LG | F14U2TDN5 | LG F14U2TDN0 Owner’s Manual

■ This Limited Warranty Does NOT Cover in the Following Cases
With regard to damages or failures resulting from misuse, improper installation, maintenance,
natural disaster or repair (unauthorized technician or parts, as specified by LG),
Customer will be charged for the repair.
Strange vibration or noise caused
by not removing transit bolts or
packing materials.
Tub support
(Slim model)
Transit bolt
Remove the transit bolts &
packing materials.
Leakage caused by dirt (hair, lint) on
gasket and door glass.
Clean the gasket & door glass.
Gasket damage caused by closing door
on part of clothes.
Before closing door check
carefully if whole load is inside
the drum and nothing is left
beyond the gasket.
Not draining caused by clogging
of pump filter.
Clean the pump filter.
Water is not coming because water inlet
valve filters are clogged or water inlet
hoses are kinked.
Clean the inlet valve filter or
reinstall the water inlet hoses.
Inlet filter
Water is not coming because
too much detergent use.
Water is not supplied because the
water tap is not turned on.
Clean the detergent
disperser drawer.
Water tap
Leakage caused by improper
installation of drain hose or
clogged drain hose.
Turn on the water tap.
Tie strap
Reinstall the drain hose.
Leakage caused by improper
installation of water inlet hose or
using other brand inlet hoses.
Reinstall the inlet hose.
No power problem caused by
loose connection of power cord
or electrical outlet problem.
Reconnect the power cord or
change the electrical outlet.
Water hammering (banging)
noise when washer is filling with
Service trips to deliver, pick up,
install the product or for instruction
on product use. The removal and
reinstallation of the Product.
High pressure water
water flow
Loud noise water flow
Adjust the water pressure by
turning off the water valve or
water tap in the home.
The warranty covers
manufacturing defects only.
Service resulting from improper
Installation is no covered.
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