LG | OTW630B | LG OTW630B Owner’s Manual

Install Manual
Wall mounting
Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it
for future reference.
P/No: MFL68484545 (1606-REV00)
Printed in Korea
Wall mounting anchor
8 units
Guide spacer
2 units
Wall mounting screw
8 units
A -1
Guide space screw
2 units
(M8 x L77)
Install manual
A -2
Guide space screw
2 units
(M4 x L12)
Guide spacer
Guide space screw
Set protection cushion
2 units
2 units
(M8 x L25)
4 units
Lock Spring
2 units
•• If you are a professional installer, please read this manual carefully before installing the product.
•• If you are a professional installer, please give this manual to the user after installing the product and ensure that the
user also reads the manual carefully and retains it for future reference.
After reading the manual, please keep it handy for future reference.
•• The product should be installed by a qualified professional specified by the retail store.
-- Product installation by non-qualified personnel is very dangerous and may cause personal injury.
•• The product should be installed where its weight can be fully supported.
-- If the product is installed on a weak surface, the product may fall, causing injury.
•• When moving or replacing the product after installation, contact a qualified installer specified by the retail store.
-- Installation or movement of the product must be carried out by a skilled professional. If an unqualified person moves
and installs the product, it may cause safety risks.
•• Do not hang on this product, protect the product from severe impacts after the installation.
-- The product may fall and cause injury.
•• Be sure not to hang the power cable and signal cable on the back of TV when installing the wall-mounted TV.
-- Damaged cables may result in fire, electric shock, or damage to the product.
•• Follow the instructions in this manual to product properly.
-- If you do not follow these instructions, the product may be installed incorrectly and cause serious injury or the
product may become damaged.
•• To install or adjust the height of the product, two or more people are needed.
-- If you try to install or move the product alone, it may fall and cause injury or the product may become damaged.
•• When installing the product, first check that the wall is strong enough. Use the anchors and screws provided.
-- If you use anchors and screws that are not specified by the manufacturer, they may not hold the weight of the
product, causing safety issues.
•• When drilling holes into the wall, make sure you use a drill and drill bit with the specified diameter. Ensure that you
also follow the instructions regarding the depth of the holes.
-- Otherwise, the product may be installed incorrectly and cause safety issues.
•• Do not clean the product with a wet towel, and do not place a heater, or humidifier beneath it.
-- Moisture, steam or heat permeating into this product may result in fire, electric shock or product damage.
•• Keep this product away from sprinklers, sensors, high-tension wires and power sources. Do not install it in a location
where vibrations or impacts are likely to occur.
•• Make sure that the power cord is removed from the outlet before installing the product.
-- Otherwise, it may cause an electric shock or fire.
•• Wear safety gloves when installing the product. Do not use your bare hands.
-- Otherwise, it may cause personal injury.
•• Be sure to use the accessory cable provided. Otherwise, friction between the product and the wall may cause damage
to the connector. (Depending on model)
•• Do not use the product for purposes other than mounting a display on the wall.
•• When installing/using the wall mount, be cautious of product damage and avoid accidents.
•• Install the wall mount according to the installation manual.
•• If you have not fully read and understood the installation manual, do not install the product and contact the dealer to
have a specialized installer install the product for you.
•• Even if you are not a specialized installer, it is advantageous to have experience in mechanical or construction field in
completely understanding this manual and installing the product.
•• Mount the product only on a concrete wall. LG Electronics Inc. is not liable for any accidents caused by mounting the
product on walls made of any other materials, including wood, plywood, and bricks.
•• Install the product only on a vertical wall.
The manufacturer is not responsible for issue from installing the product on an angled wall or on the ceiling.
•• Check that the accessories provided with the product are all included before installing. LG Electronics is not liable for
any damage or loss of accessories after the package has been opened.
•• Keep the included accessories out of reach of babies or children as it can cause safety issues including suffocation
from swallowing the parts.
•• Make sure screws are tight against the wall, but do not overtighten.
Applying excessive force to screws may damage to the wall, affect the product performance, or cause the product to
become damaged.
•• Be careful not to install a TV that exceeds the weight restrictions of the wall mount.
•• Be careful with the tools used during installation to prevent accidents or damage.
Tools you will need
Phillips head + driver (manual or motorized) / 8 mm socket wrench / Level / Drill / You may also need an Ø 4 mm drill
bit for steel or an Ø 8 mm drill bit for concrete.
•• The picture may differ from the actual product.
•• Consult a professional installer prior to mounting the TV using a wall bracket.
1. How to Attach the Brackets for the Product to the TV
•• If the screws are not fully tightened when you fix the guide spacers, check the length of the screws again.
Guide spacer screw A -1
Guide spacer screw A -2
Guide spacer A
Guide spacer screw B
Guide spacer B
Work procedure
1 Check to see if the display has screws installed into the mounting holes. If so, remove those.
2 Assemble the guide spacer and the guide spacer screw in order as shown in the picture.
-- Place the TV on a table with the screen facing down. Make sure that you place it on a flat surface covered with a
soft cloth or cushion to protect it from scratches.
-- Secure the guide spacers to the TV with the screws. Assemble the guide spacer to the set by tightening the
screw. Tighten the screw until the set, guide spacer and the screw are fully pressing against one another.
-- Use the + driver (manual or motorized) when tightening the screw.
Please follow the below direction.
•• Check the material of the wall and the thickness of the finishing.
•• Use the anchors for wall material of concrete, light concrete, strong natural stone, soft natural stone masonry brick
and hallow block that do not crack.
•• Do not mount the device on the walls made from plasterboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF). In this case, the
anchor and screws must be inserted into the concrete behind the finish surface. If there is no concrete on the other
side, then you must first install a separate hanger to securely install the anchors and screws.
•• When installing the product on wall material not designated, install the product so that each location can withstand
the pull out load of 70 kgf (686 N) and shear load of 100 kgf (980 N) or above.
•• Use the Ø 8 mm drill bit for concrete and hammer (Impact) drill.
Wall mounting anchor
Wall mounting screw
Use a drill bit Ø 8 mm to drill a hole for the anchor location within a depth of 80 mm to 100 mm.
Clean the drilled hole.
Insert the sealed wall mounting anchor to the hole. (When inserting the anchor, use a hammer.)
Set the wall mount on the wall by aligning to the location of the hole. and, set the angle adjusting part to face
Align the wall mounting screw to the hole and tighten it. Then, fasten the screws at torque of 45 kgf/cm to
60 kgf/cm.
2. How to attach to masonry walls
3. How to install the wall mounting bracket
Wall mounting screw
•• After aligning the wall mounting bracket to the location to install, mark the part to screw on the wall and then
remove the wall mounting bracket.
•• Refer to next picture to attach the wall mounting bracket.
•• Use a level to check whether the wall mounting bracket is level.
•• If the screw cannot be assembled in the designated location inevitably, it can be assembled by rearranging to the
closest location. But, do not change 2 or more locations from the designated spot.
•• Assemble the wall mounting screw on 2 left and 2 right location on the top part and 2 left and 2 right location on
the bottom part.
•• At this time, use a + driver (manual or motorized) or 8 mm wrench to tighten the screw so that the wall, wall
mounting bracket and screw are completely pressed against one another.
•• Always install the display with 2 or more people.
•• Prevent the power cord from being pinched between the wall mounting bracket and the set when installing the set.
(A pinched power cord may cause damage to the product.)
When inserting the
guide spacer, align its
center with the arrow
shown in the figure for
easy installation.
•• After attaching the guide spacers to the set, hang it on the wall mounting bracket in the direction of the arrows.
Attach the lower part first, then attach the upper part by slightly lifting up the set.
-- Make sure that the product is attached securely by pulling on the bottom of the set.
-- When mounting the product that has a speaker, hold and lift up the product, not the speaker.
4. How to assemble the wall mounting bracket and display
5. Setting the Lock Springs
•• After mounting the product, insert the Lock Springs in the bottom corners of the wall mount to fix in place.
If the wall mounting bracket is not attached securely, the set may fall off, resulting in damage or injury.
Lock Spring
•• After installing the display, check to make sure it is level. (The product goes up or down according to the rotation
direction of the screw.)
<600 x 300>
± 10 mm (Leveling)
6. How to level the Display
7. How to Organize Cables and Attach Protective Cushions
1 Organize the cables as shown in the illustration. Please purchase a band for cable organization, or use the band that
comes with the TV.
2 Attach the protective cushions to minimize the impact between the wall and the TV in case they bump against each
other when adjusting the angle. Attach them in the desired positions, as illustrated.
Set protection
Cable holder
*Caution: Prevent the power cord and the cables from being pinched between the wall mounting
bracket and the wall.
[Unit: mm]
Model name
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Depth (mm)
Product weight (kg)
Wall mounting bracket VESA specifications
600 x 300
Max. tensile load (kg)
The model and serial number of the product is located
on the back or one side of the product. Record it below
should you ever need service.
Supported Displays
(Please contract the retailers or refer to the TV
owner’s manual for applicable models.)
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