LG HF85JG Owner's manual

LG HF85JG Owner's manual
Quick User Guide
for Projector
To connect a smart device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) to the projector
using the wired connection
Connect a smart device to the projector using a cable* and set the external input of the projector to
HDMI. The smart device screen will then be displayed through the projector.
For model-specific instructions regarding use of the wired connection, please check with the smart
device manufacturer.
Supported smart devices may change depending on the circumstances of each manufacturer.
* Examples of how to connect a cable to different smart devices (cable purchased separately).
HDMI cable
Slimport supported
Press the
button on the projector remote control and select Screen Share. Launch the relevant
Screen Share function* on the device you want to connect. Search for the projector on the smart
device to connect. After the connection is made, the smart device screen will be displayed through
the projector.
(For specific instructions regarding this function, refer to the owner’s manual for the smart device.)
cable of a
smart device
Projector HDMI port
HDMI cable
Projector HDMI port
Lightning Digital AV
* Screen Share functions
-- Android OS smart device: Miracast (LG Electronics, etc.), Screen Mirroring (Samsung
Electronics, etc.), Wireless Mirroring, etc.
-- Windows OS laptop: Intel® WiDi, Miracast, etc.
Charging port of
a smart device
HDMI cable
Apple 30-pin Digital
AV adapter supported
To connect a smart device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) or laptop to the
projector using the wireless connection
Charging port of a
smart device
Slimport adapter
Projector USB port
Apple Lightning Digital
AV adapter supported
• Connect a smart device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) or laptop to the projector using the wired/
wireless connection to enjoy the smart device or laptop screen enlarged by the projector.
Apple 30-pin
Digital AV adapter
• Depending on the device you are using, the wireless connection may be weak or unstable. In
this case, make changes in group to improve the connection.
• Depending on the network's environment, the wireless connection may be weak or unstable.
-- Using the 5.0 GHz band is recommended.
Projector HDMI port
Charging port of a
smart device
* The picture may look different from the actual product.
To Connect a Bluetooth Audio Device
The Bluetooth function is to connect the product to Bluetooth speakers or Bluetooth headset.
• The pictures may differ slightly from the actual product.
1 Turn the Bluetooth headset or speaker on
and set it to Pairing mode. (For information
on how to set up the Pairing mode, see the
manual of your Bluetooth audio device.)
2 (Q. Settings)
Sound Out LG Sound Sync / Bluetooth
Press DEVICE SELECTION to view the
connected devices or the devices that can
be connected to connect any one of them.
3 In some devices, this feature automatically
tries connecting to the recently connected
device when the projector is turned on.
However, if the projector was previously
connected to an LG Sound Bar that
supports LG Sound Sync, it will always
connect to the Sound Bar first.
• Products from other manufacturers may
not be compatible.
• If the display on the screen and the
audio do not play in sync when using a
Bluetooth audio device, adjust the sync
using the AV Sync Adjustment menu.
• It is recommended that you keep the
distance between your projector and the
connected Bluetooth device within 5 m.
• Connect LG audio devices with
after setting their Pairing modes to LG
TV mode.
• If the device fails to connect, check the
power of the device to connect to and
check if the audio device is working
• Using Bluetooth speakers that support
Dual mode/Double mode/2-Channel mode
together with the Magic Remote may limit
the speakers’ usability.
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