Getting to Know Your Phone
Soft keys
(Left soft key / Right soft key)
• These keys perform the function
Indicated in the bottom of the display.
LG-C105 User Guide
Main LCD
Send key
• Make call to a phone number and
answers incoming calls.
• In standby mode: Call log.
This guide will help you understand your new mobile phone. It will
provide you with useful explanations of features on your phone.
Some of the content of this manual may differ from your phone
depending on the software of the phone or your service provider.
P/N: MMBB0392819 (1.0)
Installing the SIM Card and Charging the Battery
Installing the SIM Card
Making a Call
When you subscribe to a cellular network, you are provided with a plug-in SIM card loaded with your subscription
details, such as your PIN, any optional services available and many others.
Important! › The plug-in SIM card can be easily damaged by scratches or bending, so be careful when handling,
inserting or removing the card. Keep all SIM cards out of the reach of small children.
1 Key in the number using the keypad. To delete a digit,
press CLR.
to initiate the call.
2 Press
3 To end the call, press
1 Open the battery cover
2 Remove the battery
3 Insert your SIM
4 Insert your battery
5 Close the battery cover
6 Charge your battery
> If the phone won’t turn on, or if
the display freezes or doesn’t
respond, follow the instructions
for installing the battery again.
Making a Call from Your Contacts
You can save your contacts in groups; for example, to
keep your work colleagues and family separate. There
are a number of groups including Family, Friends,
Colleagues, School and VIP already set up on the phone.
Your LG-C105 includes text messaging, multimedia
messaging and E-mail functions, and can also receive
network service messages.
Sending a Message
4 Choose Options - Insert to add an Image, Video clip,
Sound clip, Schedule, Business card, Note, Text field, Todo or Text template.
5 Press Options - Send.
Setting up Your E-mail
You can stay in touch on the move using email on your
LG-C105. It’s quick and simple to set up a POP3 or IMAP4
email account.
1 Press Menu, select Messaging, and choose Message
2 Select E-mail then E-mail accounts.
3 Press Add then set the E-mail account.
1 Press Menu, select Messaging -Create message and Choose
2 Choose Messege and a new message editor will open. The
message editor combines Text message and Multimedia
messages into one intuitive and easy-to-switch-between
editor. The default setting for the message editor is text
3 Enter your message.
Sending an E-mail Using your New Account
3 Position the phone so you can see the subject of your
key to take a photo.
4 Press the Center
2 Select Option and choose Auto scan then select Yes.
You can also use the left and right navigation keys to
search for stations.
Video Camera
Shooting a Quick Video
In the standby screen, select Menu and select Media.
Choose Video.
Point the camera lens toward the subject of the video.
to start recording.
”Rec” will appear on the viewfinder and a timer will
show the length of your video.
6 Select Stop to stop recording.
FM Radio
Your LG-C105 has an FM radio feature so you can tune
into your favourite stations and listen on the move.
1 Press Menu and select Media, then choose FM radio.
1 Select Names from the Standby screen.
2 Using the keypad, enter the first letter of the contact
you want to call.
3 Select Options and Make Call or press
to initiate
the call.
Answering and Rejecting a Call
WARNING: Do not remove the battery when the phone is switched on, as this may damage the phone.
Adding a Contact to a Group
TIP! To enter + when making an international call,
press and hold 0.
To send/receive an email, you should set up an email
1 Select Menu, select Messaging and choose Create
2 Choose E-mail and a new email will open.
3 Enter a subject.
4 Enter your message.
Listening to the Radio
1 Press Menu and select Media, then choose FM radio.
2 Select the channel number of the station you would
like to listen to.
Note: You will need to insert your headset in order
to listen to the radio. Insert the plug into the headset
connector in order to listen to the radio and keep the
good radio reception.
Note: Insert Headset for better performance.
Voice Recorder
Use your Voice recorder to record voice memos or other
When your phone rings, press
to answer the call.
You can control the volume by pressing the Up and
5 Press Options and select Insert to add an Image,
Video Clip, Sound Clip, Business card, Schedule or
6 Press To and enter the recipient’s address, or add
a recipient from Recently Used, Call log, Contacts,
Contact groups using press Options - Add Recipient
7 Press Send and your email will be sent.
Entering Text
You can enter alphanumeric characters using the phone’s
keypad. The following text input methods are available
on the phone: ABC mode and 123 mode.
Note: Some fields may allow only one text input
mode (e.g. telephone numbers in the address book
Abc Mode
This mode allows you to enter lettersby pressing the key
labeled in Qwerty Keypad.
Recording your voice memo
End key
• Switch on/off (hold down)
• End or reject a call.
Side keys
• In standby mode: Controls the
ring volume.
• During a call: Earpiece volume
• During playing MP3 music: Audio
volume adjustment
Navigation keys
Down Navigation keys.
to reject the incoming call.
You can set call-specific functions. Press Menu, select
Settings and choose Call.
• Call divert - Choose whether to divert your calls.
• Call barring - Select when you would like calls to be
• Fixed dial numbers - Choose a list of numbers that can
be called from your phone. You will need your PIN2
code from your operator. Only numbers included in the
fixed dial list can be called from your phone.
• Call waiting - Be alerted when you have a call waiting.
This depends on your network provider.
• Call reject - Set the rejected call list.
• Send my number - Choose whether your number will
be displayed when you call someone. This depends on
your network provider.
• Auto redial - Choose On or Off.
• Answer mode - Choose whether to answer the phone
using Any key, Send key only.
• Free call timer - Choose whether or not to display the
call time.
123 Mode
TIP! You can change the settings on your phone
to answer your calls using Answer Mode from Call
Speed Dialing
You can assign a speed dial number to a contact you call
Viewing your Call Log
You can only check the log of missed, received and dialed
calls if the network supports Calling Line Identification
(CLI) within the service area.
Changing the call settings
Type numbers using one keystroke per number.
Message Folders
Press Menu and select Messaging. The folder structure
used on your LG-C105 is fairly self-explanatory.
Inbox - All the messages you receive are placed in your
My mailbox - Contains all your email messages.
Drafts - If you don’t have time to finish writing a
message, you can save what you have done so far here.
Outbox - This is a temporary storage folder while
messages are being sent. It also stores any messages that
have failed to send.
Sent items - All the messages you send are placed in
your Sent folder.
Saved items - You can access your saved messages, text
templates and multimedia templates here.
Emoticons - A list of useful pre-written emoticons that
can be used for a quick reply.
My images
1 Press Menu and select Media, then choose Voice
The Images folder contains a folder of default images
on your phone, images downloaded by you, and images
2 Select Rec. to begin recording.
taken on your phone’s camera.
3 Choose Stop key to end the recording.
4 Press Options and select Play to listen to the recording. My sounds
The Sounds folder contains default sounds, your voice
recordings, radio recordings and sound files downloaded
by you. From here you can manage and send sounds, or
You can store any kind of media file on your phone’s
set them as ringtones.
memory to give you easy access to all of your images,
sounds, videos, games etc. You can also save your files to
a memory card. The advantage of using a memory card is My videos
that you can free up space on your phone’s memory. All The Videos folder shows the list of downloaded videos
and videos you have recorded on your phone.
your multimedia files will be saved in the Gallery. Press
Menu then select Gallery to open a list of folders.
My memory card
In the Others folder, you can view files that are not saved
in the Images, Sounds or Videos folders.
If you have inserted a memory card, it will be displayed
as a folder in the Gallery.
TIP: Please ensure the
phone is powered on ,
external memory card is
inserted and in idle mode
before connecting the USB
cable for Mass Storage.
Menu key / OK key
• Selects menu options and confirms
Alpha numeric keys
• In standby mode: Input numbers to dial
Hold down
– International calls
– Connect voice mail centre
– Speed dials
- Hold the key down to go Silent mode
• In editing mode: Enter numbers &
Handstrap Hole
Charger/USB cable connector
Your LG-C105 has a built-in Music player so you can play
all your favorite music.
NOTE: Music file copyrights may be protected by
international treaties and national copyright laws.
Therefore, it may be necessary to obtain permission or a
licence to reproduce or copy music. In some countries,
national laws prohibit private copying of copyrighted
material. Before downloading or copying the file,
please check the national laws of the relevant country
concerning the use of such material.
Playing a Song
• Minute minder - Set the Minute Minder to Don’t Use,30
Sec,1 minute,3 minutes, 5 minutes,Set time Manually to
hear a tone during a call.
• BT answer mode - Set to Hands-free or Handset.
• Save new number - Choose Yes or No.
Searching for a Contact
1 Select Names from the standby screen.
2 Using the keypad, enter the first letter of the contact
you want to call.
3 To scroll through the contacts, use navigation keys.
Adding a New Contact
1 Press Menu, then select Contacts and choose Names.
Then press Options - Add new contact.
2 Enter all the information you have in the fields
provided and select Options-Done.
6 Select Back to stop the music and return to the All
Creating a Playlist
You can create your own playlists by choosing a selection
of songs from the All tracks folder.
1 Press Menu and select Media.
2 Choose Music, then select Playlists.
3 Press Options and select Add new playlist, then enter
the playlist name and press Save.
4 The All tracks folder will be displayed. Select all of the
songs that you would like to include in your playlist by
scrolling to them and selecting Mark.
5 Select Done to store the playlist.
1 Press Menu and select Media, then choose Music.
2 Choose All tracks then select the song you want to
3 Select to pause the song.
4 Select
to skip to the next song.
5 Select
to skip to the previous song.
My games & apps
Using the Calculator
Your LG-C105 comes with preloaded games to keep you
amused in your spare time. If you choose to download
any additional games or applications they will be saved
in this folder.
The calculator provides the basic arithmetic functionsaddition, subtraction, multiplication and division-as well
as scientific functions.
Setting your Alarm
Taking a Quick Photo
1 Select Menu and select Media. Select Camera to open
the viewfinder.
2 Holding the phone, point the lens toward the subject
of the photo.
Using the Stopwatch
This option allows you to use stopwatch functions.
Converting Units
You can set up to five alarms to go off at a specified time
This can convert many measurements into the unit you
Using the Calendar
Adding a City to Your World Time
When you enter this menu, a calendar appears. A square
cursor is located on the current date.
You can move the cursor to another date using the
navigation keys.
You can add a required city to the list of world clocks.
You can also check the current Greenwich Mean Time
(GMT) and the time in major cities around the world.
Adding an Item to Your To-Do List
You can view, edit and add tasks to do.
Accessing the Web
You can launch the WAP browser and access the
homepage of the activated profile on web settings. You
can also manually enter a URL address and access the
associated WAP page.
1 Press Menu and select Web.
2 To access the web homepage directly, select Home.
Alternately, select Go to address and type in your
desired URL.
Changing your Connectivity Settings
USB connection mode
1 Mass storage: Select Mass storage and connect the handset
to your computer. You can then drag and drop files to the
LG-C105 removable device folder.
2 PC Suite: Select PC Suite and connect the handset to your
computer in PCSync mode.
Viewing your phone files on your PC
1 Connect the USB cable to your phone and your PC.
2 Select the PC suite from the popup menu in your
3 After searching the phone it will be connected
TIP! Viewing the contents of your phone on your PC
helps you to arrange files, organise documents and
remove contents you no longer need.
• Give your full attention to driving.
• Use a hands-free kit, if available.
• Pull off the road and park before making or answering a
call if driving conditions so require.
• RF energy may affect some electronic systems in your
vehicle, such as car stereos and safety equipment.
• If your vehicle is equipped with an airbag, do not
obstruct it with installed or portable wireless equipment.
This may cause the airbag to fail or cause serious injury
due to improper performance.
• If you are listening to music while out and about, please
ensure that the volume is at a reasonable level so that
you are aware of your surroundings. This is particularly
imperative when near roads.
Avoid Damage to Your Hearing
3 Always ask: Selecting this option will allow you to choose
which method to use every time you connect your handset
to your computer.
Note: To use the USB mass storage function, you
will need to insert an external memory card in your
Changing Your Bluetooth Settings
1 Press Menu and select Settings - Connectivity. Choose
2 Choose Settings for the following options:
• My device’s visibility - Choose whether to show or hide
your device to others.
• My device name - Enter a name for your LG-C105.
• Supported services - Shows what services are
• My address - View your Bluetooth address.
Phone Software update
LG Mobile Phone Software update from
For more information on using this function, please visit
the or
common/index.jsp ¤ select country ¤ Support
This Feature allows you to update the firmware of
your phone to the latest version conveniently from the
internet without the need to visit a service center.
As the mobile phone firmware update requires the user’s
full attention for the duration of the update process,
please make sure to check all instructions and notes
that appear at each step before proceeding. Please note
that removing the USB data cable or battery during the
upgrade may seriously damage you mobile phone.
Blasting Area
Do not use the phone where blasting is in progress.
Observe restrictions, and follow the rules and regulations.
Potentially Explosive Atmospheres
• Do not use the phone at a refueling point.
• Do not use near fuel or chemicals.
• Do not transport or store flammable gas, liquid, or
explosives in the same compartment of your vehicle as
your mobile phone and accessories.
In Aircraft
Wireless devices can cause interference to aircraft.
• Turn your mobile phone off before boarding any aircraft.
• Do not use it on the aircraft without permission from
the crew.
Damage to your hearing can occur if you are exposed
to loud sounds for long periods of time. We therefore
Keep the phone in a safe place out of the reach of small
recommend that you do not turn the handset on or off
children. It includes small parts which may cause a choking
when it is close to your ear. We also recommend that music
hazard if detached.
and call volumes are set to a reasonable level.
Technical Data
Ambient Temperatures
› Max: +55°C (discharging) +45°C (charging)
› Min: -10°C
Pairing with Another Bluetooth Device
By pairing your LG-C105 and another device, your
handset will create a password by default every time you
connect to another handset via Bluetooth.
1 Check your Bluetooth is On and Visible. You can
change your visibility in the Settings menu by selecting
My device visibility and then Visible.
2 Select Paired devices from the Bluetooth menu.
3 Your LG-C105 will search for devices. When the search
is complete, Add and Refresh will appear on the
4 Choose the device you want to pair with, select Add,
enter the passcode and then press the Center key.
When you have chosen a device you want to pair with,
the handset will then create a password by default
every time you connect.
5 Your phone will then connect to the other device. The
same passcode will need to be entered on this device.
6 Your passcode-protected Bluetooth connection is
now ready.
Guidelines for Safe and Efficient
Exposure to Radio Frequency Energy
Radio Wave Exposure and Specific Absorption
Rate (SAR) Information
Changing Your Profiles
You can personalize each profile setting.
1 Choose the Profiles you want and select Edit from
2 If you activate Silent mode, the phone will vibrate only.
Using Flight Mode (Menu > Settings > Profiles
> Flight mode)
Use this function to switch the flight mode on. You will
not be able to make calls, connect to the Internet, send
messages when flight mode is switched on.
Changing Your Security Settings
Change your security settings to keep your LG-C105 and
the important information it holds protected.
• PIN code request - Choose a PIN code to be requested
when you turn your phone on.
• Handset lock - Choose On to lock your phone with a
security code.
• The SAR limit recommended by the International
Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection
(ICNIRP) is 2 W/kg averaged over 10 g of tissue.
• The highest SAR value for this phone model tested by
DASY4 for use close to the ear is 0.908 W/kg (10 g), and
when worn on the body is 0.599 W/kg (10 g).
• SAR data information for residents in countries/regions
that have adopted the SAR limit recommended by the
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE),
which is 1.6 W/kg averaged over 1 g of tissue.
This LG-C105 mobile phone model has been designed
to comply with the applicable safety requirements for
exposure to radio waves. These requirements are based on
scientific guidelines that include safety margins designed
Product Care and Maintenance
to ensure the safety of all users, regardless of age and
WARNING: Only use batteries, chargers and accessories
• The radio wave exposure guidelines employ a unit of
approved for use with this particular phone model. The use
measurement known as the Specific Absorption Rate,
of any other types may invalidate any approval or warranty
or SAR. SAR tests are conducted using standardized
applying to the phone, and may be dangerous.
methods with the phone transmitting at its highest
certified power level in all used frequency bands.
• Do not disassemble this unit. Take it to a qualified service
• While there may be differences between the SAR levels
technician when repair work is required.
for various LG phone models, they are all designed to
meet the relevant guidelines for exposure to radio waves. • Keep away from electrical appliances such as TVs, radios
• Lock If SIM is changed - Choose On to enter a security
code when SIM changed.
• Anti-theft mobile tracker - When the handset is stolen,
handset sends the SMS to the numbers configured by
real owner. To activate the ATMT feature, you will need
to set ATMT on, and configure the ATMT settings with
name, primary number and secondary number. Default
ATMT code is “0000.” ATMT SMS will contain information
about the stolen phone IMEI, current location (captured
as per Cell Broadcast message) & number of the person
who is using that handset.
• Change codes - Change your security code, PIN code,
PIN2 code, Security code or Anti-theft code.
Viewing Memory Status (Menu > Settings >
Memory info)
You can use the memory manager to determine how
each memory is used and see how much space is
available in the Handset common memory, Handset
reserved memory, SIM memory or Primary storage
and personal computers.
• The unit should be kept away from heat sources such as
radiators or cookers.
• Do not drop.
• Do not subject this unit to mechanical vibration or shock.
• Switch off the phone in any area where you are required
by special regulations. For example, do not use your
phone in hospitals as it may affect sensitive medical
• Do not handle the phone with wet hands while it is
being charged. It may cause an electric shock and can
seriously damage your phone.
• Do not charge a handset near flammable material as the
handset can become hot and create a fire hazard.
• Use a dry cloth to clean the exterior of the unit (do not
use solvents such as benzene, thinner or alcohol).
• Do not charge the phone when it is on soft furnishings.
• The phone should be charged in a well-ventilated area.
• Do not subject this unit to excessive smoke or dust.
• Do not keep the phone next to credit cards or transport
setting. You can also set the External memory when the
memory card is inserted.
PC Suite
Backing up and restoring your phone’s
1 Connect the USB cable to your phone and your PC.
2 Select the PC suite from the popup menu in your
3 After searching to phone, it will be connected
4 Click on the Backup icon, and select Backup or
5 Mark the contents you would like to back up or
restore. Select the location you would like to backup
information to, or restore information from. Click OK.
6 Your information will be backed up.
tickets; it can affect the information on the magnetic
• Do not tap the screen with a sharp object as it may
damage the phone.
• Do not expose the phone to liquid or moisture.
• Use accessories like earphones cautiously. Do not touch
the antenna unnecessarily.
Efficient Phone Operation
Electronic Devices
• Do not use your mobile phone near medical equipment
without requesting permission. Avoid placing the phone
over pacemakers, i.e. in your breast pocket.
• Some hearing aids might experience disturbance due to
mobile phones.
• Minor interference may affect TVs, radios, PCs etc.
Road Safety
Check the laws and regulations on the use of mobile
phones in the areas where you drive.
• Do not use a hand-held phone while driving.
• Do not expose the battery charger to direct sunlight
or use it in places with high humidity, such as in the
Emergency calls may not be available under all mobile
networks. You should therefore never depend solely on the
• Do not leave the battery in hot or cold places, as this may
phone for emergency calls. Check with your local service
deteriorate the battery performance.
• There is a risk of explosion if the battery is replaced by
Battery Information and Care
an incorrect type.
• You do not need to completely discharge the battery
• Dispose of used batteries according to the
before recharging. Unlike other battery systems, there is
manufacturer’s instructions. Please recycle when
no memory effect that could compromise the battery’s
possible. Do not dispose of batteries in the household
• Use only LG batteries and chargers. LG chargers are
• If you need to replace the battery, take it to the nearest
designed to maximize the battery life.
authorized LG Electronics service point or dealer for
• Do not disassemble or short-circuit the battery pack.
• Keep the metal contacts of the battery pack clean.
• Always unplug the charger from the wall socket after
• Replace the battery when it no longer provides
the phone is fully charged to save unnecessary power
acceptable performance. The battery pack maybe
consumption of the charger.
recharged hundreds of times until it needs replacing.
• Actual battery life will depend on network configuration,
• Recharge the battery if it has not been used for a long
product settings, usage patterns, battery and
time to maximize usability.
environmental conditions.
Possible causes
Possible Corrective measures
This section lists some problems that you might encounter while using your phone. Some problems require that you
call your service provider, but most of problems you encounter are easy to correct yourself.
Phone cannot
be switched on
On/Off key pressed too briefly.
Battery is not charged.
Press On/Off key for at least two seconds.
Charge battery. Check charging indicator in
the display.
Clean the battery contacts.
Charging error
Battery totally empty.
Contact problem.
Emergency Calls
Possible causes
Possible Corrective measures
No connection to the
Signal is weak or you’re outside of the carrier
Codes do not match
When you want to change a security code you
have to confirm the new code by entering
it again.
The two codes that you have entered do not
Move to a window or open space.
Check service provider coverage map.
Contact your Service Provider.
Bluetooth QD ID B016785
Function cannot be set
Not supported by
Service Provider or registration required.
Contact your Service Provider.
Calls not available
Dialing error or service limitations.
Check the number dialed and check the
reception. Contact your service provider.
Calls not available
Dialing error New SIM card inserted Prepaid
Charge limit reached
New network not authorized.
Check for new restrictions.
Contact Service Provider or reset limit with PIN 2.
Various accessories are available for your mobile phone. These are detailed below.
• Always use genuine LG accessories. Failure to do so may invalidate your warranty.
• Accessories may be different in different regions. Please check with our regional service
company or agent for further enquires.
Battery contacts are dirty.
No power from outlet.
Charger defective.
Wrong charger.
Battery defective.
Charge battery.
Check power supply and connection to the
phone. Check the battery contacts, clean them
if necessary.
Plug in to a different socket or check voltage.
Test with another charger.
Only use original LG accessories.
Replace battery.
Network connection
is lost.
Signal too weak.
Reconnection to another service provider if
network mode is automatic.
Number not permitted
The Fixed Dial Number function is on.
Check the Settings menu and turn the function
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