LG | GF-L613PL | LG GF-L613PL Owner’s Manual

Death or Serious injury can result if you do not follow instructions.
If unsure of any procedure, contact an authorized service center when you install or relocate the refrigerator.
During Use.
When removing or refitting handles from the
refrigerator, please be cautious of following
Hold the handle securely when removing
and refitting.
Do not swing the handle or allow children
to play with them, or use them for any
other purpose.
Always follow the above instructions when
removing or refitting the handles.
A cold water supply. The water pressure must
be between 147~834 kPa.
If you are not confident or unsure about
connecting to a water supply, then a Licensed
plumber should be called. This cost is not
covered by the manufacturer.
The water pressure must be between 147~834
kPa to produce the normal amount and size
of ice cubes.
simultainously for 3 seconds to lock the
control panel functions.
Follow the same instructions to unlock.
This will not lock the actual dispenser or
stop it from dispensing water or ice.
firmly until it stops.
To clear the water filter indicator, touch the
LIGHT / WATER FILTER button for 3 seconds
whilst the display panel is ill uminated.
a water filter, or without fitting the water
filter Bypass plug.
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