LG | GC-B40BSLQV | LG GC-B40BSLQV Owner’s Manual

Do not use the refrigerator for non-domestic
purpose (storing medicine or testing material,
using at the ship, etc.).
It may cause an unexpected risk such as fire,
electric shock, deterioration of stored material or
chemical reaction.
When disposing the refrigerator, remove the packing
material from the door or take off the doors but leave
the shelves in place so that children may not easily
climb inside.
It many cause to lock out the child.
Install the refrigerator on the solid and level floor.
Installing it on the unstable place may cause death by
falling down the refrigerator when opening or closing
the door.
Do not insert the hands or the metal stick into the exit
of cool air, the cover, the bottom of the refrigerator,
the heatproof grill (exhaust hole) at the backside.
It may cause electric shock or injury.
When you want to dispose the refrigerator, contact to
the down-block office.
When you want to dispose the large living waste such as
electric home appliance and furniture, you’d better contact
the local down block office.
Supply the automatic ice maker only with drinkable
water. (Only for the model with the automatic ice
maker) .
· Otherwise, it may cause a risk.
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Hygiene Fresh
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