LG PD251W User guide

LG PD251W User guide
Simple manual
For more details, please refer to the Owner’s Manual at LG Pocket Photo App or
MODEL : PD251W/ PD251P/ PD251Y
STEP 1 Getting Started
1. Basic Operation
LED indicator
(CHARGE) Micro
USB port for
,This device uses a built-in battery. Before using it,
fully charge the battery using a Smart phone USB
data cable ( Micro 5 pin) or adapter.
, As shown in the picture on the right, place papers
with the smart sheet aligned and insert them in the
direction of the arrow.
Photo Papers with
White side up,
Smart Sheet (Blue)
with Barcode side
(RESET) Press
reset hole to
Arrange all papers and smart
sheet to end of rear.
, Smart Sheet cleans printer head and calibrates
colors on photo. Keep the best print quality by
using it repeatedly.
2. Smart sheet (Cleaner)/ Photo Paper
, Smart sheet and photo papers are not supplied.
When you buy the photo paper pouch, the smart
sheet is included with photo papers in the same
Note on Smart sheet
yy If print quality is abnormal or low, print
out the smart sheet 3-5 times repeatedly.
yy Reuse the smart sheet until use up the
photo papers from same pouch.
, Use exclusive photo paper for LG Pocket Photo.
Otherwise, the print quality cannot be
guarranteed, and it may cause damage of
Pocket Photo.
Note on Photo paper
yy Do not damage or bend the papers.
yy Using soiled paper may result in malfunction.
yy Ensure to use the papers within its valid date.
When using Smart Sheet, it should be used
with photo papers in the same pouch.
yy Using smart sheet from other pouch may
result in low quality.
yy Once unpacked, the papers may begin to
curl up or change the color after a period of
time. It is recommended to use them as soon
as possible.
STEP 2 Installing App
Search for “LG Pocket Photo” from Play Store (Android
market) / App Store (iPhone)/ Windows Phone Store.
STEP 3 Pairing Bluetooth
1. Turn on the Pocket Photo device.
2. Search for the device to pair through Bluetooth.
ex ) LG PD251 (XX : XX)
3. When you find the device, touch the model name of
Pocket Photo on the screen.
In case of iPhone/iPad, the last paired iPhone/
iPad is paired to Pocket Photo automatically when
you turn on Pocket Photo if the Bluetooth on your
iPhone/iPad is on.
< Android Phone>
< iPhone>
<Windows Phone>
Note on the print
yy Use the lastest App of LG Pocket Photo ( when
printing a photo, it optimizes the image.)
yy Check the quality of original image. (The
printed images may differ from the original
yy Do not pull the paper out by force during
Printing Photo
1. After pairing, run LG Pocket Photo App on smart
2. Select a photo to print, and touch [
If the smart sheet is in the device, the selected image
will be printed after optimizing the image’s quality.
The printed image may differ from the orginal
image due to the printing method (thermal transfer
yy Do not open the upper cover during printing.
The product may be damaged.
yy If the device is vibrated or given shock, the
quality of the printed photo may be reduced.
yy The high resolution the image has, the high
quality the printed photo has. (The proper
resolution is more than 1280 x 2448 pixel.)
yy The printing quality may differ depending on
the original image (When too dark or dim).
Print the image after correcting it using Pocket
photo App.
yy Printing for Passport / VISA image may be
unsuitable as the case may be. Printing the
image taken in studio is recommended.
STEP 5 See “User manual” for details
1. Run LG Pocket Photo App on the smartphone.
2. Touch the setting menu [
manual for details.
] to see user
The printed
photo has
Quality of
printed photo
is too low.
※This product must always be operated DC 5 V.
Certified/Listed Adaptor which comply with LPS.
Cause / Solution
The paper
Turn the device off and on
jammed before again then paper is ejected
solutions do
not work.
Open the Upper cover, arrange the
papers and insert them with Smart
Sheet locating at the bottom.
Then try printing again.
When using Smart Sheet, it should
be used with photo papers in the
same pouch.
In case you magnify an image
using [ ] menu in the App, the
quality of the printed photo may
be reduced.
Turn off the device and insert
Smart Sheet locating at the
bottom of the papers. Then try
printing again.
Be sure the photo size is bigger
than the proper resolution.(1280 x
2448 pixels)
Press Reset hole with a pointed
thing like mechanical pencil to
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trademarks or registered trademarks of their
respective owners.
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