LG PS-S200WC Owner’s Manual

LG PS-S200WC Owner’s Manual
Read before using product (safety instruction), use properly.
About ensuring users safety and property.
Product warranty card is enclosed with the user manual.
After careful read through the user manual, do keep it in a handy place.
PS-S200 Series
The advantages are
Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the LG Family.
By following the use and care instructions in this manual, your air purifier will provide you with many
years of reliable service.
Easy to use HEPA filter system.
- Filter cleaning is easy with LG's convenient filter separation system.
Quiet Operation
- Minimum noise levels for a better nights rest.
Air Purifier
Table of Contents
Getting Started
Care and Cleaning
Getting Started
❏ The advantages are .............................................................2
❏ Safety Precautions .........................................................4~13
❏ Installation ..........................................................................14
❏ How to Use.........................................................................15
❏ Key Parts and Components .........................................16~18
❏ Filter cleaning ...............................................................22~23
❏ Exterior cleaning and Storage ............................................24
❏ Troubleshooting before calling for service....................25~26
❏ Product Specification..........................................................27
– Mainframe
– Display and Control Panel
How to Use
– Filter system
How to Use
❏ Operation......................................................................19~21
Owner’s Manual
Care and Cleaning
– Air Purifying Mode
– Auto Mode
– Turbo Mode
– Sleep Mode
Safety Precautions
For your safety, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion, electric shock, or to
prevent property damage, personal injury, or death.
Warning / Caution
This symbol will alert you to any product detail or operation that could lead to a safety
hazard if the instructions in the manual are not followed properly.
If not followed, it can cause death or major injury to the user.
This symbol will alert you to the possibility of improper use that may result in
damage. Read instructions to avoid damage or injury.
All batteries (whether installed or attached) should not be exposed to excess heat like sunlight or similar source
Air Purifier
Safety Precautions
Do not plug other appliances
into the same outlet.
Overloading of any outlet can
cause a fire or create an
electrical shock hazard.
Do not remove the round
grounding plug prong from
the plug.
Do not operate this or any
electrical appliance when you
smell gas.
Do not operate with wet hands
or in a damp environment.
Do not disassemble or modify the
air purifier or the power cord.
Owner’s Manual
Getting Started
If the power cord becomes worn
or damaged, the cord should
only be replaced by a qualified
service technician using
genuine replacement parts.
Safety Precautions
Do not use this or any appliance
near flammable gases or liquids,
liquids or other combustibles
such as gasoline, benzene,
thinner, etc.
If you hear abnormal sounds or
smell smoke, immediately unplug
your unit and the unit checked by
a qualified service technician.
Make sure the unit and cord are
positioned where it does not
create a tipping hazard.
Do not roll heavy furniture over
the top of the cord.
Do not use near open flames.
Keep this product out of the direct ray of the
sun or other heat sources. Do not use the
unit near water sources that could allow
moisture to enter the unit. Overheating
and/or water infiltration could lead to a fire
or a shock hazard and could result in failure
to the product.
Air Purifier
Safety Precautions
Do not operate with wet
Do not install a place where there
are much industrial Oil dust or
metallic dust.
If may cause fire and failure of
Owner’s Manual
If the power cord ever
becomes frayed or
damaged, do not attempt
to repair. The cord should
be replaced by a qualified
When the power code is damaged,
it should be repaired by the
qualified person to prevent any
Otherwise, it may cause electric
shock, fire or failure of product.
Never pull the power plug
away from the outlet by
pulling on the wire.
Always grasp the cord by
the receptacle end.
Getting Started
Make sure the power
cord is plugged firmly
and completely into the
Never pour or allow water to run
onto or into the unit. It could
damage internal components and
create a shock and fire hazard.
Safety Precautions
Keep objects such as curtains
away from the air opening in the
unit. The openings must be free
from obstruction for the unit to
work efficiently.
Do not run power cords under
carpeting or other coverings which
could fray the cord and expose the
wires. Frayed cords are a shock and
fire hazard.
Do not place the power cord or
unit near a heater, radiator, or
any other heat source.
This unit is not designed for use
by children. Children should be
supervised to ensure that they do
not play with or climb on the unit.
Do not use your unit to remove hair
spray and insecticides from a room.
These chemicals not only clog the
filters but could damage the unit.
Secure the unit to prevent it
from rolling on smooth floors.
When moving the unit, insure
that the power cord is
unplugged from the wall.
Air Purifier
Safety Precautions
Do not use the top of the unit for
storage. Keep liquids away from
the top of the unit.
Contact with the service center
for repairing the product.
Any arbitrary disconnection or
repairing may cause electric
shock or fire.
Do not apply pressure to the front
panel of the unit.
Keep hands and objects away
from the air inlet and outlet.
Do not clean the unit by submerging
in water. Water in the unit will
damage the insulation and create an
electrical shock hazard. If water
enters the unit, unplug immediately
and contact Customer Service.
Owner’s Manual
Getting Started
Do not move the unit by pulling or
pushing on the front panel.
Safety Precautions
When using the unit, maintain a
distance of at least 1 m
between the unit and any
television or audio product.
Avoid installing the unit in direct
sunlight and never operate the
unit near or around open flames
or other heat sources.
Never use your unit to remove
toxic gasses such as Carbon
Monoxide, Natural or Liquefied
Petroleum Gasses.
Do not use your unit to remove food
odors while cooking. Airborne oils
that are released during cooking
will clog the filters. Wait until
cooking is complete before
operating your unit.
Install the unit on a stable, flat
Maintain a minimum distance of
1.5m from any heat producing
light source. For proper
ventilation, maintain a distance
of 10cm or more from a wall.
Air Purifier
Safety Precautions
Do not use except AC 220-240 V.
220-240 V
Owner’s Manual
This unit is not designed to
remove combustion by products
such as those produced by open
flame burners. Toxic substances
such as carbon monoxide
should be ventilated from the
room by either using an exhaust
fan or by opening a window.
Your unit is not designed to be
used in moving vehicles such as
cars, RV's or boats.
Getting Started
Otherwise, it may cause fire or electrical
Safety Precautions
To prevent damage to plants or
injury to pets, make sure they are
not exposed to direct air flow from
the unit. This unit is not intended
to be used for the preservation of
art objects or precision machinery.
Clean with a soft cloth and mild
detergent. Filter should be
cleaned monthly.
Always turn off and unplug the
unit when it will not be used for
extended periods of time. This
conserves energy and reduces
the chance of accidents.
Clean filters on a regular basis.
Improper filter maintenance can
cause premature failure of the
Do not start or stop operation
by plugging or unplugging the
power cord.
Turn off and unplug the unit
before disassembling the unit
before cleaning.
Air Purifier
Safety Precautions
If a humidifier is used in the same
room as your unit, keep the
humidifier a safe distance away
from the humidifier could clog the
filters and create an electrical
shock hazard.
Do not use your unit to remove
food odors while cooking.
Airborne oils that are released
during cooking will clog the
filters. Wait until cooking is
completed before operating
your unit.
Do not open the front panel
during the operation of the
product. Opening the front panel
stops the operation.
After washing your filters, make
sure they are completely dry
before reinserting them into the
unit. Do not run your unit with wet
Keep flammable products away
from your unit. Failure to keep
flammable products away from
your unit could lead to
premature failure or create a fire
Owner’s Manual
Getting Started
A damaged filter can create an
electrical hazard.
Place to Install
1. Plug power cord into its own dedicated properly grounded outlet.
2. Make sure the power cord is positioned where it does not cause a tripping hazard and will
receive adequate ventilation. Do not install your unit directly next to furniture or objects that
could block the vent openings.
3. Make sure that any items that could be blown or damaged by the air flow from the fan are
out of the airflow path.
10 c
This unit is not intended for use on boats or recreation vehicles.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance by person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
Air Purifier
How to Use
Cleaning the Air Purifier
Use after enough air circulation when cooking
• Certain foods can give off oils during cooking which can shorten the life of the filters. When frying
meats or fish, use other methods to exhaust the odors from the home (such as an exhaust fan or
an open window). Once the majority of the odors have been exhausted, your air purifier can then
be used to remove any residual odors that remain. This will insure maximum life of your filters.
Getting Started
• The air filter should be cleaned on a regular basis. Depending on the air quality, more frequent
cleaning maybe required.
• Allow the filter to completely dry before reinstalling.
Do not sleep too close to the unit.
• To prevent drafts while you are sleeping, do not install the unit closer then 1 meter from sleep
Do not place in the corner edge.
• Do not place directly next to furniture or objects that could block the vent openings.
Avoid installing in inclosed areas such as the corner of a room, where air flow to the rest of the
room will be restricted.
Ensure air circulate 30 minutes at least everyday.
• Use the unit for at least 30 minutes a day to ensure a fresh air flow. Also, regular cleaning
maintenance will assure better air flow.
Owner’s Manual
Key Parts and Components
Front panel
Power plug
※ Shape of the power cord
can be different by country
Odor sensor part
Operation Mode Button
Air Purifier
Key Parts and Components
Display and Control Panel
Getting Started
Operation mode
Owner’s Manual
Operation Mode Button
Clean Air Indicator Light
This is the button to change
the operating mode.
The indicator light will show the quality of the
air in the surrounding area.
A white indicator light indicates clean air and
a low fan speed.
A red indicator light indicates a poor air
quality and will run the fan on a high speed.
Key Parts and Components
3⃞4⃞HEPA filter
5⃞6⃞Deodorization filter
Filter system(This is the introduction of only the filter part.)
Filter name
1⃞ Nano silver antibacterial
2⃞ Big dust removal filter
This filter enables 2 roles of antibacterial process and removal of large dust particles
with only one filter to extent the washing frequency of the washable filter.
HEPA filter
3⃞ Nano silver antibacterial
4⃞ Washable HEPA filter
HEPA filter removes the minute dust particles including dead ticks, flower powder,
cigarette smoke (particle), minute dust, minute particle, floating fungus, animal fur etc.
Deodorization filter
5⃞ Antibacterial mesh
6⃞ Washable deodorization
This removes the smell of animal fur, NO2, bathroom smell, alkali & acid smell, volatile
oil compound (VOCs).
※ For washable filter, please dry it completely in a shade without any dampness.
(If it is not completely dried, it may cause failure or bad odor.)
※ The exchange cycle of allergen, HEPA, and deodorization filter will be altered in accordance with the application environment.
※ Filter case are not enclosed. Do not throw them away.
Air Purifier
Air Purifying Operation Purify Indoor Air.
Press Operation Mode Button
• Turns the unit on and off. Press once to turn on, again to turn off.
• A confirmation tone will sound to indicate that the unit is powering on or turning off.
The unit will also produce a tone when the unit is first plugged in.
When first turned on, the unit will go through a Start-up function which prepares the
unit for operation. During this two minutes period, the display will fluctuate to indicate
that the unit is sensing the air quality in the room.
Owner’s Manual
How to Use
What is “Start-up Operation”?
Automatic Mode Air Purifier will automatically set the most appropriate Fan speed.
Select Auto Mode by pressing the Operation Mode
• The Operation Mode button will switch from one setting to the next
by repeatedly pressing the Operation Mode button.
• A white indicator light indicates clean air and a low fan speed.
A red indicator light indicates a poor air quality and will run the fan
on a high speed.
• The fan level will automatically adjust to the air quality of the room.
How to clean the odor sensor
• To clean the odor sensor, use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner every 6
• Do not allow dirt to fall back into the unit.
Air Purifier
Turbo Mode The air purifier operates at maximum fan level.
Select Turbo Mode by pressing the Operation
Mode button.
• When you press the Operation Mode button, it will switch in the
order of AUTO → TURBO → SLEEP → STOP repeatedly.
How to Use
Sleep Mode This provides a quiet indoor atmosphere during sleep.
Select Sleep Mode by pressing the Operation
Mode button.
• When you press the Operation Mode button, it will switch in the
order of AUTO → TURBO → SLEEP → STOP repeatedly.
• The cleanness lamp will be turned off after 3 seconds of sleep
Owner’s Manual
Filter Cleaning
• Filter maintenanance should be cleaned on a monthly basis.
1⃞ Make sure to turn the power off if it is in operation.
Push the front panel and then pull it out to open.
Remove the filter from the mainframe by pulling the handle near the
center of the filter.
Align latches into the groves to reinstall.
When disassembling
When assembling
Pull the HEPA filter and Deodorization filter to the front to separate from
the main unit.
Air Purifier
Filter Cleaning
Clean the Pre-filter with a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush.
(Clean the filter every a month.)
Clean the Pre-filter with a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush, and when the contamination is severe,
use a neutral detergent and water to clean it off.
To clean both the HEPA filter and the deodorizer filter, soak the filter in
warm water with a mild detergent for 1 hour. Remove particles from the
filter by shaking the water from the filter. Rinse the filter with warm
water. Let air dry before placing filters back in the unit.
Filter type
Washable HEPA filter
Washable deodorizer filter
Owner’s Manual
• For your safety, turn off and unplug the air purifier before cleaning.
• Allow the Pre-filter to completely dry before using.
• Utilizing the unit before all the filters are completely dry may result in the odors from the unit.
• Replace filters when unable to remove all dirt on the filter.
• Do not rub filters with your hands.
Care and Cleaning
Cleaning frequency
Clean frequency of about 1 month
Clean frequency of about 6 months
Clean frequency of about 6 months
Exterior cleaning and Storage
Exterior Cleaning Method
Wipe the exterior of the unit with a soft cloth using warm water and a mild detergent.
• Do not use harsh cleaners or very hot water. Do not wash in the
• Never pour water onto the unit; it could damage the internal
components and create a shock and fire hazard.
Operate the air purifier for more than 1 hour on a clear day and then
press the Operation Mode button to stop the operation.
Turn unit off and unplug power cord.
Clean and protect the unit's mainframe.
Cover the unit while storing for an extended period of time.
Power plug
Air Purifier
Troubleshooting Before Calling for Service
Air Purifier will not
Possible Cause
Is the power plug unplugged?
Plug the power properly.
Is the fuse disconnected?
Request service to the LG Electronics Service Center.
Is the power shut down?
Re-operate the product after the power is reconnected.
Is the front panel open?
Low air volume
Noisy operation
Is the Pre-filter clogged?
Clean the Pre-filter well.
Is there dust accumulated on the HEPA filter?
Replace the HEPA filter.
Air Purifier function
is not working well.
Is the indoor contamination severe?
Ventilate the area to use the product.
Are there many particles on the Pre-filter?
Clean the Pre-filter.
Is the using location too spacey?
Are there any obstacles near the product?
Remove any obstacles.
Is the unit installed at a location where air flows freely?
Move and install at a different location.
When the front panel is open, the product will not operate.
Close the front panel properly.
Use the product that fits the room size.
(Avoid using it where it is ventilated well such as entrance,
window etc.)
Care and Cleaning
Owner’s Manual
Troubleshooting Before Calling for Service
Air outlet has an
abnormal odor
Sensor Indicator
Possible Cause
Are you using the product where there is smoke or odor?
Are you using the product where there is a food smell?
Is the sensor working properly?
The air cleaning function can deteriorate in locations where
there is a lot of smoke or odor. Ventilate the space and then
use the air Purifier.
For the food smell, it can be penetrated to the filter. Ventilate
the space and then use the air purifier.
LG Air Purifier odor sensor is the sensor to detect the
contaminated gas and sometimes may not react to the food
smell (Korean food such as Kimchi, soybean paste,
Chunggukjang etc.). But the smell will be deodorized by the
Deodorization filter.
Air Purifier
Product Specification
The external dimension, design and product standard can change to improve
the quality of the product.
Model Name
PS-S200 Series
Power Supply
220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Weight of Product
Appearance Size(mm)
Power consumption
7.2 kg
372 (W) X 463 (H) X 199 (D)
18 W
※ The rating on the manual displays a range for possible usage, so it could be different from the rating on
the label, which displays the rating of the using region on the product.
Care and Cleaning
Owner’s Manual
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