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P/No. : MFL30134943
Egg box
Snack corner(Optional)
The light remains at the “on”
status when selecting Special
How to dismantle parts
Dismantling is done in the reverse sequence of assembly.
Be sure to unplug the power plug before dismantling and assembly.
Never apply severe force to dismantle parts. Parts may be damaged.
Door rack and
Lift the door rack holding both sides
pull it out to direction.
Lift the space plus
Space plus
Ice storage bin
and pull it out to
Hold the ice storage bin as shown in the right
figure and pull it out while slightly lifting it .
It is recommended not to dismantle the ice
storage bin unless it is necessary.
Be sure to use both hands when removing
the ice storage bin, so as not to drop it on the
If the ice storage bin does not fit well, slightly
rotate the rotating device.
After dispenser
is used
Take up the cover ① and dry it with
a dry cloth.
It is Normal...
The following occurrences are normal.
When you hear "Tak" or
"Took" sound
This is the sound of various parts expanding/contracting
or various control devices operating depending on the
temperature change within the refrigerator.
When you hear
"Deureureuk~", "Dulkuk" or
"Woong" sound
This is the count of compressor or fan operating when
the operation of the refrigerator is starting or ending. This
is the same phenomenon of the sound generated when
starting or turning off the engine of a car.
When you hear "Kureureuk"
sound of water flowing
This is the sound of refrigerant changing the condition in
the freezer/fridge. When the liquid changes to gas, you
will hear the sound of water flowing and when gas
changes to liquid, you will hear the "Kureureuk" sound.
When you hear the sound of
wind such as "Shoo~" or
"Shik" right after you close
the door
This is the sound generated when the internal pressure is
temporarily lowered when the warm air entered through
the fridge or freezer is cooled fast.
When you hear the
vibrating sound
If the refrigerator is installed on wooden floor or wooden
wall, or if the refrigerator is not leveled properly, the
sound can be loud from the vibration.
When you hear a loud
sound after installing the
product for the first time
When you operate the refrigerator for the first time, the
refrigerator will operate at high speed to cool fast and the
sound can seem louder. When the internal temperature
falls below a certain level, the noise will subside.
Door open
When the door is slightly
opened after closing the
Depending on the fore or speed of closing the fridge or
freezer door, the door can open slightly and then get
Be careful not to close the door to hard.
Dew drops
When there is icing or
dew drops formed on the
inner or outer side of the
When external air flows into the cool inner surface of the
refrigerator, icing/dew drops can be formed.
Especially, this will happen more easily when you open
and close the refrigerator door more frequently.
Also if the humidity of the installed location is high or
during the rainy season or on a rainy day, dew drops can
form on the outer side of the refrigerator. This is a
natural phenomenon that occurs during the humid
weather. Wipe the water drops with a dry cloth.
When the front side of the
refrigerator is warm
Heat pipes are installed around the front part of the
refrigerator and on the divider of the freezer and fridge to
prevent the dew drops from forming. The refrigerator
may feel warmer after the installation or during the hot
summer, but this is not a problem and you can be rest
LG Electronics India Pvt, Ltd., warrants to the end-user customer that the LG refrigerator is free from defects in material or workmanship,
under normal domestic use, for a period commencing on the data of purchase and enduring for the warranty period as stipulated, subject
to the following conditions:
The 4 year warranty on Compressor will continue even after the expiry of 1 year period from the date of purchase.
This warranty covers Compressor only. Gas/Gas Charging will be charged to the customer. Gas charging is included only when
compressor is defective & inoperative. During the additional warranty period, it does not cover any part such as condenser, freezer,
capillary, suction line, overload protector, relay, thermostat etc.. Standard visiting charges will be applicable within the municipal limit
of town where LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. (LGEIL) has it's Authorized Service centre. Service outside municipal limit will attract to
and fro traveling, other incidental expenses in addition to standard visiting charges, as prevailing from time to time.
During the warranty period, only the parts replaced or repaired shall be free of costs, but service charges shall always be payable by
the customer.
Linear Compressor (Selected Models Only)
One (1) year from the data
of original retail purchase
Four (4) years from the data
of original retail purchase
Ten (10) year from the data
of original retail purchase
Parts and Labor
Parts only (Customer will be charged for labor)
dealer, and replacement of light bulbs, filters, or any consumable
7. Noises associated with normal operation and failure to follow instructions found in the use and care and installation guides or operating
the unit in an unsuitable environment will not be covered under this warranty.
Regd Office: A-27, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate,
Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044
MTNL/BSNL (Toll Free)
Prefix STD Code
LG Customer Information Center
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