Safety Precautions & Instructions
To prevent injury to the user and property damage, the following precautions and instructions must be followed. Incorrect
operation due to ignoring of precautions and instruction will cause harm or damage.
Important Safety Precautions:
Do not modify the power cord length or
outlet with other appliances don't replace the power cord
with the damaged or unspecified power cord.
It will cause electric shock or fire. If the power cord is damaged, it should be replaced by authorized service person as
specified by the manufacturer.
Plug in the power socket properly.
Loose plug-in causes electric shock or fire due to heat generation.
Do not switch ON/OFF the refrigerator with wet hands.
It may cause electric shock.
Use only dedicated power socket for supply to refrigerator.
Do not use an extension cord; otherwise it will cause overloading and intermittent tripping of other appliances or household
Never splash water on your refrigerator.
It may cause short circuit.
Do not store.
Do not store explosive and chemicals inside the refrigerator.
Grounding (Earthing).
In the event of an electric short circuit, grounding (Earthing) reduces the risk of electric shock by providing an escape wire
for the electric current. In order to prevent possible electric shock, this appliance must be grounded. Consult a qualified
electrician or service person if you have doubts on whether the appliance is properly grounded. Improper use of the
grounding plug can result in an electric shock.
Important Safety Instructions:
1. Before use, refrigerator must be properly installed and located as per the installation instructions.
2. Never unplug your refrigerator by pulling on the power cord. Always grip plug firmly and pull it straight out from the outlet.
3. When moving your appliance away from the wall, be careful not to roll over the power cord or damage it in any way.
4. Unplug the power cord from outlet for cleaning or other requirements. Never touch it with wet hands because you can get an
electric shock or be hurt.
5. Never damage, process, pull out, or twist the power cord, because damage of power cord may cause a fire or electric
6. After your refrigerator is in operation, do not touch the cold surface in the freezer compartment, particularly when your
hands are damp or wet. Skin could adhere to these extremely cold surfaces.
7. Never place glass utensils or products, which contains liquid items in the freezer compartment, because the expansion of
liquid items due to freezing causes the breakage of glass utensils or products.
gwajm gå~{ÝYV gmdYm{Z`m± Am¡a gwMZm`|
_hËËdnyU© gwajm gå~pÝYV gmdYm{Z`m± :
H¥$n`m Vma H$mo j{VJ«ñV Vma d AZC„o{IV Vma go Z ~Xco Ÿ&
(`{X Vma j{VJ«ñV hmo Om`o Vmo Bgo CËnmXH$ Ûmam {ZYm©[aV g{d©g A{YH$mar Ûmam hr ~Xcdm`o Ÿ&
T>rcm cJm`m J`m ßcJ go H$a§Q> d AmJ cJZo H$m IVam h¡Ÿ&
Jrco hmWmo go Ref. H$mo On/Off Z H$aoŸ&
Ref. Ho$ {dÚwV àdmh Ho$ {c`o {ZYm©[aV gmHo$Q> H$m à`moJ H$aoŸ&
(H¥$n`m amŠgQ>oÝgZ H$m à`moJ Z H$ao Bggo Ka Ho$ Xygao {dÚwV CnH$aUmona Load ^ma d A{Z`{_V Tripping hmo gH$Vo h¡ Ÿ&
Ref. go nmZr Z {JaZ| X| Ÿ& Bggo em°Q>©g{H©$Q> hmo gH$Vm h¡ Ÿ&
H¥$n`m {dñ\$moQ>H$ `m amgm`{ZH$ nXmW© Z aI| Ÿ&
{dÚwV emQ>© g{H©$Q> Ho$ Xm¡amZ Am{WªJ Ûmam PQ>Ho$ H$m IVao H$mo H$_ {H$`m Om gH$Vm h¡Ÿ&
Bg{c`o _erZ H$m Am{WªJ A{Zdm`© h¡Ÿ& H¥$n`m {H$gr {ZYm©[aV d Xj BcopŠQ´>{e`Z Ûmam AnZr _erZ H$mo Am{WªJ H$adm`oŸ&
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à`moJ go nhco H¥$n`m _erZ H$m {Z`{_V gyMZm Ho$ AZwgma ñWmnZm H$adm`oŸ&
H¥$n`m Ref. H$mo ~§X H$aZo Ho$ {c`o Vma Z IrMoŸ& ßcJ H$mo nH$‹S> H$a Bgo gmHo$Q> go {ZH$m{c`oŸ&
H¥$n`m Vma H$mo gwa{jV aIVo hþ`o, AnZo Ref. H$mo {hcmB©`oŸ&
g\$mB© d A{V[aŠV H$m`© hoVy, Ref. Ho$ Vma H$mo gmHo$Q> go {ZH$m{c`oŸ& Jrco hmW go Bgo Z Ny>`oŸ&
Vma H$mo IrMZm d cnoQ>Zm d _mo‹S>Zm _Zm h¡Ÿ&
Freezer H$s H$m`©aV Ref. Ho$ R>§S>r gVh H$mo Jrco hmWmo go Z Ny>`o Bggo AnZr ËdMm Bg R>§S>r gVh na {MnH$ gH$Vr h¡Ÿ&
Freezer _o H$m§M Ho$ ~aVZ _o H$moB© Ðì` nXmW© Z aIoŸ& Š`m|{H$ Ðì` nXmW© Ho$ {dñVma go H$m±M H$m ~aVZ Qy>Q> gH$Vm h¡Ÿ&
SAFETY Precautions
n The meanings of the symbols used in this manual are as shown below.
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons when using your product, basic safety
precautions should be followed, including the following.
Read all instructions before using this appliance.
1. When connecting the power
The dedicated outlet should be used.
• Using several devices at
one outlet may cause fire.
• The electric leakage
breaker may damage food
and the dispenser may be
Do not allow the power cord bent or pressed
by the heavy object to
be damaged.
It may damage the power
cord to cause fire or electric
Do not allow the power plug to face upward
or to be squeezed at
the back of the
Water may be flown into or
the plug may be damaged,
which causes fire or
electric shock.
Do not extend or modify the length of the
power plug.
It causes electric shock or fire
by the electric damage of the
power cord or others.
;fn vki funsZ'kksa dk ikyu ugha djsaxs rks vkidh e`R;q ;k xEHkhj {kfr gks ldrh gSA
;fn vki funsZ'kksa dk ikyu ugha djsaxs rks vkidh e`R;q ;k xEHkhj {kfr gks ldrh gSA
lko/kkuh Hk;kud [krjs dh fLFkr dks n'kkZrk gS ftldks ;fn gVk;k ugha x;k rks ;g
NksVh ;k lk/kkj.k {kfr igq¡pk ldrk gS ;k mRikn [kjkc gks ldrk gSA
1. When connecting the power
Unplug the power plug when cleaning,
handling the interior lamp of the
• It may cause electric shock or injury.
Remove water or dust from the power plug
and insert it with the ends of the pins
securely connected.
Dust, water or unstable
connection may fire or electric
Do not pull out the cord or touch the power
plug with wet hands.
• It may cause electric
shock or injury.
Make sure of grounding.
The incorrect grounding
may cause breakdown
and electric shock.
When the power cord or the power plug is
damaged or the holes of
the outlet are loosed, do
not use them.
It may cause electric shock or
short circuit to make fire.
2. When using the refrigerator
Do not place the heavy object or the
dangerous object
(container with liquid) on
the refrigerator.
It may be dropped to cause
injury, fire or electric shock when
opening or closing the door.
More than
30 inches
Do not cling to the door or the shelves of the
door or sit on drawer.
It may make the refrigerator fallen down or damage
the hands. Especially, do not allow the children to
do the above.
S´ m°da no Zm ~¡Ro
2. When using the refrigerator
Do not install the refrigerator in the wet
place or the place wh ere
water or rain splashes.
Deterioration of insulation of
electric parts may cause
electric leakage.
Do not use or store inflammable materials
like ether, benzene, alcohol, medicine,
LP gas, spray or cosmetics
near or in the
It may cause explosion
or fire.
Do not place the lit candle within the
refrigerator to deodorize.
Do not store the medicine or the academic
materials at the refrigerator.
It may cause explosion or fire.
When the material with
the strict temperature
control is stored, it may be
deteriorated or it may
make an unexpected
reaction to cause any risk.
Do not use the combustible spray near the
The Academic
e Me
Avoid the heating devices.
It may cause fire.
It may cause fire.
Do not place flower vase, cup, cosmetics,
medicine or any container
with water on the
It may cause fire, electric shock
or injury by dropping down.
Use the submerged refrigerator only after
checking it.
It may cause electric
shock or fire.
e Me
The Academic
2. When using the refrigerator
When gas is leaked, do not touch the
refrigerator or the outlet and ventilate the
room immediately.
Deterioration of insulation of
electric parts may cause
electric shock or fire.
T hi n n
During the handling / delivering, installation if
used gas is (1) Tetrafluroethane (R134a) - in
spite of being Environment friendly & Non
flammable, it may cause irritation to skin, eyes
with small amount of vapor, hence proper
ventilation across the Refrigerator area is must.
(2) Natural GAs
(isobutene, R600a) is the environmentfriendly refrigerant,
even a small amount
(80~90g) is
combustible. When
the gas is leaked by
the severe damage during delivering, installing
or using the refrigerator, any spark may cause
fire or burn.
Do not spray water at the outside or the
inside of the refrigerator or do not clean it
with benzene or
When any strange smell or smoke is
detected from the refrigerator, disconnect
the power plug
immediately and
Servic e
contact to the
service center.
It may cause fire.
Do not allow any person except the qualified
engineer to disassemble, repair or alter the
Do not use the refrigerator for non-domestic
purpose (storing medicine or testing
material, using at the ship, etc.).
It may cause injury,
electric shock or fire.
It may cause an unexpected
risk such as fire, electric
shock, deterioration of stored
material or chemical
When disposing the refrigerator, remove the
packing materials from
the door.
Install the refrigerator on a solid and level
It may cause to lock out the
Installing it on the unstable
place may cause death by
falling down the refrigerator
when opening or closing the
2. ao{\«$OaoQ>a H$m à`moJ H$aVo g_`
O~ J¡g H$m [agmd hmo, Vmo ao{àOaoQ>a `m AmCQ>boQ> H$mo Z
Nw>E§ Am¡a H$_ao _| Vwa§V hdm AmZo-OmZo X| Ÿ&
T hi n n
1) J¡g (R134a) - BñVo_mb H$aVo g_` / {S>brìhar / BÝñQ>m°boeZ
`Xr BñVo_mb H$s Q>oQ´>mâë`waoWrZ (R134a) J¡g WmoS>r _mÌm _| {bH$ hmo
ahr h¢ Ÿ& Vmo dmo J¡g n`m©daU H$mo KmVH$ Zhr h¡ Am¡a ÁdbZ{eb Zhr h¡ Ÿ&
_Ja `h AmnHo$ ËdMm H$mo KmVH$ h¡ Am¡a Am±I H$mo j{V nhþ§MmVr h¡ Ÿ&
Bg{bE ao{\«$OaoQ>a H$s nmgdmbr OJh H$mo Iwbr aI| Ÿ&
2) J¡g (R600a) - My§{H$ Bg ao{\«$OaoQ>a _| n`m©daU H$mo ZwH$gmZ Z
nhþ§MmZo dmbo ao{\«$OaoQ>a Ho$ ê$n _|
àmH¥${VH$ J¡g (AmBgmoã`yQ>oZ
R600a) H$m à`moJ {H$`m OmVm
h¡, Bg{bE Wmo‹S>r _mÌm (80~90
J«m.) ^r ÁdbZerb hmoVr h¡ Ÿ&
O~ ao{\«$OaoQ>a H$s {S>brdar
H$aZo, g§ñWm{nV H$aZo `m CgH$m
BñVo_mb H$aZo Ho$ Xm¡amZ J§^ra j{V Ho$ H$maU J¡g H$m [agmd hmoVm h¡, Vmo
{H$gr ^r qMJmar go AmJ bJ gH$Vr h¡ `m Amn Ob gH$Vo h¢ Ÿ&
2. When using the refrigerator
Do not insert the hands or the metal stick
into the exit of cool air, the cover, the bottom
of the refrigerator, the heatproof grill
(exhaust hole) at the
It may cause electric
shock or injury.
When you want to dispose the refrigerator,
contact to the down-block office.
When you want to dispose
the large living waste such
as electric home appliance
and furniture, you’d better
contact the local downblock office.
Violating this direction may cause injury or damage to health house or furniture.
Always be careful, please.
Do not touch food or containers in the
freezer with wet
It may cause frostbite.
Wait for 5 minutes or longer when
reconnecting the plug.
It may cause the operation
of the freezer to fail.
Do not put glass bottle in the freezer.
It may freeze the contents to
break the bottle to cause
Pull out the power plug not by grasping the
cord but the plug of its
It may cause electric shock or
short circuit to fire.
Violating this direction may cause injury or damage to health house or furniture.
Always be careful, please.
Do not insert the hands into the bottom of
the refrigerator.
The iron plate of the bottom
may cause injury.
Carry the refrigerator with the handle bar at
the bottom of the front and the top of the
Opening or closing the door/drawer of the
refrigerator may cause injury to the person
around it, be careful, please.
Otherwise, your hands
may be slipped & can
cause injury.
Opening or closing the
door may cause feet or
hands to be caught in
the chink in door or the
child may get hurt by
the corner.
Do not put any living animal in the
1. Select a good location.
Place your refrigerator where it is easy to
2. Avoid placing the unit near heat sources,
direct sunlight or moisture.
3. To ensure proper air circulation around the
fridge -freezer, please maintain sufficient
space on both the sides as well as top and
maintain at least 2 inches (5 cm) from the
rear wall.
4. To avoid vibrations, the unit must be level.
If required, adjust the leveling screws to
compensate for unevenness of the floor.
The front should be slightly higher than the
rear to aid in door closing.
Leveling screws can be turned easily by
tipping the cabinet slightly.
Turn the leveling screws clockwise(
) to
raise the unit, counterclockwise(
) to
lower it.
5. Don't install this appliance below 5 °C. It may
cause the debasement of the refrigerator.
1. Clean your refrigerator thoroughly and wipe
off all dust accumulated during shipping.
2. Install accessories such as ice cube box, etc.,
in their proper places.They are packed
together to prevent possible damage during
3. You have a model with bar-type handle,
assemble the handle according to instruction
4. Connect the power supply cord (or plug) to
the outlet. Don't double up with other
appliances on the same outlet.
5. Prior to storing food, leave your refrigerator
on for 2 or 3 hours.
Check the flow of cold air in the freezer
compartment to ensure proper cooling.
Your refrigerator is now ready for use.
20, 21, 22
26, 28
22, 23
20, 21, 22
26, 28
22, 23
Where to lnstall
Fixing the leg
Take the leg from the refrigerator and fix to
the base by rotating it in clock wise direction.
and even floor
Unstable installation may cause vibration and
noise. If the floor to install the refrigerator on
is not even, make the refrigerator level by rotating
the leveling leg clockwise (
) to raise the
unit, anticlockwise (
) to lower it.
Carpet or floorcloth on which a refrigerator is
installed may be discolored by heat from the
bottom of the refrigerator. So, it is necessary
to place a thick pad below the refrigerator.
A proper
distance from
adjacent items
Please keep the refrigerator at a proper
distance from other things. Too small a
distance from adjacent items may result in
lowered freezing capability and increased
electricity charges consumption.
Where is free
from heat or coal
Places where ambient temperature are
high, freezing capability is deteriorated and
electric charge is increased.
Coal gas and smoke may discolor the
appearanceof refrigerator.
Use a three pin
6 Amp socket
Select a three pin 6 Amp socket having proper.
Earthing & protection device (Fuse or MCB)
for ensuring the long save operating.
• Install the refrigerator at a place where the ambient temperature is 50C ~ 430C.
Too high or low ambient temperature may cause functional troubles.
Identification of Parts
LED Lamp
Multi Flow Duct
Fruit Box
Duel Layer
Veg Tray
Leveling Leg
Due to
continuous improvements at LGEIL, specifications of refrigerator are subject to change without prior notice.
out some parts which are not in your unit, the parts are applied to other models.
If you find
Deodorizer / fMvksMksjkbt+j
By using a catalyst, deodorizing performance is
mRizsjd dk iz;ksx djus ls xU/k nwj djus dh {kerk fuf'pr
gks tkrh gSA
bad odour molecule
Unpleasant odor of food in fresh food compartment is
deodorized with no harm to you and the food.
ÝS'k QwM dEikVZesaV esa ls vPNh u yxus okyh xU/k dks fudkyus ij vkidks vkSj vkids [kkus
dks dksbZ uqdlku ugha gksrkA
When storing food with a strong odor, wrap it or store it in
a container with a lid because odor may be passed on to
other foods.
tc rst xU/k okyk [kk| inkFkZ jsfÝtjsVj esa j[krs gSa rks mls
yisV ysa ;k fdlh <Ddunkj fMCcs esa j[k ysa D;ksafd og xU/k
nwljs [kk| inkFkks± esa Hkh izos'k dj ldrh gSA
Don't try to remove the deodorizer cover, as you may break
the catalyst.
fMvksMksjkbtj dk doj u gVk,a D;ksafd blls mRizsjd VwV ldrk gSA
Door Cooling / Mksj
Cool air vent is placed on the refrigerator door to provide cool air
to the Door Shelves..
Cool air vent jsfÝtjsVj ds njokts ds Åij yxkbZ tkrh gS ftlls
Mksj 'kSYOt dks BaMh gok feyrh jgsA
If foreign substances enter the cool air vent while cleaning,
efficiency will be lowered. In addition, if gasket is damaged,
efficiency may be lowered due to the escape of cool air. So care
should be taken during cleaning.
lQkbZ djrs le; ;fn ckgjh xUnxh cool air vent esa izos'k djrh
gS rks jsfÝtjsVj dh {kerk de gks tk,xhA blds vfrfjDr] ;fn
xSldV [kjkc gks tkrk gS rks BaMh gok fudy tkus ls {kerk de
gks tk,xhA blfy, lQkbZ ds nkSjku lko/kkuh cjrsaA
Cool air
Green lon Door Cooling (Optional) / J«rZ Am`Z S>moa H$y$qbJ (EpÀN>H$)
The green catechins deodorizer in the duct cover purifies the air
and helps stored foods remain fresh longer.
Duct _| green catechins deodorizer Omo Duct Cover _| h¡, hdm H$mo ewÕ
H$aVr h¡ Am¡a ImÚ nXmWm] H$mo A{YH$ g_` VH$ aIZo _| _XX H$aVr h¡ Ÿ&
If water of foreign substances enter the cool air vent while
cleaning, efficiency will be lowered. In addition, if gasket is
damaged, efficiency may be lowered owing to the escape of cool
g\$mB© H$aVo g_` `{X ~mhar JÝXJr cool air vent _| àdoe H$aVr h¡ Vmo ao{\«$OaoQ>a
H$s j_Vm H$_ hmo OmEJr Ÿ& BgHo$ A{V[aŠV, `{X J¡gH$Q> Iam~ hmo OmVm h¡ Vmo R>§S>r
hdm {ZH$b OmZo go j_Vm H$_ hmo OmEJr Ÿ&
Fruit Box
- Separate fruits storage provision
Vita Light (Optional) /
• LED lamp is operated automatically for all day.
It makes vegetable to photosynthesize.
Vita Light
• Sealing structure keep the humidity /
• Veg Drawer
- Separate storage provision for vegetables
• Duel Layer Veg Tray
- To store small size veg items
Before setting the temperature
When your refrigerator is first installed, allow it 24 hrs to stabilize at normal operating
temperature prior to filling it with fresh or frozen foods. Then adjust the knobs to get
satisfactory results as per instruction given below. If operation is interrupted, allow 5
minutes delay before restarting.
The default setting of the control button for the refrigerator compartment is middle
(3 LEDs are ON).
This Feature enables quick cooling of the foods.
button is pressed for
5 seconds super cool LED is on, this mode
is off automatically, once the refrigerator temperature
gets specified degrees
This key allows you to change the
refrigerator temperature manually, the LEDs
are “ON” & “OFF” according to the temp
setting .
Refrigerator temperature
You can set refrigerator temperature using the
button. Whenever pressing the
button, the
LED emit light. The temperature of the compartment is
lowered as the LED luminance from “Cold” to
“coldest”. You can select the desired setting point by
pressing the
button, LED glows from cold to
coldest point. If three LED glow, it means that
refrigerator operates in normal position. For economic
electricity set the LED to the cold position.
Super cool
button is pressed for 5 second refrigerator
goes to Super Cool mode, in this case super cool LED
glows. This function allows you to gear up for any
urgent cooling needs. In this mode the compressor
runs continuously for a few hour giving you cold water
and ice when you need it. This function is very helpful
for parties and special occasion, where the refrigerator
is subjected to heavy load and you need instant cooling
of the food. The super cool system released when the
temperature of refrigerator compartment get specified
Press this button for 5
seconds and super
cool button will turn on
Memory back-ups
In case of power failures, your refrigerator setting will keep in memory and as soon as the
power on, your last refrigerator settings will be restored.
Temperature control
– Refrigerator
Your refrigerator has two controls that let you regulate the
temperature in freezer and refrigerator compartments.
You can set the refrigerator temperature using the refrigerator
temperature control, whenever pressing the
button, the
LED emit light. The temperature of the compartment goes
down as the LED luminesce from cold to coldest.
You can select the desired set point in five (5) steps between
cold to coldest.
Temperature control
– Freezer
Freezer Temp Control - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
8, 9
Setting at “9” the freezer compartment
becomes coldest, but the refrigerator
becomes warmer because less cold air
will flow into the refrigerator
In cold weather the unit operates less and the freezer compartment has a tendency to
warm up. For colder freezer, turn the freezer temp. control to “6” - “7” & refrigerator
temp. control to cold.
In hot weather or to load more food in refrigerator, refrigerator compartment has a
tendency to warm up for colder refrigerator turn the freezer temp. control to “1” - “2” to
direct more cold air into the refrigerator compartment, and the refrigerator temp.
control to “Coldest”.
If you load lot of food in the freezer or open its door frequently, its temperature could go
warmer. In this case, set the freezer temp. control dial between “7” and “9” to cool it.
Return the freezer temp. control dial to the original position after usage.
Ice making
Your refrigerator has Triple twist ice tray
to make ice cubes,
fill the ice tray with water upto the water level mark
and insert in its position.
to remove ice cubes,
hold the knob of the tray and turn gently in the clock
wise direction, ice cubes drop in the bank ice.
Instruction to use bank ice
Ice Trays
Use bank ice only to store ice cubes.
Do not make ice in it, as it may break.
Bank Ice
Instruction to disassamble veg drawer
Step 1 - Open refrigerator compartment door fully
Step 2 - Pull out the vegetable drawer, and then lift duel
layer veg tray to remove as shown in fig.
Do not store more than 4 kg in soft tray veg or
it may be broken.
Step 3 - Slightly lift up and pull out the veg drawer until it
reaches to the next stopper. Now you can remove
tray veg as shown. Do not store more than 20 kg
in tray veg or it may be broken.
Refrigerator provided LED lamps for illumination.
If found non-functional call service person to replae the lamps.
Refrigerator & Freezer compartment temperatures are controlled by Refrigerator Temp. Control Knob
and Freezer Temp. Control Knob respectively.
jsfÝtjsVj vkSj Ýhtj dEikVZesVa dk rkieku Øe'k%
jsfÝtjsVj rki fu;U=kd uksc ,oa Ýhtj rki fu;U=kd
uksc ds }kjk fu;fU=kr fd;k tkrk gSA
Freezer Temp. Control - 1~9
Setting at "9", the freezer compartment
becomes coldest. But the refrigerator compartment becomes warmer because less
cold air flows into the refrigerator
Ýhtj rki fu;U=kd - 1~9
"9" ij lSV
S djus ij Ýhtj dEikVZesVa esa vf/kdre
BaMd gksrh gSA ysfdu jsfÝtjsVj dEikVZesVa xeZ gks
tkrk gS D;ksfa d jsfÝtjsVj dEikVZesVa esa de BaMh
gok izokfgr gksrh gSA
(controls air flow to refrigerator
& freezer compartment)
5 4 3
Rotation Direction
2 1 X
Rotation Direction
If you keep a lot of foods in the freezer or open its door frequently, Freezer Compartment
will become warmer. In this case, set the Freezer Temp. Control dial between 7 and 9 to
cool it. Return the Freezer Temp. Control dial to the original position after usage.
;fn vki Ýhtj esa vf/kdre inkFkZ j[krs gSa ;k mlds njokts dks ckj&ckj [kksyrs gS]a Ýhtj dEikVZesVa
xeZ gks tkrk gSA bl fLFkfr esa BaMk djus ds fy, Ýhtj rki fu;U=kd dks 7 vkSj 9 ds e/; ?kqek,aA
bLrseky djus ds ckn Ýhtj rki fu;U=kd dks okil igyh fLFkfr esa ?kqek,aA
Initially set the Refrigerator Temp. Control
Med/normal and the Freezer Temp. Control
at Normal Leave it operating for 8 hours to
stabilize. Then adjust the compartment
temperature according to your desire.
Refrigerator Knob
(controls temp through compressor running time)
izkjEHk esa jsfÝtjsVj rki fu;U=kd dks Med/
Normal ij vkSj Ýhtj rki fu;U=kd dks
Normal ij lSV djsAa fLFkjrk izkIr djus ds bls
8 ?kaVs rd pyrk jgus nsAa fQj viuh bPNkuqlkj
dEikVZesVa dk rkieku O;ofLFkr djsAa
Max: Summer / Max.load
Med : Monsoon / Normal load
Min : Winter / Small load
• Refrigerator
Temp. Control (MIN, MED/ NORMAL, MAX) (MIN-1, MED/NORMAL-3~4, MAX-7)
The higher the setting, the colder the refrigerator compartment will become.
jsfÝtjsVj rki fu;U=kd (MIN, MED/ NORMAL, MAX) (MIN-1, MED/NORMAL-3~4, MAX-7)
ftrus cM+s vad ij lSfVax djsxa s mruh gh T;knk BaMd jsfÝtjsVj dEikVZesVa esa gksxhA
Your Requirement
Normal Ice
Fast Cooling
Control Area
Freezer Knob
Control Position
Position towards 1
Controlling Direction
2 1 X
Ref max
Fast Ice
Normal Cooling
Normal Ice
Normal Cooling
Fast Ice
Fast Cooling
vkidh vko';drk
lkekU; :i ls
cQZ tekuk
rst BaMd
Position towards 9
fu;U=k.k {ks=k
Position towards
Position towards
fu;U=k.k fLFkfr
fLFkfr 1 dh rjQ
Ýhtj uksc
lkekU; BaMd
fLFkfr 9 dh rjQ
lkekU; :i ls
cQZ tekuk
lkekU; BaMd
fLFkfr Min dh rjQ
rsth ls cQZ
rst BaMd
fu;U=k.k dh fn'kk
2 1 X
Frz max
?kqekus dh fn'kk
jsfÝtjsVj uksc
Press the lock with key
for locking/
# 280L & 310L
Ref max
rsth ls cQZ
Frz max
Rotation Direction
fLFkfr Max dh rjQ
[kksyus vkSj cUn djus
ds fy, ykWd dks
pkch ls nck,aA
How to get good results
Cover or wrap all foods that you put into your
refrigerator with polythene or aluminium foil, preventing
the mixing of flavours and to keep the food from drying.
jsfÝtjsVj esa tks [kk| inkFkZ j[ksa mls <d nsa ;k iksfyFkhu vFkok
,Y;wehfu;e dh iéh esa yisV dj j[ksa] rkfd [kk|lkefxz;ksa dk
t+k;dk vkSj [kq'kcw vkil esa u feysa vkSj oks lw[ks ughaA
Don't keep hot milk or hot food in your refrigerator.
This will result in an increased temperature and increase
in power consumption.
xeZ nw/k ;k xeZ Hkkstu dks vius jsfÝtjsVj esa u j[ksaA blds
ifj.kkeLo:i rkieku c<+sxk ftlls fctyh dh T;knk [kir g¨xhA
Never overload your refrigerator or cover the shelves
with paper or plastic sheets as it will reduce its efficiency.
vius jsfÝjtsVj dks v¨oj y¨M u djsa v©j uk gh isij ;k
IykfLVd dh ifUu;¨a l s 'kSYQ d¨ <dsa D;¨afd blls jsfÝjtsVj
dh dk;Z{kEkrk de g¨ tk,xhA
Don't open the refrigerator door too often, hot air will enter
and increase the temperature.
jsfÝjtsVj dk njokt+k ckj&ckj u [kksysaA blls xeZ gok vanj
tkrh gS vkSj rkieku c<+k nsrh gSA
Close the door properly, make sure that there is no
gap between the gasket and the cabinet of your LG
njokts d¨ vPNs ls cUn dj­ rkfd vkids LG jsfÝjtsVj
dh dSfcusV v©j xSlfdV ds chp txg uk jg­A
Wipe excessive moisture on food or place it inside
containers or plastic bags. This will help in retaining its
freshness for a longerperiod of time.
[kk| inkFkZ ds Åij ls vR;f/kd ueh dks lkQ dj nsa
;k fQj mUgsa fdlh box ;k IykfLVd FkSyh esa j[ksaA
,slk djus ls vkidk [kkuk T;knk le; rd rktk jgsxkA
Feel free to call your LG Customer Information Centre (CIC) /
Branch / LG Representative in case your refrigerator has
suffered a damage in transit.
jsfÝtjsVj dks ,d txg ls nwljh txg ys tkus esa vxj dksbZ
uqDlku g¨ tk, rks vius LG Customer Information Centre
(CIC) / czkap / LG ds izfrfuf/k dks cqyk,aA
It is recommended to use Voltage Stabilizer (0.5KVA)
if power fluctuations are frequent and out of specified
voltage range (160-260V), Stabilizer usage increases
the refrigerator life.
;fn fctyh ckj&ckj de ;k T;knk vk jgh gS ;k fufnZ"V
oksYVst {kerk (160-260V) ls fHkUu gS rks ;g lykg nh tkrh gS
fd oksYVst LVsfcykbtj (0.5KVA) dk iz;ksx djsaA
LVsfcykbtj dk bLrseky jsfÝtjsVj dh mez c<+krk gSA
Cleaning of Interior Parts is recommended. Wash all
compartments with a mild baking soda solution, then rinse
and dry the compartment. Use a lukewarm solution of mild
soap or detergent to clean the exterior finish of your
refrigerator. Wipe with a clean, damp cloth and then dry.
lHkh vkUrfjd Hkkxksa dh lQkbZ dh lykg nh tkrh gSA lksMk ds
?kksy ls lHkh Hkkxksa dks /kks,a rFkk lkQ diM+s ls iksaN dj lq[kk ysaA
jsfÝtjsVj dh ckgjh lQkbZ ds fy, eUn lkcqu ;k fMVts±V ds
xquxqus ?kksy dk iz;ksx djsaA fQj lkQ&lqFkjs ,oa Hkhxs gq, diM+s ls
iksaNdj lq[kk,aA
During Vacations
During average length vacations, you will probably find it
best to leave the refrigerator in operation. Place freezable
items in freezer for longer life. When you plan to be away
for an extended period, remove all food, disconnect the
power cord, clean the interior thoroughly, and leave each
door OPEN to prevent odour formation. To operate again,
let the refrigerator run for 6-8 hrs. for stabilization.
vodk'k ds nkSjku
vkSlru Nqfê;ksa ds nkSjku lcls vPNk jgsxk fd vki
jsfÝtjsVj dks pyrk jgus nsaA fÝt+scy lkekuksa dks fÝt+j esa yEch vof/k
ds fy, j[k nsaA tc vki yEcs le; ds fy, ckgj gksa rks lHkh [kk|
inkFkks± dks fudky ysa rFkk fo|qr rkj dks fudky nsaA vkUrfjd :i ls
iwjh lQkbZ djsa vkSj izR;sd njokts dks [kksy nsa] ftlls nqxZU/k u gksA
nqckjk vkWijsV djus ds fy,] jsfÝtjsVj dks 6-8 ?kaVs rd pyrk jgus nsaA
While shifting the refrigerator, two people should carry
it for its safety. Fasten the door with tape or lock to
prevent opening of the refrigerator.
jsfÝtjsVj d¨ LFkkukUrfjr djrs le; lqj{kkFkZ de ls de nks
vkneh yxus pkfg,A
njokts d¨ Vsi ls vPNh rjg ck¡/k n­ ;k ykWd yxk nsa rkfd
og LFkkukUrfjr djrs oDr uk [kqy­A
Location of Food
(Refer to page 18 for Identification of Parts)
Ice bank
Ice cubes will drop in the ice bank.
Freezer compartment shelf
Store various frozen food such as meat, fish, frozen snacks, etc.
Utility box
Store meat, fish, chicken, ice cream, etc.
e Ta
Suggestion on Food storage
Freezer compartment door basket
Store small packaged frozen food.
Temperature is likely to increase as door
opens. So, do not store long-term food such as ice cream.
Egg Storage basket
Place this egg box in the proper location.
Refrigerator compartment shelf
Store side dishes or other food at a proper
distance from each other for effective cooling.
Refrigerator compartment door basket
Store water bottles, small packaged food or beverages
such as milk, juice, beer, etc..
Tray Vegetable
Store vegetables or fruits.
Duel Layer Veg Tray
Stores small size vegetable items like lemon,
chilly, ginger, garlic, tomato etc.
Fruit Box
To store fruits.
Storing Food
Store fresh food in the refrigerator compartment.
Do not store food which becomes unusable easily at low temperatures, such as bananas, and melons.
Allow hot food to cool prior to storing, placing hot food in the refrigerator could spoil other food, and lead
to higher energy consumption.
When storing the food, cover it with vinyl wrap or store in a container with a lid. This prevents moisture from
evaporating, and helps food to keep its taste and nutrients.
Please keep food at a distance of at least 15 mm from the air vents.
Do not open the door frequently. Opening the door lets warm air enter the refrigerator, and cause temperatures
to rise.
Do not block air vents with food. Smooth circulation of chilled air keeps refrigerator temperatures even.
To adjust the temperature control easily, do not store food near the temperature control dial.
Freezer compartment
Do not store glass bottles in the freezer compartment, they may break when frozen.
When storing frozen food like ice cream for a long period, place it on the freezer
shelf or in utility box, not in the door basket.
Refrigerator compartment
Avoid placing moist food in top refrigerator shelves, it could freeze from direct
contact with chilled air.
Always clean food prior to refrigeration. Vegetables and fruits should be washed and
wiped, and packed food should be wiped, to prevent adjacent food from spoiling.
When storing eggs in their storage rack or box, ensure that they are fresh, and always
store them in an upright position, which keeps them fresh longer.
Do not store anything directly on partition.
If you keep the refrigerator in a hot and humid place, and frequently open the door or
put a lot of vegetables in it, moisture may form in it which has no effect on its
performance. Just wipe the moisture with a clean cloth.
Before Calling for Service
Check for yourself
Type of Complaint
Probable Cause
House fuse blown
Call an electrician and get it corrected.
Power Supply Off.
Check that the refrigerator main supply plug is connected to the wall socket and
that the supply is on. Check that the fuse is intact in he supply line.
Stabilizer not working
Please plug power cord of refrigerator directly in the wall socket and then check,
if it works then get the stabilizer checked by Stabiizer Repairing Centre.
2. Refrigerator
attempts to start, but
does not operate.
Low Voltage.
Install a line-correcting transformer in the mains, or a Voltage Stabilizer.
3. Refrigerator compartment
- Low Cooling
Restriction of cold
air circulation.
Provide space in between the dishes. If the shelves are covered with cloth or
polythene, remove it.
Improper thermostat
setting of Freezer
Temp. Control /
Refrigerator Temp.
Set the Refrigerator Temp. Control Knob to colder (Max 5 ~7) position.
Freezer Temp. Control Knob to be adjusted accordingly. At position 9 Freezer
will be coldest.
Entry of hot air.
Opening and closing of the doors too often will result in hot air from outside rushing
into the refrigerator causing the temperature to go up. Reduce the frequency of
opening of the doors.
Storing hot foods.
Avoid storing hot foods in the refrigerator, cool them to room temperature before
placing them inside the refrigerator.
4. Formation of water
drops on exterior
of refrigerator.
High humidity during
monsoon season.
During the monsoon, when the humidity in the atmosphere reaches around 90%
water droplets may form around the sides of the refrigerator cabinet, especially the
top portion. This moisture should be wiped off periodically. Contact our serviceman
to check the door seal or proper and uniform contact with the cabinet.
5. Refrigerator Compartment — Overcooling
Incorrect setting of
Refrigerator Temp.
Control Knob.
Lower the setting (1~3) of Refrigerator Temp. Control Knob to make the Refrigerator
Compartment warmer.
6. Smell
Improper covering
and wrapping of food.
Wrap and cover food stuffs properly. Place caps on bottles and other liquid stores.
7. Difficulty in formation
of ice and ice-cream.
Incorrect setting
of Freezer Temp.
Control Knob.
For faster Ice & Ice-cream formation adjust the Freezer Temp. Control Knob to
position 9.
Bowls used
Use Ice trays for ice making
8. Noise
Normal cut-of/ cut-in
Whenever refrigerator starts & stop there is noise of Thermostat cut-off/ cut-in &
Compressor start/stop. This is a normal phenomenon.
9. Bulb does not glow
Bulb fused
Bulb is not covered under warranty LG Service Engineer will replace this on
cost basis.
1. Refrigerator does
not work.
leL;k & lek/kku
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ugha djrk
laHkkfor dkj.k
?kj ds ¶;wt+ dk mM+uk
fo|qr vkiwfrZ cUn
LVsfcykbtj Bhd rjg
ls dke ughas dj jgk
bySfDVªf'k;u dks cqyk,a vkSj Bhd djok ysa;g tk¡p dj ysa fd jsfÝtjsVj dh esu lIykbZ dk Iyx okWy lkWdsV esa yxk gS vkSj fo|qr dh
vkiwfrZ gks jgh gSA
jsfÝtjsVj dks lh/ks okWy lkWdsV ls tksM+sa vkSj fQj ns[ksa] ;fn fcuk LVsfcykbtj ds lgh dke dj
jgk gS rks LVsfcykbtj [kjkc gSA bldh tk¡p djk,aA
jsfÝtjsVj pkyw gksus
yxrk gS ij dke
ugha djrk
de oksYVst+
esUl esa ykbZu & djsfDVax VªkalQkWeZj yxk,a ;k
oksYVst LVsfcykbZt+j dk bLrseky djsaA
jsfÝtjsVj esa j[ks [kk|
inkFkks± dk de BaMk
BaMh gok ds izokg esa
crZuksa ds chp txg cuk,aA 'kSYQ diM+s ;k iksfyFkhu ls <+dh gks rks mUgsa gVk nsaA
xyr FkeksZLVsV
fu;a=k.k dk p;u
jsfÝtjsVj esa vf/kd BaMd ds fy, jsfÝtjsVj rki fu;a=kd uksc dks vf/kdre 5~7 fLFkfr ij
j[ksa rFkk Ýhtj esa vf/kdre BaMd ds fy, rki fu;a=kd uksc dks 9 ij j[ksaA
xeZ gok dk izos'k
ckj-ckj njokt+k [kksyus ls ckgj dh xeZ gok jsfÝtjsVj ls izos'k djrh gS- njokt+k de
ls de [kksysaA
xeZ Hkkstu dk HkaMkj.k
xeZ inkFkZ jsfÝtjsVj esa j[kus ls cpsa- jsfÝtjsVj esa HkaMkj.k ls igys mUgsa dejs ds
rkieku rd BaMk dj ysaA
jsfÝtjsVj ds ckgj
ikuh dh cawnsa teuk
ekulwuh ekSle ds dkj.k
vR;f/kd vkæZrk
ekulwu ds ekSle esa tcfd okrkoj.k esa vkæZrk 90% rd gks tkrh gS rks jsfÝtjsVj dh
cxy esa] [kkl rkSj ij Åijh ftlls esa ikuh dh cawnsa te ldrh gSa] bl ueh dks le;le; ij lkQ+ djuk pkfg,- gekjs lfoZl izfrfuf/k dks cqykdj ;s tkap djok yhft,
fd njokt+s dsfcusV ds lkFk ,d leku laidZ esa gSa vkSj vPNh rjg can gksrs gSaA
jsfÝtjsVj dEikVZesaV
µ vf/kd BaMk gksuk
jsfÝtjsVj rki fu;a=kd
uksc dh xyr fLFkfr
jsfÝtjsVj rki fu;a=kd uksc dks 1~3 rd j[ksaA
cQ+Z vkSj nqx±/k
[kk| inkFkZ Bhd ls <ds
vkSj yisVs ugha x,
[kk| inkFkks± dks vPNh rjg <d dj vkSj yisV dj j[ksa- rjy inkFkks± dks cksryksa vkSj
nwljs ik=kksa ij <Ddu yxkdj j[ksaA
xa/k dk gksuk
Ýhtj rki fu;a=kd dh
xyr fLFkfr
cQZ ;k vkblØhe tekus ds fy, Ýhtj rki fu;a=kd uksc dks 9 ij j[ksaA
crZuksa dk mi;ksx
cQZ tekus ds fy, vkbl Vsª dk bLrseky djsaA
lkekU; :i ls
jsfÝtjsVj ds can@pkyw
gksus dh vkokt
FkeksZLVsV vkSj dEizS'kj ds pkyw@can gksus ds dkj.k jsfÝtjsVj pkyw@can gksrk jgrk gS
ftlls vkokt vkrh gSA ;g lkekU; izfØ;k gSA
cYc dk ugha tyuk
¶;wt cYc
cYc okjaVh ds vUrxZr ugha vkrk gSA LG lfoZl bathfu;j bldh mfpr dher ysdj
cny nsxkA
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