LG | LSW130B | LG LSW130B Owner’s Manual

Wall Mounting Bracket
Please read this manual carefully before operating
your set and retain it for future reference.
P/NO : MFL63640533 (1212-REV00)
(Brazil : www.lge.com)
Wall mount anchor
4 units
Wall mount screw
4 units
User manual
PVC Washer
4 units
Set protection cushion
4 units
Set screw
M4 X 10 mm 4 units
M4 X 14 mm 4 units
Read these instructions.
Keep these instructions.
Heed all warnings.
Follow all instructions.
This wall mount should be installed by a trained and
experienced installer designated by the retailer.
Having the product installed by a non-specialized installer is
very dangerous and can cause damage or injury.
Use a trained and experienced installer to move or
replace the wall mount, if needed.
Installation requires special techniques and moving or installing
the product on your own can cause serious safety issues.
When installing the wall mount, never hang the
power or signal cable on the rear side the TV.
The cord can be damaged and cause a fire, an electric
shock or damage to the product.
Do not install the product where the weight cannot be
If the strength of the location where the wall mount is installed
is not strong enough, it can fall off and cause an injury.
After installing the wall mount, do not hang on the
product or apply severe impact to the product.
The product can fall off and cause injury.
Install the product according to the directions in the
user manual.
If the product is not installed based on the directions in
the user manual, it can cause a serious injury or damage
to the product.
During the installation, check the type of wall
material and use the sealed anchor and screw if the
conditions comply.
When installing the product or adjusting the height of
the product after installing, always do so with 2 people.
Working alone can cause the product to fall off and result in
injury or damage to the product.
When drilling holes in the wall, always use a drill bit
and drill of designated diameter. Also follow the
designated directions for the depth of the hole.
If you do not use the designated anchor or screw, the
mount may not be able to withstand the weight of
the product and cause a safety issue.
If the product is installed without following the designated
method, the product may be unstable and cause a safety
Do not wipe the product with a wet towel and do not use any
heater or humidifier below where the product is installed.
Do not install the product near any object that may
cause vibration.
If water flows into the product or if moisture and heat are applied to the
product, it can cause a fire, an electric shock or problem to the product.
Do not install the product near any high voltage power
cable or power source.
Unplug the power cord from the power outlet before
installing the product.
If you install the product with the power cord plugged, it can
cause an electric shock or a fire.
Do not install the product with bare hands. Always
wear proper work gloves.
It can cause an injury.
Do not allow the video connectors connected to the
display to press against the wall. Use the included
right-angle adapters if needed.
Only use attachments/accessories specified by the
Before installation
* Do not use the product for purposes other than mounting a display on the wall.
* When installing/using the wall mount, be cautious of product damage and avoid accidents.
* If you have not fully read and understood the installation manual, do not install the product and contact
the dealer to have a specialized installer install the product for you.
* Even if you are not a specialized installer, it is advantageous to have experience in mechanical or
construction field in completely understanding this manual and installing the product.
* This product is designed to be mounted to walls that use standard intervals between the studs.
* Install the screw to attach the wall mount so that it can be assembled at the center from both ends of
the studs.
Use of stud finder, a separate device, is recommended.
* Install the product only on a vertical wall.
The manufacturer is not responsible for issue from installing the product on severely wall or on the
* Keep the included accessories out of reach of babies or children as it can cause safety issues including
suffocation from swallowing the parts.
* Make sure screws are tight against the wall, but do not overtighten.
* Be careful not to install a TV that exceeds the weight restrictions of the wall mount.
* Be careful with the tools used during installation to prevent accidents or damage.
Installation method
- Tools you will need : Phillips head "+" driver(Manual or motorized) Ø4 mm drill bit for wood or steel / Level /
Stud finder / Drill. You may also need an 8 mm socket wrench or an Ø8 mm drill bit for concrete.
Separating the TV bracket
Safety pin
<Work procedure>
1. After expanding the wall mount forward as shown in Fig. 1, separate the safety pin from the wall mount as
shown in Fig. 2.
2. Separate the set bracket as shown in Fig. 3.
Attaching the mounting bracket on the TV
Make sure the screws are fully tightened to the bracket and display. If the screws will not fully tightened, they
might be too long or the wrong size.
VESA 100X100 / VESA 200X100 is supported.
If needed, you may refer to the display's user manual to verify the display has one of the supported VESA formats.
Screws are included for the following models:
M4 X 10 mm
M4 X 14 mm
Bracket to attach to
the display
VESA 100
VESA 200
VESA 100
Install the PVC washer between the brackets
and the display on the following models :
But for 26LE53*/26LE55* model,
this is provided as TV component.
<Work procedure>
1. Check to see if the display has screws already installed into the VESA mounting holes. If so, remove those.
2. Attach the bracket to the back of the display as shown above. Use a Phillips head "+" screwdriver to tighten the
- At this time, be careful to prevent the set from falling down.
- Make sure the screws are fully tightened to the bracket and display.
How to attach to masonry walls
- Use
the anchors for wall material of concrete, light concrete, strong natural stone, soft natural stone masonry
brick and hallow block that do not crack.
Please follow the below direction.
- Check the material of the wall and the thickness of the finishing.
- When installing the product on wall material not designated, install the product so that each fixated location
can withstand the pull out load of 70 kgf (686 N) and shear load of 100 kgf (980 N) or above.
Wall mount screw
- Use the Ø8 mm drill bit for concrete and hammer (Impact) drill.
a. Use a drill bit Ø8 mm to drill a hole for the anchor location within a depth of 80 mm - 100 mm.
b. Clean the drilled hole.
c. Insert the sealed anchor to the hole. (When inserting the anchor, use a hammer.)
d. Set the wall mount on the wall by aligning to the location of the hole. and, set the angle adjusting part to face
e. Align the wall mount bolt to the hole and tighten it. Then, fasten the bolts at torque of 45 kgf/cm - 60 kgf/cm.
How to install the wall mount
Wall mount
→ If the screw cannot be assembled in the designated location
inevitably, it can be assembled by rearranging to the closest
location. But, do not change 2 or more locations from the
designated spot.
→ Assemble the wall mount screw on 1 left and 1 right location
on the top part and 1 left and 1 right location on the bottom
→At this time, use a "+" driver (Manual or motorized) or 8 mm
wrench to tighten the screw so that the wall, wall bracket and
screw are completely pressed against one another.
How to assemble the wall mount support and display
- Always install the display with 2 or more people.
Safety pin
fter mounting the display, insert the safety pin as shown. If the safety pin is not fixated as shown in the picture,
the display can fall.
After the install is finished, pull the bottom part of the display to verify the product is attached securely.
clearance from the wall is 14 mm (32LE46* : 36 mm) for this product.
In using cables or accessories not provided with the wall mount, make sure to keep a certain distance from the
wall so that excessive force is not applied on cables or accessories.
How to level the Display
If the product is not leveled after the
installation, you can rotate the display
up to 5 degrees.
± 5°
± 5°
Cable arrangement and set protection cushion
7 - Arrange the cables as shown in the picture. Use some type of cable banding
device to hold all the cables together. Attach the set protection cushion to
mitigate the impact between the wall and the set when adjusting the angle.
Attach the set protection cushion as shown in the picture.
[ Unit : mm ]
-15° - +15° ± 2°
-15° - +15° ± 2°
Model Name
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
Wall Mount VESA Specification
100 X 100/200 X 100
Max. UL Load Capacity (kg)
Product specification
The model and serial number of the
product is located on the back or one
side of the product. Record it below
should you ever need service.
Supported Displays:
(Please contract the retailers or refer to the
TV owner’s manual for applicable models.)
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