LG | WD-1270QDT | LG WD-1270QDT Owner’s Manual

H ow to use washer
Child Lock(
Tub Clean( )
Medic Rince
Medic Rince
Pre Wash
Pre Wash
Crease Care
Crease Care
If you choose to lock the buttons on the control
assembly to prevent tempering this function may
be selected.
Tub Clean course can be set by pressing and holding
Intensive and Crease Care button simultaneously.
• Child Lock can be set by pressing the Medic Rinse
button and Pre Wash button simultaneously.
(About three seconds)
When Tub Clean course is set, the lamp above
“Wash”, ”Rinse”, “Spin” will blink and all buttons
are inoperable.
Medic Rince
Pre Wash
Child Lock
• To deactivate Child Lock system, Press Medic Rinse
and Pre Wash button simultaneously again.
(About three seconds)
compartments. Excessive suds may
generate and leak from the washer.
Child Lock
• To change to the desired program, whilst in child lock
1. Press both Medic Rinse and Pre Wash together
once again.(About three seconds)
2. Press the Start/Pause button.
3. Select the desired program and press the
Start/Pause button again.
3. Close the dispenser drawer slowly.
4. Power On and then press and hold Intensive
and Crease Care button for 3 seconds. than
lamp above “Wash, Rinse, Spin” are blinked.
5. Press the Start/Pause button to start.
6. After the cycle is complete, leave the door open
to dry around the washer door opening, flexible
gasket and door glass.
If there is a small child, be careful not to leave the door
open for too long.
Medic Rince
Pre Wash
How to use the Tub Clean cycle:
1. Remove any clothing or items from the washer
and close the door.
2. Open the dispenser drawer and add Anti limescale
(Calgon) to the Main wash compartment.
NOTE Do not add any detergent to the detergent
Medic Rince
Pre Wash
TUB CLEAN is special cycle to help clean the inside
of the washing machine.
A higher water level and higher spin speed is used in
this cycle. Perform this cycle regularly.
change the
• The child lock can be set at any time and it can be
deactivated only by using child lock cancel process.
Turning the power off and operational errors will not
affect child lock.
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