LG | 22LH454A-PT | LG 22LH454A-PT Owner’s Manual

P/NO : MFL69446153 (1609-REV00)
India region only. (Below sentence is not applicable for above 1920 X 1080 resolution TV models.)
This product is qualified for the BEE Star rating in the ‘Home’ Mode.
The Objectives of Star Labeling Program is designed to promote energy efficient products and practices.
When the television is initially set up, it is designed to meet the BEE Star Labeling requirements while maintaining optimum picture
Changes to certain functionalities of this television (TV Guide, Picture/sound etc) may change the power consumption.
Depending upon such changed setting (eg., Retail mode), the power consumption may vary which possibly could exceed the
stated energy consumption.
To reset the television to Star rating qualified settings, select ‘Home’ mode from the initial set-up procedure in ‘factory settings’ under
the ‘Set-up’ menu.
Monitor TV
Monitor TV.
Monitor TV
Monitor TV
Monitor TV
Monitor TV
Monitor TV
Monitor TV
Monitor TV
Quick Reference Guide
1. Factory Reset
1.1 When to do Factory Reset?
When you feel any abnormality in Picture and Sound settings, you can use this
function to reset all the settings to initial condition.
1.2 How to do Factory Reset ?
Follow below on-screen instructions for Factory Reset.
1. Press SETTINGS and the Navigation buttons to scroll to OPTION.
2. Press the Navigation buttons to scroll to the Factory Reset
(depending on model) and then press OK.
3. Select the Menu language.
4. Select Home Use mode and press OK.
5. Set the Date as per requirement.
6. Auto Tuning message window will appear press next and follow instructions.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 5
Step 6
Step 3
Step 4
Note: Changing Mode Setting (Home Use 1 Store Demo) will reset all Channel
information and need to store all Channel Data.
2. Signal Strength Indicator
Use this function to know the quality of RF cable signal.
Signal strength is displayed in channel information window.
A high signal level indicates a good signal quality.
Good Signal
Weak Signal
If picture quality is not good or distorted, use this function to check the signal strength.
Note: If signal strength is low then contact your cable operator.
Note: Actual images may vary depending on Model.
MaxxAudio and additional MAXX trademarks are trademarks
and/or registered trademarks of Wves Audio Ltd.
or backward,
(This feature may vary depending on model.)
The remote control will not be included depending upon sales
(See pg. 17)
(See pg. 18)
Sets up and edit
Displays photo and play
music, movie, game
(Depending on model)
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