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P/NO: 3828VA0584M (1007-REV00)
Contact your dealer for replacing a new lamp.
The lifetime of the lamp depends on how much the
projector is used. You can see the used lamp time in
the Lamp Time of INFORMATION section. You must
replace the lamp when:
ꔈT he projected image gets darker or starts to
ꔈThe lamp indicator is magenta.
he message “Replace the lamp” appears on the
screen when turning the projector on.
Lamp indicators
< Top panel of the
Projector >
Be careful when replacing lamp
• P
ress the POWER button on the control panel or remote control to turn
off power.
• If the operation indicator LED is cyan and blinking, do not disconnect the
main supply until the operation indicator LED is lit up constantly (blue).
• Allow the lamp to cool for 1 hour before replacing it.
• R
eplace only with the same type lamp from an LG Electronics Service
Center. Using another manufacturers lamp may cause damage to the
projector and lamp.
• Pull out the lamp only when replacing the lamp.
• K
eep the lamp unit out of reach of children. Keep the Lamp away from
heat sources such as radiators, stoves etc.
• T
o reduce the risk of fire do not expose the lamp to liquids or foreign
• Do not place the lamp near any heat source.
• M
ake sure the new lamp is securely tightened with screws. If not, the
image may be dark or there could be an increased risk of fire.
• N
ever touch the glass on the lamp. Image quality may be compromised
or lamp life maybe reduced.
Replacing the Lamp
1. T
urn off the projector and unplug the power
cable. Carefully place on a cushioned surface.
(Allow the lamp to cool for 1 hour before
removing the used lamp from the projector.)
2. U
nscrew the screw from the lamp cover
using a screwdriver.
Lamp cover screw
3. A
fter lifting the lamp cover off, remove the two retaining screws on the
lamp case with a screwdriver. Lift the lamp up from the projector.
Lamp bottom
Lamp cover
Lamp Knob
4. P
ull out the handle slowly and remove the lamp case.
5. Insert the new lamp gently into the correct position. Push the lamp bottom to check if it is correctly installed.
6. Tighten the screws you removed in step 3. (Make sure they are fixed firmly.)
7. Close the lamp cover and install the screws from step 2 to install the
cover. (If the lamp cover is not installed correctly the unit will not power
Using another manufacturers lamp may cause damage to the projector
or lamp.
Make sure the lamp cover is securely fastened. If the lamp cover is not
installed correctly the unit will not power on. If this fault persists contact
an LG Authorized Service Center.
Reset Lamp Time
* You must reset lamp time on the menu after replacing the lamp.
1. Press the ꔉOK button on the projector and ꔉOK button on the remote
control simultaneously (About 5 seconds).
Total Lamp Use Time (Hr)
Current Lamp Use Time (Hr)
Lamp Reset Count
Lamp Use Time Reset?
Left or Right?
Reset [ Left/Right Key ]
Exit [ Back Key ]
2. Press the ∧, ∨, <, >, ꔉOK button. Lamp time will be reset.
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