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If the appliance is equipped with a lock (some countries only), keep the key
out of reach of children.
Dimensions and Clearances
Too small of a distance from adjacent items may result in degradation of freezing capability and
increased electricity costs.
Allow over 50mm clearance from each adjacent wall when installing the appliance.
700 mm
700 mm
1720 mm
27 mm
673 mm
673 mm
1230 mm
1160 mm
catering and similar non-retail applications.
Ambient Temperature
The appliance is designed to operate within a limited
range of ambient temperatures, depending on the
climate zone. Do not use the appliance at a
temperature exceeding the limit.
The internal temperatures could be affected by the
location of the appliance, the ambient temperature,
the frequency of door opening and so on.
The climate class can be found on the rating label.
Climate Class
SN (Extended
N (Temperate)
ST (Subtropical)
T (Tropical)
8. After installing the appliance, connect the
power plug into a socket outlet. Before
moving and discarding the appliance,
disconnect the plug from the socket outlet.
Ambient Temperature
Range ºC
+10 - +32
+16 - +32
+16 - +38
+16 - +43 / +10 - +43*
*Australia, India, Kenya
The appliances rated from SN to T are intended to
be used at an ambient temperature between
10 ºC and 43 ºC.
This sets the refrigerator to connect
to your home’s Wi-Fi network.
refrigerator and freezer compartment
In the event of a blackout, call the electricity
company and ask how long it is going to last.
- You should avoid door openings while the
power is off.
- When the power supply gets back to normal,
check the condition of the food.
Do not place glass containers, bottles or cans
(especially those containing carbonated drinks)
in the freezer compartment, shelves or ice bin
that will be exposed to temperatures below
The automatic defrosting system in the appliance
ensures that the compartment remains free of ice
buildup under normal operating conditions.
If you are leaving the appliance turned off for an
extended period of time, remove all food and unplug
the power cord. Clean the interior, and leave the
doors slightly ajar to prevent mold from growing
in the appliance.
If there are chill compartments in the appliance,
do not store vegetables and fruits with higher
moisture content in the chill compartments as they
may freeze due to the lower temperature.
Using LG SmartThinQ
Application Optional
Things to check before using LG
• For appliances with the
Check the distance between the appliance
and the wireless router (Wi-Fi network).
• If the distance between the appliance and
the wireless router is too far, the signal
strength becomes weak. It may take a
long time to register or installation may
Turn off the Mobile data or Cellular Data
on your smartphone.
• For iPhones, turn data off by going to
Settings → Cellular → Cellular Data.
Connect your smartphone to the wireless
• If the appliance is having trouble connecting to
the Wi-Fi network, it may be too far from the
router. Purchase a Wi-Fi repeater (range
extender) to improve the Wi-Fi signal strength.
• The Wi-Fi connection may not connect or may
be interrupted because of the home network
• The network connection may not work
properly depending on the Internet service
• The surrounding wireless environment can
make the wireless network service run slowly.
• The appliance cannot be registered due to
problems with the wireless signal
transmission. Unplug the appliance and wait
about a minute before trying again.
• If the firewall on your wireless router is
enabled, disable the firewall or add an
exception to it.
• The wireless network name (SSID) should be
a combination of English letters and numbers.
(Do not use special characters.)
• Smartphone user interface (UI) may vary
depending on the mobile operating system
(OS) and the manufacturer.
• If the security protocol of the router is set to
WEP, you may fail to set up the network.
Please change it to other security protocols
(WPA2 is recommended) and register the
product again.
Installing LG SmartThinQ
• To verify the Wi-Fi connection, check that
icon on the control panel is lit.
• The appliance supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
networks only. To check your network
frequency, contact your Internet service
provider or refer to your wireless router
• LG SmartThinQ is not responsible for any
network connection problems or any faults,
malfunctions, or errors caused by network
Search for the LG SmartThinQ application from
the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on a
smart phone. Follow instructions to download
and install the application.
• If you choose the simple login to access the
LG SmartThinQ application, you must go
through the appliance registration process
each time you change your smartphone or
reinstall the application.
Wi-Fi Function
• For appliances with the
Communicate with the appliance from a smart
phone using the convenient smart features.
Firmware Update
Keep the appliance performance updated.
Smart Diagnosis™
If you use the Smart Diagnosis function, you will
be provided with the useful information such as
a correct way of using the appliance based on
the pattern of use.
Allows you to set various options on the
refrigerator and in the application.
• If you change your wireless router, your
Internet service provider or your password
after registering the appliance, please delete it
from the LG SmartThinQ Settings → Edit
Product and register again.
• The application is subject to change for
appliance improvement purposes without
notice to users.
• Functions may vary by model.
Connecting to Wi-Fi
The Wi-Fi button, when used with the LG
SmartThinQ application, allows the refrigerator
to connect to a home Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi
icon shows the status of the refrigerator’s
network connection. The icon illuminates when
the refrigerator is connected to the Wi-Fi
Initial Appliance Registration
Run the LG SmartThinQ application and follow
the instructions in the application to register the
Re-registering the Appliance or
Registering Another User
Press and hold the Wi-Fi button for 3 seconds
to temporarily turn it off. Run the LG
SmartThinQ application and follow the
instructions in the application to register the
• To disable the Wi-Fi function, press and hold
the Wi-Fi button for 3 seconds. Wi-Fi icon will
be turned off.
Open Source Software Notice
To obtain the source code under GPL, LGPL,
MPL, and other open source licenses, that is
contained in this product, please visit http://
In addition to the source code, all referred
license terms, warranty disclaimers and
copyright notices are available for download.
LG Electronics will also provide open source
code to you on CD-ROM for a charge covering
the cost of performing such distribution (such as
the cost of media, shipping, and handling) upon
email request to opensource@lge.com. This
offer is valid for a period of three years after our
last shipment of this product. This offer is valid
to anyone in receipt of this information.
RF Radiation Exposure Statement
This equipment shall be installed and used at a
minimum distance of 20 cm from the human
Smart Diagnosis™ Using a Smart
• For appliances with the
Use this function if you need an accurate
diagnosis by an LG Electronics customer
information centre when the appliance
malfunctions or fails.
Smart Diagnosis™ can not be activated unless
the appliance is connected to power. If the
appliance is unable to turn on, then
troubleshooting must be done without using
Smart Diagnosis™.
• Find the Wi-Fi network connected to
your smartphone and remove it, then
register your appliance on LG
• Turn off the Mobile data of your
Mobile data for your
smartphone and register the
smartphone is turned on.
appliance using the Wi-Fi network.
• The wireless network name (SSID)
The wireless network name
should be a combination of English
(SSID) is set incorrectly.
letters and numbers. (Do not use
special characters.)
• Only a 2.4 GHz router frequency is
supported. Set the wireless router to
2.4 GHz and connect the appliance
The router frequency is not 2.4
to the wireless router. To check the
router frequency, check with your
Internet service provider or the
router manufacturer.
• If the distance between the
appliance and the router is too far,
The distance between the
the signal may be weak and the
appliance and the router is too
connection may not be configured
correctly. Move the location of the
router so that it is closer to the
The password for the Wi-Fi
that you are trying to connect
to is incorrect.
Your home appliance
and smartphone is
not connected to the
Wi-Fi network.
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