LG | AS40GWWK0 | LG AS40GWWK0 Owner’s Manual

Read this owner’s manual thoroughly before operating the
appliance and keep it handy for reference at all times.
Model name: AS40GWWK0
Copyright © 2017 LG Electronics. All Rights Reserved.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Disposal of your Old Appliance (as per
e-waste Rules)
Select a Proper Installation Position of the
Air Purifier
Tips for Using the Air Purifier
12 Control Panel and Display
13 Filtration System
14 Initial Installation of the Filter
Air Purification
PM Indicator Display
Understanding Overall Air Quality
Using the Ionizer
Sleep Timer
Air Quality Indicator Light
Control Lock
Filter Replacing Indicator
Mosquito Away Function
Registering the Product Using WiFi
Timer Function
Using the Smart ThinQ Application
Diagnosis Using Sound
Cleaning the Filters
Filter Maintenance Schedule
Cleaning the Exterior
Cleaning the Sensor
Storing the Product
Before Calling for Service
This guide contains many important safety messages. Always read and obey all safety messages.
This is the safety alert symbol. It alerts you to safety messages that inform you of hazards
that can kill or hurt you or others, or cause damage to the product.
All safety messages will be preceded by the safety alert symbol and the hazard signal word
WARNING or CAUTION. These words mean:
! Warning
You can be killed or seriously injured if you do not follow these instructions.
! Caution
Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate
injury or product damage.
This equipment is home (class B) EMI suitable equipment, which is mainly for home use, and it
can be used in all regions.
! Warning
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or personal injury when using this product, follow basic
safety precautions including the following:
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
• Install the product near an easily accessible electrical outlet.
• Do not install the product on an uneven or inclined surface.
• Do not install the product in a damp area and keep away from splashing rain or water.
• Do not install the product in an area exposed to direct sunlight or near heat-generating
• Do not install the product in a place where combustible gas may leak or industrial oil or
metallic particulates are present.
• This product is for AC 220 – 240V. Always check the supply voltage before using it.
• Be careful not to let the power plug pressed by the back of the product.
• Remove the power plug when you clean the product or replace the filter.
• Do not touch the power plug with wet hands.
• Insert the plug into the outlet tightly after removing the moisture and dust on it completely.
• When unplugging the power cord, always pull it by the plug.
• Unplug the product during thunder or lightning or when not in use for a long time.
• Do not bend the power cable excessively or place a heavy object on top of it.
• Do not extend the length of the power cable or alter it.
• Do not use several devices on a multi-socket extension outlet.
• The appliance shall be disconnected from its power source during service and when replacing
• Take care to ensure that power cable could not be pulled out or damaged during operation.
There is risk of fire or electric shock.
• If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or
similarly qualified person using only genuine replacement parts in order to avoid a hazard.
• If the product is immersed in water, stop using it and contact the LG Electronics service center.
• If there is a gas leakage (isobutane, propane, LNG, etc.), do not touch the product or power
plug and ventilate the area immediately.
• Do not clean the product with brushes, cloths or sponges with rough surfaces or which are
made of metallic material.
• If you detect any abnormal noise, odor or smoke, unplug the product immediately and contact
an LG Electronics service center.
• Only an authorized repair person from LG Electronics service center should disassemble,
repair, or modify the product.
• Do not use or store fire, combustibles (ether, benzene, alcohol, drugs, propane, butane,
combustible spray, insecticide, air freshener, cosmetics etc.) or flammable materials (candles,
lamps etc.) near the product.
• Do not place the power cord under rugs, carpeting or mats.
• Do not allow animals or pets to chew on the power cord.
• Do not allow children to climb on or play with the product.
• Do not move the product when it is in operation.
• Do not place coffee, flower vase or drinks on top of the product.
• Do not insert hands or metal objects into the air inlet or outlet.
• Do not impact the product.
• Be careful not to allow any part of your body to be pinched when you detach and re-attach
parts of the product.
• Unplug the product when not in use for a long time.
• Do not install and use broken parts.
• Do not clean the product when it is plugged in.
• Do not put flammables into the product.
• Do not operate the product while its cover is open.
• Dispose of the packing materials (vinyl, styrofoam etc.) to keep them out of reach of children.
! Caution
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or personal injury when using the product, follow basic
safety precautions, including the following:
Do not tilt the product to pull or push it while transporting.
Do not install the product in transportation equipment (vehicle/vessel etc.).
Do not place the product near a TV or a stereo equipment.
Do not place the product under bright light.
The appliance shall be installed in accordance with national wiring regulations.
Do not use the product for removal of toxic gas such as carbon monoxide.
Do not use the product for ventilation purposes.
Do not use the product for a long time in a region with unstable voltage.
Do not place obstacles around the air inlet or outlet.
For safe use of the product, children or others with reduced mental capabilities need to be
closely monitored by a person who is responsible for their safety.
Do not place the product near curtains.
Do not use the product for special purposes such as preserving plants, precision instrument,
artworks etc.
Do not climb or place objects on top of the product.
Do not operate the product with wet hands.
Do not let the moisture from the humidifier directly touch the product.
Do not use the product while it is not in upright position.
Do not use the product near objects vulnerable to heat.
Use the filter only for its intended purpose.
Do not use detergents, cosmetics, chemicals, air fresheners, or disinfectants in the product.
Do not place magnetic or metal objects on top of the product.
Do not clean with strong detergents of solvent types, but use soft cloth.
Disposal of your Old Appliance (as per e-waste Rules)
1. When this crossed out wheeled bin symbol is depicted on the product and its
operator’s manual, it means the product is covered by the e-waste Management
and Handling Rules, 2011 and are meant to be recycled, dismantled, refurbished or
disposed off.
2. DOs
a. The product is required to be handed over only to the authorized recycle for
b. Keep the product in isolated area, after it becomes non-functional/unrepairable
so as to prevent its accidental breakage.
a. The product should not be opened by the user himself/herself, but only by
authorized service personnel.
b. The product is not meant for re-sale to any unauthorized agencies/scrap dealer/
c. The product is not meant for mixing into household waste stream.
d. Do not keep any replaced spare part(s) from the product in exposed area.
3. Any disposal through unauthorized agencies/person will attract action under
Environment(Protection) Act 1986.
4. “This product is complied with the requirement of Hazardous Substances as
specified under Rule 13 (1) & (2) of the E-Waste (Management & Handling) Rules,
5. To locate a nearest collection centre or call for pick-up (limited area only) for
disposal of this appliance, please contact Toll Free No.1800-180-9999 for details.
All collection centre and pick up facilities are done by third parties with
LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. merely as a facilitator. For more detailed
information, please visit : http://www.lg.com/in
अपने पुराने निपटान के उपकरण ( ई-अपशिष्ट नियम के अनुसार )
् िकाकेसाथसंलग्नहोताहैतोइसकामतलबहैकिइसे“ई-अपशिष्ट“(प्रबंधन
2. करें
न करें
Select a Proper Installation Position of the Air Purifier
• A position convenient to connect the power supply.
• A position without any obstacles hindering the air intake.
• A position with a horizontal surface and good air circulation.
If the air cleaner is installed on a vehicle, vessel or any other moving vehicles, the product
may fail.
This device is not designed for use by persons with physical, sensory or neurotic
impairments, or persons with less experience or knowledge (including children), unless this
device is used under the custody or instruction of guardians.
Children should be looked after well to ensure that they cannot play with the device.
Tips for Using the Air Purifier
• When cooking food with heavy gaseous particles, such as frying fish, please try not to use the
air purifier if possible.
-- The oil vapor emitted from cooking may affect the performance and service life of the filter,
and it may also be stuck on the screen.
• When sleeping, please keep yourself at least 1 meter from the air purifier.
-- Although the wind speed emitted by the air purifier is not fast, it can still blow a cool breeze
for people.
• Do not place the product near a corner.
-- Avoid placing the product in a position surrounded by furniture and electronic equipment or a
position near a corner.
If the air purifier is placed near a corner, its operation efficiency is low.
Air Quality Indicator Light
Light indicates the overall indoor air quality as
detected by the dust and odor sensor.
• Air Quality Levels
(Dirty) Violet → Pink → Red → Orange → Yellow
→ Green (Clean)
Filtration System
(Pre-Filter +
Allergy HEPA Filter +
Deodorizing Filter)
Rear panel
Power cord
Air inlet
The shape of power cord can be different by country.
Air outlet
Control Panel and Display
Overall air quality display
The overall cleanliness
includes odor and dust,
which are shown in 6 colors.
Odor/dust display
Timer display
PM density display
Sleep shutdown display
Speed display
Mosquito Away display
Filter replacing indicator
Lock button display
Ionizer function display
Speed/Wi-Fi (3s) button
Mosquito Away/
Ionizer(3s) button
Indicator button
Light/Lock(3s) button
Sleep button
Start/Stop button
Start/Stop button
Starts and stops the product.
Mosquito Away/
Ionizer(3s) button
It is used to turn on the ultrasonic mosquito away.Press this button
for 3 seconds to produce negative ions and eliminate various
bacteria in the indoor air.
Speed/Wi-Fi (3s)
Press this button to adjust the fan speed. After pressing for 3
seconds, Wi-Fi can be turned on and can be connected to the
concerning App installed in the mobile phone.
Indicator button
Toggles between PM density results for different dust particle sizes.
Sleep button
Sets the appliance to sleep mode and automatically turns it off after
the selected amount of time.
Light/Lock(3s) button
It is used to turn on/off the Air Quality Indicator Light.
Press and hold this button for 3 seconds to lock/unlock the
operation panel.
Filter replacing
It turns on when it is time to replace the filter.
Timer display
It turns on when the 'On/Off reservation' is set in the LG Smart
ThinQ application.
Guide to PM (Particulate Matter)
PM10 :dust particle size is equal or below 10 μm in diameter.
(Sources include nearby fires and dust stirred up by vehicles on roads.)
PM2.5:dust particle size is equal or below 2.5 μm in diameter.
(Sources include exhaust from motor vehicles or power plants, wood burning fires, and
some industrial processes.)
PM1.0:dust particle size is equal or below 1.0 μm in diameter.(Sources include cigarette smoke
and smog.)
Filtration System
Filter name
Allergy HEPA
Filter Case
Allergy HEPA
Deodorizing Filter
It can filter out large dust particles, and thus extend the service life of
the Allergy HEPA Filter.
Allergy HEPA Filter
It can filter out dead ticks, pollen, cigarette smoke (particles), dust,
animal hair and other fine particles, and strongly sterilize bacteria.
Deodorizing Filter
It can filter out cigarette smoke, kitchen waste, animal hair, nitrogen
dioxide, acid and alkali, other odor, and volatile organic compounds (VOC).
The Deodorizing Filter and Allergy HEPA Filter replacing cycles may vary according to the
operating environment.
The replacement filter does not include a new case, so please do not discard the case.
• The effective life of the filters varies depending on the operational environment.
• The composition of filters can vary by model.
• Replacement filters can be purchased from a nearby LG service center or online through
• Use only the filters designed and approved by the manufacturer for use with this product.
Initial Installation of the Filter
Remove the plastic bag before installing the filter.
1. Pull to open the rear panel.
2. Remove the filter from the product.
3. Remove the plastic bag from the filter.
4. Insert the filters with the deodorizing filter
facing up. Make sure to slide the tabs on the
top of the handle into the grooves at the top
of the rear panel.
plastic bag.
5. Close the rear panel.
6. Place the air purifier on a stable, level
surface with a clear area around it for air to
Remove the plastic bag from the filter before use or the product will not be able to circulate air.
Air Purification
The air purifier cleans and refreshes indoor air.
1. Press the
Start/Stop button to turn on the air purifier.
• A chime sounds and the PM density display and the fan speed display turn on.
2. Press the
Speed button to select the desired fan speed.
• Press the button repeatedly to toggle through the settings: Auto → Low → Medium → High →
Turbo → Auto.
• The default mode is AUTO.
(The AUTO mode controls fan speed based on the air quality.)
• The sensor takes 30 seconds on initial startup to stabilize and prepare an air quality level
reading. After 30 seconds, the indoor air quality and PM density levels are displayed.
Indoor Air Quality Color Range
(Dirty) Violet → Pink → Red → Orange → Yellow → Green (Clean)
Press the
Light button to turn the air quality indicator light on/off.
PM Indicator Display
1. Press the
Indicator button to check the density of PM10/PM2.5/PM1.0.
• Pressing the button repeatedly toggles through to check the density of PM10 → PM2.5 →
PM1.0 in turn. The selected density displays for 10 seconds before the display reverts to the
highest measured PM (particulate matter) level.
2. Check the dust particle size LED indicators.
• PM density is displayed based on the dust density result with the highest contamination level.
For example, if PM10 density is 100 (Moderate), PM2.5 is 80 (Unhealthy), and PM1.0 is 30
(Good), the value for PM2.5 is displayed for PM density.
Understanding Overall Air Quality
Overall indoor air quality is displayed as one of six colors depending on the contamination
level of PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, and odors.
(Dirty) Violet → Pink → Red → Orange → Yellow → Green (Clean)
• The color that the air quality indicator light displays is based on the worst level among PM10,
PM2.5, PM1.0, and odor.
Indoor Air Quality Levels
PM density (μg/m³)
Odor Level
Overall Air
421 or more
251 or more
Very Poor
351 — 420
151 — 250
251 — 350
116 — 150
Very strong
151 — 250
76 — 115
51 — 150
36 — 75
50 or less
35 or less
PM density ranges from 8 to 999 in increments of 1. PM density values follow the data sheets
provided by the sensor supplier.
• Display description: If the density of PM1.0 is 120μm/m3, the air status is Poor (in red), and on
the air pollution source display will show dust. On the air pollution source
display will show odor, indicating that the odor concentration is high. On
the dust particle size display will show PM1.0, indicating that the density of
PM1.0 is greater than that of PM10 or PM2.5.
• The PM10 and PM2.5 air quality values are based on LG Electronics standards.
-- The overall air quality level displayed on the product may differ from the level announced by
the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).
• The PM1.0 density is displayed in the same manner as the PM2.5 density and is based on LG
Electronics standards.
• The PM10 and PM2.5 densities displayed by the product could differ from the Central Pollution
Control Board (CPCB) and from densities measured by other products or devices.
-- Differences in PM density values may be the result of different methods of measuring or
differences in the actual PM density levels.
-- The PM density measurement was tested using LG Electronics’ standard test materials.
• Using the product near a humidifier, mist generator, air-conditioner or other devices which
generates steam or micro-particles could affect the PM densities.
• The overall air quality level is a result of both PM densities and the odor level. It may differ from
the PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0 density levels.
• Even two products placed in the same space could measure the PM10 density differently due to
air circulation.
• The chemicals contained in air fresheners, perfumes, deodorizers or cosmetics may affect the
overall air quality display.
• The dust density displayed may change with environmental factors such as the presence of
sofas, beds, carpets, vacuum cleaners, humidity, smoke, bugs, pets or cooking oils.
• The PM densities may be affected by changes in the outside environment such as construction,
heavy traffic or pollen.
• The micro dust density could be higher near outside doors, windows, vents or in areas where
outside air enters.
• Use ONLY water to clean the sensor. Using anything else could cause product failure.
• The fine dust density could be affected by cooking or using humidifiers, sprays or other products
which generate steam or fine particles.
Using the Ionizer
It is used to produce negative ions and eliminate various bacteria in the indoor air.
1. Press the
Start/Stop button to turn on the Air purifier.
2. Press the
Mosquito Away button for 3 seconds.
• The harmful substances in the air, such as bacteria, viruses and so on, can be eliminated.
• Press this button to change the order of operation as follows:Turn on the negative ion function
→ Turn off the negative ion function → Turn on the negative ion function.
① Ion beams are
when ions are
by water
② Ion beams
the harmful
③ OHs
(hydroxyl) are
④ OHs
reacts with
⑤ OHs
turn into
water (H2O)
after reaction,
clean air.
Sleep Timer
Use this to set the air purifier to sleep mode before it turns off automatically.
1. Press the
Start/Stop button to turn on the air purifier.
2. Press the
Sleep button to set the amount of time in sleep mode until the air purifier
automatically turns off.
Sleep button repeatedly to
• The amount of time in sleep mode can be set by pressing the
toggle through the options: 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, disabled (reverts to normal
• For example, if set for two hours the product operates for two hours in sleep mode then
automatically turns off.
Once Sleep Timer is set, only the Sleep LED is lighted. All other lights on the product, including
the air quality light, are turned off. The fan is maintained at a low speed to keep noise to a
Sleep button again displays the set turn off time
minimum. Once Sleep is set, pressing the
and wakes the display up.
Sleep button repeatedly until 12 appears in the
• To disable the Sleep function, press the
display. Press once more to disable the function and return the display to normal.
• Even though the Sleep Timer is set, Lock function icon, Wi-Fi function icon, and Filter Replacing
Indicator can appear on the display.
• The sleep timer setting is maintained even if there is a temporary loss of power (a blackout,
Start/Stop button, the sleep timer setting is reset.
• If you turn off the product by pressing the
Air Quality Indicator Light
1. Press the
Start/Stop button.
2. Press the
Light button.
• You can turn on/off the Air Quality Indicator Light according to demands.
The operation of the Air Quality Indicator Light is as follows.
▲ Air Quality Indicator Light
▲ Air Quality Indicator Light
After the sleep mode is set, the Air Quality Indicator Light will go off.
Press the
Light button to turn on/off the Air Quality Indicator Light.
Control Lock
1. Press the
Start/Stop button.
2. Press the
Light button for 3 seconds.
and the product will make a sound of "beep".
• Turn on the lock function
• Able to prevent the product from being operated by children or other persons.
• Press the
Light button for 3 seconds to disable the lock function.
• If no buttons work when pressing down, please check the lock function and disable it.
• If the power cord is unplugged, the lock function will also be disabled.
Even if the product is on standby, press the
the lock function.
Light button for 3 seconds to enable or disable
Filter Replacing Indicator
1. If the filter replacing indicator is turned on, press the
Start/Stop button to stop the product
and unplug the power cord from the outlet.
2. Open the rear cover of the product and check the filter.If the filter is dirty, please clean or replace it.
Please refer to page 26~27 to understand how to clean and how to replace a filter.
Resetting the filter replacing indicator
After replacing the filter, press and hold the
Start/Stop button and the
Light button for about
3 seconds at the same time to reset the total usage time.
• When the counter is reset, the filter replacing indicator will disappear.
• The filter replacing indicator will go off automatically after 24 hours, so please replace the filter
in time.
Mosquito Away Function
1. The product will emit high-frequency ultrasound to drive away a specific kind of mosquitoes, i.e.
Aedes aegypti.
Mosquito Away button.
2. Press the
is displayed on the display panel.
This function can be used separately without turning on the air purifier.
• This product is only effective for expelling Aedes aegypti, but can not replace other antimosquito products, such as mosquito nets, mosquito repellents, etc.
• To use this product does not mean that the mosquito-born diseases can be completely
controlled or prevented.
• If any said disease occurs, LG Electronics will not assume any responsibilities for it.
• The effectiveness of the anti-mosquito feature may vary depending on the type of
mosquitoes and the environment in which the product is used.
• The effectiveness of the anti-mosquito feature is about 70% based on the LG testing
• Long term effect of this feature is not tested and mosquitoes may become resistant.
Registering the Product Using WiFi
1. Press the
Start/Stop button to turn on the product.
2. Confirm the router information (e.g. Wi-Fi name, password, etc.) installed near the air purifier.
3. Log in Smart ThinQ App and then register the product.
• When registering for Wi-Fi function, please follow the App guideline and press the
button for over 3 seconds to make a registration.
(For more details, please refer to the guideline course of Smart ThinQ App.)
Make sure whether the Wi-Fi indicator on the product display panel is blinking.
In order to convey WiFi information, the WiFi indicator will continue to flash for about 5-10 minutes.
• If the distance between the air purifier and the wireless router is too big, the product
registration may be not completed successfully.
• If the wireless router is not working properly, the Smart ThinQ App function can not be used.
Timer Function
Set timer hr through App
• The timer function setting can only be done via Smart ThinQ App.
(Start Smart ThinQ App → Select air purifier product → Set timer hr)
After the timer is set through App, the
timer indicator will be lit up
(excluding the one-week timer setting).
Using the Smart ThinQ Application
Install the "LG Smart ThinQ" application on your smartphone to use the product more conveniently.
Installing Smart ThinQ
Find and install ‘LG Smart ThinQ’ from the App Store/Google Play Store on your smartphone. For
more information on how to use 'LG Smart ThinQ’, refer to the Help in the app.
Wi-Fi function
Smart diagnosis
When the product malfunctions or fails, you can check the product conditions through the smart
diagnosis function and solve issues more conveniently.
You can configure the product management and alert settings.
• Wi-Fi only supports 2.4 GHz frequency.
• When registering the product, make sure that the Wi-Fi connection of the smartphone is on.
• A wireless router and an Internet connection cable are separate purchase items required to use
the app and you need to install them separately.
• To use the wireless network, you can contact an Internet service provider or install the wireless
router on your own. When you install the wireless router on your own, please refer to the user
manual enclosed with the wireless router.
• Install the wireless router at a location close to the product. The strength of the signal may
be different based on the location and distance between the product and the wireless router,
resulting in difference in the data transmission time thereby.
• The connection may not be established depending on the network environment. If you cannot
connect to the network or there is a problem with the network settings, contact the network
administrator or the Internet service provider.
• If the security protocol of the router is set to WEP, you may fail to set up the network. Please
change it to other security protocols (WPA2 is recommended) and register the product again.
• Be sure to use any alphanumeric combination to set the wireless network name (SSID), which
appears when you search for Wi-Fi. The product's modem may not recognize Korean letters or
special characters, preventing the connection.
• When you search for a wireless router to connect to the wireless network, wireless routers other
than the one you are using may also be found.
• Using other people's routers is illegal and, if you do so, you may be subjected to legal actions.
You must connect to the wireless router authorized to use the network.
• The contents of this manual may vary depending on the version of the "LG Smart ThinQ"
application, and they may be changed without prior notice.
Wi-Fi Module Specifications
As the wireless equipment may cause radio interference, it must not be used to provide life-saving
Open Source Software License Notice
Please visit http://opensource.lge.com to obtain open source codes developed under GPL, LGPL,
MPL or other open source licenses that are included in this product.
In addition to source codes, you can also download the contents of all licenses, copyright
indications and indication of no warranty.
If you request open source codes for any software included in this product by sending an email to
opensource@lge.com within three years of purchasing the product, we will send the codes on a
CD-ROM with minimal charges for the CD and shipping.
Smart Diagnosis function
• This only applies to the models with the
Smart diagnosis
When the product malfunctions or fails, you can check the product conditions through the smart
diagnosis function and solve issues more conveniently by using Smart ThinQ application.
Diagnosis Using Sound
• This only applies to the models with the
Use this function if you need an accurate diagnosis by an LG Electronics service center when the
product malfunctions or fails. Use this function only to contact the service representative, not during
normal operation. Smart Diagnosis™ can not be activated unless the appliance is connected to power.
1. Open the LG Smart ThinQ application on the smart phone.
2. Press Smart Diagnosis button.
3. Follow the instructions on the smart phone.
Indicator button for 5 seconds or more to execute the Smart Diagnosis function.
4. Press and hold the
5. Place the phone near the product.
• The microphone on your phone should face the Smart Diagnosis ( ) logo on the back. Do
not remove the phone from the product while data is being transmitted.
• You need to keep the phone near the product while the data is being transmitted for Smart
• The data transfer sound may be harsh to the ear while the smart diagnosis data is being
transmitted, but do not take the phone off the product for accurate diagnosis until the data
transfer sound has stopped.
6. After the data transfer is complete, the service agent will explain the result of the smart diagnosis.
• After the counselor explains the diagnosis result, take the recommended measures.
• The Smart Diagnosis function depends on the local call quality.
• The communication performance will improve and you can receive better service if you use the
home phone.
• The diagnosis data transmission may not be smooth due to poor communication quality, in
which case, the smart diagnosis service may not be provided properly.
Cleaning the Filters
1. Turn off the power and unplug the appliance.
Then pull open the rear panel.
2. Pull the filter set by the top handle to remove it from the appliance.
• Dust may accumulate on the filter net.
• Before disassembling filter set, move the filters to a convenient location
for vacuuming.
• Place a newspaper or paper towel down to catch any loose dust.
3. While holding the filter case over the newspaper, push up
on the sides of the pre-filter to separate it from the filter
Clean the pre-filter using a vacuum cleaner or brush. If
the filter is very dirty, rinse it under running water after
cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner.
! Caution
• Allow pre-filter to dry completely, out of direct sunlight, before reinstalling.
• Do not use pre-filter while damp. Doing so may cause odor.
• Do not operate air purifier without pre-filter installed.
• Do not use water that is hotter than 40°C to avoid product deformation or failure.
Do not use water to clean Allergy HEPA Filter and Deodorizing Filter. If the filter is heavily dirty,
it should be replaced.
When using the product, do not make the HEPA filter and the Deodorizing Filter touch water.
The filter replacing cycle may vary according to the operating environment.
4. Remove the Deodorizing Filter Case and the Allergy HEPA Filter Case of the filter (when
replacing the filter) by pressing the PUSH button on the both sides.
5. Dissemble the Deodorizing Filter.(When replacing the filter)
When replacing and dissembling the filter, the Deodorizing
Filter should be installed in the Deodorizing Filter Case.
• If both filters are not installed, the product performance
may decrease.
6. Remove the Allergy HEPA Filter (when replacing the filter).
Allergy HEPA
Filter Case
Allergy HEPA
7. After cleaning and checking the filter, please install it in the reverse
order. When installing it, the filter handle should be placed upwards
to the product.
8. Close the rear panel.
Deodorizing Filter
Filter Maintenance Schedule
Filter types
Cleaning cycle
Cleaning Method
about every
Clean pre-filter with vacuum cleaner
or brush, followed by rinsing under
running water if very dirty.
Allergy HEPA Filter
about every 12
* The Deodorizing Filter and Allergy
HEPA Filter replacing cycles may
vary according to the operating
Deodorizing Filter
* Contact an LG Customer Information Center for replacement filters.
Cleaning the Exterior
Place a soft cloth into lukewarm water and squeeze out the water and then wipe the Air Purifier
with the cloth.
The air inlet especially can accumulate dust and should be cleaned periodically.
! Caution
• Do not clean the body or display using products containing bleach or other alkalines.
• Do not clean the surface of the Air Purifier using sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid or organic
solvents (thinners, kerosene, or others). Do not put stickers on the surface. Doing so may
damage the surface of the product.
• Do not use abrasive pads or cloths when cleaning. They may scratch the surface of the
• Do not allow water inside product while cleaning the exterior. Turn off power and unplug
the power cord before cleaning. (Always check whether fan is moving.)
Cleaning the Sensor
1. Turn off and unplug the product.
2. Open the dust sensor cover.
3. Clean the dust sensor lens with cotton swab.
(Clean every two months.)
• Use only water to clean the sensor. Failure to follow this warning can result in product
Storing the Product
If the product will not be used for an extended period, store it in a dry place out of direct sunlight.
1. Run in air purifier mode for an hour or more on a sunny day.
• This will help to remove moisture and mold from inside the product.
Start/Stop button to turn off the air
2. Press the
purifier and then unplug it.
Power supply
The appearance of the power cord may
vary according to different country/region.
3. Remove the filters and store them tightly in a plastic bag out of direct
• If the filters are stored in a humid place, they may take on a musty or
mildewy odor.
4. Clean the air purifier before storing it. Store the appliance in a vinyl cover
to prevent any dust or foreign objects from getting inside.
• Use a soft cloth when cleaning the appliance to avoid scratching the
• Store the appliance in a cool area out of direct sunlight.
5. Do not store the product where it will be exposed to high humidity or direct sunlight.
• Doing so may result in odor, product deformation, or product malfunction.
Before Calling for Service
If there is a problem with the product, check the following first before calling for service.
Possible Cause
Air purifier does • Power cord not plugged in.
not turn on.
• Incorrect power rating.
Air output is
weak, product
makes a noise.
• Pre-filter is clogged.
• Dust accumulation on the
Allergy HEPA Filter.
• Plug cord securely into socket.
• Make sure outlet is rated for 220-240V.
• Clean the pre-filter.
• Replace the Allergy HEPA Filter.
• Ventilate the room before using the air
Dust has built up on the
• Clean the pre-filter or replace the
prefilter or Allergy HEPA Filter.
Allergy HEPA Filter.
Usage area is too large.
• Use the product in a smaller area or an
area more protected from the influx of
outside air.
Nearby objects are blocking air • Remove nearby obstacles or move the
product to a different location.
The product is installed in a
• Move the product.
• Indoor air quality is very bad.
Air purification
does not work
Strange odor
coming from air
• Very heavy smoke or odors may
degrade the performance of the filters.
Ventilate the area before using the air
• Odor coming from deodorizing • Replace the deodorizing filter.
• Installed in area with heavy
smoke or odors.
There is an odor, • Odor sensor may not respond
but the Indicator
to food odors as harmful.
lamp does not
Air quality
shows red
Buttons do not
• Air purifier may be unable
to process amount of
contamination in air.
• Water or oil sprayed near air
• Lock function is enabled.
• Odor sensor may not respond to
food odors as harmful, but odors are
removed by the deodorizing filter.
• Try moving product to another room to
clear the indicator.
• Do not spray water or oil near the air
• Press the
Light button for 3
seconds to disable the lock function.
Possible Cause
There has been
no change in
micro dust
• Sensor may be dirty or blocked • See instructions for cleaning sensor.
by foreign material.
• Air purifier may be in enclosed • Indoor air quality may stay the same in
an enclosed area.
The fine dust
value keeps
showing high.
• Air purifier installed in area
with constant influx of outside
• Levels can remain high in areas where
there is a constant influx of outside air.
Air quality light
remains violet/
pink while PM
levels show
• Air quality issue is from odor.
• The air quality indicator is an overall
evaluation based on odor and dust. If
an odor is strong while PM levels are
moderate, the light may remain on
• The deodorizing filter has
become dirty.
• The air purifier is being used
instead of a vent hood while
• Replace the filter. Filter life-expectancy
can vary based on usage environment.
• Filter life can be greatly reduced if
the air purifier is used while cooking
strong-smelling or oily food. Do not use
the product in place of a vent hood.
Ventilate the area during cooking to
remove strong odors and oily splatter,
then use the air purifier to eliminate any
remaining odors.
• The power plug is unplugged
from the outlet.
• Plug in the power cord of the product.
The filter
produces odors.
I can't connect
to the product
in the LG Smart
ThinQ app.
I can't register
the product in
the LG Smart
ThinQ app.
The dust
levels are
between the
product and the
LG Smart ThinQ
• The wireless router connected • Power off the wireless router and on
with the product is not working.
• Check if there is an Internet connection
problem with the router.
• The product is too far away
from the wireless router.
• Move the wireless router near the
• Your wireless router may be
not working properly.
• Some carriers provide routers that are
available to their members only. If you
have an outdated model, contact your
carrier to have it replaced with a newer
• You looked at the different dust • Make sure that the levels of the
super ultra-fine/ultra-fine/fine dust are
displayed consistently between the LG
Smart ThinQ app and your product.
• The difference in the values could be
caused by the difference in update time
between the LG Smart ThinQ app and
the product.
The external dimensions, design and product standards may change to improve the quality of the
Model name
Power supply
220-240V~ / 50Hz
Product dimensions (W x H x D)
295 mm × 779 mm × 308 mm
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