LG | WTS6520 | LG WTS6520 Owner’s Manual

Rev.: 01(170720)
Cotton Wash
Eco Cotton
Silent Wash
Pre Wash + Cotton
Air Spin
Use of Handle Locker
Cotton Wash
Eco Cotton
Use this program to save water consumption.
Silent Wash
Use this program to wash quietly at night.
Cotton Wash
*Extra Function : Hold 3 sec.
The following settings are indicated
Cotton Wash
Pre Wash + Cotton
Eco Cotton
Cotton Wash
Used for cotton loads, this
Use this program for Bath
towels, bath robes, hand
towels etc.
Eco Cotton
Eco Cotton is the program
for normally soiled cotton
material and designed to
minimize water consumption.
Light weight bulky loads, may
require the water level to be
increased manually as the
machine will perceive this to
be the same as a small load
• Select the Eco
Cotton program
on the Control
40 seconds to detect the
energy efficiency label program set at : Eco Cotton, Temp.
Cold, Water Level 4, Wash 25 Min, Rinse 2 Times, Spin 7 Min
cold wash program or Eco Cotton, Temp. Warm, Water Level 4,
Wash 25 Min, Rinse 2 Times, Spin 7 Min warm wash program
seven times per week in each case to test accordance in
conformity with standard AS/NZS 6400 and AS/NZS 2040.2.
test results depend on water pressure, water hardness,
water inlet temperature, type and amount of load, degree of
soiling utilized detergent, fluctuations in main electricity supply
and chosen additional options.
For best washing results, we recommend dilute the detergent
(Drum Type) in WARM water and pour directly into tub.
time than Cotton Wash program.
To reduce the overall noise during spin,
the spin speed is reduced, therefore
the clothes will have a higher moisture
level at the end of the wash.
Cotton Wash, Duvet, Silent, Eco Cotton program
Soak will not work in Wool, Quick wash, Pre Wash + Cotton
ir Spin
Air Spin for your laundry.
Air Spin
Other function cannot be selected during Air Spin
To deselect Air Spin press power button.
Select "Air Spin" 30 min.
Select "Air Spin" above 1 hour.
When a Wash, Wash/Rinse or Rinse only option is selected, after the wash is completed the water
will not be drained off.If you wish to drain the water, press SPIN button and wait until water in the tub
has drained completely. Then press the START/PAUSE button.
Press the "Start/Pause" button to release the
, now distribute the
laundry evenly and then press the "Start/Pause" button again to resume
the cycle.
6.5 kg
220 - 240 V~, 50 Hz
590 (W) x 606 (D) x 960 (H) mm
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