Elevation grille
Owner's Manual
• Keep this manual together with main body instruction manual.
• As for cleaning method of filter, refer to main body instruction manual.
Main Components of Elevation grile
➀ Elevation grile
➁ Bolts for installation (4 EA, P/No. 3A00255K)
➂ Installation manual
➃ Remote Controller for lift grill
➄ Owners Manual
How to Use Remote Controller
As for operation of Remote Controller, use it by directing the transmitter part of Remote
Controller to the receiver part of front panel directly under front panel.
• Do not drop it down or into water. Or else there is worry about trouble failure.
• Do not press hard the Remote Controller button with nail (ballpoint pen or other sharp substance).
Or else there is worry about trouble failure.
• In case when obstacle such as curtain hides the signal reception part of receiver in between the space
interval, Remote Controller operation is infeasible.
Elevation grille
How to Insert Battery
• Don't use old battery or different kinds of battery.
• Make use of warranty period of used battery when replacing battery.
• Remove battery for safety in order to prevent trouble by battery liquid leakage when you are not to use
Remote Controller for a long period.
• Open the Remote Controller rear cover and insert first to the spring side of Remote Controller and then
push to insert the other side of battery.
• Replace electric cells.
• Use 2 AAA batteries.
• Correctly insert while replacing battery with caution of battery receiver part polarity of + or -.
• Caution items for safety have been described in this Installation manual along with
• Description following this mark is a matter occurrable of material damage or injury by
misuse, and in some conditions, a matter with danger of invitation of serious result, so you
must observe the description.
• Don't lay any material upon suction grill.
• Suction grill comprises 2 strands of wire. If any substance is placed on it then balance may be destroyed so that
the substance would drop down and cause a breakage or damage. Also the matter may cause trouble owing to
which the grill would not be correctly inserted at front panel.
• Don't shake suction grill. Or else there is worry that it may collide with adjacent material and the suction grill fall
• Don't pull suction grill. Don't draw out suction grill irrationally. Or else there is worry that lift grill drive part is
damaged and suction grill might drop down.
• Don't place obstacle in lift passage of lift grill.
When suction grill descends, it automatically stops at a certain distance.
If there is any obstacle in lift passage, suction grill might drop down and there may be caused trouble failure of lift
grill drive part.
• Turn off the air conditioner operation button before operating the lift grill.
Always stop the air conditioner operation for safety when suction grill descends.
• Don't damage lift rope by a sharp material. Or else there is worry about suction grill dropping because of rope
How to Operate Elevation grille
- Depress the down button( ).
Then suction grill descends and stops automatically at a certain distance.
- You may stop it at wanted distance point by depressing the stop button (
) when descending.
3. Raise the Elevation grille
- Depress the up button( ).
Then suction grill goes up and enters into the front panel.
4. Stop Elevation grille during Rising
- Depress the stop button( ).
Make use of this when you want to stop it at your wished position.
1. Stop the Air Conditioner Operation
• Always stop the air conditioner operation for safety before operating lift grill.
• Take heed _ there is worry about dust fall etc. when suction grill descends.
• In case when the set automatic stop distance goes wrong, check the set value of operation panel and
confirm if there is neither obstacle nor mankind.
• When you are not to remove obstacle, stop the operation before touching the obstacle.
Safety Cautions
How to Detach/Attach Filter
• If raising under condition where air filter has not been perfectly attached, it may cause trouble that
Installation manual is not inserted.
So firmly affix air filter.
• Draw the pulling part of air filter into front side of your hand while holding it to upside.
• How to attach is in reverse order of how to detach.
• As for cleaning method of air filter, refer to Installation manual of main body of the inside air
How to Clean the Elevation grille
• Don't pull Elevation grille for sake of safety.
Or else there is worry about injury by dropping out of clip at end of wire.
And don't raise Elevation grille under condition when it has been dragged off.
Or else there is worry about wire getting wound up or getting damaged.
➀ Detach air filter.
➁ Remove contaminants by soaking a soft cloth or cotton in water dissolved with neutral
Main Fucntion
1. Auto leveling function
– When the grille is tilted while it is operating, this function levels the grille in front, rear, left
and right direction
2. Drop distance setting function
– If drop height is more than 1M,this function blocks the grille from falling below a drop
height limit set by the user. When the grill is falling, press the ( ■ ) button at the height you
want. When the grill stops, press the ( ■ ) button 3 times. The grille will not fall below the
designated height for future operations.
3. Floor detection function
– When the grille hits an obstacle during the drop, this function will detect the height from
the floor and lift and stop the grille at 100mm above the location where it hit the obstacle.
4. Lift stop function
– If the panel is tilted when the grille is lifted and inserted to the panel, it will drop again to
reinsert to the panel. (Repeated up to 2 times.)
In Case of Abnormal Condition of Machine
Please first check the following before asking our A/S.
Suction grill does not
move even if I operate
Remote Controller.
Is it not electric power cutoff?
Has electric cell been inserted in Remote Controller?
Is something not dragging?
Restart the operation after electric
power supply recovery.
Replace battery.
Remove the material.
It does not operate
though it moves a little.
Has suction grill firmly been attached?
(In case when suction grill has not been attached or only
one side of wire has been attached, equipment operation
automatically stops.)
Correctly affix suction grill.
Suction grill cannot be
inserted.(It does not
Is there not any material inside?
Correctly install air filter after removing
Has air filter been correctly installed?
causative material if any.
Suction grill is slant by
1~2 cm.
It is because there occurred a little aberration in
Suction grill stops
(And it does not go
down any more.)
winding of right and left wires.
It is not abnormal condition.
But it is not abnormal.
Has it not been placed on a desk table ?
(It automatically stops as wire is
It is because suction grill has come down unto
automatic stop position.
There arises noise
during ascension
There is sound for a few
seconds after inserting the
suction grill.
But it is not abnormal.
If you wish to change automatic stop
position, consult with your sale agency.
The noise is sound when (un)winding the wire.
It operates more for a few seconds to prevent
loosening when winding the wire.
It is not abnormal.
It is not abnormal.
❈ If symptom is not cured even after the above treatment, then user shall not repair but please contact your
product sale agency.
In some cases, it may recover normal if once electricity is turned off and then turned on to restart the
operation when you can operate electric power supply for air conditioner.
In this case, because suction grill will automatically rise up until contained in, you must work then carefully
in order that there may not be danger in vicinity.
■ Consult by contacting your sale agency in the following cases.
Wire has been cut.
One side of wire goes up while opposite
side of wire does not go up. It operates
oppositely to Remote Controller operation.
(For example: it operates to go down while
I mandate the up operation.)
Contact your sale agent after the following disposition of yours
Contact our agency after turning off the air conditioner
Air conditioner may be operated after stopping by Remote
Controller or emergency button.
Whence take heed to accident _ here may occur injury
owing to a touch of your hand at indoor air conditioner fan.
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