LG | GL-225BME5 | LG GL-225BME5 Owner’s Manual

* Source:- ORG-GFK retail audit report: Jan.- Dec. 2008.
The picture shown on Front page is representative model. LG Electronics reserves its right to change, modify or alter any design without any prior notice.
Disposal of your old appliance (as per e-waste Rules)
1. When this crossed out wheeled bin symbol is depicted on the
product and its operator’s manual, it means the product is
covered by the e-waste Management and Handling Rules ,
2011 and are meant to be recycled, dismantled, refurbished or
disposed off.
2. Dos
a. The product is required to be handed over only to the
authorized recycler for disposal.
b. Keep the product in isolated area, after it becomes non-functional/un-repairable
so as to prevent its accidental breakage.
a. The product should not be opened by the user himself/herself, but only by
authorized service personnel.
b. The product is not meant for re-sale to any unauthorized agencies/scrap
dealer/ kabariwalah.
c. The product is not meant for mixing into household waste stream.
d. Do not keep any replaced spare part(s) from the product in exposed area.
3. Any disposal through unauthorized agencies/person will attract action under
Environment (Protection) Act 1986 .
4. Hazards of improper handling or accidental breakage
a. If batteries are disposed incorrectly, it can greatly harm the environment. The
chemical by-products are hazardous. The metals and chemicals found in
batteries can mix into soil which may be hazardous to humans, plants and
animals. If thrown in fire, they can cause blast and release toxic gases which
may be harmful for health.
b. The refrigerant (R-22) used can be combustible at low pressure. The potential
health effects of over exposure is dizziness, headache and heart irregularities
5. To locate a nearest collection centre or call for pick-up (limited area only) for
disposal of this appliance, please contact Toll Free No.1800-180-9999 for
details. All collection centre and pick up facilities are done by third parties with LG
Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. merely as a facilitator.
For more detailed information , please visit : http://www.lge.com/in
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T;knk tkudkjh ds fy, ns[ksa osclkbV % http://www.lge.com/in
Never unplug your refrigerator by pulling the power cord, it can cause damage and leads to shock/fire. Always grip plug firmly
and pull it straight out from the outlet.
15. When disposing the refrigerator, remove the packing materials from the door. It may cause to lock out the child.
16. Don’t keep any electrical appliance on the top of refrigerator such as TV, Cooler, Lightening decoration, Harmful chemical, cloths etc.
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In case of Machine having Evercool feature machine may take more than 12-14 hrs to get on after
defrosting operation. / ^,ojdwy^ Qhpj okyh e'khu fMÝkWfLVax izfØ;k ds ckn pkyw gksus esa 12-14 ?kaVs
ys ldrh gSA
Control Box
Evercool Frame
Utility Basket
Utility Basket
Chiller Tray
Beauty 'n' Care
Freeze & Cook Box
Utility Basket
Bottle Holder
Lock (Push & Rotate)
Humidity Controller
Vita Kit
Bottle Guide
Cell Fresh Crisper
Veg Tray
Special Utility Basket
Adjustable Leg
GL-245 / GL-285
Control Box
Evercool Frame
Utility Basket
Utility Basket
Beauty 'n'Care
Chiller Tray
Freeze & Cook Box
Bottle Holder
Lock (Push & Rotate)
Bottle Guide
Humidity Controller
Vita Kit
Cell Fresh Crisper
Utility Basket
Veg Tray
Special Utility Basket
Adjustable Leg
Due to continuous R&D, model specification subjected to change.
Run the refrigerator for 12 hrs without load in factory settings. / QSDVjh dh lSfVax esa fcuk yksM Mkys jsfÝtjsVj
12 ?kaVs rd pyk,aA
Do not open the Evercool assembly without the help of service engineer. / lfoZl bathfu;j dh enn ds fcuk
,ojdwy vlsEcyh dks u [kksysaA
/ ikoj dV ,ojdwy (Optional)
Maintains freshness of food by offering 6 Hrs. cooling retention in refrigerator &
3 Hrs. retention in freezer compartment during power cuts.
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(* As per LGEIL test standard condition)
Push and rotate the key for locking purpose. /
In selected models only. /
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dsoy pqfuank ekWMyksa esa
Take base stand box out of refrigerator main
Open the base stand box and take the base
stand out.
Place the base stand at appropriate location,
you intend to install Refrigerator.
Adjust legs of base stand to level it perfectly
on Floor.
- ao{\«$OaoQ>a _w»` {S>ã~o go~og ñQ>¡ÊS> {S>ã~o H$mo ~mha {ZH$mb|
- ~og ñQ>¡ÊS> {S>ã~o H$mo Imobo Am¡a ~og ñQ>¡ÊS> H$mo~mha {ZH$mb|
- ~og ñQ>¡ÊS> H$mo Cg ñWmZ na aI| Ohm§ Amn ao{\«$OaoQ>a
aIZm MmhVo h¢
- ~og ñQ>¡ÊS> Ho$ n¡am| H$mo R>rH$ àH$ma O_rZ na {Q>H$mE§
- Place refrigerator on the base stand, such
that to insure the proper placement of
refrigerator on base stand as indicated
(fig. 2).
- A~ ao{\«$OaoQ>a H$mo {MÌ _| {XIm`r JB© pñW{V Ho$ AZwgma
~og ñQ>¡ÊS> Ho$ D$na aI|
- Adjust the refrigerator so that the gap on
either sides is even.
- Plug in the power supply.
- Do not move refrigerator with base stand
it might damage the stand
- ao{\«$OaoQ>a H$mo Bg àH$ma aI| {H$ XmoZm| Va\$ ~am~a A§Va hmo
- nmda gßbmB© _| ßbJ bJmE§
- ao{\«$OaoQ>a H$mo ~og ñQ>¡ÊS> Ho$ gmW Z {hbmE§, Eogm H$aZo na
~og ñQ>¡ÊS> H$mo ZwH$gmZ nhþ§M gH$Vm h¡
- When Refrigerator is used without base
ensure both the legs of refrigerator are
in place and properly leveled.
- O~ H$^r ao{\«$OaoQ>a H$mo {~Zm ñQ>¡ÊS> Ho$ BñVo_mb _| bmE§
Vmo gw{Z{íMV H$a| {H ao{\«$OaoQ>a Ho$ XmoZm| n¡a R>rH$
àH$ma go O_rZ na {Q>Ho$ hmo
CAUTION : Ensure that the refrigerator is unplugged from the power source, before installation.
gmdYmZr : ao{\«$OaoQ>a H$mo ñWm{nV H$aZo go nhbo `h Adí` gw{Z{íMV H$a b| {H$ BgH$mßbJ nmda gßbmB© go hQ>m hmo &
f) To lock push & rotate the key.
ykWd djus ds fy, pkch dks /kdsydj ?kqek,aA
f) Do not operate the lock without pushing the key.
fcuk pkch nck, ykWd dks u yxk,aA
Regd. Office : A-27, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate,
Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044
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