LG | AS55GDWU0 | LG AS55GDWU0 Owner’s Manual

Read this owner’s manual thoroughly before operating the appliance
and keep it handy for reference at all times.
Model Name: AS55GD Series
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This manual is produced for a group of
products and may contain images or content
different from the model you purchased.
Table of Contents
This manual is subject to revision by the
Safety Instructions......................... 04
Disposal of your old appliance.............. 10
Cleaning the Filter................................. 30
Replacing the Filter................................ 31
Cleaning the Dust Sensor..................... 31
Storage ................................................. 32
Removing Packing Materials................. 12
Before Calling for Service............ 33
Installation....................................... 14
Product Specifications.................. 37
Transporting or Moving the Product...... 14
Installing the Product............................. 14
Operation......................................... 15
Product Overview.................................. 15
Getting Started...................................... 20
Adjusting the Purifier Fan Speed.......... 20
Checking the Air Quality........................ 21
Using the Air Ionizer.............................. 24
Setting the Sleep Timer......................... 24
Locking the Control Panel Buttons........ 25
Smart Functions............................. 26
Using the Smart ThinQ Application....... 26
Diagnosis Using Sound......................... 27
Maintenance.................................... 29
Cleaning the Exterior ............................ 30
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Safety Instructions
This guide contains many important safety messages. Always read and obey all safety messages.
This is the safety alert symbol. It alerts you to safety messages that inform you of hazards
that can kill or hurt you or others, or cause damage to the product.
All safety messages will be preceded by the safety alert symbol and the hazard signal word
WARNING or CAUTION. These words mean:
WARNING - You can be killed or seriously injured if you do not follow these instructions.
CAUTION - Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may
result in minor or moderate injury or product damage.
This equipment is home (class B) EMI suitable equipment, which is mainly for home use, and it can
be used in all regions.
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or personal injury when
using this product, follow basic safety precautions including the
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or
lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised
to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and
above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been
given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance
in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall
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not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall
not be made by children without supervision.
••Install the product near an easily accessible electrical outlet.
••Do not install the product on an uneven or inclined surface.
••Do not install the product in a damp area and keep away from
splashing rain or water.
••Do not install the product in an area exposed to direct sunlight or
near heat-generating equipment.
••Do not install the product in a place where combustible gas may
leak or industrial oil or metallic particulates are present.
••This product is for AC 220–240 V. Always check the supply
voltage before using it.
••Be careful not to let the power plug pressed by the back of the
••Remove the power plug when you clean the product or replace
the filter.
••Do not touch the power plug with wet hands.
••Insert the plug into the outlet tightly after removing the moisture
and dust on it completely.
••When unplugging the power cord, always pull it by the plug.
••Unplug the product during thunder or lightning or when not in
use for a long time.
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••Do not bend the power cable excessively or place a heavy
object on top of it.
••Do not extend the length of the power cable or alter it.
••Do not use several devices on a multi-socket extension outlet.
••The appliance shall be disconnected from its power source
during service and when replacing parts.
••Take care to ensure that power cable could not be pulled out or
damaged during operation. There is risk of fire or electric shock.
••If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified person in
order to avoid a hazard.
••If the product is immersed in water, stop using it and contact the
LG Electronics service center.
••If there is a gas leakage (isobutane, propane, LNG, etc.), do
not touch the product or power plug and ventilate the area
••Do not clean the product with brushes, cloths or sponges with
rough surfaces or which are made of metallic material.
••If you detect any abnormal noise, odor or smoke, unplug the
product immediately and contact an LG Electronics service
••Only an authorized repair person from LG Electronics service
center should disassemble, repair, or modify the product.
••Do not use or store fire, combustibles (ether, benzene, alcohol,
drugs, propane, butane, combustible spray, insecticide, air
freshener, cosmetics etc.) or flammable materials (candles,
lamps etc.) near the product.
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2017-08-17 �� 5:30:01
••Do not place the power cord under rugs, carpeting or mats.
••Do not allow animals or pets to chew on the power cord.
••Do not allow children to climb on or play with the product.
••Do not move the product when it is in operation.
••Do not place coffee, flower vase or drinks on top of the product.
••Do not insert hands or metal objects into the air inlet or outlet.
••Do not impact the product.
••Be careful not to allow any part of your body to be pinched when
you detach and re-attach parts of the product.
••Unplug the product when not in use for a long time.
••Do not install and use broken parts.
••Do not clean the product when it is plugged in.
••Do not put flammables into the product.
••Do not operate the product while its cover is open.
••Dispose of the packing materials (vinyl, styrofoam etc.) to keep
them out of reach of children.
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To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or personal injury when
using the product, follow basic safety precautions, including the
••Do not tilt the product to pull or push it while transporting.
••Do not install the product in transportation equipment (vehicle/
vessel etc.).
••Do not place the product near a TV or a stereo equipment.
••Do not place the product under bright light.
••The appliance shall be installed in accordance with national
wiring regulations.
••When moving or storing the product, wrap the power cord
around the base of the product to prevent personal injury,
damage to the cord or damage to floors. ••Dropping the product may cause personal injury or product
••Do not use the product for removal of toxic gas such as carbon
••Do not use the product for ventilation purposes.
••Do not use the product for a long time in a region with unstable
••Do not place obstacles around the air inlet or outlet.
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2017-08-17 �� 5:30:01
••For safe use of the product, children or others with reduced
mental capabilities need to be closely monitored by a person
who is responsible for their safety.
••Do not place the product near curtains.
••Do not use the product for special purposes such as preserving
plants, precision instrument, artworks etc.
••Do not climb or place objects on top of the product.
••Do not operate the product with wet hands.
••Do not let the moisture from the humidifier directly touch the
••Do not use the product while it is not in upright position.
••Do not use the product near objects vulnerable to heat.
••Use the filter only for its intended purpose.
••Do not use detergents, cosmetics, chemicals, air fresheners, or
disinfectants in the product.
••Do not place magnetic or metal objects on top of the product.
••Do not clean with strong detergents of solvent types, but use
soft cloth.
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2017-08-17 �� 5:30:01
Disposal of your old appliance
••This crossed-out wheeled bin symbol indicates
that waste electrical and electronic products
(WEEE) should be disposed of separately from
the municipal waste stream.
••Old electrical products can contain hazardous
substances so correct disposal of your old
appliance will help prevent potential negative
consequences for the environment and human
health. Your old appliance may contain reusable
parts that could be used to repair other products,
and other valuable materials that can be recycled
to conserve limited resources.
••You can take your appliance either to the shop
where you purchased the product, or contact your
local government waste office for details of your
nearest authorised WEEE collection point. For
the most up to date information for your country
please see www.lg.com/global/recycling
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Air Purifier
Owner’s Manual
•• The appearance or components of the product may differ depending on the model.
•• The shape of the power plug differs depending on the country.
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Removing Packing
Unpack the product and remove any packing
tape or protective vinyl before using the
Pull out the product from the
packaging and remove the fixing tape
attached on the product.
Grab the top end of the back cover
and gently pull it.
•• You will see "PM 1.0 & GAS
SENSOR SYSTEM" on the back
cover of the product.
Remove the support located at the
filter inlet.
Remove the cover from the product.
Remove the filter and its protective
Install the filter in the product.
•• Make sure that the handle faces
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 12
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:04
Insert the fixing parts at the bottom of
the cover into the holes at the bottom
of the product before you close the
•• Failure to remove the support may affect
the performance of the product. Please be
sure to remove it before use.
•• Make sure that you remove the filter's
protective vinyl prior to use otherwise it
may result in product malfunction.
•• Pay attention to the direction of the filter
when you install the filter otherwise it may
cause malfunction or failure of the product.
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2017-08-17 �� 5:30:05
Transporting or Moving the
Transport the product in a well-secured
and upright position. Impacts may cause
product damage.
Hold the bottom of the product with both
hands to move the product safely.
•• Dropping the product may cause
personal injury or product malfunction.
Installing the Product
Install the product on a strong level
surface. Installing the product on a weak
or tilted surface may cause noise and
vibration or tipping, resulting in injury.
Allow a 1 m clearance between the product
and surrounding surfaces or objects. The
air inlet needs space to function properly.
•• Do not hold the outer cover when you
carry the product. The cover may open
accidentally, causing the product to
When moving or storing the product, wrap
the power cord around the base of the
product to prevent personal injury, damage
to the cord or damage to floors.
Install the product where you can easily
remove the power plug.
Otherwise, electric shock or fire may be
The performance of the product may differ
depending on the operating environment
(such as temperature and humidity).
•• 40–70 % of humidity is recommended
for optimal performance.
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Product Overview
Front View
Air Outlet
Status Panel
It discharges purified air through the
Use it to check the settings of the
product and the air quality.
Control Panel
Light Lamp
Use it to set the product functions.
It displays the overall air quality using
a colored light.
Air Ionizer
Air Inlet (Front and Rear Covers)
•• Air goes into the purifier through
the inlet. You may remove the front
or rear cover separately.
•• It generates negative ions and
removes harmful bacteria in the air.
•• It is built in the lower part of the air
•• The appearance or components of the product may differ depending on the model.
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Back View
Smart Diagnosis Part
Smell (Gas) Sensor
In the event of a malfunction or failure,
It detects a smell (gas).
you can use the Smart Diagnosis
option to check the product condition.
(See Smart Functions.)
It removes allergic materials, yellow
dust/ultra-fine dust, possible sources
of sick house syndrome, smog and
other odor.
PM 1.0 (super ultra-fine dust)
It detects the concentration of dust.
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2017-08-17 �� 5:30:07
Filter System
Total Harmful Gas Care Filter
It removes harmful smells (gas) that
are generated in everyday life such
as bathroom smell, cigarette smoke
(smell) and food smell.
Total Allergen Collection Care Filter
It removes super ultra-fine dust,
yellow dust and cigarette smoke
particles from the air.
Ultra-fine Filter
It is attached on the exterior of the
Total Allergen Collection Care Filter,
primarily removing large particles
floating in the air, including pet hair.
Filter Handle
Use it to separate the filter from the
•• The Total Harmful Gas Care Filter and
Total Allergen Collection Care Filter are
assembled together. Do not try to detach
them from each other.
•• Do not throw the filter or use it for other purposes.
•• Keep the windows or doors closed while
using the product. However, if you operate
the product for a long time in a closed space,
carbon dioxide concentration may rise. So
be sure to ventilate the indoor air regularly.
•• Carbon monoxide (CO) is a harmful gas
that is mainly introduced from outside and
cannot be removed with a filter.
•• The deodorization function of the air
purifier operates by trapping the smell (gas)
in the filter. If you use the product for a
long time in a room with excessive smell,
the performance of the filter may drop
significantly. The Total Harmful Gas Care
Filter may sometimes become the source
of excessive smell if used for a long time
in a room with excessive smell.
•• If excessive smell is present in the room,
first ventilate the indoor air to remove the
smell. Then use the air purifier to remove
the remaining smell.
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2017-08-17 �� 5:30:07
Control Panel
Start/Stop Button
Indicator Button
You can start or stop the operation.
You can check the concentration of
the airborne dust by its particle size.
Speed Button
It allows you to adjust the air flow
strength of the product.
•• Pressing and holding the button for
more than 3 seconds activates the
Wi-Fi registration mode.
•• Buttons to turn Wi-Fi off
Pressing and holding the Start/
Stop button and the Speed button
at the same time for more than
3 seconds turns off Wi-Fi. After
finishing the product registration
and while Wi-Fi is off, pressing and
holding the Speed button for more
than 3 seconds turns on Wi-Fi so
that you can control the product
using a smartphone that has it
Sleep Timer Button
Use it to schedule the time to turn off
the product.
•• Press and hold it for 3 seconds or
more to turn on or off the ionizer.
(See Using the Air Ionizer.)
Light Button
Use it to turn the light on or off.
•• Press and hold it for 3 seconds or
more to lock or unlock the Control
Panel buttons. (See Locking the
Control Panel Buttons.)
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 18
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:08
Status Display Panel
Display of air conditions
1 Overall air quality (colour)
2 Dust particle size and dust
concentration (colour)
3 Dust concentration or sleep timer
4 Smell concentration (colour)
Displays fan speed
It turns on when it is time to replace
the filter.
It turns on when the Wi-Fi function
is activated.
It turns on when the sleep timer
function is activated.
It turns on when the 'On/Off
Reservation' is set in the LG Smart
ThinQ application.
It turns on when the control panel is
It turns on when the ionizer turns
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 19
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:08
Getting Started
Press the Start/Stop button to start the
Adjusting the Purifier Fan
You can adjust the wind amount of the
Press the Speed button during the operation.
•• Each time you press the button, the speed
changes in the following order: Auto →
Low → Middle → High → Turbo.
•• If you stop and resume the operation, it
starts cleaning with the mode you selected
last time. Even if power is lost due to a
blackout, the product remembers the mode
you used last time.
•• Once the operation starts, the sensor
stabilizes (for approx. 30 seconds) before
the dust concentration is displayed. During
the sensor stabilization period, you will see
(ready) on the status panel. You can
specify the sensor stabilization time in the
'Air Quality Sensor Operation Time' option
in the LG Smart ThinQ application.
–– 'Always On': The sensor stabilization
turns on only once at the beginning.
–– 'Only During Operation': The sensor
stabilization turns on every time you
start/stop the operation.
Displaying Purifier Speed
If you adjust the speed, it is displayed on the
status panel. It increases by 2 grids at a time.
[Example of Purifier Speed 'Middle']
•• The speed is set to Auto when you first
start the operation. Auto mode controls
the wind speed automatically according to
the contamination level of the indoor air.
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2017-08-17 �� 5:30:09
Checking the Air Quality
You can check the cleanliness of the indoor air by looking at the Light lamp and the status panel.
Understanding the Overall Air Quality
The overall air quality is calculated based on the dust and smell (gas) concentrations
and is categorized into 4 levels including green, yellow, orange or red depending on the
contamination of the air.
PM density (μg/m³)
Odor Level
Overall Air
PM 10
(fine dust)
PM 2.5
(ultra fine dust)
PM 1.0
(super ultra fine dust)
255 or more
56 or more
56 or more
Very strong
54 or less
12 or less
12 or less
•• Overall air quality can be determined based on the Light lamp and the
air quality) on the status panel.
color (overall
•• The color of overall air quality is determined based on whichever is worse between the dust
concentration and smell (gas) concentration.
Checking the Air Quality Using
the Light Lamp
Turning on/off the Light Lamp
You can press the Light button to turn it on/off.
Four different colors are used to indicate
the overall air quality based on the dust
concentration and smell (gas) concentration.
Light Lamp
The Light lamp turns on white for the sensor
stabilization period (30 seconds). The smell
(gas) sensor is stabilized 2 minutes after you
start the operation. During this period, the
smell (gas) concentration is not reflected in
the overall air quality.
•• When the sleep timer is set, the Light lamp
turns off.
•• If you turn on the Light lamp after setting
the sleep timer, you will see the overall air
quality on the status panel as well as on
the Light lamp.
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2017-08-17 �� 5:30:11
Checking Air Quality on the Status Panel
You may check the overall air quality, dust
concentration, and smell concentration on
the status panel.
•• Overall air quality: You can check the
color (overall air quality) on the
status panel to determine the overall air
•• Dust concentration: You can check the
dust concentration by looking at the dust
concentration value and the particle size
indicator color. It shows the worst status
among the PM 10 (fine) / PM 2.5 (ultra-fine)
/ PM 1.0 (super ultra-fine dust).
–– If the dust concentrations of all
categories are 'good', the concentration
of the 'PM 10' is displayed.
–– If it is worse than 'moderate', the
color and concentration of the dust
with the highest contamination level
are displayed. If they share the same
contamination level, the contamination
level is displayed according to the
following order: PM 1.0, PM 2.5 and
PM 10.
•• Smell concentration: You can check
color (smell concentration) on
the status panel to determine the smell
[Example of the Display Showing Air
Dust particle
size and
The above picture displays PM10/PM2.5/
PM1.0, meaning that the concentration of
super ultra-fine dust is higher than those of
fine dust and ultra-fine dust.
While the color of the dust particle size
is solely determined based on the dust
concentration and the color of the
concentration) is solely determined based
on the smell concentration, the color of the
(overall air quality) is determined
based on the worse cause between the dust
and smell.
If the smell is ‘normal’ and the PM 1.0 (super
ultra-fine dust) concentration is 50 μg/m3,
which is ‘unhealthy’, the overall air quality is
displayed in orange as the worst cause is the
dust. On the other hand, if the smell is ‘very
strong’, the overall air quality is displayed in red
because the smell becomes the worst cause.
Checking the Dust
You can check the airborne dust
concentration by its particle size.
Press the Indicator button during the
•• Whenever you press the button, the
display changes in the following order:
PM10 → PM2.5 → PM1.0.
•• The concentration of the selected dust
particle is displayed for about 10 seconds.
Overall air quality
Dust concentration
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 22
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:12
•• PM (particulate matter) density is displayed
in increments of 1 unit, from 8 to 999. PM
density values are based on the data sheet
provided by the sensor manufacturer.
•• The PM10 and PM2.5 air quality values
follow those provided by the United States
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for
–– The overall air quality level displayed
on the product may differ from the level
announced by the EPA.
•• The PM1.0 density is displayed in the
same manner as the PM2.5 density and is
based on LG Electronics standards.
•• The PM10 and PM2.5 densities displayed
by the product could differ from the EPA
forecast and from densities measured by
other products or devices.
•• The dust density displayed may change
with environmental factors such as the
presence of sofas, beds, carpets, vacuum
cleaners, humidity, smoke, bugs, pets or
cooking oils.
•• The PM densities may be affected by
changes in the outside environment such
as construction, heavy traffic or pollen.
•• The micro dust density could be higher
near outside doors, windows, vents or in
areas where outside air enters.
•• Use ONLY water to clean the sensor.
Using anything else could cause product
•• The fine dust density could be affected
by cooking or using humidifiers, sprays or
other products which generate steam or
fine particles.
–– Differences in PM density values may
be the result of different methods of
measuring or differences in the actual
PM density levels.
–– The PM density measurement was
tested using LG Electronics’ standard
test materials.
•• Using the product near a humidifier, mist
generator, air-conditioner or other device
which generates steam or micro-particles
could affect the PM densities.
•• The overall air quality level is a result of
both PM densities and the odor level. It
may differ from the PM10, PM2.5 and
PM1.0 density levels.
•• Even two products placed in the same
space could measure the PM10 density
differently due to air circulation.
•• The chemicals contained in air fresheners,
perfumes, deodorizers or cosmetics may
affect the overall air quality display.
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 23
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:12
Using the Air Ionizer
Setting the Sleep Timer
To generate ions to remove various bacteria
from the air.
You can set the product to stop automatically
after running for the duration you set.
Press the Sleep Timer button for more than
3 seconds while operating.
Press the Sleep Timer button during the
•• Each time you press the button, the Sleep
Timer changes in the following order: After
2 hours→ After 4 hours → After 8 hours →
After 12 hours → Cancel.
(Ionizer) is displayed on the status
•• Once the sleep timer is set, the status
panel displays only the
sleep timer
icon except for a few other icons.
•• When the operation is stopped, the ionizer
function can not be used.
•• For your deep sleep, the speed is set
to Low by default for a certain period of
time. After the time passes, the speed is
controlled automatically depending on the
air quality.
•• Even when the sleep timer is set, you can
still change the speed by pressing the
Speed button.
•• If you press the Sleep Timer button once
more while the sleep timer is set, you can
check the preset time and press the button
repeatedly to cancel the sleep timer.
•• The sleep timer remains on even if the
power goes off or if there is a blackout.
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 24
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:13
Locking the Control Panel
You can lock the buttons on the Control
Panel to prevent the product from operating
due to unforeseen reasons, such as a child
manipulating the buttons.
Press the Light button for at least 3 seconds
during the operation.
(Lock) is displayed on the status panel.
•• You can turn off the lock function in the
same way as turning it on.
•• The control panel can be locked even
when the product is off.
•• If you pull out the power plug in lock set
status, the lock function is cleared.
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 25
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:14
Smart Functions
Using the Smart ThinQ
Install the "LG Smart ThinQ" application on
your smartphone to use the product more
Installing Smart ThinQ
Find and install ‘LG Smart ThinQ’ from
the App Store/Google Play Store on your
smartphone. For more information on how to
use 'LG Smart ThinQ’, refer to the Help in the
Wi-Fi function
Smart diagnosis
When the product malfunctions or fails,
you can check the product conditions
through the smart diagnosis function and
solve issues more conveniently.
You can configure the product
management and alert settings.
•• Wi-Fi only supports 2.4 GHz frequency.
(Pressing the button more than once
initiates the Wi-Fi registration mode.)
•• A wireless router and an Internet
connection cable are separate purchase
items required to use the app and you
need to install them separately.
•• To use the wireless network, you can
contact an Internet service provider or
install the wireless router on your own.
When you install the wireless router on
your own, please refer to the user manual
enclosed with the wireless router.
•• Install the wireless router at a location
close to the product. The strength of
the signal may be different based on
the location and distance between the
product and the wireless router, resulting
in difference in the data transmission time
•• The connection may not be established
depending on the network environment. If
you cannot connect to the network or there
is a problem with the network settings,
contact the network administrator or the
Internet service provider.
•• If the security protocol of the router is
set to WEP, you may fail to set up the
network. Please change it to other security
protocols (WPA2 is recommended) and
register the product again.
•• When registering the product, make
sure that the Wi-Fi connection of the
smartphone is on.
•• Be sure to use any alphanumeric
combination to set the wireless network
name (SSID), which appears when you
search for Wi-Fi.
•• If you can’t register the product by
pressing the product’s Wi-Fi registration
button, press the Wi-Fi registration button
again. If you deleted the registered product
from the app while Wi-Fi is off, the product
registration may not work in one attempt
when you press the Wi-Fi registration
button again to register the product.
•• When you search for a wireless router to
connect to the wireless network, wireless
routers other than the one you are using
may also be found. Using other people's
routers is illegal and, if you do so, you may
be subjected to legal actions. You must
connect to the wireless router authorized
to use the network.
•• To turn on the Wi-Fi function that has been
off, press the Wi-Fi registration button
just once and wait. The Wi-Fi connection
will be re-established within 1 minute.
•• The contents of this manual may vary
depending on the version of the "LG Smart
ThinQ" application, and they may be
changed without prior notice.
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 26
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:14
2412 - 2472 MHz
IEEE 802.11b: 18.37 dBm
IEEE 802.11g: 17.67 dBm
IEEE 802.11n: 17.67 dBm
Open Source Software License
Please visit http://opensource.lge.com to
obtain open source codes developed under
GPL, LGPL, MPL or other open source
licenses that are included in this product.
In addition to source codes, you can also
download the contents of all licenses,
copyright indications and indication of no
For consideration of the user, this device
should be installed and operated with a
minimum distance of 20 cm between the
device and the body.
If you request open source codes for any
software included in this product by sending
an email to opensource@lge.com within
three years of purchasing the product, we will
send the codes on a CD-ROM with minimal
charges for the CD and shipping.
EU Conformity Notice
Smart Diagnosis function
Wireless function S/W version : V 1.0
Wireless LAN Module Specifications
•• This only applies to the models with the
Hereby, LG Electronics declares that
the radio equipment type Air purifier is in
compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU.
The full text of the EU declaration of
conformity is available at the following
internet address:
LG Electronics European Shared Service
Center B.V.
Krijgsman 1
1186 DM Amstelveen
The Netherlands.
Smart diagnosis
When the product malfunctions or fails, you
can check the product conditions through the
smart diagnosis function and solve issues
more conveniently by using Smart ThinQ
Diagnosis Using Sound
•• This only applies to the models with the
Use this function if you need an accurate
diagnosis by an LG Electronics service
center when the product malfunctions or fails.
Use this function only to contact the service
representative, not during normal operation.
Smart Diagnosis™ can not be activated
unless the appliance is connected to power.
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 27
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:14
Open the LG Smart ThinQ application
on the smart phone.
Press Smart Diagnosis button.
Follow the instructions on the smart
Press and hold the Indicator button
for 5 seconds or more to execute the
Smart Diagnosis function.
After the data transfer is complete, the
service agent will explain the result of
the smart diagnosis.
•• After the service agent explains
the diagnosis result, take the
recommended measures.
•• The Smart Diagnosis function depends
on the local call quality.
•• The communication performance will
improve and you can receive better service
if you use the home phone.
Place the phone near the product.
•• The microphone on your phone
should face the Smart Diagnosis
( ) logo on the back. Do not
remove the phone from the product
while data is being transmitted.
•• The diagnosis data transmission may not
be smooth due to poor communication
quality, in that case, the smart diagnosis
service may not be provided properly.
•• You need to keep the phone near
the product while the data is being
transmitted for Smart Diagnosis.
•• The data transfer sound may be
harsh to the ear while the smart
diagnosis data is being transmitted
but do not take the phone off the
product for accurate diagnosis
until the data transfer sound has
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 28
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:15
•• You must stop operating the product and
unplug it before you clean and replace the
•• Do not spray water directly on the product.
•• Assemble the product in the reverse order
of disassembly after cleaning the product
and replacing the filter.
•• How to distinguish between the front
and back of the product: There is an LG
logo on the front, while 'PM 1.0 & GAS
SENSOR SYSTEM' is written on the back.
Scheduled Maintenance
Only ultra-fine
If contaminated,
clean the ultrafine filter with a
vacuum cleaner
or soft brush.
2 months
•• Filters are sold at the nearest Service
Center or via the Consumables shop on
the LG Electronics site (www.lg.com).
•• You may also request cleaning or
replacement of the filter to the Service
Center. You will be charged a certain
fee for filter cleaning and replacement
•• If there are no changes to the dust
concentration on the status panel, clean
the sensor regardless of the cleaning
frequency (2 months) of the PM 1.0
sensor. For more information on cleaning
the PM1.0 sensor, please see Cleaning
the Dust Sensor.
Alerts on the Status Panel
When you see an alert message on the
status panel, do the following:
The whole filter
1 year
•• Replace the filter.
PM 1.0 (super
ultra-fine dust)
•• The operating environment and operation
hours may affect the cleaning frequency.
We recommend that you should clean it
more often in a dusty environment.
•• Filter replacement alerts appear based
on the maximum usage time, taking into
account the operating hours of the product.
The replacement frequency is determined
by the operating hours and environment.
•• For more information on how to disable a
filter replacement alert, see Replacing the
•• A filter is a consumable item. Therefore
you must buy a new one for replacement
when it has reached the end of its lifespan
even during the warranty period.
•• If you do not clean the product according
to the cleaning frequency, you may
experience a bad odor and poor
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 29
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:16
Cleaning the Exterior
Cleaning the Filter
Separate the cover from the product.
Remove dust from the ultra-fine filter
with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush.
Remove dust from the air inlet and
outlet using a vacuum cleaner.
•• For more information on how to
remove and mount the cover,
please see Removing Packing
Wipe the exterior with soft cloth.
•• Do not clean the product with an alkaline
•• Do not wash the filter with water. It may
reduce the lifespan of the filter.
•• Be careful not to damage the ultra fine
filter when you use a vacuum cleaner.
•• Do not wipe the product surface using
sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid or organic
solvent (thinner, kerosene etc.) or attach
a sticker on the product. Otherwise the
product surface may get damaged.
•• Do not allow the water enter inside the
If you find it difficult to clean the front and
rear covers, separate them first and wash
with water. Then, dry them completely under
the shade.
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 30
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:17
Remove the cover and replace the
•• For more information on how to
remove the cover and replace
the filter, please see Removing
Packing Materials.
Cleaning the Dust Sensor
PM 1.0 (super ultra-fine dust) sensor
detects the fine dust as well as coarse
dust. Therefore, you need to clean its lens
•• To avoid polluting the surroundings
when replacing the filter, place a
newspaper on the floor before you
remove the filter.
Once you have replaced the filter,
disable the filter replacement alert.
Replacing the Filter
Remove the rear cover from the
•• For more information on how to
remove and mount the cover,
please see Removing Packing
Open the sensor cover.
Disabling a Filter Replacement
Press and hold the Speed and Indicator
buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds or
(Filter Replacement Alert) is
•• The
disabled and the replacement alarm is
Clean the lens with the cotton swab
soaked with water and clean it again
with a dry cotton swab.
Close the sensor cover.
The filter replacement alert is disabled
automatically if 24 hours have passed
since it was displayed or if the product is
disconnected from the power source.
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 31
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:19
Do not wipe the sensor with material other
than water. It may cause a product failure.
Package the product to prevent
the dust or foreign substance from
entering the product. Store the
packaged product at a shaded place.
If the product is not used for a long period of
time, store it at a shaded and dry place.
Operate the product for one hour or
more on a fine day.
•• This removes the moisture and
prevents molds from building up
inside the product.
Turn off the power and unplug it from
the electrical outlet.
•• Wind the power cord around the
bottom of the product.
Do not store the product at a humid place
or at a place exposed to the direct sunlight.
Otherwise the product may be deformed,
malfunction or generate odor.
The shape of the power plug differs
depending on the country.
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 32
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:20
Before Calling for Service
If a failure occurs in the product, check the following before contacting the Service Center.
The product does not
Is the power plug
unplugged from the outlet?
•• Plug it into the outlet properly.
Did dust accumulate in
the ultra fine filter?
•• Clean the ultra fine filter
Did dust accumulate
in the Total Allergen
Collection Care Filter?
•• Replace the whole filter.
Is the indoor
contamination severe?
•• Ventilate the indoor air before
you use the product.
Did dust accumulate in
the ultra fine filter?
•• Clean the ultra fine filter
Did dust accumulate
in the Total Allergen
Collection Care Filter?
•• Replace the filter.
Fan is noisy even on
the lowest speed.
The indoor air is not
purified well enough.
There is a smell, but
the Light lamp does
not change.
Are you using it in a place
that is too spacious or too
•• Use a product that fits the size
of the room.
•• Avoid a well-ventilated place
such as a gate, window, etc.
Is there any obstacle nearby?
•• Remove the obstacle.
Is the product installed at
a corner?
•• Move the product and install it
Is the Light lamp turned
on red or orange?
•• The color of overall air quality
is determined based on
whichever is worse between
the dust concentration and
smell (gas) concentration.
Check if the dust concentration
is worse than before.
•• The Smell(gas) sensor is
designed to detect harmful
gases. Strong food odors may
not register as harmful, but the
Total Harmful Gas Care Filter
will remove them.
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 33
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:20
The Light lamp
continues to stay
The buttons on the
control panel do not
The concentration
of the fine dust does
not change.
The concentration of
fine dust continues
to remain high.
The overall air
quality color does
not match the dust
concentration value.
Doesn’t the color change
even if it is moved to a
clean room?
•• If the amount of the smell is
more than the capacity of the
product, the display may not
•• Clean the sensor area.
•• Remove the power plug from
the outlet and reconnect it one
minute later.
Did you use a spray near
the product?
•• Do not use a spray near the
Is the (Lock) turned on
on the status panel?
•• Press and hold the Light
button for 3 sec. or longer to
disable the lock function.
Is there a foreign
substance on the sensor?
•• Clean the PM 1.0 (super ultrafine dust) sensor.
Is the product used in a
closed space?
•• In a closed space, the
cleanliness level may continue
to stay the same without
Does the air continue to
flow in from the outside
to the location where the
product is installed?
•• In an environment where
outside air is supplied
continuously, the
concentration may continue to
remain high.
Does the color of the
overall air quality match
the color that indicates
the smell concentration?
•• The overall air quality is
displayed by evaluating the
smell and dust concentration
•• Even if the dust concentration
is low, if the odor is strong,
the overall air quality color
may not match the dust
concentration value.
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 34
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:20
The overall air quality
is different from that
of the Ministry of
Environment guide.
A strange smell
comes out from the
air outlet as well as
the filter.
Is the guide from the
Ministry of Environment
different from the product
dust concentration?
•• The Ministry of Environment
guide shows the average
value over a certain period of
time, but the overall air quality
displayed on the product is
measured in real time. So they
may be different from each
Did you purchase the
product lately?
•• The odor of activated
charcoal is not harmful. This
is similar to the smell you may
experience in a brand new
car. We assure it will go way
1-2 weeks after its first use.
Is the product used at a
place with a lot of smoke
or smell?
•• In a place with a lot of smoke
or smell, the air cleaning
function may deteriorate.
Ventilate the room first and
then use the product.
Does the filter have a bad
•• Replace the filter. The filter
replacement frequency may
differ depending on the usage
Is the product installed in
an environment where a
lot of odor occurs?
•• If you use the product for a
long period of time while you
cook or broil fish/meat, the
filter lifespan may be rapidly
•• If possible, open the window
for ventilation while cooking,
and use the product to
remove the smell left after the
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 35
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:20
I can't connect to
the product in the
LG Smart ThinQ
I can't register the
product in the LG
Smart ThinQ app.
The dust
concentration levels
are different between
the product and the
LG Smart ThinQ app.
Is the power plug
unplugged from the
Is the wireless router
connected with the
product not working?
•• Plug in the power cord of the
•• Power off the wireless router
and on again.
•• Check if there is an Internet
connection problem with the
Is the product too far
away from the wireless
•• Move the wireless router near
the product.
Is your wireless router
working properly?
•• Some carriers provide routers
that are available to their
members only. If you have an
outdated model, contact your
carrier to have it replaced with
a newer one.
Are you looking at the
same dust particle?
•• Make sure that the levels
of the super ultra-fine/ultrafine/fine dust are displayed
consistently between the LG
Smart ThinQ app and your
•• The difference in the values
could be caused by the
difference in update time
between the LG Smart ThinQ
app and the product.
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 36
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:20
Product Specifications
The external appearance and dimensions of the product are subject to change without prior
AS55GD Series
AC 220–240 V 50/60 Hz
Exterior dimensions
(Width X Height X Depth)
360 mm x 510 mm x 360 mm
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 37
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:21
D+_Air_Cleaner_16PY_UG_EU_ENG_DE_ES_IT_FR_POL_SV_170726.indb 38
2017-08-17 �� 5:30:21
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