decker DVA325JP DUSTBUSTER Type H1 instruction manual

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Intended use
and DVA325BPS Dustbuster® hand-held
vacuum cleaners have been designed for
vacuum cleaning purposes. These appliances
are intended for house-hold use only.
1 Read all of this manual carefully before
operating the appliance.
Safety instructions
1 W
ARNING! Read all safety warnings
and all instructions. Failure to follow
the warnings and instructions listed
below may result in electric shock, fire
and/or serious injury.
• The intended use is described in this manual. The use of any accessory or attachment or the performance of any operation
with this appliance other than those
recommended in this instruction manual
may present a risk of personal injury.
• Retain this manual for future reference.
Using your appliance
• Do not use the appliance to pick up liquids
or any materials that could catch fire.
• Do not use the appliance near water.
• Do not immerse the appliance in water.
• Never pull the charger lead to disconnect
the charger from the socket. Keep the
charger lead away from heat, oil and sharp
• This appliance can be used by children
aged from 8 years and above and persons
with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or lack of experience and
knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the
appliance in a safe way and understand
the hazards involved. Children shall not
play with the appliance. Cleaning and user
maintenance shall not be made by children
without supervision.
Inspection and repairs
Before use, check the appliance for dam-aged
or defective parts.
Check for breakage of parts, damage to switches and any other conditions that may affect its
• Do not use the appliance if any part is
damaged or defective.
• Have any damaged or defective parts
repaired or replaced by an authorized
repair agent.
• Regularly check the charger lead for
damage. Replace the charger if the lead is
damaged or defective.
• Never attempt to remove or replace any
parts other than those specified in this
Additional safety instructions
After use
• Unplug the charger before cleaning the
charger or charging base.
• When not in use, the appliance should be
stored in a dry place.
• Children should not have access to stored
Residual risks
Additional residual risks may arise when using
the tool which may not be included in the enclosed safety warnings. These risks can arise
from misuse, prolonged use etc.Even with the
application of the relevant safety regulations
and the implementation of safety devices,
certain residual risks can not be avoided. These
• Injuries caused by touching any rotating/
moving parts.
• Injuries caused when changing any parts,
blades or accessories.
• Injuries caused by prolonged use of a tool.
When using any tool for prolonged periods
ensure you take regular breaks.
• Impairment of hearing.Health hazards
caused by breathing dust developed when
using your tool (example:- working with
wood, especially oak, beech and MDF.)
Your charger has been designed for a specific
voltage. Always check that the mains voltage
corresponds to the voltage on the rating plate.
Warning! Never attempt to replace the charger
unit with a regular mains plug.
• Use your BLACK+DECKER charger only
to charge the battery in the appliance with
which it was supplied.
• Other batteries could burst, causing personal injury and damage.
• Never attempt to charge non-rechargeable
• If the supply cord is damaged, it must
be replaced by the manufacturer or an
authorised BLACK+DECKER Service Centre
in order to avoid a hazard.
• Do not expose the charger to water.
• Do not open the charger.
• Do not probe the charger.The appliance/
battery must be placed in a well ventilated
area when charging.
Electrical safety
Symbols on the charger
Read all of this manual carefully
before using the appliance.
This tool is double insulated; therefore no earth wire is
required. Always check that the
power supply corresponds to the
voltage on the rating plate.
The charger is intended for
indoor use only.
Labels on appliance
The following symbols appear on this appliance along with the date code.
Read all of this manual carefully
before using the appliance
Only use with charger
This tool includes some or all of the following
1. On/off switch
2. Dust bowl release button
3. Dust bowl
4. Extendable crevice tool
5. Filter
6. Charging terminals
7. Base charger
8. Pet head
9. Charger
10.Jack plug
11.Charging socket
1 W
ARNING!Do not attempt to modify
or repair the appliance
Charging the battery (DVA325JP)
1 W
ARNING!For use only with the
supplied charger.
From new, the rechargeable cells of the product need a minimum charge time of 16 hours
to ensure full power.
• The switch must be in the off (“O”) position, the product will not charge if it is in
any other position.
• Figure B - Plug the jack plug ( 10 ) of the
charger into the charging socket ( 11 ) of
the tool. Plug the charger into any standard 240 Volt 50 Hz electrical outlet.
• While charging, the charger may get warm,
this is perfectly normal and safe. It is safe
to leave the appliance connected to the
charger indefinitely. The charger automatically reduces power consumption when
charging is complete.
1 WARNING! Do not charge the battery
at ambient temperatures below 39°F
(4°C) or above 104°F (40°C).
Charging the battery (DVA325BP,
WARNING!For use only with the supplied charger.
• Before first use, the battery must be
charged for at least 16 hours.
• Place the appliance on the charging base
( 7 ) whenever it is not in use as shown in
Figure C.
• Plug the charger into any standard 240
Volt 50 Hz electrical outlet.
WARNING!Before charging, be sure to empty
all contents and dry thoroughly if needed to
avoid damage to your appliance.
• Make sure the appliance is switched off.
The battery will not be charged when the
on/off switch ( 1 ) is in the on position.
NOTE: While charging, the charger may
become warm. This is normal and does not
indicate a problem. The appliance can be left
connected to the charger indefinitely.
NOTE: Remove the pet head before charging.
1 WARNING! Do not charge the battery
at ambient temperatures below 39°F
(4°C) or above 104°F (40°C).
Switching on and off (Fig. D)
• To start, slide the On/Off switch ( 1 ) forward (i.e. “O”= Off, “I” = On) in Figure D.
• To stop, slide the switch back.
• Return the product to the charger immediately after use so that it will be ready
and fully charged for the next use. Ensure
that the product is fully engaged with the
charger plug.
Cleaning and emptying the product
WARNING! Projectile/Respir
tory Hazard: Never use the vac without its filter.
NOTE: The filter is re-usable, do not confuse it
with a disposable dust bag, and do not throw
it away when the product is emptied. We recommend that you replace the filter every 6–9
months depending on frequency of use.
There are two methods of cleaning the bowl,
a quick empty method and a thorough clean
For a quick empty (Fig. E, F)
• Press the dust bowl release button ( 2 )
on the handle and remove the dust bowl in
Figure E.
• The top of the bowl is open when the
bowl is removed so that dust can be easy
dumped without touching the filter.
• Empty the dust from the bowl ( 3 ) in
Figure F.
• To replace dust bowl, place it back onto the
handle until it “clicks” firmly into position.
For a more thorough cleaning, remove bowl as
described in Figure F.
For a more thorough cleaning (Fig. G, H)
Press the dust bowl release button ( 2 )
on the handle and remove the dust bowl in
Figure G.
Remove filter from within the bowl.
For a more thorough cleaning (Fig. G, H)
Press the dust bowl release button ( 2 )
on the handle and remove the dust bowl in
Figure G.
Remove filter from within the bowl.
Shake or lightly brush any loose dust off
The dust bowl ( 3 ) and filter can be
washed in warm soapy water. Allow to dry
before placing back into the vac.
Place filter back into the bowl pressing
firmly to ensure a secure fit.
To replace dust bowl, place it back onto
the handle until it “clicks” firmly into position.
IMPORTANT: Maximum dust collection will
only be obtained with a clean filter and an
empty dust bowl. If dust begins to fall back out
of the product after it is switched off, this indicates that the bowl is full and requires emptying.
• Wash the filters regularly using warm,
soapy water and ensure that it is completely dry before using again. The cleaner the
filter is, the better the product will perform.
• It is very important that the filter is correctly in position before use.
Nozzle / Accessories (Fig. I–K)
• A crevice tool ( 4 ) is built into the nozzle
and can be extended as shown in Figure I
by pulling the extension piece until it locks
into position in Figure I.
Attaching Pet Head (Fig. J)
CAUTION: The unit needs to be switched off
when the pet head is attached or detached.
NOTE: Do not use directly on pets.
Slide the dust bowl opening ( 3 ) into the opening of the motorized pet head ( 8 ), ensuring
that the connectors ( 12 ) engage with the
recesses ( 13 ). An audible click will be heard.
Removing Pet Head (Fig. K)
CAUTION: The unit needs to be switched off
when the pet head is attached or detached.
• Pull the motorized pet head release tabs
( 12 ) outward.
• Pull the main unit from the pet head ( 8 ).
Scented filter
• BEFORE FIRST USE - remove bag from
the scented pre-filter. Reassemble per
instructions above.
• When the vacuum is turned on, the plastic
scented filter will emit an aroma to freshen
the air.
–– Causes mild skin irritation
–– Toxic to aquatic life
–– Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
–– Dispose of contents/ containers to an
approved waste disposal plant.
NOTE: When the plastic scented filter no longer lets off the aroma, it can be an indication
that the filter needs to be replaced. See below
for information on replacement filters.
Replacing the filters
The filters should be replaced every 6 to 9
months and whenever worn or damaged.
Replacement filters are available from your
BLACK+DECKER dealer (cat. noVPF30).
• Remove the old filters as described above.
• Fit the new filters as described above.
Your BLACK+DECKER cordless appliance has
been designed to operate over a long period of
time with a minimum of maintenance.
Continuous satisfactory operation depends
upon proper tool care and regular cleaning.
WARNING! Before performing any
maintenance on cordless appliances:
• Run the battery down completely if it is
integral and then switch off.
• Unplug the charger before cleaning it. Your
charger does not require any maintenance
apart from regular cleaning.
• Regularly clean the ventilation slots in your
appliance/charger using a soft brush or
dry cloth.
• Regularly clean the motor housing using
a damp cloth. Do not use any abrasive or
solvent-based cleaner.
Protecting the environment
1 S
eparate collection. Products and
batteries marked with this symbol
must not be disposed of with normal
household waste.
Products and batteries contain materials that
can be recovered or recycled reducing the
demand for raw materials. Please recycle electrical products and batteries according to local
provisions. Further information is available at
Technical Data
Watt Hours
Australia & New Zealand
Stanley Black & Decker
Tel.1800 338 002 (Aust) or Tel. 0800 339 258 (NZ)
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