LG VH9000DS Owner’s Manual

LG VH9000DS Owner’s Manual
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This information contains important instructions for the safe use and
maintenance of the bedding cleaner. Especially, please read all of the
information on page 4, 5 for your safety. Please keep this manual in an
easily accessible place and refer to it anytime.
P/No.: MFL67120902
Table of contents
Important safety instructions ........................................................................ 4~5
How to use .................................................................................................... 6~14
Assembling bedding cleaner ....................................................................................................... 6~7
Using the Product ....................................................................................................................... 8~9
Effective cleaning method according to the cleaning targets ........................................................ 10
How to Wash Inlet ......................................................................................................................... 11
Emptying Dust bin ......................................................................................................................... 12
Cleaning dust bin .......................................................................................................................... 13
How to Separate/Clean/Wash/Assemble Dust Filter . .................................................................... 14
Troubleshooting Guide .................................................................................... 15
Read and follow all instructions before using your vacuum cleaner to prevent the risk of fire, electric shock, personal injury, or
damage when using the vacuum cleaner. This guide do not cover all possible conditions that may occur. Always contact your
service agent or manufacturer about problems that you do not understand. This appliance complies with the following EC
Directives :-2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive -2004/108/EC EMC Directive.
This is the safety alert symbol.
This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can kill or hurt you and others.
All safety messages will follow the safety alert symbol and either the word “WARNING” or “CAUTION.”
These words mean:
This symbol will alert you to hazards or unsafe practices which could cause serious
bodily harm or death.
This symbol will alert you to hazards or unsafe practices which could
cause bodily injury or property damage.
o one other than repair technician shall disassemble or
modify the product.
It causes fire or electric shock.
o not spray combustible materials such as gasoline or
thinner, or surfactants such as detergents or bathing goods,
or drinks near cleaner and station.
It causes explosion or fire.
o not let power cord be pressed by heavy things or touch
sharp parts.
Using damaged cord or plug causes fire or electric shock.
When the power cord is damaged, it is dangerous, so please
replace the power cord from our service center.
o not let liquid such as water enter the product, and do not
inhale liquid, blazer, tack, or ember during the cleaning.
It causes fire or electric shock.
If water entered inside the equipment, first, turn off the power
switch of the main body, pull out the power plug, and contact LG
Electronics Service Agent to avoid hazard.
hen the power is turned on, or during the user of the
cleaner, if ELCB is operated, immediately stop the use, and
contact LG Electronics Service Agent.
An electric shock accident may occur.
o not insert pins around the cleaner and station.
There is a risk of electric shock.
hen there is a leakage of gases such as the city gas, do not
touch the power plug socket, but ventilate by opening the window.
There is a risk of fire or explosion.
• When you insert of pull out the power plug to or from the
socket, first turn off the power switch.
It causes fire or electric shock.
• Make sure to use a socket of at least 5A exclusively.
If several devices are used at one socket at the same time, it
causes fire by the heating of the socket.
• If power cord or plug is damaged, manipulated or bent by
force, or pulled by force, or if the part inserting to the socket
is lose, do not use the power plug or cord.
It causes fire or electric shock.
• Do not operate for a long period of time with inlet and outlet
Do not inhale dust or cement during the installation of air
conditioner or from the construction site.
It causes deformation of main body or fire by overheating.
• Do not operate the cleaner while dust bin is taken out.
There is a risk of product damage or electric shock injury.
• Be careful for children, the old and infirm, or person not
knowing how to use the product not to use the product.
It causes fire or electric shock.
• Do not place power cord and the product near heating devices.
It causes deformation of main body, disorder, or fire.
• Be careful for your fingers not to touch the pins when you
pull out the plug of the product.
It causes fire or electric shock.
• Do not let children climb up the product or use the product as a toy.
It causes injury by drop, flip over of the product, etc.
• Do not handle the plug with wet hands.
It may cause electric shock.
• Do not wash the inlet with water during the use.
It may cause electric shock.
• When you clean the exterior, make sure to pull out the power
plug, and do not wash with volatile matter.
It causes electric shock and exterior damage.
• If the power is on, when you are cleaning, never flip over the inlet
and put your hand in the inlet right after you finished the cleaning.
You may get light scratch by vibration.
• Maintain the window in front of the station UV lamp clean all
the time.
If there is a foreign object on the window, the UV penetration
ratio is decreased, and it cause degradation of the sterilization.
For the safety during the cleaning, please clean after
separating the power plug from the power socket.
• If the station operates without main body stationed, pull out
the power cord, and enquire nearest LG Electronics Service
• Do not wash the exterior of inlet or bottom surface with
water or detergent.
It may damage product or cause electric shock.
• Frequent start/stop operation of the touch switch reduces
the lifetime of the product.
• When the sterilization is in operation, UV lamp is in
operation, so do not look in directly the UV light.
It may harm your eyes or skin, and may cause skin ailment such
as red spots. If you get something wrong by mistake, follow the
prescription of the doctor.
• This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years
and above and persons with reduced physical sensory or
mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if
they have been given supervision or instruction concerning
use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the
hazards involved.
Children shall not play with the appliance.
Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by
children without supervision.
• If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons
in order to avoid a hazard.
• Do not use this cleaner on anything other than
AC 220 - 240 V.
It may cause fire.
• If the product is not in use for a long period of time,
pull out the power plug.
Water may permeate or dust accumulated to cause
electric shock or short circuit fire by heat or fire.
• Electrostatic may be generated at main body
during the cleaning.
Cleaner may malfunction due to electrostatic, so pull
out the power cord and put it back in again.
• Big objects such as socks, stocking, box tissue,
etc., may block the inlet during the cleaning, so
please remove them before starting the cleaning.
Cleaner shall be used to remove dust only.
• Do not place anything else on the main body
station other than main body.
Especially, metal or magnets cause product disorder.
• Do not stop at one spot or use it on the same spot
repeatedly for a long time.
The bedding may be damaged by the vibration.
• Separate the inlet cover, and do not use it for
anything else(massage, etc.) than cleaning.
You may have product damage or light scratch.
o not touch the bottom surface with hand or foot
during the vibration operation.
You may get a light scratch.
• Make sure to combine the cover to dust bin before
the usage, and when it is filled up to the Empty the
dust bin Notification line, empty the dust bin.
If it is used continuously while dust bin is full, it causes
hen you pull out the plug, make sure to hold the
If you hold the cord, part of the core line may be broken
to cause heat and fire.
• If a foreign object is attached to the bottom surface
of dust bin, remove it before using the product.
Cleaner inhaling may not work properly.
ake sure to combine the bottom plate and use
during the cleaning of the bedding, and do not use
it on a solid surface.
If the bottom plate is not installed and used, by the
vibration, and according to the floor material, noise may
occur, and it may be deformed.
se it only on beddings such as blanket, mattress,
pillows, or cloth sofa.
The floor may be damaged by the vibration.
Thermal protector :
In the LGE Bedding Cleaner, there is a safety function called 'main body protection device' to stop the
operation of the cleaner automatically to prevent overheating of the motor, and it is operated for the following
– When dust is full in dust bin or it is continued to operate with inlet blocked.
– If it is continued to operate without washing the dust bin
– If it is repeatedly used for long time
If the operation stops by main body protection device operation, after pulling out the power plug from the
power socket,
– Empty the dust bin and remove foreign object blocking the inlet.
– Clean the dust filter.
※ After about 40 min., main body protection device is released, so it can be used again.
(The waiting time becomes different for the surrounding temperature.)
If the same phenomenon occurs after treatment, call the service center.
How to use Assembling bedding cleaner
Dust bin
Touch Power Switch
Handle Touch Sensor
Dust Checking Window
Cleaning Brush
Cleaning Brush
Fixing Holder
Vibration Plate
➊ Alice(main body)
➋ C leaning Brush
Cord Storage Groove
UV Lamp
UV Lamp Status
Indicator Window
➌ Station(Sterilization Station) (selected models)
How to use Using the Product
➊ Insert the power cord into
the power socket.
• When the power cord is inserted
into the power socket, it becomes
standby state with ‘ddee~’ sound.
➋ Touch switch at the power indicator ➌ If you hold the handle, it
part must be pressed for operation.
inhales from the bedding.
• If touch switch is pressed while
power indicator lamp is in standby
state(off), the lamp is converted to
operation (blue) state with a buzzer
sound ‘ddee~’.
(No operation is done, and it is
the standby state. If you hold the
handle in this state, it actually starts
the operation.)
• The handle sensor is a safety
device to prevent the operation
by the power touch switch being
pressed by mistake, and the
operation finally starts when the
handle is held and it is sensed.
* When touch switch is pressed
while the handle is held, it
immediately starts.
How to use Using the Product
➍ Releasing the handle for a
• After 1 second after releasing the
handle, it stops the inhaling from the
(The power indicator part is blue
lamp state.)
• If the state of releasing the handle,
operation stopped, and not holding
the handle continues, after 1
minute, the power indicator part
is turned off with buzzer sound
‘ddeeriri~’, and it becomes standby
• If you hold the handle within 1
minute, it restarts the inhaling from
the bedding.
➎ When you want to stop the
• Even if you hold the handle, when
you press the touch switch of the
power indicator part, the operation
stops with the buzzer sound
“ddee~”, and the lamp is turned off.
• If you want the operation again,
it can be done with the normal
operation procedure.
➏ When you use Sterilizer
• Insert the power plug of the station
into the power socket.
• Make sure to check if the power is
turned off before placing the main
body on the station.
• When you place main body on the
station according to the grooves,
blue lamp on the front panel window
is turned on, and UV lamp starts
operation for the sterilization at the
same time.
• If it passes 5 minutes after placing
the main body, the front panel
window lamp and UV lamp are
automatically turned off at the
same time, and the sterilization is
* If placing and removing is
repeated while it does not pass
5 minutes, it is turned off when
it passes 5 minutes from the
last placement.
How to use Effective cleaning method according to the cleaning targets
Bed Mattress, Bed Cover
Pillows, Cushions, etc.
Thin cover
Thick covers with fillings
➊ Beddings:
➋ Pillows: Large cushion, ➌ Blankets: Thick cover, ➍ Others:
normal cushion, pillow
Sofa, Carpet
Mattress, Bed Cover
thin cover, blanket
• Divide the target space to
half, and use it pushing
and pulling back and forth
from the end.
• The targets are narrow,
so place the cleaner on it
and use it by pushing and
pulling back and forth.
• Use it by pulling back and
forth the entire space.
• General Cleaning Type.
Unlike general handy type products, this product is not to be held and used, but is to place on the cleaning target and to
clean the fine dust by pressing the target with the weight of the product, so do not use it to inhale big foreign objects.
How to use How to Wash Inlet
Bottom Plate
Combining Groove
Combining Bump
➊ Place a soft cloth on the floor,
and flip over the main body
on it.
Check for foreign objects,
turn the 2 fixing holders 90℃
clockwise and separate the
bottom plate by pulling it up.
Hold the roller brush and
separate it by lifting it up.
➋ Wipe the dirty surfaces of inlet
main body with a rag.
➍ Clean the roller brush with
vacuum cleaner or
➌ Wash the separated bottom
plate with water and dry it in a
➎ Insert the fixing hooks on
both sides of the roller brush
matching the roller brush
fixing grooves.
➏ Insert the fixing guide at the
front of the bottom plate
according to the fixing
groove of the main body,
turn 2 fixing holders 90℃
counterclockwise, and fix it.
How to use Emptying Dust bin
If the nap and fine dust are filled up to the empty
line, it is the time to clean the filter, so empty the
dust inside the dust bin, separate and clean the
filter, before using it again.
How to use Cleaning dust bin
① Press the top part of the dust bin until it sounds “click”, and at
the same time releasing the hand, take out the risen dust bin
from the main body.
② Hold both ends, open the filter (sponge filter + HEPA filter),
and empty the dust.
③ After separating dust bin and filter, wash dust bin cleanly with
running water.
④ Dry in a shade with good ventilation for about a day, and use
it again.
⑤ Insert Filter (Sponge filter + HEPA filter) into dust bin.
⑥ Insert dust bin into main body, and push down until it sound
If dust bin is not completely assembled, the inhaling may be
Use it after dust bin and filter are combined exactly.
How to use C are of Dust Filter
Sponge Filter
HEPA Filter
Sponge Filter
HEPA Filter
① After separating the filter from dust bin, separate sponge filter from
HEPA Filter as in the figure.
② Clean the filter by cleaning the HEPA filter and the gaps around the
filter using the brush and vacuum cleaner.
③ Wash Sponge Filter in a running water, and completely dry it in a
shade with good ventilation for about a day before using it again.
④ Assemble in the reverse order of disassembly.
Troubleshooting Guide
There shall not be a waste of money by requesting service when it is not a disorder.
If there is an abnormality in the product, check the following items first before requesting to service center
or the store.
Simple actions in the user manual may solve the problem.
Inhaling gets weakened and
vibrating sound is heard?
• Check if inlet or dust bin is blocked by a big foreign object, and if it is
blocked, remove the object with chopsticks, etc.
• Separate dust bin from the main body, and check if the filters are dirty.
Cleaner is not working at all?
• Check if power plug is inserted in the power socket.
• Check if the electricity is connected by inserting other products (dryer, fan,
etc.) into the power socket.
• Check if you operated with the operation procedure of each function.
Why does it suddenly stop?
• This product has inlet motor overheat prevention device, and it may stop
temporarily when the following cases occur.
– If it is used when dust and wastes are full in dust bin and filters.
– If it is used with the inlet blocked
– If the product is used excessively for a long time
hen touch switch was operated by other touches
• If handle of the main body is released during the operation, if 3 seconds
pass, the operation automatically stops, and after about 1 minute, it
converts to standby state.
Big noise coming from the
• It is the sound of the motor’s high speed rotation by high power of
cleaner’s inlet, and the sound from the front of the nozzle is caused by
punching function, so use it without worries.
• If dust bin is not completely assembled, noise may occur.
Assemble dust bin completely.
Odor comes out of the
• It is works normally, it is not a disorder.
• It is a new product for 3 months from the purchase, so it may smell
rubbers. (Same principle as new furniture smell.)
• If it is used for a long time, odor is caused by the dust in the dust bin, so
empty the dust bin and use if after washing it.
Hot air comes out, and main
body is hot?
• The air coming out of the outlet is the wind after cooling the motor heat, so
do not worry.
Station does not work.
heck if the station power is connected.
heck if the main body is placed correctly on the station.
It only vibrates, but no
• Because of inhaling motor overheat prevention device, it may occur when
1) dust bin is full, 2) filter or inlet is blocked, or 3) it is used for a long time,
and it can be used normally when the protection device is released after
about 40 minutes.
– Before using it again, clean the filter and dust bin.
– If the inlet is blocked, please remove the foreign object.
Should it become necessary to replace the defective plug then the defective
plug should be replaced by a qualified electrician.
Made in Korea
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