LG | GL-205KM4 | LG GL-201KL4 Owner’s Manual

Over 1 Million sold in one year*
*As per LG sales figures, calendar year 2010.
The picture shown on front page is representative model. LG Electronics reserves its right to change, modify or alter any design without any prior notice.
P/No.: MFL66993301
1. Identification of Parts ................................................................
2. Safety Precautions .....................................................................
3. Cautions ......................................................................................
4. Installation ................................................................................... 6
5. Identification of Controls ...........................................................
6. Features ....................................................................................... 6
7. Operating Procedures ................................................................
8. How to get good results ............................................................. 8
9. Before Calling for Service .......................................................... 9
10. Branch/Remote Area Office addresses .................................... 10
11. Warranty Card ............................................................................. 11
Identification of parts
Lamp 10watt
Control Box
Small Basket
Evaporator Frame
Cosmetics Box
Evaporator Door
Small Basket
Chillar Tray
Small Basket
Small Basket (Optional)
Pouch (Optional)
Upper Shelf
Bottle Guide
Lower Shelf
Bottle Holder
Bag Holder
Cell Fresh
Crisper (Optional)
Flip Basket
Soft tray Veg.
Large Basket
Vegetable Tray
Adjustable Leg
Base stand with
drawer (Optional)
Adjustable Leg
Safety Precautions
n The meanings of the symbols used in this manual are as shown below.
bl eSuqvy esa iz;qDr izfr:iksa ds vFkZ uhps n'kkZ, x;s gSaA
This symbol indicates the possibility of death or serious injury.
;g izfr:i e`R;q ;k xEHkhj {kfr dh lEHkkokuk dks n'kkZrk gSA
This symbol indicates the possibility of injury or damage to properties only.
;g izfr:i dsoy lEifÙk dh {kfr ;k uqdlku dh lEHkkouk dks n'kkZRk gSA
This symbol alerts you to the risk of electric shock.
;g izfr:i fo|qr >Vds dh tksf[ke ds izfr ltx djrk gSA
WARNING / psrkouh
vf/kd½ ;k tyrh eksecÙkh ;k LVsfcykbtlZ
fÝt ds Åij@vUnj uk j[ksaA
• Do not modify or extend
the Power Cord length.
ikoj dksMZ dh yEckbZ esa :ikUrj.k
;k o`f) u djsaA
It may cause fire, injury or damage.
;s vkx] pksV ;k {kfr dk dkj.k gks ldrs gSaA
It will cause electric shock or fire.
blls fo|qr vk?kkr ;k vkx yx ldrh gSA
• Child Entrapment Warning
cPpksa ds Q¡lus ls cpkus ds fy, psrkouh
An empty refrigerator can be
a dangerous attraction to
children. Remove gaskets,
latches, lids or the entire
door from your unused
appliance, or take some
other action to make it
tc ikoj dksMZ ;k ikoj Iyx {kfrxzLr gks ;k
vkmVysV dk fNnz <hyk gks rks mudk
bLrseky u djsaA
It may cause electric shock or short circuit to make fire.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by
the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified
persons in order to avoid a hazard.
,d [kkyh jsfÝtjsVj cPpksa ds fy, [krjukd
vkd"kZ.k gks ldrk gSA xSlfdV] flVduh] <Ddu ;k
viz;qDr e'khu dk lEiw.kZ njoktk gVk nsa ;k bls
gkfujfgr cukus ds fy, dksbZ nwljk mik; djsaA
blls fo|qr vk?kkr ;k 'kkWVZ lfdZV ds QyLo:i vkx yx
ldrh gSA ;fn vkiwfrZ dksMZ {kfrxzLr gks rks mldks mlds
fuekZrk] mlds vf/kÑr ,tsaV ;k leku ;ksX;rk okys O;fDr }kjk
gh cnyok;sa rkfd uqdlku ls cpk tk ldsA
• In order to prevent possible electric shock, this
appliance must be earthed. (about earthing)
lEHkkfor fo|qr vk?kkr dks jksdus ds fy, bl midj.k dh
iw.kZr% vfFk±x gksuh pkfg,A ¼vfFk±x ds lEca/k esa½
• Never store chemicals
inside and explosives near
the Refrigerator, such as
Gas Cylinder etc.
jsfÝtjsVj ds vUnj jlk;fud inkFkZ vkSj ikl esa
foLQksVd tSls xSl flfyaMj dHkh u j[ksaA
It may cause explosion or fire.
blls foLQksV gks ldrk gS ;k vkx yx ldrh gSA
• Unplug the appliance before
cleaning or maintenance.
lQkbZ ;k ejEer djrs le;
midj.k dk Iyx fudky nsaA
It may cause electric shock or injury.
blls fo|qr vk?kkr yx ldrk gS ;k
{kfr gks ldrh gSA
• Never place glass products in the freezer.
dHkh Hkh dk¡p ds mRikn Ýhtj esa uk j[ksaA
It may cause explosion due to expansion when
the contents are frozen.
lkexzh ds foLrkj ds dkj.k foLQksV
gks ldrk gSA
• Do not keep any hot or heavy
object (more than 5 kgs) or lit
candles or put stabilizers on the
top/inside of refrigerator.
dksbZ Hkh xeZ Hkkjh lkexzh ¼5 fdyks
• When the power cord or the power
plug is damaged or the holes of the
outlet are loosed, do not use them.
In the event of an electric short circuit,
earthing reduces the risk of electric shock by
providing an escape wire for the electric
Improper use of the earthing plug can result
in an electric shock. Consult a qualified
electrician or service person if the grounding
instructions are not completely understood,
or if you have doubts on whether the
appliance is properly earthed.
bySfDVªd 'kkWVZ lfdZV dh ?kVuk esa fo|qr /kkjk ds fy, ,Ldsi
ok;j yxkdj vfFk±x fo|qr vk?kkr dh tksf[ke dks de djrk gSA
vfFk±x Iyx dk vuqfpr iz;ksx ls fo|qr vk?kkr yx ldrk gSA
;fn xzkmafMax funsZ'k iw.kZr% le> esa ugha vk;sa gSa midj.k dh iw.kZ
vfFk±x esa dksbZ lansg gks rks izf'kf{kr bySfDVªf'k;u ls lykg ysa
• Do not keep any other electrical
appliance on top/inside of refrigerator
such as TV, Cooler, Temple, Decoration
Lighting, Harmful Chemicals, Cloth
Top etc.
dksbZ vU; fo|qr midj.k tSls Vhoh] dwyj]
iwtk&?kj] ltkoVh ykbV] gkfudkjd jlk;u]
diM+s dk VkWi bR;kfn jsfÝtjsVj ds Åij@
vUnj u j[ksaA
It may cause explosion or fire.
blls foLQksV gks ldrk gS ;k vkx yx ldrh gSA
To prevent injury to the user and property damage, the following instructions must be followed. Incorrect
operation due to ignoring of instruction will cause harm or damage, the seriousness is classified by the
following indications.
miHk¨Drkv¨a v©j e'khu d¨ gkfu uk g¨ blds fy, fuEufyf[kr funsZ'kksa dk ikyu dj­A funsZ'kksa dk ikyu lko/kkuh
ls uk djus ij fuEu gkfu;k¡ gks ldrh gSaA
Plug in the power socket
Operate or stop the unit by
switch only.
Do not use a damaged or an
unspecified power cord.
Iyx dks ikWoj lkWdsV esa
lko/kkuh ls yxk;saA
e'khu dks pykus vkSj jksdus ds
fy,s fLop dk gh iz;¨x dj­A
iqjkuh vkSj yksdy ikoj
dksMZ dk bLrseky uk djsaA
It will cause electrical shock or fire
due to heat generation.
It will cause electrical shock or fire.
If the supply cord is damaged,
it must be replaced by
a special cord or
assembly available
from the manufacturer
or its service agent.
Otherwise, it will cause electric shock
or fire due to heat generation or
electrical shock.
,slk djus ls djaV o vkx
yxus dk [krjk gSA
,slk djus ls djaV o vkx
yxus dk [krjk gSA
,slk djus ls djaV o vkx
yxus dk [krjk gSA
;fn dksMZ [kjkc gS rks mls
cny nsaA
Do not modify power cord
length or share the outlet
with other appliances.
Do not operate with wet
hands or in damp
Do not splash water on your
e'khu dh rkj dh yEckbZ dks
uk cnys vksj ikoj lkdsV es
,d gh Iyx yxk;saA
xhys gkFkks ls o ueha es bls
bLrseky uk djsaA
jsfÝtjsVj ij ikuh uk MkysA
It will cause electrical shock or fire due to
heat generation.
It may cause electrical shock.
It may cause short circuit.
,slk djus ls djaV o vkx
yxus dk [krjk gSA
,slk djus ls djaV yxus dk
[krjk gSA
,slk djus ls 'kkVZ ljfdV
g¨uss dk [krjk gSA
CAUTIONS / lko/kkfu;k¡
During Vacations
During average length vacations, you will probably find it best to leave
the refrigerator in operation. Place freezable items in freezer for longer
life. When you plan to be away for an extended period, remove all food,
disconnect the power cord, clean the interior thoroughly, and leave each
door OPEN to prevent odour formation. To operate again, let the
refrigerator run for 6-8 hrs. for stabilization.
vodk'k ds nkSjku
vkSlru Nqfê;ksa ds nkSjku lcls vPNk jgsxk fd vki jsfÝtjsVj dks pyrk jgus nsaA fÝt+scy
lkekuksa dks fÝt+j esa yEch vof/k ds fy, j[k nsaA tc vki yEcs le; ds fy, ckgj gksa rks lHkh
[kk| inkFkks± dks fudky ysa rFkk fo|qr rkj dks fudky nsaA vkUrfjd :i ls iwjh lQkbZ djsa vkSj
izR;sd njokts dks [kksy nsa] ftlls nqxZU/k u gksA nqckjk vkWijsV djus ds fy,] jsfÝtjsVj dks 6-8
?kaVs rd pyrk jgus nsaA
While shifting the refrigerator, two people should carry it for its
safety. Fasten the door with tape or lock to prevent opening of
the refrigerator.
jsfÝtjsVj d¨ LFkkukUrfjr djrs le; lqj{kkFkZ de ls de nks vkneh
yxus pkfg,A njokts d¨ Vsi ls vPNh rjg ck¡/k n­ ;k ykWd yxk nsa
rkfd og LFkkukUrfjr djrs oDr uk [kqy­A
e Ta
(Use only inflammable cleaners)
Cleaning of Interior Parts is recommended. Wash all compartments
with a mild baking soda solution, then rinse and dry the compartment.
Use a lukewarm solution of mild soap or detergent to clean the exterior
finish of your refrigerator. Wipe with a clean, damp cloth and then dry.
¼ges'kk vToyu'khy DyhulZ dk bLrseky djsa½
lHkh vkUrfjd Hkkxksa dh lQkbZ dh lykg nh tkrh gSA lksMk ds ?kksy ls lHkh Hkkxksa dks /kks,a rFkk lkQ
diM+s ls iksaN dj lq[kk ysaA jsfÝtjsVj dh ckgjh lQkbZ ds fy, eUn lkcqu ;k fMVts±V ds xquxqus
?kksy dk iz;ksx djsaA fQj lkQ&lqFkjs ,oa Hkhxs gq, diM+s ls iksaNdj lq[kk,aA
Refrigerator should be located properly in ventilated area.
Levelling of refrigerator should be done with front leg. Refrigerator should be levelled with front to
back inclination for base.
jsfÝtjsVj dks lgh rjg ls goknkj txg ij j[ksaA
jsfÝtjsVj ds Lrj dks fuf'pr djus ds fy, de ;k vf/kd djus okys iSj dh lgk;rk ysuh pkfg,A bldks tehu
ij lqfLFkj djus ds fy, bl izdkj O;ofLFkr djuk pkfg, fd ;g FkksM+k lk vkxs ls ihNs dh vksj >qdk gksA
In case of Base stand model
leveling of refrigerator should be
done with front leg of Base Stand
Cksl LVS.M ekWMy ds lanHkZ es jsfÝtjsVj dks
lery djus ds fy, Cksl LVS.M ds lkeus
okys ik;s dk bLrseky djuk pkfg,A
Front Leg
In selected models only./
dsoy p;fur ekWMyks ds fy,
Identification of Controls
Use electrical connection
with 3-pin for earthing.
Specially designed knob gives you
acility to control temperature
inside Refrigerator.
Before loading, let refrigerator
run for 8 hrs. in No. 4 position.
vfFk±x ds fy, rhu fiuksa
okyk fo|qr dusD'ku dk
iz;ksx djsaA
fo'ks"k :i ls fufeZr ukWc vkidks
jsfÝtjsVj ds vUnj rkieku dks
fu;fU=kr djus dh lqfo/kk iznku
djrk gSA
jsfÝjtsVj yksM djus lss igys
mldks ua- 4 fLFkfr ij 8 ?kaVs
rd pyk,aA
220V~240V - 50Hz
RUN FOR 8 Hrs.
Specified storage location for cosmetics and medicines (only those medicines which can
be placed in refrigerator)
;g LFkku dkWLesfVd o nok;sa j[kus ds dke vkrk gSa ¼dsoy fÝt esa j[kus okyh nokbZ;ksa dks
gh fÝt esa j[ksaA½
Vªs ost
Soft Tray Veg. is placed in Tray Veg. And very usefull to keep small
vegetables like Lemon, Chilly, Coriander etc.
Vªs ost esa j[kh lkW¶V Vªs ost N¨Vh lfCt;k¡ tSls uhacw] fepZ] èkfu;k vkfn
j[kus esa cgqr mi;¨xh gSA
Pull down the bottle holder to store 4 no. of one liter water bottles. Fold it when
not in use.
blesa ,d yhVj ikuh dh pkj cksry j[kus ds fy;s cksry gksYMj dks uhpsa dh rjQ [khaps rFkk
mi;ksx u vkus ij bls eksM+ ns A
Ýs'k fØLij
Crisper holds Moisture and it helps to keep vegetables fresh
and prevents from getting rotten
;g ueh jksddj lfCt;ksa dks rktk j[krk gS o lM+us ls cpkrk gSaA
Flip down the basket to keep small items less than 0.5kg only, Flip up
the basket to store 2 liter bottles in lower basket.
;g 0.5kg ls de otu ds NksVs lkeku j[kus ds fy, ckfLdV dks uhps dh rjQ [khaps
nks yhVj dh cksry j[kus ds fy, ckWfLdV dks Åij dh rjQ eksMsA
vkSj uhps dh ckfLdV esa
Max.storage space is 5kg in base stand drawer.
To be used for storage of dry vegetables only like(Potato, Onion, Etc.)
csl LVS.M Mªkvj dh vf/kdre {kerk 5 Kg gSa dsoy lq[kh lfCt;k¡ tSls ¼vkyw] I;kt½ vkfn
gh j[ksaA
vkSj cQZ Vªs
Specified storage location for eggs. it can be used to make the ice in Freezer
bls v.Ms+ j[kus ds fy;s mi;ksx fd;k tkrk gS] bls Ýhtj esa ICE cukus ds fy, Hkh mi;ksx
dj ldrs gSaA
POUCH / ikmp
Pouch is a Nylon bag with zip (unzip to keep items and zip after keeping items)
It helps to store small items like Lemon, Ginger ,Coriander etc
;g ikmp ,d ukbZyksu cSx pSu ds lkFk gSa ¼pSu [kksydj lkeku j[ksa fQj bls cUn dj nsA
;g NksVs lkeku tSls uhacw] vnjd] /kfu;k¡ vkfn j[kus ds dke vkrk gSaA
cSx gksYMj
It helps for hanging the items with polyethylene bag
;g iksfyfFku cSx yVdkus esa gekjh enn djrk gSaA
In selected models only.
Operating Procedure
It is natural for moisture in the air to condense on the cold surface. This leads to a regular build up of frost on the surface of the freezer.
Defrost regularly to avoid heavy frost building on the evaporator which results in reduced cooling efficiency.
gok esa ekStwn ueh dk BaMh lrg ij teuk LokHkkfod gS- blfy, fÝt+j dh lrg ij cQ+Z terh jgrh gSA
cQ+Z dh tekoV ds dkj.k de BaMd mRié gksrh gS vkSj {kerk ?kV tkrh gSA blfy, bls fu;fer :i ls fMÝkWLV dj­A
Push the defrost Knob after every 3 days / Ice Level
reaches defrost indicator.
izR;sd 3 fnu esa fMÝkWLV ukWc dks nckdj fMÝkWLV
djsa@ tc Hkh cQ+Z fMÝkWLV fu'kku rd ig¡qpsA
Ice Making / cQZ dSls cuk,a
Fill ice trays with water, place in freeze Box. To remove
ice cube, gently twist Ice Tray.
cQZ dh Vªs dks ikuh ls Hkjsa vkSj bls Ýht+ ckWDl esa j[ksaA
cQZ fudkyus ds fy, cQZ dh Vªs dks gYds ls ejksM+saA
Lamp Replacement
• Not all appliance bulbs will fit your refrigerator. Be sure to replace the bulb with one of the
same size, shape and wattage.
vkids jsfÝtjsVj esa lHkh cYc fQV ugha gksrsA cnys tkus okys cYc dk vkdkj] vkÑfr vkSj okVst tk¡p ysaA
• Unplug the power cord from the outlet. / ikWoj lIykbZ dksMZ dks vkmVySV ls ckgj fudky ysaA
• Remove refrigerator shelves. / jsfÝtjsVj 'kSYOt dks gVk nsaA
• Unplug the power cord from the outlet. / vkmVySV esa ls ikoj Iyx dks fudky nsaA
• Remove refrigerator shelves. / jsfÝtjsVj dh 'kSYOt dks gVk nsaA
• « Remove the cover lamp by pulling outside, then pushing it left/right by finger.
ySEi ds <Ddu dks maxyh dh lgk;rk ls ckgj dh vksj [khapsa] fQj mls ckb± ;k nkb±
rjQ /kdsydj fudkysaA
• Make sure the bulbs are cool to the touch. Remove the lamp by turning it counterclockwise.
Nwdj tk¡p dj ysa fd D;k cYc BaMs gks x, gSaA ?kM+h dh foijhr fn'kk esa ?kqekdj ySEi dks fudky nsaA
« Lamp
Cover Replacement Information.
Do not use sharp tool to remove ice tray, otherwise you may puncture the evaporator
resulting gas leakage thus non performance of refrigerator
cQZ dh Vªs gVkus ds fy, rst /kkj okys vkStkj dk bLrseky u djsa ojuk blls Ýhtj esa
lwjk[k gks ldrk gS vkSj ifj.kkeLo:i xSl ckgj fudy tk;sxh ftlls jsfÝtjsVj dke
ugha djsxkA
How to get good results
Cover or wrap all foods that you put into your refrigerator with polythene or
aluminium foil, preventing the mixing of flavours and to keep the food from
jsfÝtjsVj esa tks [kk| inkFkZ j[ksa mls <d nsa ;k iksfyFkhu vFkok ,Y;wehfu;e
dh iéh esa yisV dj j[ksa] rkfd [kk|lkefxz;ksa dk t+k;dk vkSj [kq'kcw vkil esa
u feysa vkSj oks lw[ks ughaA
Don't keep hot milk or hot food in your refrigerator.
This will result in an increased temperature and increase in power
xeZ nw/k ;k xeZ Hkkstu dks vius jsfÝtjsVj esa u j[ksaA
blds ifj.kkeLo:i rkieku c<+sxk ftlls fctyh dh T;knk [kir g¨xhA
Do not leave refrigerator open for long time. Don't open the refrigerator door too
often, hot air will enter and increase the temperature.
jsfÝtjsVj dks T;knk le; rd [kqyk u NksM+saA jsfÝjtsVj dk njokt+k ckj&ckj u [kksysa]
blls xeZ gok vanj tkrh gS vkSj rkieku c<+k nsrh gSA
Never overload your refrigerator or cover the shelves with paper or plastic
sheets as it will reduce its efficiency.
vius jsfÝjtsVj dks v¨oj y¨M u djsa v©j uk gh isij ;k IykfLVd dh ifUu;¨a
l s 'kSYQ d¨ <dsa D;¨afd blls jsfÝjtsVj dh dk;Z{kEkrk de g¨ tk,xhA
Close the door properly, make sure that there is no gap between the gasket
and the cabinet of your LG refrigerator.
njokts d¨ vPNs ls cUn dj­ rkfd vkids
ds chp txg uk jg­A
jsfÝjtsVj dh dSfcusV v©j xSlfdV
Wipe excessive moisture on food or place it inside containers or plastic
bags. This will help in retaining its freshness for a longerperiod of time.
[kk| inkFkZ ds Åij ls vR;f/kd ueh dks lkQ dj nsa ;k fQj mUgsa fdlh
;k IykfLVd FkSyh esa j[ksaA ,slk djus ls vkidk [kkuk T;knk le; rd
rktk jgsxkA
Feel free to call your LG Customer Information Centre (CIC) / Branch / LG
Representative in case your refrigerator has suffered a damage in transit.
jsfÝtjsVj dks ,d txg ls nwljh txg ys tkus esa vxj dksbZ uqDlku g¨ tk, rks
vius LG Customer Information Centre (CIC) / czkap / LG ds izfrfuf/k dks cqyk,aA
It is recommended to use Voltage Stabilizer (0.5KVA) if power
fluctuations are frequent and out of specified voltage range (135-290V)
Stabilizer usage increases the refrigerator life.
;fn fctyh ckj&ckj de ;k T;knk vk jgh gS ;k fufnZ"V oksYVst {kerk (135-290V)
ls fHkUu gS rks ;g lykg nh tkrh gS fd oksYVst LVsfcykbtj (0.5KVA) dk iz;ksx djsaA
LVsfcykbtj dk bLrseky jsfÝtjsVj dh mez c<+krk gSA
As per LGEIL Test Standards. /
,ythbZvkbZ,y ekud ds vuqlkjA
Before Calling for Service / leL;k & lek/kku
Type of Complaint
Probable Cause
1. Refrigerator does
not work.
Thermostat switch
in ‘ OFF' position.
Power Supply Off.
Check that the thermostat knob is on 'Normal' (No.4) position and not in off position.
2. Refrigerator
attempts to start, but
does not operate.
3. Refrigerator contents
not cooling.
Difficulty in formation
of ice and ice-cream.
Stabilizer not working
Low Voltage.
Defrosting over due
Restriction of cold
air circulation.
Improper thermostat
control selection.
Storing hot foods.
4. Formation of water
drops on exterior
of refrigerator.
High humidity during
monsoon season.
5. Formation of droplets
on the underside of the
Chiller tray.
6. Smell and odour.
Hot and humid
7. Noise
8. Noise from Freezer
9. Bulb does not glow
jsfÝtjsVj dke
ugha djrk
jsfÝtjsVj pkyw gksus
yxrk gS ij dke
ugha djrk
3. jsfÝtjsVj esa j[kh
lkexzh BaMh ugha gksrh
cQ+Z vkSj vkblØhe
cuus esa dfBukbZ
Improper covering
and wrapping of food.
Normal cut-of/ cut-in
Hissing noise from
Bulb fused
laHkkfor dkj.k
FkeksZLVsV dk fLop
ßvkWQÞ fLFkfr esa
fo|qr vkiwfrZ can
LVsfcykbtj Bhd rjg
ls dke ughas dj jgk
de oksYVst+
oä ij MhÝkWfLVax ugh
dh xbZ] BaMh gok ds
izokg esa #dkoV
xyr FkeksZLVsV
fu;a=k.k dk p;u
xeZ Hkkstu dk HkaMkj.k
jsfÝtjsVj ds ckgj
ikuh dh cawnsa teuk
ekulwuh ekSle ds dkj.k
vR;f/kd vkæZrk
fpyj Vªs ds uhps cawnksa
dk fuekZ.k gksuk
xeZ vkSj vkæZ ekSle
cQ+Z vkSj nqx±/k
[kk| inkFkZ Bhd ls <ds
vkSj yisVs ugha x,
Ýhtj ls vkokt
cYc dk ugha tyuk
lkekU; :i ls
jsfÝtjsVj ds can@pkyw
gksus dh vkokt
Ýhtj ls fo'ks"k izdkj
dh vkokt
¶;wt cYc
Check that the refrigerator main supply plug is connected to the wall socket and
that the supply is on. Check that the fuse is intact in he supply line.
Please plug power cord of refrigerator directly in the wall socket and then check,
if it works then get the stabilizer checked by Stabiizer Repairing Centre.
Install a line-correcting transformer in the mains, or a Voltage Stabilizer.
Defrost the refrigerator.
Provide space in between the dishes. If the shelves are covered with cloth or
polythene, remove it.
If the refrigerator is required to give a low temperature turn the thermostat knob
towards colder (No.7) position.
Avoid storing hot foods in the refrigerator, cool them to room temperature before
placing them inside the refrigerator.
During the monsoon, when the humidity in the atmosphere reaches around 90%
water droplets may form around the sides of the refrigerator cabinet, especially the
top portion. This moisture should be wiped off periodically. Contact our serviceman
to check the door seal or proper and uniform contact with the cabinet.
In hot and humid weather the moist air rushes inside whenever the refrigerator door
is opened. This results in excess frosting on the Evaporator and condensation on
the Chiller tray bottom. Avoid too frequent door openings.
Wrap and cover food stuffs properly. Place caps on bottles and other liquid stores.
If the smell persists, defrost the refrigerator, remove all foodstuffs, clean the
refrigerator thoroughly and wipe it dry before restarting.
Whenever refrigerator starts & stop there is noise of Thermostat cut-off/ cut-in &
Compressor start/stop. This is a normal phenomenon.
This is normal gas expansion noise
Bulb is not covered under warranty LG Service Engineer will replace this on
cost basis.
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For any further information, please contact LGEIL Branch
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Email : serviceindia@lge.com
LG Electronics
The LG Refrigerator comes with 1 + 4 year warranty, from the date of purchase, that comprises of a 1 year warranty on all Parts (except Light Bulb,
Consumables, Loose Plastic Parts, Glass) in the first year and thereafter a 4 year Additional warranty on the compressor, from the date of purchase
of the product, provided always that the warranty card bears the rubber stamp, date and signature of our Authorised Dealer.
The 4 year warranty on Compressor will continue even after the expiry of 1 year period from the date of purchase. This warranty covers Compressor only.
Gas/Gas Charging will be charged to the customer. Gas charging is included only when compressor is defective & inoperative. During the additional
warranty period, it does not cover any part such as condenser, freezer, capillary, suction line, overload protector, relay, thermostat etc.. Standard visiting
charges will be applicable within the municipal limit of town where LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. (LGEIL) has it's Authorized Service centre, Service outside
municipal limit will attract to and fro traveling, other incidental expenses in addition to standard visiting charges, as prevailing from time to time. During the
warranty period, only the parts replaced or repaired shall be free of costs, but service charges shall always be payable by the customer.
1. The warranty is confined to the first purchaser of the Refrigerator only & is non-transferable.
2. Repairs & replacements will be carried out by the dealer from whom the product has been purchased, or through the Authorized Service Centers of
LGEIL. In case the customer shifts the place of residence during warranty period, it is advised to contact Authorized Service Centre directly or call
our help line.
3. Repairs under warranty shall be carried out by an authorized service personnel only. The details of centralized help lines are attached.
4. For units installed beyond municipal limits of the jurisdiction of company's Authorized Service Center, it is responsibility of the purchaser to contact
the nearest authorized service center and bring the unit to the authorized service center at its own cost and risk. All expenses incurred in collecting
the units or parts thereof from the company's authorized service center, as well as expenses incurred with deputizing of service personnel/technicians
towards conveyance and other incidentals etc. will be borne by the customer. Local Charges for transportation and handling charges may vary from
location to location. Customers are advised to verify before. In case the customer desires to bring the unit on its own to the Authorized Service Centre,
the same shall be at its own risks & consequences.
5. The concerned authorized service center will advise the customer whether to effect the repairs at site or at the authorized service center.
6. Call registered with the centralized helpline/Authorized service center, wherein only cleaning of the unit/parts in the unit due to dust accumulation on
portions of the unit, general explanations/returning, are not to be considered as defects.
7. In case of repairs or replacement of any part/s of the unit, this warranty will thereafter continue and remain in force only for the unexpired period of
the warranty. Replacement of parts would be purely at the discretion of LGEIL alone. In case the replacement of the entire unit is being made, (subject
to the sole discretion of LGEIL), the same model shall be replaced and in the event such model has been discontinued, it shall be replaced with the
model of price equivalent at the time of purchase.
8. In case of any damage to the product / customer abuse/ repairs by un-authorised personnels/ misuse detected/ by the Authorized Service Center
personnel, the warranty conditions are not applicable and repairs will be done subject to availability of parts and on a chargeable basis only.
9. This warranty shall not cover any consequential or resulting liability, damage or loss to property or life arising directly or indirectly out of any defect in
the Refrigerator. The company's obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repair or providing replacement of defective parts only under the
warranty period.
10. The company or its Authorized Service Center reserves the right to retain any part/s or component replaced at its discretion, in the event of a defect
being noticed in the equipment during warranty period.
11. While the company will make every effort to carry out repairs at the earliest, it however is made expressly clear that the company is under no
obligation to do so in a specified period of time.
12. Warranty does not cover accessories external to the equipment supplied by the dealer.
13. If any coloured internal or external components are replaced, there will be commitment to ensure that the shades match with the original or other
components. The replaced shades, patterns, tints may vary from the customer's unit due to continuous usage of the unit. Any matching components
changed at customer's request will be on chargeable basis except the component which actually needed.
Warranty is not applicable in any of the following cases :
1.The warranty card is not completed properly at the time of purchase. 2. The completed warranty card is not presented to authorized service personnel
at the time of service of the product. 3. The product is not operated according to instructions given in the Operating Instruction Booklet. 4. Defects are
caused by improper or reckless use, which shall be determined by the company personnel. 5. Any repair work is carried out by persons other than
authorized service personnel. 6. Defects are caused by due to causes beyond control like lightening, abnormal voltage, acts of God or while in transit to
service center or purchaser's residence. 7. The warranty is not valid in case, the serial number is deleted, defected or altered. 8. Damage to the product
or any part/s due to transportation or shifting is not covered by warranty. 9. a) This warranty will automatically terminate on the expiry of the warranty
period of 12 months, even if the Refrigerator may not be in use for any time during the warranty period for any reason. b) The warranty on compressor
will automatically terminate on expiry of 4 years (after 1 year warranty period) even if the Refrigerator may not be in use for any time during the said
period for any reason. 10. Only courts in state of Delhi and places where LGEIL has it's branch office shall have the jurisdiction for settling any claims,
disputes arising under the warranty.
TEL. ____________________________________
TEL. ____________________________________
Customer’s Signature
This card is valid only if it is filled in and stamped by our authorised dealer on the date of purchase.
Dealer’s Signature
MF L 6 6 9 9 3 3 0 1
LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.
Regd. Office : A-27, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate,
Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044
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