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User Guide
360 VR
MFL69532501 (1.0)
All rights reserved. LG Electronics Inc., 2016
Note: Please read all information carefully prior
to using the LG 360 VR in order to enjoy the best
performance and prevent damage to the product.
Product Overview
The LG 360 VR is a smart device that uses virtual reality technology for a unique immersive
• When playing VR content with the LG 360 VR, you can enjoy the images as if you were in
them by turning your head in any direction.
• You can use the LG 360 CAM (sold separately) to take photos and videos of VR content
and view them on the LG 360 VR.
• This device is not compatible with the LG G5SE.
Open Source Software Notice Information
• To obtain the source code under GPL, LGPL, MPL, and other open source licenses, that is
contained in this product, please visit http://opensource.lge.com. In addition to the source
code, all referred license terms, warranty disclaimers and copyright notices are available
for download. LG Electronics will also provide open source code to you on CD-ROM for
a charge covering the cost of performing such distribution (such as the cost of media,
shipping, and handling) upon email request to opensource@lge.com. This offer is valid for
three (3) years from the date on which you purchased the product.
• The open source license text can be found on the Manager app that works with the
• This product is for viewing VR content. To prevent injury, take frequent rests when using
the product.
• Before connecting the product to your phone, make sure that you have checked if your
phone is compatible with the LG 360 VR. The LG 360 VR may not operate if incompatible
with the phone.
• When playing content not supported by the product, the screen may flicker or not be
• Children under 15 years of age should not use this product to watch videos or play video
games. The LG 360 VR may affect the vision development of children.
• If you have visual conditions such as strabismus or amblyopia, do not use this product.
The use of this product may aggravate symptoms.
• If you often feel motion sickness, you may experience discomfort while using this product.
If you feel any discomfort, immediately stop using it and take a rest.
• Pregnant women, senior citizens, mental health patients, patients with heart disease or
any other serious conditions should consult their doctor before using this product.
• Stop using the product if it or the phone becomes hot. It may cause burns.
• Use it in a comfortable position while the device is horizontal. If you wear the product
tilted to one side, you may become uncomfortable.
• It is recommended that you use the product while sitting in a chair, if possible. If you use it
while moving around, you may trip over or fall and be seriously injured.
• The experience of virtual reality may cause certain symptoms, such as motion sickness.
Besides motion sickness, it may cause excessive drowsiness and interfere with your ability
to multitask. As it may pose a risk to your health, after using the product make sure that
you take a rest before engaging in any other physical activities.
• If you are using a medical device, consult your doctor before using the product.
• If you use the LG 360 VR for a long time, it may irritate your skin or leave an indentation
on your face.
• This product is a device to magnify the display screen through a high-magnification lens.
When viewing content, foreign particles smaller than pixels inside the display screen may
be seen.
• Clean the lens before using it.
• Removing the lens may cause the display to be contaminated by foreign substances.
• People with astigmatism should wear contact lenses to correct their vision.
• Whenever carrying or storing it, make sure that you keep it in the case. Even when in the
case, the LG 360 VR may become worn or damaged by shock and vibration.
Hereby, LG Electronics declares that this LG-R100 product is in compliance with the
essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 2014/30/EU. A copy of the
Declaration of Conformity can be found at http://www.lg.com/global/declaration
Product Components
Light Blocker
Lens Cleaner
Carrying Case
User Guide
LG 360 VR
• If there are any missing components, contact the retailer where you purchased the product.
• Some items are subject to change without prior notice depending on the circumstances.
• The appearance and specifications of the product are subject to change without prior
notice to improve performance.
• Always use genuine products. Using or connecting products that are not genuine may
damage the product and thereby void the service warranty.
Product Description
Back Key
USB Cable
Select Key
Earphone Jack
How to Use the Keys
1. Select Key
Press: Select your content or a menu item focused in the centre of the screen.
Press and hold: Enter the Settings screen.
2. Back Key
Press: Move to the previous screen or cancel operation.
Press and hold: Move to the home screen of the LG 360 VR app.
Adjusting the Position of the Lens
You can move the lens to the left or right to adjust it.
Adjusting the Focus of the Lens
You can turn the lens to focus it to better suit your vision.
When adjusting the lens, take the lens cap off.
• Connect the USB cable of the LG 360 VR to the USB port on your phone. It may take a
while. With the LG 360 VR on, the screen of your phone will turns off. You can use your
phone as a touch pad.
• This product will not operate normally when connected to an LG G5 if the LG CAM Plus,
LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY or any other devices that are not LG G5 modules are
attached to the LG G5.
• When your LG 360 VR is idle for at least 15 minutes with its USB cable still connected,
your LG 360 VR is automatically disconnected to prevent battery usage.
• There will be restrictions on connecting your LG 360 VR if your phone is low on battery
or too hot.
Attaching the Light Blocker
1 Attaching the Light Blocker to the LG 360 VR.
2 Open the temples of the LG 360 VR, fit the Light
Blocker in place, and then push on the sides to attach
both of the side hooks.
3 Fit the bottom of the Light Blocker to the LG 360 VR.
Hold the Light Blocker with your index fingers and
then push on it with your thumbs to attach it.
Press on it again firmly.
4 Fit the top of the Light Blocker to the LG 360 VR.
Hold the Light Blocker with your index fingers and
then push on it with your thumbs to attach it.
Press on it again firmly.
5 The Light Blocker is now attached.
If the hooks are not fastened completely, press on
them again.
Features and Usage
Select Content or a Menu Item
To select content or a menu item, focus it in the centre of the screen, and then press the
Select Key of the LG 360 VR or tap the screen of your phone.
Screen Drag
If you want to select a lot of content, you can drag the screen of your phone up, down, left,
or right to move the screen.
Screen reorientation
You can reorientate the screen by pressing and holding the screen with two fingers. The centre
of the screen adjusts to your current perspective.
Move to the Previous Screen
Press the Back Key on the LG 360 VR or press and hold the screen of your phone to move
to the previous screen.
Move to the Home Screen
Press and hold the Back Key on the LG 360 VR to move to the home screen.
Press and hold the Select Key on the LG 360 VR to go to Settings. You can adjust the screen
orientation, brightness and notification settings via the relevant screen.
Call-related Features
You can press the button to answer the phone or end the call.
• When the phone is ringing:
- Press the Select Key to answer the call.
- Press the Back button once to put the incoming call on hold. Press the button twice to
reject the call.
• When you are talking on the phone:
- Press the Select Key or the Back Key to end the call.
Important Safety Information
Thunder and Lightning
• During severe thunder or lightning storms, refrain from using the product. Lightning can
cause serious injury or fire.
• When the product is exposed to water, do not attempt to dry it out using a hot-air blower
or hairdryer, or put it into a microwave or other oven. Doing so may cause the product to
explode or cause it to deform or fail.
• If the product is wet, the colour of the label inside the product will change. In that case,
you will not receive free service in the event the product fails. Please exercise care.
• Do not use the product when it’s wet. Doing so may cause fire, excess heat, explosion or
Usage Environments
• Do not use it in dangerous places such as on a slope, cliff, or waterside.
• If the cable gets stuck in the doors of a vehicle, it can be very dangerous. Please exercise
• When you use the product in public places, be considerate of other people around you.
Disassembling the Product
• Do not disassemble the product and protect it from sudden impacts. There is a risk of
electric shock, short circuit or fire.
• Do not use the product if it is damaged. Doing so may cause fire, burns, injury or electric
Light and Sound
• Do not use the product for excessive periods of time. Doing so may cause visual
• Do not use it for a long time with the volume turned up high. Doing so may damage your
Only use Genuine Products
• Always use genuine products. Do not use this product for any unintended purposes.
Using the Product While Moving
• Do not use the product while you are moving around as it could be very dangerous. Doing
so may also cause a traffic or other accident.
High Temperature and Humidity
• Do not leave the product exposed to direct sunlight, on a blanket, an electric blanket or a
carpet for long periods of time, or in a hot and humid place, such as a sauna. Doing so may
cause the product to deform, fail or explode.
• Do not use alcohol, benzene, thinners or detergents to clean the product. Doing so may
cause a fire.
• Use a soft cloth to wipe the product.
Children and Pets
• Keep the product out of the reach of children and away from pets. Do not put the product
in your mouth or subject it to a severe shock. There is also a risk of an electric shock,
explosion, or suffocation.
• Do not connect or insert conductive materials (metal pieces, pencil leads, etc.) into the
external connectors.
• Do not cover or wrap the product with a blanket while using it.
• Do not dispose of the product as household waste. Doing so may cause a fire or
environmental damage.
Skin Damage
• If you use the product for a long time, the temperature of your phone may rise when it
is connected to the product. Avoid touching the product when it becomes hot as it may
cause a low-temperature burn.
• Place the product away from magnetic objects, such as credit cards, phone cards, bank
books, and transit cards. Magnetism may damage the product.
• If you paint the product, it may damage the exterior or cause a malfunction.
• If the exterior paint is peeling off, or you show an allergic reaction to a certain material in
the product, stop using it and consult your doctor.
Connecting to Other Equipment
• Do not connect the product to any other equipment in a way that is not indicated in the
detailed user guide.
• Make sure that your arm or any loose objects do not get entangled in the cable or cord.
• You must make sure that your phone is securely fastened while using the product.
Otherwise, your phone may fall, and you will not be able to use the LG 360 VR.
Product Damage
• In order to prevent any damage, be careful not to drop the product on a hard surface or
subject it to a severe shock.
• Some of the functions or the display may become damaged, or its appearance may be
altered or impaired if it is bent or crushed and not repaired immediately.
• Use and store your phone in temperatures between 0°C and 35°C, if possible. Exposing
your phone to extremely low or high temperatures may result in damage, malfunction or
even explosion.
Limited Warranty
Any modifications or changes to this manual due to typographical errors or inaccuracies
of stated information shall only be made by LG Electronics Inc.
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