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Method to remove protection film
(Feature not available in all countries)
(Feature not available in all countries)
Pure N Fresh (Feature not available in all countries)
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(Feature not available in all countries)
Fresh box(Feature not available in all countries)
(Feature not available in all countries)
,outer right hand side,
to this page.
should an
can cause death or serious personal injury
1.When connecting the power
A dedicated outlet should be used.
, and cause the circuit breaker to trip.
Do not allow the power plug to face upward or to be
crushed at the back of the refrigerator.
or the cord
Do not allow the power cord to be bent or crushed by
heavy objects.
Do not extend or modify the length of the power plug.
can cause
from incorrect installation
or unsafe connection.
Unplug the power plug when cleaning, handling or
replacing the interior lamp of the refrigerator.
Where normal filament lamps are used,
that prevents moisture from
. If the refrigerator uses LED lighting, an authorised
service provider must be called.
Do not pull out the cord or touch the power plug with
wet hands.
Remove water or dust from the power plug and insert
it with the ends of the pins securely connected.
Make sure of grounding.
When the power cord or the power plug is damaged
or the holes of the outlet are loosed, donot use them.
It may cause electric shock or short circuit to make fire.
2. When using the refrigerator
Do not place dangerous items,or heavy objects
(including containers with liquid) on the refrigerator.
They may fall or spill and
Do not install the Refrigerator in a wet place or any
outdoor sheltered environment where it can be
exposed to rain or moisture.
Doing this can cause corrosion and rust as well as electrical
Do not hang or cling from the door, or the shelves
of the door, or any opening, or removable
compartment of the refrigerator.
Doing so will damage the refrigerator or its parts and
may cause personal injury.
Do not use or store inflammable materials such as
chemicals, solvents,
benzene, alcohol, medicine, LP gas, spray or
cosmetics near or in the refrigerator.
Do not use any heating or drying appliances inside the
refrigerator, or use lit candles
to remove oudours.
Do not insert hands into the ice bucket or
the ice dispenser.
(only for the model with the dispenser).
It may cause injury while operating the icemaker.
Do not store medicines or any pharmaceuticals in
the refrigerator that require strict temperature control.
They may deteriorate and cause risks to their
Do not use combustible sprays near the refrigerator.
They may cause a fire or explosion.
Install in places away from heat sources or
gas outlets.
Not doing so could cause a fire risk.
Fill the automatic ice maker with drinkable water
only (only for the model with the dispenser).
a health
Do not place flower vases, cups, cosmetics, medicines
or any container with water on the refrigerator.
If it spills, it may cause an electrical short, fire or damage
to the unit.
If the refrigerator has been exposed to any water
submersion, it must not be used until it has been
checked and certified by a licenced Electrician.
If the refrigerant gas has leaked, do not touch the refrigerator
or the power outlet. Ventilate the room immediately.
If a leak is detected due to severe damage caused
during delivery or installation, any spark can cause a
small explosion or fire, so all care should be taken.
Do not spray water on the outside or the inside
of the refrigerator, and do not clean it with harsh
chemicals or solvents such as thinners or benzine.
Doing so can cause a fire, electric shock, malfunction.
It can also damage the refrigerators finish.
When any burning smell or smoke is detected
from the refrigerator, disconnect the power plug
immediately and contact the manufacturer or
an authorised service provider.
Although some smells and oudors can be normal,
no risks should be taken.
Do not allow any person except a qualified
engineer to disassemble, repair or alter the
,malfunction or fire.
This refrigerator must not be used for any Commercial
retail purpose or mobile applications. It has been
designed for normal Domestic,indoor use only.
Applications outside of its intended purpose may cause
malfunctions,breakages, electrical shock, fire, and loss of
its stored contents.
When disposing the refrigerator, remove the
doors but leave the shelves in palce so that
children may not easily climb inside.
This can prevent prevent injury or death.
Install the refrigerator on a solid and level floor.
or injury as the refrigerator may lean and fall due to an
unbalanced installation.
Do not insert hands or any objects or instruments
into the bottom of the refrigerator, or the heatproof
grill (exhaust vents) at the rear side of the cabinet.
When disposing the refrigerator, contact your
local City Council.
Your local Council can offer disposal options and advise the
best method of disposal.
Violating these instructions may cause injury or damage
to your home or its contents. Always be careful, please.
Do not touch food or containers in the freezer
with wet hands.
Do not put ice in thin crystal cup or ceramic
When the electricity is off, remove ice from the ice
bucket (only for the model with the dispenser).
A long term power failure may thaw ice and leak
water onto the floor.
When a long term power failure is expected,remove
ice from the ice bucket.
“Local City Council”
Wait for 5 minutes or longer when reconnecting
the plug.
Do not put bottles in the freezer.
It will cause the contents of the bottle to freeze and the
bottle to crack or explode.
Pull out the power plug by grasping the plug, not the cord.
Not doing so can
Do not install the refrigerator in a wet place or outdoors
in any sheltered area where the unit can be exposed
to any weathering conditions.
Weathering conditions, water or moisture will cause
corrosion, rust and electrical hazards.
Do not insert hands into the bottom of the
Always use a mechanical device to transport the
refrigerator. If lifting the unit is necessary, always
handle in accordance to occupational heath and
safety. The refrigerator is heavy, so
carrying it alone may cause serious injury.
Care should be taken when opening or closing the
doors to prevent injury to anyone who may be too
close to the doors.
Children may be hurt by the handle or lower corners
of the door when it is opened.
Do not put any living animal, plant or object in the
1. When connecting the power
Prevent the power cord from being crushed or imprinted when the
refrigerator is pushed in after the power plug is connected during the
When moving your appliance away from the wall, be careful not to
roll over or damage the power cord.
can be
Only connect the refrigerator to an approved outlet with the correct
specified supply voltage.
can be
If the supply cord is damaged,it must be replaced by the
manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified
person in order to avoid any hazard.
2. When using the refrigerator,
prevent children from entering the product.
Never leave a child near the refrigerator
Opening and closing the door of the refrigerator agrressively
may cause the stored food in the refrigerator basket to fall
and cause injury, so take precautions.
Do not put heavy things on the Home Bar door.
(Only for the models with the Home Bar)
Heavy Items will cause damage to the door and
possible injury.
It is recommended that the refrigerator be disconnected
during severe electrical storms or if not in use for
long periods.
Power surges from electrical storms can seriously damage
the refrigerators electrcal components. If the refrigerator is
not used for long periods, storage measures should be taken
to avoid odours and vermin contamination.
Do not insert hands into the ice bucket or
the ice dispenser.
Do not remove the external cover of the water and
ice dispenser.
(Only for the models with automatic ice maker)
The mechanical and electrical parts of the icemaker may cause
injury or an electrical shock hazard.
Arrange food and items appropriately inside the refrigerator.
The food may fall during opening and closing of the doors causing both damage
to the unit or injury to persons.
Dairy corner
Pure N Fresh(Feature not
available in all countries)
Refreshment center
(Feature not available in all countries)
Egg Box
(Feature not available in all countries)
Fresh box
(Feature not available in all countries)
a waste material collection center,
or call your local City Council for collection or disposal advise.
Open the door and lift it up to the correct height,use a (+) type screwdriver to
lifting the height of the front of the
refrigerator by adjusting the height adjusting screws, or feet
It is normal for the refrigerator to have a
backward lean even before any height adjustment has been made.
, where supplied,
chimes sound
chimes sound
The recommended temperature for continuous icemaking is -18 degrees.
The icemaking will be impared if Freezer temperature is set to -17 or warmer.
The refrigerator temperature will take 1~2 days to stabilize after
initial installation, therefore it is recommended to
The EXPRESS FRZ display will illuminate
when selected.
If the EXPRESS FRZ is “ON” , press the button
again to turn it off, or it will automatically turn
off after the Express Freeze function has
Child Lock
When engaged,the lock function prevents other display settings from being changed.
NOTE: It does not stop water or Ice from dispensing.
held pressed for
you cannot select or change any other
setting until you unlock the unit. If any
button is pressed while the Child Lock
is engaged, the
will flash 3 times to
indicate the locked condition.
Pure N Fresh
When you need to remove odours, this
function can be used.
When Pure N Fresh is selected, rotates
3 times and shows as .
Re-select this button,
rotates 3 times
and shows as POWER.
Re-select this button and the Pure N Fresh display will turn off.
When Pure N Fresh is off, the internal lamp surrounding the
Pure N Fresh will not illuminate.
After a year of normal refrigerator usage, the " REPLACE
HOLD 5SECS " displays indicating the Pure N Fresh
needs to be replaced. Customers can replace it based on personal needs.
After replacing the filter, or if replacement is not needed,
press and hold the PURE N FRESH button for more than 5 secs, the timer of
the indicator will be reset and the reminder lamp will turn off.
Water cannot be used for washing the filter as it may affect the efficiency.
If the operation time exceeds the validity time, it may affect the deodorization
If you need to replace the Pure N Fresh filter, please contact local service center.
Three beeps will sound at 30 second intervals if either of the refrigerator
doors remain open or are not completely closed after 1 minute.
your service provider if the 3 warning beeps
The inbuilt diagnostic function automatically detects certain faults during the
refrigerators operation.
If a fault is detected during operation, the display cannot be changed by pressing any
button. The display will then show an Error indication and the refrigerator will
continue to operate at a predetermined setting. Should an error be displayed,
do not turn off the refrigerator as it will increase the time it takes for the
Seviceman to diagnose any possible fault.
The home bar allows you to save energy by not
having to open the refrigerator door every time.
It also alows convenience of access to frequently
used bottles or containers without opening the
refrigerator door.
Use the opened Home Bar door as a convenient support
board for bottles and glasses only.
Home Bar with the Home Bar cover
safely or efficiently.
damage the Home Bar door when opened
or closed.
Do not allow children to swing, or hang from the
opened HomeBar door. Do not place heavy objects or
apply excessive pressure onto the open Home Bar
door when using it as a support board.
Clean any spilages from the Home Bar door before
closing it.
Failing to follow these instructions can cause
damage to the unit and injury to persons especially
dishes, plates
is stopped by the guide rail.
While slightly lifted continue to pull it out unit it is
A two star section means that only items that can be stored
between -12 ~ -18 degrees can be placed into this basket. Foods
such as icecream or meats cannot be stored long term in this basket
as they will not freeze correctly.
LED indicator (Freezer/Refrigerator)
LED lights are used to light up the refrigerator and freezer compartments.
When the freezer/refrigerator door is opened, The
LED Lamp
perspective built-in LED lamp will light up.
The refrigerator LED lamp will light up when the
refrigerator or Home bar door is opened.
Pure N Fresh
How to use
the Pure N Fresh
Pure N Fresh is already installed on the refrigerator wall,
so installation is not needed.
Always use containers with tight lids to store spicy foods
otherwise odors can contaminate other foods.
and replacing
the Pure N Fresh
Hold the Pure N Fresh casing and rotate it counterclockwise about 15
degrees as shown in (a).
Take out the Pure N Fresh filter from the case.
Replace the new Filter into the case as shown in picture (b)
(Note the direction of installation).
To refit the Pure N Fresh casing, place it as shown in picture (c), insert
and rotate it clockwise until the Pure N Fresh is returned to its normal
The word
should face
Index line
When the display shows "
", please contact the manufacturer for details about
where to purchase the Pure N Fresh filter.
When the Pure N Fresh is removed, do not place fingers or foreign objects
into the fan.Doing so can cause injury or damage to the fan.
additional partition.
This bin allows you to store eggs without risk of damage to them from other
items that may be placed nearby.
compartment as they are likely to freeze.
or the refrigerator fresh
Fresh box
This refrigerator drawer is for storing
vegetables or meats.
This draw will self seal shortly after ambient
temperature items are placed inside it. To open the
draw when it is sealed,the switch
must be pressed.
The deodoriser should be replaced
when it is no longer able to filter odors effectively.
door basket
in sealed bags.
or placing them
Foods in this draw should also be wraped
or sealed in plastic food bags.
door basket.
Frostbite or personal injury can occur when frozen foods or internal
freezer parts are touched with bare hands.
freezing by
effect on its performance.Remove any dew or condensation with a soft
dust free cloth.
Lift the shelf
and remove it.
Hold and press the bottom part (a,b) of the
Refreshment center cover
inward, then
pull to remove.
Lift the shelf
and remove it.
(Applicable to
Home bar
models only)
that the
power outlet.
Sensors are
Sensors are
This is quite normal.
summer periods.
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